Hoobs Vs Hoobs Pro – What’s The Difference

Hoobs is a software product that lets you automate your home with specialized software that lets you connect smart home devices that don’t have native support for HomeKit (Apple’s home automation software), Google Home, or Amazon Alexa.

It emulates those smart home ecosystems and allows you to connect thousands of devices via its plugins.

Hoobs has recently announced a new version of its product, called Hoobs Pro. In this article, I will be discussing the difference between Hoobs Pro and previous versions/products released by Hoobs.

Let’s get into it.

Quick Summary

Hoobs Pro is different from the Hoobs Image and Hoobs micro SD card, which require you to bring your own hardware and set up a server yourself.

It is also different from the Hoobs Box in the following ways:

  • Has dual Wi-Fi modules (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)
  • It is a bit lighter and smaller.
  • Comes with built-in Zigbee and Thread modules
  • It has double the amount of RAM.
  • Faster storage and a faster CPU
  • Has an NPU (Neural Processing Unit)

However, the Hoobs Pro is more expensive and currently only available for preorder, with no defined timeline for when you will get it. Therefore, I recommend waiting until it is available for instant order before you decide to purchase it.

Hoobs Pro vs Hoobs Image and Hoobs SD Card

First, let’s discuss the difference between the Hoobs Pro and the Hoobs Image and Hoobs micro SD Card.

The Hoobs Image is free to download and allows you to flash the Hoobs Image software to a blank SD Card. The Hoobs micro SD card is a micro SD card that comes with the Hoobs Image already flashed to it, allowing you to skip that process.


The SD card costs money, but the Hoobs Image is free to download (you will have to buy an SD card separately). Still, a donation is recommended.

The Hoobs Image allows you to set up your own system to control your smart home devices. You can emulate not only Apple’s HomeKit but also Google Home or Amazon Alexa, even if your smart devices aren’t otherwise compatible with that ecosystem.

Once you have the SD card with the Hoobs software, though, you will have to set up the Hoobs system all by yourself. This can require quite a bit of technical knowledge.

You will need the prerequisite hardware as well, such as a compatible single-board computer, an SD card for the image, an Ethernet cable, a power supply, and a case for your computer’s motherboard.

If you buy the ready-made Hoobs micro SD card, you will need a compatible version of Raspberry Pi, as well as a case for it.

The traditional alternative to doing all that setup was to buy the Hoobs Box Starter Kit, which eliminated the need to do all that.

Instead, it came with everything in a box; all you need to do is connect the box to your local network and then log onto the web interface to start adding plugins and connecting your accessories.

Hoobs Pro is an improved version of the Hoobs Box. It has better capabilities, so let’s compare the Hoobs Box Starter Kit with the Hoobs Pro next.

Let’s briefly summarize. The Hoobs Image and Hoobs micro SD card require significant technical skills and your personal hardware to set up your own system.

The Hoobs Box Starter Kit, on the other hand, comes with everything complete in a box. So does the Hoobs Pro, which is an improved version.

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Hoobs Box vs Hoobs Pro: What’s the Difference?

Hardware: CPU, RAM, and Storage

The Hoobs Pro has improved hardware. The CPU has a clock speed of 1.6Ghz, an improvement over the 1.2Ghz speed of the Hoobs Box, which equals a 1.3x improvement in clock speed.

As such, you can expect faster performance and speeds.

At the same time, the Hoobs Pro has 2x as much RAM as the Hoobs Box. While the Hoobs Box features 1 GB of RAM, the Hoobs Pro features 2 GB of RAM.

More memory means that the Hoobs Pro can handle more tasks at once than the Hoobs Box. If you have more appliances you want to connect, upgrading to the Hoobs Pro will turn out to be a solid choice, as you won’t experience as many lags and issues.

When it comes to storage, the Hoobs Pro has much faster storage than the Hoobs Box. While both offer 16 GB of storage, the Hoobs Pro has an upgraded eMMC (Embedded MultiMedia Card) storage card that offers faster access.

One more thing: The Hoobs Pro has a special piece of hardware known as an AI accelerator. This NPU (Neural Processing Unit) helps accelerate machine learning.

That is in addition to the 2D/3D graphics accelerator.

All in all, the Hoobs Pro has improved hardware and will offer better performance.

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Size, Weight, and Design

The Hoobs Pro is a bit smaller and lighter than the Hoobs Box Starter Kit.

The Hoobs Box weighs .49 kg, while the Hoobs Pro weighs .38 kg. The difference is not massive, but it’s there.

Furthermore, the Hoobs Box has a size of 20 × 15 × 11 cm, while the Hoobs Pro has a size of 15 × 15 × 15 cm.

The Hoobs Pro comes in a black color and the Hoobs Starter Box is white. Overall, it has a sleeker design, although both look quite good.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Both the Hoobs Pro and the Hoobs Box Starter Kit come with a USB cable for charging. You can opt for the USB cable only or the USB cable with either an EU or US power outlet adapter.

However, the Hoobs Box Starter Kit also comes with the option to choose a UK outlet power adapter, which the Hoobs Pro does not, which is one slight disadvantage of the Hoobs Pro.

Both come with a cat 7 Ethernet cable with which to plug the box into your home network.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the Hoobs Pro is superior.

The Hoobs Box comes with a BCM43438 wireless LAN (Local Area Network) module, which allows for Wi-Fi connectivity on the 2.4Ghz frequency range. The Hoobs Pro, on the other hand, supports both 2.4Ghz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity, which support over 3,000 plugins combined.

Both support Bluetooth connectivity as well.

However, Hoobs Pro supports the Zigbee 3.0 Hub and comes with a Thread Border Router. The built-in Zigbee and Thread networking capabilities allow you to pair your smart devices directly, without any additional hubs, and Zigbee support allows support for over 2,400 Zigbee accessories.

Altogether, over 5,000 devices are supported on the Hoobs Pro.


Finally, let’s discuss pricing and availability. The Hoobs Box is currently being sold for $249.99, down from its original price of $299.99.

Check the Hoobs Box product page for updated pricing information.

Meanwhile, the Hoobs Pro is being sold for $399.99, down from $499.99.

As you can see, the Hoobs Pro is significantly more expensive than the Hoobs Box Starter Kit.

Not only that, but it is not currently (as of this publication) available for instant orders. Instead, you must preorder it, and it can take several months before it is available again to those on the waiting list.

Check the Hoobs Pro product page for updated pricing.

That means that if you want to start using Hoobs right now, opt for the Hoobs Box. When the Hoobs Pro has enough in stock to be available for instant orders, you can buy the Hoobs Pro.

I do not recommend placing a preorder for the Hoobs Pro. According to users in this Reddit thread, Hoobs has not been doing a good job of following up on orders for the Hoobs Pro.

No shipping information or updates is provided for months. After placing your order, you might be waiting for an indefinite period before you get your Hoobs Pro, which can be incredibly frustrating.

So, don’t waste your money. Instead, if you want a done for you solution, opt for the Hoobs Box, which is being sold at a decent price.

If you have some technical know-how, you can just get the Hoobs software by downloading it or ordering an SD card. It is a lot cheaper.

Hoobs vs Hoobs Pro Comparison Chart

Hoobs Image Hoobs SD Card Hoobs Box Hoobs Pro
Price Free $29.99 $299.99




Requires Setup and Hardware 🗸 🗸
Built-in Zigbee and Thread Modules 🗸
Dual Model Wifi Support N/A N/A 🗸


The Hoobs Pro is quite expensive for what it offers whereas the Hoobs Starter Box is decently priced, and will continue to receive updates.

While it’s missing a built-in Zigbee module, it gives you access to the entire Hoobs plugin library, so you can still connect thousands of devices.

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