15 Websites Better Than Fiverr

If you’re a freelancer or are thinking about getting into an online business, then chances are that you have heard of Fiverr

Fiver is one of the most popular online markets that accommodates people from different industries to buy and sell services. 

The website offers services starting from $5 as the name would indicate. Once you sell your services, which is called a ‘gig’ on the platform, Fiverr will take 20% out of your commission or $1 out of every $5, so if you don’t make money, Fiverr doesn’t make money either. 

Although $5 is the initial price of Fiverr’s cheapest gigs, the platform allows you to provide services up to thousands of dollars. So if you offer professional services in music, graphic design, copywriting, voiceovers, etc, you can make a good living off of Fiverr. 

That being said, Fiverr does have a couple of cons. For starters, the site does not have a clearly defined vetting process, so any freelancer can join and pad their experience.

Also, when you find yourself in a dispute with a freelancer or a client, the resolution process is usually vague and it might take a while to find a reasonable solution. 

These and more may put you on the lookout for Fiverr alternatives that can meet your standards for offering or purchasing a service. So in this article, I will discuss 15 websites that are better than Fiverr in their own rights. 

Websites Better Than Fiverr

 1. Upwork

When it comes to similar websites to Fiverr, Upwork is often the first one that comes to mind because of its excellent reputation for connecting clients with the best freelancers

Like Fiverr, Upwork offers a wide range of services and they have set guidelines and regulations to ensure that every transaction goes down smoothly. 

If you are looking for freelancers, you only need to provide sufficient information about your project and Upwork will present a list of top experts that you can choose from. 

You can then sift through the candidates by reviewing profiles and portfolios, and select the one that you consider to be the best fit. Once you make your choice, Upwork will then create a virtual workspace for you and your hire to continue communication during the course of the contract. 

The website also handles payment for work done, so it is very unlikely that you will be scammed out of money. 


  • Upwork has hundreds of services to choose from that are available under many categories. 
  • The platform gives you the opportunity to reach more clients than most other platforms. 
  • Freelancers can get a full-time contract on the platform if the client is pleased with their initial work. 
  • Upwork commission is only 10% of what the freelancers make, which is less than Fiverr. 


  • It takes a lot of time to build a reputation on Upwork. You typically require a lot of reviews to get more work. 

Where Upwork takes an edge over Fiverr

Other than the fact that Upwork’s commission is half of what Fiverr takes, I personally prefer Upwork’s bidding system to Fiverr.

Fiverr lists their gigs into non-negotiable price categories, so you either find the one that fits your budget or you don’t. But with Upwork, freelancers get to bid on jobs that clients post. 

This means, as a client, you may get your work for less than the price you’ll get elsewhere, however, do not expect quality freelancers to undercut themselves too much otherwise you may find yourself with a lackluster end product. 

 2. Freelancer

Freelancer is another popular website like Fiverr that users choose in search of things that Fiverr cannot offer. 

It acts as a central hub and connects freelancers and clients in need of their service. You will rarely not find what you are looking for since the platform houses more than 40 million freelancers across over a thousand niches. 

At the moment, more than 29 million users of Freelancer are active and the number gets bigger with each passing day. You will find services ranging from web development, to translation, and copywriting. And the platform guarantees that you find the ideal job that fits your skillset. 


  • Freelancer houses all kinds of jobs, so you will find just about any service you can imagine. 
  • The platform allows for greater flexibility and freedom, so you can choose the assignments you want to take and set your work schedule for when it suits you. 
  • Freelancer has a downloadable app that helps you keep track of time. This aids in payment as you can take a screenshot of your working hours and send it to your employer as evidence of how long you’ve worked. 


  • It’s tougher to secure jobs on Freelancer as a newcomer than on Fiverr as most companies on the platform give preference to experienced hires. 

Where Freelancer takes an edge 

Freelancer favors long term working relationships, where Fiverr focuses mostly on quick jobs. So if you are a freelancer seeking a long term working relationship, then you may have better luck pitching your tent with Freelancer. 

Also, the platform has a more flexible payment structure than Fiverr. You can set it to allow you to receive partial payment or after a milestone. 

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 3. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one freelance marketplace that breeds quality. Here, freelancers are required to pass a quality test before they can be onboarded to bid for work.

So the site favors experience. The more qualifications you have, the more money you stand to make. 

Established in 2007, PeoplePerHour is newer than most other platforms on this list, but it is just as good as any other. 

PeoplePerHour boasts of housing more than 300,000 freelancers who can get hired for a job through promotional posts. 

Their commission charge is reasonable and ranges between 3.5% to 5%. This fee is applicable only after you have made up to $280.

However, PeoplePerHour insists on showing charges in pounds which isn’t exactly ideal for both the seller and buyer as it incurs additional bank charges on currency exchange. 

PeoplePerHour’s major niches are content creation, design, and promotion, and it is targeted at sellers who prefer to pay hourly. 


  • PeoplePerHour is a budget-friendly platform, so companies looking to cut costs would find it useful. 
  • The entire process of buying and seeking is very transparent, so you are in the loop with all that goes on all the way. 


  • The interface can be a bit difficult to understand. 

Where PeoplePerHour is better than Fiverr 

In a way, PeoplePerHour has a similar business model as Fiverr. However, its vetting process is where it stands above Fiverr.

It carefully checks each freelancer before they are granted access to its platform. 

4. Guru

If you are seeking to engage the services of freelancers that meet your specific needs, then Guru is a great place to look. 

The platform is a favorite to a lot of freelancers because its services are available free of charge. In fact, it is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, especially in America. 

With Guru, you can find professional freelancers that can meet your exact business needs.

Where Fiverr is a place for pretty much all services, Guru is where you will find more specialized services, especially designs and other business-related jobs. 


Guru is perfect for finding freelancers that can conveniently handle a one-man task. This is great for small businesses as it helps to reduce closing time. 

It has a messaging service that makes it easier for freelancers and clients to communicate with one another


It is not suitable for big businesses 

Where Guru has an edge 

Guru has similar security strengths as Upwork. Unlike Fiverr, it has solid safety precautions for buyers and sellers so it will be difficult to fall prey to scams and con artists on the platform. 

5. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a Fiverr alternative that helps you find top talent. Once you register on the platform, you will start receiving emails on the best jobs directly to your inbox. 

The platform reviews about a hundred freelance lasting websites and compiles them in one place.

They boast of posting the top 1% of freelance jobs that they find, so they claim to weed out the weak opportunities and expose you only to the best ones. 

SolidGigs mostly target writers, marketers, designers, and developers, and apart from the job listing, they also provide sufficient resources to help you hone your skills as a freelancer or a Solopreneur. 

These courses come in videos and essays from experts in the corresponding niche, and you can also find tips and advice for freelancers. 


  • SolidGigs sends daily job alerts directly to your email which can be a huge time saver, so you will not have to waste your time finding the ideal job. 
  • The platform has resources that can aid you in your development whether as a buyer or seller. 


  • SolidGigs is relatively expensive. Payment is $2 for the first day and $19 per month after that. 

Best part about SolidGigs

SolidGigs saves you a lot of time finding jobs that will be suited to your needs, unlike Fiverr that requires you to search until you are lucky to meet one that matches your requirements. 

6. Truelancer

Truelancer is a new online marketplace that is known for its affordable cost.

The platform is filled with freelancers who come from areas with low living costs and so can afford to charge less for their work. 

While this is not exactly a great thing for the freelancer, it is a fine option for businesses that are based abroad as they will save money on employment costs. 

The platform lets you set up one-off jobs or ongoing ones and you can quickly find someone to take up your task in any niche. 

Truelancer gives you three options to find a freelancer or online assistant.

You can find them under pre-defined gigs, content-based crowdsourcing options, or by sorting through the profiles of freelancers. 

On Truelancer, you can communicate with the freelancer before you commit to the work, so you can first demand a sample of their work before you give them the job. 


  • There’s no shortage of work on this platform if you qualify for it. 


  • Truelancer charges 8-10% per job completed and another 5% if the client requests a refund within 30 days. 

Is Truelancer is better than Fiverr 

If I’m being honest, then Truelancer and Fiverr are evenly matched. One of the major differences between both is that where Truelancer is susceptible to more unique and personalized workflow, Fiverr gears only towards available projects. 

7. Envato Studio 

Envato Studio is a platform that accommodates freelancers who specialize in web design, digital design, and other specific services. If you want to quickly hire freelance talent, then it is a good place to look. 

Envato Studio is a member of the popular Envato site where you can buy WordPress themes from. 

The platform selects the best fit for your project and it only takes a few minutes. Plus they also have a policy that allows buyers and sellers to share files and communicate with each other. 

Envato is made up of experts in different fields that are specialized in specific areas, but you will also find gigs in other categories that you may need. 

The platform picks and vets the freelancers on the platform, so entrepreneurs can be sure of getting the best breed of workers. 

Envato is easy to use. In fact, posting a listing on it will not cost you more than a few minutes and when you are in, you can select the freelancer that will best suit your needs. 

The large pool of professionals provides an opportunity for employers to carefully compare prices and choose the best freelancer that suits their budget, thereby saving money while hiring the best hands. 


  • Envato Studio houses some of the best creative designers and web developers in the market 


  • Envato Studio does not feature custom orders.

How Envato Studio is better than Fiverr 

Unlike Fiverr that leaves you to painstakingly find your hires yourself, Envato only requires you to create a job posting and they will provide you with the best candidates for you. 

8. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a popular job listing site that simplifies the search. The website has plenty of opportunities to match your skills and years of experience. 

The best part is that you will likely never come across any scam listing, broken links, or duplicate listing. In other words, it is one of the safest Fiverr alternatives you will find around. 


  • Flexjobs has thousands of new opportunities all the time, so you can rest assured that you will find a new job that you can apply for every day. 
  • Most of the jobs on the website are high quality, especially because they have been hand-screened. 
  • The website has up to 59 different categories to choose from that include full-time, part-time, global, and local jobs. 


  • Flexjobs is not free 

Where Flexjobs is preferred over Fiverr 

Unlike Fiverr, all of Flexjobs gigs are usually airtight and reliable because they are posted by real and verifiable companies. About 5,000 companies currently use Flexjobs. 

9. FreeUp

FreeUp is another Fiverr alternative that is highly rated among freelancers.

The website is also popular among companies that are looking to hire quality freelancers to handle important jobs. 

The platform carefully reviews each freelancer before they are admitted into the site, hence eliminating room for scammers and inappropriately skilled freelancers. 

If you are a buyer, you can find good fits across different categories and you will find experts in web design, advertisement, Amazon, eCommerce, and more. 

Payment is usually automated and made weekly. The site pays via PayPal, credit card, or ACH. 


  • As the name implies, FreeUp is free to use
  • Payment is weekly 


  • You will find it tough to compete as a standalone freelancer as the sight is tailored to favor those willing to work for agencies. 

How good is FreeUp against Fiverr 

Unlike Fiverr, FreeUp vets candidates before they are accepted into the site and it allows only the top 1% entry. 

 10. Toptal

Toptal has its name coined from top talent signifying that its pool of workers comes from the top 3% of available talent across various industries. 

Since quality is expensive, the site usually offers access to businesses at a premium price. 

Toptal is dedicated to ensuring that freelancers can work seamlessly from inside the workplace.

The talents you will find on the website are not only experts in their fields, but they are also fluent in English so that buyers and sellers can easily communicate. 

Toptal has a 2-week trial period for freelancers and if their employers are not satisfied with the performance during that period, their services will be waived.

This strict measure ensures that only the best remain on the site. 


  • The Toptal screening process is thorough and airtight. 


  • It is difficult for newcomers to find their footing on the platform. 

Where Toptal is preferred over Fiverr 

Toptal does not accept every freelancer that applies like Fiverr. In fact, it only picks 3% and eliminates the other 97% of the competition.

This ensures that only high-quality freelancers remain on the site. 

As a freelancer, being on the site also guarantees that you will be receiving high paying jobs regularly. 

 11. Gigbucks

Gigbucks is a freelance marketplace for short term assignments.

Here, sellers can create gigs that range between $5 – $50 and can approach buyers directly. 

As a freelancer, you can post as many gigs as you like as long as you don’t post the same gig repeatedly, otherwise, you may have the account suspended. 

The site works based on similar principles as Fiverr and other freelance sites.

The worker simply signs up and jumps on available jobs. 

Keeping a good profile is also an important part of how to get good jobs on the platform. 


  • Gigs are free to post and the posts can be made by sellers or buyers. The more gigs a seller posts, the more the chances of receiving a job offer. 
  • Gigbucks’ unique review system allows you to receive more high paying clients as long as your performance soars. 
  • The platform has great customer service and their response time is quite fast. 


  • The maximum payout per project is $50
  • Newcomers must wait for 14 days before they can make withdrawals. 

Best part about Gigbucks

Gigbucks has a smaller community than Fiverr which means that the competition is also smaller.

In comparison, if you are new to the world of micro job sites, you will find it easier to break into Gigbucks than Fiverr. 

12. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is one online marketplace that prefers to use the term ‘remote workers’ instead of freelancers.

It is a staffing network that supplies remote workers to assist businesses in a long-term engagement as opposed to one time assignments that are often associated with Fiverr. 

The platform focuses on providing remote workers at a low cost of hire and this sets it aside from other freelancing platforms like Fiverr. 


  • Workers can be paid directly without incurring extra costs. 
  • Employers can screen workers directly. 


  • Outsourcely is not palatable for one-off assignments. 

Benefit you get with Outsourcely

If you are looking to establish a long term working relationship, then Outsourcely is a good place to look. Fiverr is preferable for short term assignments.

 13. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a platform that hosts over 600,000 freelancers and is ideal for businesses that are seeking independent design experts. 

The platform ensures seamless collaboration via tools that aid clear communication between sellers and buyers. 


  • Money back is guaranteed if the delivery is below par 
  • High paying gigs for freelancers


  • Absence of custom offers 

How DesignCrowd is better 

DesignCrowd has a starting package of $99 against Fiverr’s $5, so freelancers stand the chance to make a lot more money on the platform. 

14. Nexxt

Nexxt is an online hub for talent that uses traditional resume-style portfolios to recommend candidates for hire. 

The platform also allows potential employers to advertise their company’s information for employees to come knocking. 


  • Job seekers can apply directly via mail or on the website. 


  • Absence of custom offers

Best part about Nexxt

Nexxt leverages infographic and demographic data to make comparisons between potential candidates and choose the best fit whereas Fiverr freelancers usually land the job on a first come basis or because of their reviews. 

15. Credo

Credo is a freelance platform that vets potential hires before listing them on the site. 

The platform does not cover a lot of niches. In fact, it only specializes in SEO and marketing. 


  • The platform vets freelancers before they are listed. 


  • It does not cover a lot of niches.

How Credo is better than Fiverr 

Once a gig is bought on Fiverr, the platform barely has anything to do with you unless there is a serious dispute.

Whereas Credo assists with project proposal and clarification, and even checks occasionally to see how well it is going. 

Wrapping Up 

These 15 different websites should give you an idea of where to go if you grow tired of Fiverr or simply want more. 

For me, the best Fiverr alternative is Upwork mainly because of its meticulous vetting process and extensive dispute resolution. 

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