15 Best Apps Like Shiftgig 2024

Shiftgig is a software that links gig workers with employers in real-time. ‘Specialists,’ as the company calls its employees, are checked by employment agencies and enterprises before being allowed to claim shifts through the Shiftgig service.

This online application provides complete visibility into employee and customer productivity, fill rates, revenues, and other critical business indicators. You may develop your on-demand hiring marketplace with Shiftgig as a private tenant.

Your pre-vetted workforce may search and claim shifts that match their qualifications, clock in and out, and submit feedback on their shifts through their cell phones. Allowing workers to create their schedules empowers them to choose shifts that interest them, which keeps them engaged and accountable.

Furthermore, Shiftgig’s major goal is to revolutionize the way people work by allowing employees the flexibility to connect with several possibilities in their region via an insight-driven service.

To work with Shiftgig as a Specialist, you must first download the Shiftgig app and register by putting your basic personal data.

Then you’ll have to go to an in-person interview to see what kinds of jobs you’re eligible for. Later on, you’ll be able to select shifts using the app.

You may go through the available shifts and apply for the ones you want to work for since you have the power to plan your working hours.

If you are an experienced team member, your wage week begins Monday and ends Saturday. Payments are handled on the Thursday following and are typically accessible in Payable four working days after processing.

You must meet the following qualifications to become a Shiftgig Specialist:

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • To be able to work in the United States, you must be a citizen of the United States.
  • You must have expertise in a certain sector.
  • You should reside near one of Shiftgig’s working cities.

Some of its shortcomings are that the site doesn’t allow foreigners to use the platform. It’s strictly for US citizens. You must show up in person for interviews, unlike other platforms where you can get interviewed online. Payment periods are too long compared to many sites where you’re paid after the task.

Lastly, the platform is limited to specific cities, which means if you’re outside those cities, you can’t enjoy their services.

If you’re unhappy with Shiftgig, I have given you some alternative platforms that offer comparable services below.

Best Apps Like Shiftgig

1. Instawork

Instawork is one of the best apps like Shiftgig, as it pays well and allows you to work for whoever and whenever you want.

Their career options are limited to the warehouse, general labor, hospitality, and culinary. However, it has a large number of positions in these areas.

Suppose you want to take advantage of Instawork’s fantastic prospects, just download the app, browse the available tasks, and choose the one that works best for you.

You can also apply for full-time positions that meet your schedule. You may use the app to arrange shifts, manage your working hours, and be paid.

You must be eighteen years or older, have a smartphone, and have the appropriate experience for the position you’re looking for. You must also pass a background check.

They currently operate in over 30 major regions. And if you live in a city where they don’t currently operate, you may complete your profile and join the queue. In certain circumstances, pay ranges from as little as $25 per hour.

They’ll be able to contact you once they’ve opened in your area.

2. Wonolo

Wonolo is a job marketplace software that allows employees to locate and accept employment in their neighborhood. Clients advertise jobs on this platform, and employees examine them and select the one they want.

Even though most Wonolo employment is entry-level and low-paying, the company promises to pay all employees a “living wage.” It pays between $12 and $21 per hour.

If you discover a job you want to undertake on Wonolo and it’s a good fit, you may accept it and start working the next day.

Wonolo’s employment will most likely include manufacturing, distribution, shipping, or logistical labor. Still, the compensation may be fair, and the job supply is plentiful.

Explore the top alternatives to Wonolo in this post.

3. Jiffy

Jiffy is a professional service that lets skilled employees advertise their services to be hired by prospective clients.

Typical services include hanging pictures and hooks, tiling, touch-up painting, and other jobs and repairs.

Jiffy takes contractor compensation seriously, charging between $40 and $85 per hour.

However, they impose fees ranging from 12 percent to 18 percent of the contractor’s income. Additionally, you will be penalized for work cancellations.

Their services are available in a few select cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Toronto, and Ottawa.

The following are requirements you need to have to be considered for employment on Jiffy:

  • Experience
  • Licenses
  • Insurance
  • Smartphone

The site provides various payment options for around 17 activities, including plumbing, repairs, snow clearance, and appliance repair.

Lawn maintenance is charged at $50 per hour, appliance repair is paid at $75 per hour, and electrical work is charged at $150 for 1.5 hours. Contractors typically receive between 82 and 88 percent of this amount, depending on the location and size of the project.

The larger the task, the more money the contractor earns.

While the payment is not handled as soon as it could be, it is made before Saturday. Payments are made on Friday following the completion of the job.

While contractors can make more income working independently, having someone sell their skills for less than 20% may be a good trade-off. Plus, Jiffy offers lower charges than the majority of sites.

It’s important to remember that you will be fined if you arrive late or cancel work.

There is a “user protection plan” that the consumer can activate. It indicates that the contractor must repeat the service or bear the expense of the task if necessary.

4. Qwick

Qwick is one of the greatest Shiftgig-like applications that have the potential to alter the way people work. It pairs you with real-time food and beverage shifts.

You may work whatever time you like, and you can get paid 30 minutes after finishing your job. You may utilize this to submit your resume and begin earning shifts as a professional.

You may also use this service to seek employees to fill these shifts. For example, suppose you own a restaurant and are short on workers. In that case, you can easily utilize Qwick to find someone to fill the position.

Line cook, banquet server, dishwasher, driving, tourism, accountancy, production & manufacturing, and more services are available through Qwick.

Install the app on your mobile, sign up with your credentials, and fill out your availability and experience.

After that, you’ll need to attend a brief orientation before you can start receiving shifts with Qwick.

They will send you an SMS with employment specifics when a shift becomes available.

Ensure you meet the following qualifications to become a Qwick professional.

  • A mobile phone
  • Any relevant experience
  • Attend a face-to-face orientation
  • Licenses and certifications are required

Compared to Shiftgig, Qwick pays within the hour following your shift completion.

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5. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is another app like Shiftgig. The difference with MTurk is that the jobs are all done from home. There are also low-skilled occupations and low-wage options.

Rather than doing genuine employment, MTurk provides you with HITs or (Human Intelligence Tasks). These are jobs that cannot be accomplished by a computer or a machine and need human intellect.

Surveys, data input, writing/copy proofreading, SEO research, audio recordings, text confirmation, transcription, and information seeking are some kinds of work you may expect.

MTurk will put you through a testing and training procedure that will qualify you for certain tasks for skilled professions. These jobs usually pay higher than unskilled jobs.

It’s impossible to determine the money you’ll make because the amount you may earn is determined by the type and quantity of HITs you accomplish.

The occupations, as previously indicated, do not involve any skills (besides ordinary human intelligence) or physical input, which explains why the return on time is so poor.

Some HITs pay as little as $0.01, while others can pay up to $18.

To register for this site

  • One has to be 18 years old and over
  • Must own a smartphone or computer

6. Upshift

You can choose from locations, businesses, and responsibilities that match your interests, schedule, and skillsets with Upshift.

Their shifts are easy compared to Shiftgig. It allows you to pick and choose where and when you want to work and whether you want to take on an extra shift this Friday or every Monday.

Kitchen workers, dishwashers, bartenders, crew, packers, chefs, customer service, and other positions are available.

First, submit your application to Upshift and take the online assessment. Also, keep in mind that only 12% of candidates are approved.

You’ll be able to organize an appointment to complete your in-person onboarding at one of their offices after passing the testing.

Then you’ll be able to apply for local jobs that match your skills or interests. Upshift includes part-time and full-time positions, as well as flexible shifts.

It’s as simple as logging onto your Upshift app and applying for opportunities in your neighborhood. After being accepted for a shift, you have to confirm it immediately. Depending on your availability, you can even apply for various shifts.

To work for Upshift, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • A background check is required.
  • You must be a United States resident.

7. Jobble

One of the most popular on-demand gig applications is Jobble. Side hustlers may browse a huge marketplace of gig economy employment on Jobble to locate flexible, same-day job possibilities.

It’s easy to find a job on Jobble. Download the Jobble app for free, create a profile (it must contain your résumé and credentials), and apply for jobs in your region.

Check out the Jobble job board to discover what employers hire in your region.

Jobble works with a wide range of sectors, so you’re sure to discover something that matches your skills.

Restaurants, delivery services, and event management firms are some of the most regular Jobble users, but check the job board for local results.

8. Lugg

Lugg is another startup worth exploring if you search for additional app-based employment to assist individuals with their moves.

You will earn more if you have a vehicle, but you may still join up for the platform as a volunteer to earn some additional income.

According to Lugg, you may earn up to $2,500 every week. You can certainly make a lot of money with every move and retain 100% of the tips you receive.

Compared to Shiftgig, Lugg employees appear to earn roughly $35 per hour, making it one of the highest-paying gig platforms in the industry.

To sign up, you must be at least 18 years old and capable of lifting at least 100 pounds, according to Lugg.

However, another advantage of Lugg is that you get paid via direct deposit at the end of each day, so you may clear $100 plus in a single day and get paid the quickest.

9. Adia

Adia was created specifically for the gig economy. It will hire you as a W-2 employee before allowing you to book restricted gigs.

Unlike Shiftgig, you may take the skills evaluation using the app and after a few tasks, you’ll be hired as a W-2 employee.

You’ll need to download the Adia app on your mobile and set up a profile with your information, skills, hobbies, and availability. You’ll go through a one-and-done onboarding process to get employed.

After you’ve activated your profile, you’ll be able to schedule any part-time, full-time, or pick-up gigs available in the app.

Adia will connect you with work that you’ll enjoy depending on your interests. As a result, it’s entirely up to you to book the one you want to work on and pass on the ones you don’t.

It will inform you whenever a job you are interested in becomes available. You may work as much or as little as you like because everything is focused on you.

To work at Adia, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be eighteen years old and over.
  • A background check is required.
  • To verify your eligibility to work in the United States, fill out an I-9 form.

The typical hourly wage is between $9.00 and $50. Because the company’s pay period runs from Monday to Sunday, you’ll always be paid the following Friday after completing your task.

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10. Zeel

Zeel is the best alternative to Shiftgig if you’re a qualified massage therapist. You can work as an in-home massage therapist in your leisure time.

Like other gig economy applications, you may establish your hours and pick what kind of spa/massage job you do with Zeel.

This massage-on-demand website is the most popular in the industry, so start here if you’re searching for extra work as a massage therapist.

In terms of compensation, Zeel pays its masseuses 75% of each booking, with an additional 18% gratuity fee. That payment is a bit higher compared to Shiftgig. This gratuity is yours to retain wholly.

Zeel also makes a concerted effort to safeguard its employees. Clients must provide identification, and the app employs a check-in mechanism to verify masseuses arrive on time, start working, and end on time.

11. Tend

Tend is a leading job board for hospitality workers in the United States. There are just 19 cities where it is offered. They have software that helps make finding work in the hotel business much easier.

Tend performs an interview to accept you since other applications have a simple application procedure to get accepted.

Every application and resume is thoroughly scrutinized, and the most suitable candidates are invited to participate in a video interview.

After being approved, you’ll have access to thousands of tasks working with our clients every week.

Unlike Shiftgig, as long as you provide excellent service, you’ll be able to score fantastic engagements, earn a lot of money, and advance in the Tend ranks.

Ensure you satisfy the following conditions to become a Tend Tender:

  • Be eighteen years old and over to participate.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States.
  • You should reside near one of Tend’s working cities.

12. Surveys On the Go

While I don’t recommend using microtask sites to generate most of your side hustle revenue, Surveys On The Go is one of the fascinating survey-based platforms available.

Users of Surveys On The Go can make money by participating in email-invite surveys. Still, they also offer a variety of other ways to earn money.

The best thing about Surveys On The Go is you’ll earn your money while giving your opinion. It is the easiest way of making cash compared to Shiftgig hustles.

Users can also qualify for further surveys by watching TV series or movies or rating their shopping experience at certain retailers.

You may be offered a genuine product to evaluate in return for your feedback in certain cases.

Surveys On The Go might be your app if you’re searching for a way to increase your income and aren’t frightened of doing surveys.

Average pay is $0.10 to $2 per survey, with the lower end more common.

13. Neighbor

You may now earn some passive cash with Neighbor if you have excess storage space or a vacant parking spot that you aren’t utilizing. Neighbor is a storage-space Airbnb that allows homeowners to rent out storage space.

You establish your rental pricing, availability, and regulations for when tenants may come in to get their belongings as a host.

Host liability coverage is up to $1,000,000, while renter’s belongings are protected for up to $25,000.

Stripe pays you every 30 days, so your money as a host goes directly into your bank account.

With this freelance app, Neighbor levies a 4.9 percent fee plus $0.30 each month, so you may easily make $50 to $250 per month. This platform has good benefits compared to Shiftgig.

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14. Rentah

Rentah is a great rental-based website that allows users to generate additional money by renting out goods they possess and having a great name.

It envisions a world where you can meet most of your needs locally rather than through a foreign corporation. You can create a listing, including some information and photos and special rental pricing to rent an item.

Some of the products available on Rentah include a projector, a Yoga studio, a dog walker, a Halloween costume, etc.

Rentah allows you to rent out both services and goods for free, with the only cost being the 5% fee that Rentah charges on all transactions.

On the other hand, Rentah may be a great side hustle to start if you reside in a densely populated location and have some desired goods/skills to rent out.

Unlike Shiftgig, you are at liberty to set the price of the item you want to rent out.

15. Instacart

Instacart, like all other food delivery apps, pays you to buy groceries and deliver them to consumers. Instacart, on the other hand, assigns two distinct duties to its customers.

To begin, employees can register as full-service customers. It implies that an Instacart shopper is in charge of the whole delivery process, from receiving the order to selecting products and delivering groceries to the customer’s door.

Also, workers can register as in-store shoppers. Compared to Shiftgig, this is a reliable platform for individuals looking for a hustle of delivering groceries to customers.

Rather than independent contractors, these are W-2 workers that operate in supermarkets that use Instacart. In-store buyers only need to put together their shopping lists and hand them over to Instacart delivery workers.

Instacart pays around $13 per to $35 an hour, so this is a good app-based job to try out.

On the other hand, full-service shoppers might make more because of gratuities and premium delivery gigs.

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We live in a society where making money through technology is easier than ever. Thanks to smartphones, we have so much knowledge. The combination of gig economy applications and websites has made it easy for people to establish their side hustles.

Today you can make your income via these platforms. You need to know which platform offers the service you can handle. Of course, some sites offer more pay than others, which shouldn’t entice you to do shoddy work.

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