A Professional & Stunning WordPress Business Theme: Business Process Pro

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No matter which kind of business you are involved in, taking a step into the digital world makes a huge difference. Especially with the advanced technologies and devices developed over the years, more and more people opt for the online options rather than actually going out and finding a business that offers the services they are looking for. Simply put, an online business profile to represent you and your services can bring you huge advantages.

And when websites and online platforms come to mind, the obvious choice of millions of users is WordPress. So today here at Rigorous Themes, we proudly present our users with Business Process; an amazing WordPress Business Process. Carefully designed to meet the expectations of entrepreneurs all over the world, this theme is capable of much more than you can possibly ask for. No matter which niche of business you are involved in, this theme is an amazing choice to opt for. Featuring exclusive features that are close to premium, even the visuals are crafted to suit your needs.

Key Features of WordPress Business theme Business Process:

Like we have mentioned before, this theme is packed with useful and advanced features that makes sure that your business expands itself remarkably. Including tons of customizing options as well as components built to increase the functionality and the effectiveness of the website, it’s the perfect choice for any start-ups and even large-scale corporations. So to give our users, the ease of understanding what exactly it offers, let’s take a look at some of the major features of this incredible WordPress business theme.

Unlimited Color Options:

Customizing and creating a platform to suit your preference and needs has never been easier. That’s right, the user-friendly interface of the theme lets you easily add or modify the colour schemes of the website. While other themes of the similar niche may be limited to a certain amount of colour palette, that is not the case for Business Process. You can choose from unlimited colour schemes and palettes to perfectly suit the site. Choose to match your site with the logo of your company or go with the one that you like, it is completely up to you!

One-Click Demo Import:

Another amazing feature of this WordPress business theme is the one-click demo import option available. That’s right! No need to spend your extra time and effort starting from scratch as this theme comes with everything ready-to-use. The demo will feature all the files and elements that are shown in the preview and you can easily get a head-start. Simply copy or import the demo files within a matter of minutes and go Live! You can either change the elements to your preference or leave it as it is. The choice is up to you.

Business Components:

Because this theme is designed with all the entrepreneurs and business niche in mind, this theme includes features that are well-suited for them. That’s right, packed with tons of amazing tools and components like as Team Section, Portfolio Section, Service Section, Pricing Table and Twitter Feeds. You can easily utilize them to enhance the functionality. Unlike most other themes of similar niche, we have made sure to carefully implement elements that may be of use. These make sure that you no do not need to waste your extra time installing and activating the tools you need. 


Business Components

Portfolio Section:

Another great thing about this template is surely the stunningly beautiful portfolio sections. If you are in need to showcase your services or your products in an effective and impressive manner, then these are the easiest way to do so. The portfolio sections enable the user to add any media files they choose with ease. You can categorize the files accordingly and make it look beautiful. Why not make your site effective, efficient and even engaging with the stunning WordPress business theme: Business Process?

Blog Section Layout Options:

While we have mentioned over and again that this template has everything covered, we wanted to point out the amazing Blog Section Layout Option again! If you are looking to profit with your users getting to know about you and your services and want to start a blog, this is it. However, that does not end here. This template also offers variations for the blog sections that you can choose from. No matter how you wish the end result to look like, the theme gives you the full control.

Page Template Variations:

With Business Process, you also get 8 different Page templates so you no longer need to worry. Probably packed with everything that you might need, these templates are all carefully designed with great attention to details Whether you need Career Page, About Us Page, Contact Page or more, you have it all at your disposal.

Page Templates

Font Family Options and Font Size

One of the major aspects that determines the look of a site is surely the fonts and the typography it displays. With this amazing WordPress business theme, it includes a range of elegant and creative fonts that you can choose from. Pick out the ideal fonts to enhance the overall appearance of your website and leave a lasting impression. Another great thing about this template is the option to resize and modify the size of the fonts. You can choose a custom font size for each and every element displayed. We are sure that it will make a huge difference and makes your overall site easy to navigate and categorize!

Font Family and Font Size Options

Other Features:

If you think that’s all, you’ll be amazed to know there’s more! While we have mentioned the major features of this template, here are some more of what this template has in line for us.

  • Responsive and retina ready design
  • Custom Widgets available
  • Awesome Theme Support
  • Sidebar Layout Options
  • Details Button Title
  • Contact Us Page Template
  • Career Page Template
  • Powered By Text
  • Font Size Options
  • Font Family Options
  • Advanced Color Option
  • Pricing Table
  • Portfolio Section
  • Team Section
  • Twitter Feed Slider
  • Many More…


Basically, Business Process is a premium WordPress business theme that is suitable for businesses of all niche. Each and every section of the theme is carefully crafted to meet the needs of the modern-day entrepreneurs. Packed with a ton of features that help the user create and ideal platform