How To Start Secret Mode On Samsung Internet browser?

Samsung Internet Browser is a browser released by Samsung for Android devices. It is available from the Google Play Store on all Android devices (Android 5.0+), whether your phone or tablet is a Samsung or not.

It is also available on Chromebooks that support Google Play, but it isn’t available for iOS or PCs.

One of the crowning features of Samsung Internet Browser is Secret mode. Secret mode allows you to browse the web safely, while ensuring your privacy.

Today, I will show you how to start Secret mode on the Samsung browser. I’ll also give you some other useful tips for using Secret mode.

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What Is Secret Mode on Samsung Internet Browser

Secret Mode on Samsung Internet Browser is a dual-purpose mode that protects your privacy, both from others on the computer and from the websites you visit.

First, it protects your privacy from the sites you visit by not saving your cookies. As such, websites won’t be able to use cookies to track you and recognize you as a returning visitor.

Furthermore, it protects your privacy from others using your phone because it won’t save your browsing history. Any webpage that you open in Secret mode won’t show up in recent tabs or anywhere else.

Also, any page that you bookmark while using Secret mode won’t show up when you use the browser’s standard mode – you can even protect Secret mode with a password so that nobody can access it.

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How to Start Secret Mode on Samsung Internet Browser

Starting Secret mode on Samsung Internet Browser is pretty simple.

With the browser open, start by clicking on the “tabs” icon at the bottom-right of your screen. The icon will have a number indicating how many tabs you have open; if you have no tabs open, or if it’s your first time using the browser, you’ll see the number “1.”

If you are using Samsung Internet Browser on a Chromebook or a large tablet, you may see the tabs icon at the top right of the screen.

Once you click on the tabs icon, you’ll see two options:

  1. Turn on Secret mode
  2. New tab

Click on “Turn on Secret mode” to open Secret mode. From now on, you’ll be using Samsung Internet Browser in Secret mode until you exit it.

In Secret mode, you can browse the web as usual. You’ll know if you’re still in Secret Mode if the browser has a dark theme instead of a light theme, and you see the private browsing icon (which kind of looks like an eye mask or a pair of glasses) in the browser tab on the left side of the URL of the page you are visiting.

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How to Open New Links in Secret Mode

When browsing with Secret mode turned off, you can still open any hyperlink in Secret mode to avoid leaving any trace on the browser that you visited that webpage. Remember, the website owner will still be able to see your IP address, although cookies won’t be saved.

To do that, long-press any link (or left-click if using a mouse on a Chromebook or dual-purpose tablet) to open the following menu:

Click on the third option: Open in Secret mode. The link will automatically open in Secret mode.

How to Save Bookmarks on Secret Mode

While Secret mode won’t save your browsing history automatically, you can still save and bookmark your favorite pages. Whether it’s a favorite news site or a subreddit, you can bookmark it on Secret mode only – it won’t show up in your bookmarks outside of Secret mode.

To save a website to your bookmarks on Secret mode, click on the star icon on the left side of the URL, at the top of the screen.

You can see all of your saved bookmarks by clicking on the Star icon in your bottom toolbar (it may show up in the top-right of your screen on larger devices).

I couldn’t take a screenshot on Secret mode (as it doesn’t allow you to do so to protect your privacy), but the process is the same as when using the regular browsing mode – see the yellow bookmark icon in the screenshot above.

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How to Lock Secret Mode With a Special Password

Image by Dan Nelson from Pixabay

When you first use Secret mode, you will be able to set a special password so that nobody can access Secret mode without your permission. Of course, your browsing history won’t be saved anyway, but you might not want people to see the forums and sites you bookmarked.

If you didn’t set up a code the first time you used Secret mode, don’t worry. You can always set one later.

To do that, click on the tabs icon while in Secret Mode. Then, click on the three-dot menu at the top-right of your screen.

Select “Secret Mode Settings.” Then, toggle the “Use Password” switch on.

Enter the password you want to use. It must contain at least four characters, including one letter – in other words, a four-digit numerical PIN won’t work.

On the same settings page, you’ll see the option to reset Secret mode to its original settings. It will erase all settings and data, including bookmarks.

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How to Switch Secret Mode Off

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay

To turn Secret mode off, click on the tabs icon while in Secret mode. You’ll see two options:

  1. Turn off Secret mode
  2. New tab

Select “Turn off Secret mode” to exit Secret mode. Your browsing history will be erased, but your bookmarks will be saved until the next time you open Secret mode.

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FAQs About Secret Mode on Samsung Internet Browser

Will Samsung Secret Mode Hide Your IP Address?

No. The Secret mode will prevent websites from tracking you using cookies, which most browsers store by default. However, they will still be able to see your IP address.

Will Samsung Secret Mode Protect You From Viruses?

No. Secret mode won’t prevent you from downloading malware or viruses, so you need to be careful about the sites you visit and the links you click on.

I recommend using an antivirus like Avast, Kaspersky, or Malwarebytes to detect viruses and malware in their infancy stages. Secret mode can not replace an antivirus, as it doesn’t have built-in protection against viruses.

Can Secret Mode Replace a VPN?

No. A VPN protects your privacy by obscuring your IP address and preventing websites from knowing your location. The Secret mode is mostly for preventing others on the phone, tablet, or computer from seeing your web activity. It also prevents websites from tracking you using cookies.

Can You Use Secret Mode on a Chromebook?

Yes. However, the Chromebook must support the Google Play Store.

Many school-issued Chromebooks support Android apps from the Google Play Store. Older Chromebooks, however, may not support Android apps.

Whether you’re using a school Chromebook or a personal Chromebook, you must download Samsung Internet Browser first from the Google Play Store. Once you do that, you can use Secret mode, set a password, and save bookmarks.

Can You Use Secret Mode on a PC?

No. Unfortunately, Samsung Internet Browser is only available from the Google Play Store, so it’s not available on Windows or Macs.

However, you can use other browsers that have private modes. For example, Chrome has Incognito mode, which also blocks cookies and doesn’t save your browsing history.

Can I Be Tracked When Using Secret Mode?

Theoretically. While cookies won’t be saved, websites can still see your IP address, unless you’re hiding it by using a VPN.

Unless you’re doing anything illegal, though, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s unlikely website owners are trying to track your online activity, but don’t visit any websites you don’t trust, like illegal pirating sites.

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Final Thoughts

Samsung Internet Browser is one of the best browsers for Android phones and tablets.

With Secret mode, you can save your favorite sites while still enjoying an added degree of privacy and security.

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