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Putting You in the driver’s seat

An sNews website is designed to put you in control of your content. You can make new pages, place those pages in categories, and add content to your pages. You can also make changes and delete any pages, categories or content in any page. You can choose to let site visitors make comments to any content. You can also view, edit and approve, or delete, any comments made by visitors before it gets displayed. And… as you already know… you can perform all these tasks by logging in and working with the Administration Panels… using your favourite web browser… without knowing anything about code… any time of day or night… and your work is instantly updated online without having to call a webmaster for help. You are the webmaster!

How your website works

Your website is driven by sNews… the smallest, most compact and most efficient Content Management System (CMS) engine available today on Planet Earth. On average, websites using the sNews engine start out at less than 500Kb in size. You are able to accomplish all the above tasks (and more) thanks to the dynamic server-side functionality built into the cms engine. In simple terms, the structure of a website is made up of three things: 1) the design or styling elements that give us the visually pleasing interface; 2) the content (headings, text and images); and 3) the functions that allow us to manage the content (the engine). What makes the sNews system stand out is the way it separates these three components from each other so efficiently.

Most websites use separate page files, each displaying the content for a given page that we see on the site. In reality, all the pages generated in a sNews-powered site are virtual pages…. in that they do not physically exist. Once entered in through the Administration panels, all content is stored in a database. When we click on a link to a page, the data is retrieved for that page from the database, and all content is displayed in one single, physical page… the template page. This eliminates the need to duplicate the same code over and over for several physical pages, and that’s how we get a website that takes up very little space on your host server.


sNews requires PHP, MySQL and mod rewrite. If your server meets those requirements, get started and learn how to install sNews on your website in 3 easy steps.


Browse through our help center and learn about template tags and how to simply create your own theme. Dig into sNews and customize it to behave the way you want.


sNews can be a simple blog tool and a full blown CMS. Customize it with addons, mods or play with different themes.


Talk about sNews on our Forum and share your expirience.