15 Best Sites Like Uber Eats 2023

Uber Eats is a food ordering and delivery platform where you can order a takeaway from almost any restaurant partnered with the platform and get your favorite food delivered while it’s hot.

However, Uber Eats isn’t the only such platform, and yet while other food ordering and delivery platforms work similarly, there are huge differences in delivery cost, efficiency, speed, and choice of restaurants they offer.

Therefore, down below, you can find 15 of the best sites like Uber Eats, so you can order your favorite meal without a hassle!

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Best Sites Like Uber Eats

With a wide variety of sites like Uber Eats, you can choose a site that fits your local area the best, provides the most restaurants, or even provides the best delivery options, so keep on reading to find the one that will fit your needs.

1. Delivery.com

Delivery.com is a food ordering and delivery platform that you can access via web browser, but you can also download it as an app on a smartphone.

At this platform, you can find anything from restaurants and shops that prepare food, but also bars that serve beer, wine, or spirits that can also be delivered straight to your door for a cozy night in.

On top of that, Delivery.com also allows you to order groceries and even home essentials, so you don’t even have to visit your local store.

Yet besides that, you can also find wash-and-fold or dry cleaning services around you to have your clothes picked up, washed, or cleaned and then returned to your home address.

The best thing about Delivery.com is that it’s free to use the app, and you only pay for the services and delivery.

You only need to start finding local restaurants, bars, and shops by entering your address, placing an order, and waiting for the delivery. Then, for every dollar you spend, you get 20 Delivery points that you can later use to cash in more rewards.

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2. Postmates

Postmates is a similar site to Uber Eats that provides a food ordering and delivery service, with twists.

When you order food, you can pay the delivery service, which is standard among these platforms, or you can switch to a Postmates Unlimited account, a subscription where you get free deliveries.

Postmates is available all over the United States, and you only need to input an address to start browsing available restaurants around you.

While you can use Postmates in the browser, they also have an app that you can download on both Android and iOS smartphones. The app makes things faster, and overall, it provides a smoother ordering experience with the ability to track your order from start to finish.

When you find your restaurants, you can add them to your favorites, but one of the best features is the ability to schedule a delivery for a later time to get your food right when you get home from work, etc.

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3. Caviar

Caviar is a simple service that helps you get your favorite food by either having it delivered straight to your door or picking it up yourself.

All you need to do is enter an address and you’ll get a wide range of restaurants to choose from.

Not only did Caviar partner up with the best local restaurants all around the US, but they’ve also partnered up with DashPass. It helps you save money on service fees and provide free delivery if you’re a subscriber.

Since you can order food on the go and pick it up whenever convenient for you, Caviar also comes as an app that you can install on both Android and iOS devices for an easier ordering process.

Just like on Uber Eats, you can find a wide range of foods such as burgers, Chinese, Thai, pizza, and others. What’s interesting is that Caviar also has a section of “Staff Picks” where you can get inspiration if you’re not sure what you’d like to get for lunch or dinner.

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4. Grubhub

Grubhub is a similar platform to Uber Eats, yet it focuses on helping smaller and local restaurants more to help everyone in the business be satisfied.

At Grubhub, you only need to input your zip code or an address to see what local restaurants you can order from. Then, when you place an order, you can choose a delivery that comes with a fee or pick up the food yourself.

While Grubhub is easily accessible in the browser, they also have an app that you can download for a better ordering experience. Besides that, Grubhub also gives better perks in the app through exclusive deals that are always available, free delivery on the first order, and more. Some coupons can further discount your orders and help you grab a better deal at any time of the day.

As you order food, you can collect Grubhub’s perks and then cash them in for dollars that you can use to order more food.

Grubhub also has a great way to search for the food you’re craving, as you can search for restaurants by cuisine type, menu item, or even by the restaurant name for a quick hit.

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5. DoorDash

DoorDash is a similar site to Uber Eats. It focuses not only on restaurants, but also on delivering more than just food to your door.

Just like with the Uber Eats site, you can input your address to see some of the most popular restaurants and businesses around you, but you can also download an app and have a much easier way of placing your orders.

With the DoorDash app that’s available for Android and iOS devices, you can look up your whole neighborhood and see what’s offered in only a couple of clicks. Placing an order is just a couple of clicks away, and in the United States, Canada, and Australia, DoorDash offers about 300,000 restaurants that provide hundreds of different flavors.

Therefore, you won’t have a hard time finding some of the best local restaurants that offer Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Italian, seafood, or other types of food. On top of that, you can find cafe shops, pizza places, burger joints, and even dessert places.

Discover the top alternatives to DoorDash.

6. Slice

If you’re a big pizza fan, Slice is the site you should consider. It only focuses on helping you find the best local pizza around you.

With Slice, you only have to enter your address, choose if you’d like delivery or pickup, and then go on to find the best pizza in your area.

You can place an order directly on their website, but you can also download the Slice app that’s available for Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can earn rewards for every pizza order you make by collecting points that count towards a free pizza.

At the time of writing, Slice has around 17,000 pizzerias available, and they’re working with more to help them grow their business, offer their pizzas more easily, and gain customers while providing a better range of pizzas for customers all around the country.

Even though there are so many pizza places to choose from when you’re placing an order with Slice, they still have a well-organized way to search for a pizzeria or a type of pizza you’d prefer to narrow down the options, which is convenient.

7. ChowNow

ChowNow is an app just like Uber Eats. They have a website, but it’s only to direct you to download their app as that’s their main form of ordering food.

With ChowNow, you can find diverse food locally at a touch of a button. There, you can even see them displayed on a map with all of the other useful information about the restaurants.

ChowNow allows you to place your order and choose between picking up the food yourself or having it delivered straight to your door. Only the delivery costs, yet ChowNow doesn’t take any fees from the customers.

What’s unique about ChowNow is that they offer curbside pick-up, so you can order food even when you’re on the go or in a park. This itself might be super useful if you’re on your way to someone’s place or would like to have a picnic outside, and yet it’s a feature that isn’t often seen on such platforms.

The use of the app and order is free, but you only have to pay for a delivery fee which is also very similar to Uber Eat’s delivery fee.

8. Gopuff

Gopuff works exactly like Uber Eats, but it is a lot more versatile as it expands the type of products you can order since it’s not based just on food.

With Gopuff, you can get all your daily essentials such as cleaning items, bath & beauty accessories, health products, home & office supplies, and more. Besides this, you can still get food, drinks, snacks, and even alcohol delivered straight to your door.

Quick meals are a great category where you can get frozen food that you can prepare quickly and yet still have something delicious to eat without spending much time preparing.

While you can place your orders and track your deliveries online on the Gopuff platform, you can also download the Gopuff app, which helps you easily search for items you need.

Inside the Gopuff app, you’ll also have sections where you can get ideas such as the best snacks you can get and favorite snacks from the ‘90s that can give you ideas if you aren’t sure what to get.

9. Tapingo

Tapingo is a food ordering and delivery app that works similarly to Uber Eats and is focused on providing a better way to eat delicious and healthy food.

By downloading the Tapingo app, you have access to various local restaurants combined with the ability to order food in seconds.

While Tapingo became increasingly popular among college students, it’s now very well known as the go-to food app for colleges since it’s quick, efficient, and provides a great variety of foods to choose from.

Not only can you order food that arrives quickly, but you can jump on Tapingo and even order a cup of coffee from Starbucks or any other favorite local coffee shop.

The best thing is that while you order your favorite food and drinks, you also earn points and rewards at the same time that are similar to discounts, as you can get more food for less when you order the next time.

Tapingo also allows you to pick up your orders, which is another convenient feature that helps you cut out the waiting time and be more efficient in your day.

10. FoodChow

FoodChow is a perfect food ordering and delivery service, just like Uber Eats. This app helps you dine in by providing a variety of food and restaurants to choose from with the ability to have it delivered straight to your door for a small delivery fee.

While you can place your order online directly on the FoodChow website, you can also download their app. This provides a more convenient way to browse all available restaurants and places you can order your food from.

Not only does FoodChow feature restaurants, but you can also place orders in cafes, street food stands, food trucks, dessert shops, or even bars and bakeries.

Each place you order from has its menu listed inside the app so you can have a quick look at what they offer and quickly make up your mind. However, you can also search the app by the food type or cuisine you’re interested in.

And not only is FoodChow connecting customers with restaurants all over the United States, but they’re also doing the same around the world in 167 other countries.

11. My Cuistot

My Cuistot is a site like Uber Eats that focuses on the same food ordering and delivery method, yet it adds a little twist by being the main “chef”.

Instead of hosting different restaurants, My Cuistot is your personal chef where you can pick your food, have it cooked to order, and then it’s delivered straight to your door.

What’s even better is that you can eat your meals straight away, or you can store the meals prepped for you by My Cuistot, so you can heat them and serve them in under three minutes.

Cuistot translates to the chef in French, and that’s why My Cuistot focuses on only making healthy, fresh, homemade, and 100% natural food, and that’s exactly what you can expect from every meal you order.

Even though all food is specifically made to order, the turnaround and delivery time is fast so that you can save time and money, yet still eat healthy at the same time.

You can directly place an order through My Cuistot’s website, but you can also download the My Cuistot app that’s available for Android and iOS devices for an easier and even quicker ordering process.

12. EatStreet

EatStreet is on a mission to provide the best way for people to order food that’s then prepared and delivered to their homes at any time of the day or night.

By partnering up with restaurants all across the United States, EatStreet offers a free app where you can browse all of the restaurants and their menus.

Placing an order is as easy as installing the app, and if you know what you’re getting, it can take less than two minutes to place an order.

Delivery time is also very reasonable. You only need to enter your address to find out some of the food spots around you. Besides ordering food directly to your home, you can also place an order that you can pick up at the restaurant yourself, which is useful if you’re already on your way home.

EatStreet’s site concept is almost the same as Uber Eats, yet the main difference is in the food options you get to choose from.

13. GoferEats

GoferEats has a great way of helping you find specific foods you’re into and connecting you with the best local food spots you might not even know existed in your neighborhood.

While this site operates very similarly to Uber Eats, it excels at providing a quicker delivery time and offering a wider range of local restaurants.

Along with the delivery option that includes a small fee, you can also order a free takeaway so you can pick it up by yourself when you get a notification. This is best done with the GoferEats app available for iOS and Android devices, making placing an order and tracking its progress simple.

As soon as you place the order, you get to track its progress in real-time with updates that send notifications. Everything you’ll need to place your first order is a phone number, address, or a smartphone where you can download the app.

Keep in mind that GoferEats allows placing your orders directly through their website, just like Uber Eats.

14. Chefus

If you are a big fan of sites like Uber Eats and like the concept, but you’d want a site that provides only healthy and natural food, Chefus is the right pick.

Chefus is a food ordering and delivery service that makes premium food from all fresh ingredients where its mission is providing food from farm to table.

The concept is the same as Uber Eats and other platforms, yet with Chefus, you can take advantage of a couple of additional features. Every day brings a different menu, and you can check every menu for the week.

Then, you get to pick a dish from the menu and have it delivered while you track the progress of your order and delivery on your smartphone.

What’s so unique about Chefus is that they have dedicated chefs on-site who produce all the food. Therefore, they have high standards for safety management that are done on-site, and you only pay for the food without any fees or markups while still getting fresh and quality food prepared for you by chefs.

15. FoodBoss

FoodBoss is one site that can scan all of the similar sites to Uber Eats, so you not only find the best food in your area, but you can also get the best deal and never overpay for delivery again.

All you have to do is enter your address, and FoodBoss will show you the best restaurants around you with delivery times and cheapest fees in one list.

Even if you find your favorite restaurant on two different food delivery platforms, with FoodBoss, you’ll be able to compare things such as delivery price and then decide where to order from.

What’s also interesting about FoodBoss is that it shows you how much money you save on each order, so you can always have an insight into the money you’ve saved instead of wasted on doing research.

Another great thing is that you can use FoodBoss directly in your browser or download the FoodBoss app to any iOS or Android device for a quicker ordering experience.


With so many different food ordering and delivery platforms that work on the same concept of the Uber Eats site, it can be hard to find a website that will be the best for you.

This is due to the location and the offers available in the neighborhood you live in. However, with this list of 15 best sites like Uber Eats, you can easily find a site that will provide a great range of food, delicious variety of cuisine, and yet won’t cost you a fortune.

While Delivery.com is the first best site like Uber Eats since you get to order much more than just food, if it’s not a good fit, there are 14 other sites where at least one will make a good fit for your location needs.

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