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10 Best Internet Browsers For Roku In 2022

The advent of technology has seen people replace the good old cable TV with streaming sticks. These sticks turn your ordinary TV into a smart TV that lets you watch and stream media whenever you want.

The Roku device is one such innovation. Since 2008, the Roku stick has been a pioneer in helping people stream TV over the internet. It can effortlessly stream Prime, Netflix, and other channels like BBC sports, Red Bull TV, and much more.

Roku has three such devices, a Roku Box that is a standalone device you connect to your TV directly, a Roku stick, and a Roku TV, which is a fully-featured solution embedded into your TV.

Roku lets you access subscription channels, free channels, rent or buy channels, and authenticated cable channels. It’s pretty simple to set up. You just plug it into your smart TV and log in to the Roku account, and you are ready to start streaming content.

It makes watching TV an affordable venture that replaces the expensive cable setups and presents a compact, all-inclusive streaming solution. You can quickly turn your home into an entertainment hub in seconds.

However, Roku lacks browsers to search for media content outside the device. It offers seamless streaming, but you can’t surf the web for anything that needs a flash player, JavaScript, cookies, or shockwave.

However, this one limitation cannot deter you from enjoying sweet music, live sports, news, videos, and your best movies from other sites.

You can use other third-party web browsers for your Roku TV to access the web and retrieve any media you want to play or stream.

In this post, you’ll find the best internet browsers for Roku to use.

Ready to explore these browsers? Let’s dive in.

Best Web Browsers for Roku

1. Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the best internet browsers for Roku that makes it possible to stream songs, shows, movies, TV series, news, sports, and videos across different genres. It comes with a rich feature set focused on entertainment.

Developed by Comcast, this browser lets you see over 250 channels with live TV features.

It has so many features that you’d first think it’s a media streaming service before becoming a browser. There are more TV channels worldwide that use this app to stream. It’s used on tablets and smartphones, and when updated, it will work perfectly on big screens.

It’s great for live streaming, with quality video resolution that provides an immersive streaming experience for users. You’ll get to enjoy your favorite TV shows and series.

With Xfinity, you can watch your best channels online or offline. It offers 24/7 customer support, giving you peace of mind that your concerns will be addressed.

It lets you download shows and movies to the movie library and watch them offline. Through screen sharing, you’re able to cast from tablets or smartphones and watch them on Roku TV. All you need is to book your order to stream your movies and shows. It supports all video formats.

2. Safari Browser

Safari is another graphical internet browser from Apple. It’s popularly used on Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

You can find this web browser on the Roku store and add it to your Roku TV for surfing the web. It’s a fast enough browser that gives you seamless browsing and transition experience with enough privacy and security.

It comes with a minimalist user interface that’s easy to navigate and a clean visual style free from clutter.

Safari Browser for Roku was developed by one developer known as Adrian. He used Roku Direct Publisher to enable it on the device.

3. Firefox

Firefox is an excellent browser available for all devices, including smartphones, PCs, TVs, and more. It’s a popular app from Mozilla to help you stream your videos on Roku TV. People love it for its privacy and security.

Firefox is a powerful app that connects seamlessly to Roku devices. All you have to do is install it on your mobile phone, register using your email address, and link it to your Roku device.

It works better when your mobile phone and Roku use the same WiFi connection or network. This way, it’ll be easier to search for streaming sites and stream all your favorite TV shows, series, live channels, sports, news, and more.

With Firefox, you can move the search bar wherever you want on the dashboard. Its interface is pretty clean. It enables you to share website links and stream high-quality videos in multiple formats, including MOV, M4V, MP4, and MKV.

4. Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster is also feature-packed, with tons of movies and TV shows for itself. It supports all video formats and can automatically capture the subtitles of the movies being streamed.

This app also supports various streaming devices, so your Roku TV can directly stream videos from the web.

Through the integrated OpenSubtitles website, you can download all the subtitles you want. And you’ll also be able to cast your videos from your iOS and Android devices to this browser, which gives you an upscale browsing experience but on a larger screen.

Bookmark your favorite sites, create a Home Screen shortcut, and even view your watch history with Web Video Caster and enjoy flawless access and viewing. The user interface is pretty intuitive.

You can browse websites, stream live, watch TV shows, movies, videos, and more.

It’s a paid service, so prepare to part with some cash.

It supports audio and photo files, allowing you to send loads of images and videos.

The browser also supports Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, DLNA receivers, and much more. Its premium version comes with additional features and perks like creating playlists, personalizing the home screen, bookmarking, and more.

5. Opera

Opera is an excellent internet browser for Roku that allows you to get instant access and various surf sites. It’s a popular browser with millions of users worldwide.

Opera is compatible with all platforms and devices, including smartphones, PCs, and TVs, including Roku TV. With it, you can browse whatever site you want. It is among the safest browsers available.

You can browse privately and securely on Opera, and it will hide your data through a VPN. It offers multiple language support and has an Ad blocker that minimizes ads to give you a seamless surfing experience.

Its data save mode feature enables faster browsing even when your internet is slow. It allows you to save your browsing history, too.

With Opera, you can open online shopping platforms, carry out transactions using your credit cards, and even save your passwords confidently without worrying about the security of your information.

Compared to other browsers, this one uses less processing capacity. You can also chat while browsing using the built-in messenger and work efficiently with multiple tabs open.

It has dark and light themes which you can customize to your preference. Opera allows you the benefit of browsing privately with a virtual IP address that hides your location.

If you have files, notes, and links you need to send to other devices, you can do so instantly on the Opera browser. It’s also easy to synchronize on any device.

For Chromecast casting with Opera, turn on and set up Chromecast. Then on your PC, launch the Opera browser.

On the top left, click the O logo and select settings.

Select Advanced, then Browser.

Enable Chromecast support in the Settings menu. This will enable casting in the Opera browser, and you can start browsing.

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6. Web Browser X

Web Browser X also packs a punch when it comes to features. It’s an excellent fit for Roku TV.

It’s a paid browser that helps you stream content swiftly from a neat interface that ensures smooth data flow and battery preservation.

This browser doesn’t require a lot of user privileges. It has a large bundle of privacy and security setting options to maximize your user data and your privacy and security.

It also has plenty of built-in shortcuts that make browsing more convenient.

You can use it to automatically extract any content from sites. It filters ads and supports page preloads, and integrates multiple pages into a single page.

This browser makes things easy, as it delivers fully rendered pages with clickable links.

You are allowed to save your homepages for later use and will ensure you enjoy ad-free surfing.

Web Browser X is fully customizable with various configuration options.

Its resource sniffing capabilities are so powerful that you’ll quickly locate, download, and save your content.

7. Media Browser

Media Browser is an easy-to-use browser for Roku. It comes with a simple visual interface that lets you access its entire library and surf the web for more media content and websites with rich content.

To use this browser, ensure it runs on your local network. It integrates well with Windows media center, and you can play your videos and watch your movies and other content effortlessly.

Media Browser lets you configure plugins and customize color and themes for a more intuitive experience. It upgrades with minor updates for photo slideshows, live TV, media browser apps, and remote control.

You can control, browse, and play your favorite media files on an intuitive, clutter-free user interface. Its suite of apps will enable you to stream all your media from your PC to your Roku TV.

It has all the valuable features of a media browser and will not lag while performing its functions. With this browser, you’ll have the most immersive browsing and viewing experiences for all content in various pixel sizes.

You get to play music, watch TV and movies directly, and play online streams from your computer.

Media Browser is an internet-based video browser with no additional functions – the best option to stream local movies, browse, watch TV, and play music. It provides excellent results when you need to browse rich content.

You can get it from the Roku store.

8. The Roku Channel

The Roku channel, named after the device, is one of the best internet browsers accessible. It allows you to watch content from Roku. Not only can you browse the web with ease, but you can also watch sports, listen to music, and live stream your favorite media.

Roku Channel browsers allow you to download most of its content. Also, it updates you on their latest released content.

It provides access to exciting series, blockbuster films, tv programs, 24/7 live news (available in the United States and Canada only), and popular children’s entertainment for free.

Furthermore, Roku customers in the United States can quickly add 40+ premium subscriptions from AMC+, Showtime, EPIX, and other providers.

9. POPRISM Web Browser

It’s a browser that works well on Roku. In terms of capability, it is a proficient browser that performs most of the functions that a standard browser can. However, the only issue that persists is website compatibility with the browser.

This browser is only compatible with a small number of web pages. It features a test-driven user interface and formats all websites appropriately.

As a result, the websites may appear unattractive. When it comes to online browser navigation, you can use your Roku remote’s navigation/arrow buttons.

The following controls are available on your Roku remote: Up: Scroll one line up, Down/Ok: Scroll one line down, Left: scroll ten lines up, Right; Scroll down ten lines, and Back: Return to the previous page.

Finally, press Return: to get to the home screen, you can choose another website.

10. FilmRise

It is a robust website for streaming, and you get to access over a thousand videos on your Roku device. On FilmRise, you can watch entire movies and television shows for free.

All videos are in high definition and can be viewed for free indefinitely. There is no requirement to provide your credit card information or to register your data at all.

FilmRise’s entire library of content is legal, and new films and shows are uploaded daily. That means you will never be bored.

Apart from Roku, you can watch on various devices and platforms, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other smart TVs.

It boasts a vast library of thrillers, horror, drama, romance, biographies, crime, and action films.

On the other hand, both Hollywood and prominent foreign-language films are available. Most of the videos are an IMDb popularity score, which helps you pick what to watch.

Screen Casting as an Alternative to Using the Roku Web Browser

Source: Taras Shypka from unsplash.com

Most of us prefer using Roku internet browsers, but that isn’t the only way. You can also use screencasting for a more robust browsing experience.

How does screencasting work? It lets you cast a smartphone, PC, or tablet to a Roku device so you can play your favorite music, watch videos, access other sites, and more.

But here’s the catch: Screencasting only works on a Roku device that runs on Roku OS 7.7 or later. To confirm whether the Roku device has the latest OS version, go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now. If the software version is older, use screen mirroring to update it.

Casting a Web Browser from the iPhone to a Roku Device

Source: Oleg Magni from Pexels

Roku now supports Apple. This implies that you may cast your iPad, iPhone, or Macbook to select Roku 4K devices. Screen mirroring enables you to project anything on the screen of your iPhone directly onto your television.

  • On your iPhone, open the Control Center. Drag down from the top corner of the iPhone display. Swipe off the lower part of your screen on the iPhone.
  • After that, touch on Screen Mirroring. This will be shown by a sign having two rectangles placed on top of each other. Depending on your Control Center configuration, you might not see any words.
  • Choose your Roku device.
  • After selecting the Roku device, you will see a code shown on your television.
  • Then, on your iPhone, enter the number from your television.
  • Finally, press OK to connect the iPhone to your Roku via a mirroring app.

At any time, you can pause mirroring by clicking the Home button on the Roku remote.

Alternatively, you can return to your iPhone’s Control Center, choose Screen Synchronization, and then press Stop Mirroring.

If you’re experiencing difficulty casting your iPhone to Roku, check if the device is compatible with AirPlay.

Casting a Web Browser from Mac OS to Roku

Source: energepic from Pexels

To cast Mac OS to your Roku TV, use a tool known as Mirror for Roku. The tool is created for TVs that run on Roku OS, so it’s an excellent option to mirror Mac to Roku.

Here are the steps:

  • Download and install Mirror for Roku on your Mac.
  • Open this app and start searching for a nearby Roku device.
  • After the Mac discovers the Roku device, click connect.
  • Start casting anything from the MacBook to Roku TV.

Casting a Web Browser from Android to Roku

To cast an internet browser from an Android tablet or phone to a Roku device, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Android device’s settings and click Display.
  • Select Cast Screen.
  • Next, enable Cast toggle; you’ll be asked to turn on Bluetooth and WiFi for a wireless connection.
  • The android device will start a search and display a nearby Roku device.
  • After finding your device, click Connect.
  • Once the connection is established, whatever you do on the Android device reflects on the Roku device.

You can now play videos on Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon Prime. You can also surf the internet or play downloaded videos on the big screen.

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Roku Browsers FAQs

How to Connect and Activate Your Roku Streaming Device?

When you first use your Roku device or Roku TV, you’ll also need to establish or activate a Roku account via an activation link delivered to the email account you provide.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Connect the device to the internet.
  • Fill up your email address when prompted.
  • Log in with the email address linked with your Roku account if you already have one.
  • If you’re setting up a Roku account, you’ll be prompted to include a payment option before activating Roku Pay.
  • Access your inbox via computer or smartphone and look for the email from Roku containing the activation link
  • Open the Roku email and click the activation link.
  • Follow the instructions on the Roku site and create a personal Roku account or sign in to an existing one.

What Exactly is Roku Pay?

Source: David Dvořáček from unsplash.com

Roku Pay is the brand name for Roku’s direct payment processor. You register for Roku Pay when you add a payment option to your Roku account.

This payment type can then be used to purchase immediately from your Roku device.

Can You Watch Regular Television on a Roku TV?

Source: Max Harlynking from unsplash.com

Local channels are available on Roku through third-party apps, the Roku Channel Store, or an antenna. The Roku Channel Store provides you with most of the local channels. You can view local stations on your Roku if you have a tv subscription and use the service’s app.

Is it possible to install Google Chrome on my Roku?

Roku does not support Google Chrome. You can attempt screencasting to get a similar browsing experience to Chrome. This requires downloading and installing Chrome on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, followed by casting it on your Roku TV.

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Final Word

All browsers listed above are simple to use, have an intuitive interface, and are entirely free to use, while others have a subscription model. As said before, if you plan to use Roku often, you will require an internet browser to navigate via your Roku device.

I have broken down what each browser has to offer. Thus, the next moment you like to use Roku, you won’t be faced with the difficulty of deciding which browser is best for your purposes.