15 Best CGTrader Alternatives 2023

It’s not always practical to create your custom 3D models when you are working on design, presentations, illustrations, prints, or computer graphics projects.

In such a situation, platforms and marketplaces that sell ready-made 3D models can be incredibly useful.

CGTrader is one of the most popular websites for sourcing different kinds of 3D models. It has a huge selection of 3D models that you can easily buy and room for 3D creators to sell their designs to customers from all over the world.

Despite its merits and popularity, CGTrader is not the only viable option and it’s important to consider other alternatives because they might be better suited to your needs than CGTrader.

You might want more affordable models or a category of 3D models that are not available on CGTrader. Or perhaps you want to sell your designs on a platform that offers higher royalties.

Whatever the case may be, here are some of the best CGTrader alternatives that you can check out.

Best CGTrader Alternatives

1. TurboSquid

Turbosquid is one of the best alternatives to CGTrader in the market with a rich library of 3D models that are accessible in any format. Like CGTrader, TurboSquid gives you plenty of model categories to choose from depending on your project.

The platform’s collection houses over 700,000 models including rigged, low poly, high poly, and pre-animated models. All the 3D models on Turbosquid are Checkmate certified, meaning that they meet the industry’s standards of professional production and quality.

Beyond 3D models, you can also find over a hundred thousand other items like material samples and texture maps on TurboSquid.

The website is relatively easy to navigate, with accurate search features and multiple sorting parameters to help filter your search results.

One great thing about TurboSquid is that the prices of the models listed on the site are very competitive, so you can probably find the 3D models you want at a cheaper rate than what you would have gotten on CGTrader.

Also, TurboSquid indemnifies any purchases you make, so if you encounter any problem, you can rest assured that the platform will take steps to rectify and compensate you with store credits or issue a refund where necessary.

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2. 3DExport

3DExport is an online platform that enables you to buy and sell 3D models, textures, and print models that you can use for all kinds of computer graphics projects.

It has one of the most extensive libraries for high-quality 3D models with over 379,000 assets waiting to be discovered.

You can find 3D models to suit your projects across different subjects from physics to biology, engineering, astronomy, mathematics, and the automotive industry on 3DExport. The platform also provides dozens of categories to choose from.

Whether you need 3D models of aircraft, furniture, electronics, architecture, toys, characters, landscapes, and more, 3DExport gives you plenty of options to help you bring your ideas to life.

What makes 3DExport a more attractive option than CGTrader is its money-back guarantee. You can easily request a refund within 24 hours of purchasing an item if you change your mind or are not satisfied with your purchase.

3DExport provides more than 15 different formats for downloading your 3D models including Cinema4D (.c4d), Softimage (.xsi), 3DS MAX (.max), Autodesk FBX (.fbx), Lightwave (.lwo), Wavefront OBJ (.obj), and Maya (.ma, .mb).

What’s more, if the format you want is not available, 3DExport will convert the available file format just for you. This handy feature is lacking in most other 3D marketplaces including CGTrader.

3. YouMagine

YouMagine was built to serve as a file repository for 3D models and it currently houses more than 15,000 model designs that are ready to be downloaded and used.

Unlike CGTrader, which is a profit-oriented marketplace, YouMagine is an open-source platform that’s completely free to use.

You don’t have to pay to get any of the models on YouMagine. All you are required to do is create an account on the website and scroll through the models listed on the platform to find the one that’s right for your needs.

You can locate appropriate models by using the search function or browsing through the displayed categories. YouMagine also gives you the option of refining your search based on popular, featured, trending, and recent uploads.

Since the models on the website are open source, you can modify or remix them however you like. All YouMagine asks is that you give credit to the original author of the files when you use them for personal or commercial intentions.

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4. Cults

Since it was established in 2014, Cults has gradually evolved into a powerful marketplace for buying and selling 3D models. It is the first independent platform offering 3D printable files in the industry.

With more than 5.84 million makers scattered all around the world, Cults has a large enough membership base to rival CGTrader.

The platform is available in four languages other than English—Russian, French, German, and Spanish—making it an accessible 3D marketplace for many non-English speakers.

There are over 636,000 3D product models of varying quality and themes on the Cults website and they are spread across many categories like art, home, fashion, gadgets, architecture, and more. Compared to CGTrader, Cults offers a more user-friendly shopping experience.

It gives users the option to convert the price of a model available for sale into over 20 different currencies, to give them a better sense of how much the model is going to cost them.

Cults also provides a forum where users can communicate with 3D artists and enthusiasts, learn new things, and share their ideas.

There are various filter options and a powerful search button that you can use to find and sort through available 3D models to locate the one that’s right for your needs.

5. Free 3D

Free 3D is an excellent alternative to CGTrader which serves as a source for finding and downloading 3D models.

Unlike CGTrader that’s primarily focused on offering models for sales and profit, Free 3D is committed to being a free resource where students and artists can obtain 3D models for personal and non-commercial projects.

Free 3D also has a paid service like CGTrader where you can find high-quality premium 3D models at incredibly low prices. Artists who publish their 3D designs on Free 3D can enjoy up to 60% royalty rates on the sales of their designs.

To top it off, Free 3D doesn’t charge product listing, account opening, or renewal fees. This means that you can sign up, upload your model designs, set your prices, and begin selling on the platform right away without needing to make any financial investments.

Free 3D has great search functionalities that make it easy for you to locate the assets you want. You can find three-dimensional models for various projects ranging from architecture to vehicles, characters, weapons, sports, and many more.

6. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a great place to go if you are a 3D creator looking to sell the models you design or you want to save time on your projects by buying 3D models rather than building your own assets from scratch.

The website houses everything from animated rigs to low poly models, PBR materials, digital scans, and more.

There are multiple applications for the models available on Sketchfab so you can use them for advertising, ecommerce, animation, education, social media, augmented reality, game design, and other purposes.

With over 4 million 3D models in Sketchfab’s collection, it offers a more expansive library than CGTrader which only has about 1.5 million 3D assets on its platform. This means that you will have a lot more options and variety to pick from.

To help you make better decisions and ensure you are getting the right models, Sketchfab comes with a 3D viewer and model inspector that you can use to preview the UVs, topology, and texture of each model before making a purchase.

Another feature that makes Sketchfab a superior alternative to CGTrader is its powerful built-in 3D editor that empowers you to refine the audio, materials, annotations, lighting, animation, VR positioning, and other elements of your model presentation.

7. Pinshape

Find and download the best 3D print models as .obj or .stl files to transform your design projects with this amazing platform that connects buyers to makers and designers of 3D assets.

Pinshape is an easy-to-use platform that allows designers of 3D models to showcase their creative abilities, exchange ideas, and share their knowledge with like-minded people. It offers both free and paid 3D model selections.

Buyers can enjoy access to over 130,000 product models suitable for commercial and personal uses. Pinshape has a rating tool that you can use to sort or filter designs based on various criteria such as popularity, price, new additions, and what’s trending.

One interesting feature that Pinshape offers that gives it an edge over CGTrader is 3D printing contests. You can flex your talent and keep yourself engaged by joining any of the open contests to stand a chance to win fun prizes.

Anyone who wants to get more acquainted with the world of 3D modeling and printing can take advantage of the extensive learning resources available on Pinshape.

8. Clara.io

Clara.io is another great CGTrader alternative that’s worth considering if you are creating 3D content and want to find ready-to-use assets to complete your projects or designs.

The platform has a 3D model library that contains over 100,000 models spanning categories like weapons, architecture, vehicles, characters, science fiction, and more.

The models on Clara.io are all available for free, which is not the case with CGTrader. So if your goal is to get quality 3D models without reaching into your pockets for funds, Clara.io is a better alternative to CGTrader.

When it comes to 3D modeling, rendering, or sharing formats, Clara.io gives you more options to work with. Currently, the platform supports over 30 3D file formats including OBJ, FBX, ThreeJS, STEP, 3DS, DAE, Blender, IGES, Collada, STL, Babylons.JS, and Maya.

Clara.io is not just a repository for free 3D models, it also gives you powerful tools to enable you to create, animate, render, and share your models without the hassle of downloading and configuring complex software.

The solution is cloud-based and compatible with different browsers and operating systems including Linux, AppleOSX, iOS, Android, Windows, Firefox, and Chrome.

9. iMeshh

In need of top-notch price-friendly 3D models for your creative projects? iMeshh is easily one of the most reliable and convenient marketplaces for 3D assets you can find on the internet.

The website’s ever-growing library of Blender 3D models holds thousands of assets that are ready to be used for commercial or personal purposes. Unlike CGTrader which functions as a general store for different kinds of assets, iMeshh takes a niche approach.

The site primarily focuses on providing 3D furniture, decorative, and architectural models, scenes, objects, and materials. iMeshh models are accompanied by a certificate of quality that guarantees that they have been produced to meet the highest professional standards.

All the models listed on iMeshh are produced in-house so there is greater consistency and quality assurance compared to CGTrader where models are created by many different artists with conceptions of quality.

In addition, iMeshh has loads of free 3D models that you can take advantage of if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the premium options.

10. 3DOcean

3DOcean is one of the best CGTrader alternatives out there and a paradise for anyone in the market for quality and unique 3D models for your latest project.

The models on this platform are reasonably priced based on quality, complexity, and uses of the file, with plenty of options to suit every budget.

There are over 74,000 3D models to choose from with prices starting as low as $2

Besides 3D models, 3DOcean also gives you thousands of scripts, plugins, materials, shaders, CG textures, render setups, 2D concepts, animation templates, and HDRI images.

Unlike CGTrader which only supplies 3D models, you won’t have to go jumping from website to website to find any other objects you need to bring your designs and projects to life when you source your assets from 3DOcean.

The platform also grants you the opportunity to speak to the talented authors behind your favorite models and connect with other users who share your interest in 3D digital assets.

For artists looking to get their designs on 3D models, the website makes it easy for you to sign up and start publishing your work. You just have to make sure your assets are good enough to pass through the review process.

11. Cubebrush

Cubebrush is an ecommerce platform designed to help designers, artists, architects, game developers, and creative professionals buy 3D models or sell the amazing assets they have created and enjoy maximum convenience or profit.

If you are a seller looking for a marketplace that can offer you higher royalties from the sales of your 3D resources than CGTrader, Cubebrush is the perfect option for you.

The platform offers 95% royalties from any sale you make when you share your store’s URL via social media or directly to buyers.

For sales generated on the platform, Cubebrush will pay you 70% of the profits, which is a far better deal than you will find on many other websites in the same market. Setting up a store on Cubebrush is pretty easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

Cubebrush supports multiple payment options including PayPal, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and most popular credit cards, which is more than CGTrader provides. This means you will have more opportunities to generate sales from customers all over the world.

While CGTrader is primarily focused on the sale of 3D models and digital assets, Cubebrush’s inventory extends beyond that. The platform also offers items like tools, applications, stock photos, CG tutorials, materials/substances, and 2D game assets.

12. MyMiniFactory

MyMiniFactory gives designers and creators a chance to become financially independent by selling their inventive 3D models to a community of buyers who appreciate the work that goes into making them.

Unlike CGTrader which pays creators 70%-80% of royalties from the sale of models, MyMiniFactory offers creators 92% of the royalties they generate from selling their 3D content on the platform.

There are so many cool features on MyMiniFactory that you won’t find on CGTrader and many other 3D model marketplaces.

For example, creators can use some of these features to fund innovative and sustainable businesses, receive pledges from the community, and create a subscription/rewards system for their fans/customers.

The website is an amazing resource for 3D printer owners who want the best 3D assets in the market. MyMiniFactory runs test prints on all the models listed on the platform to ensure that they are of the highest quality so you can rest assured that what you see is what you will get.

MyMiniFactory also provides guides and tutorials to enable creators to find better ways to monetize their talent and content without compromising on quality or personal values.

Whether you are a 3D scanner, creator, maker, designer, illustrator, storyteller, or painter, you can share your journey and extraordinary talent with a community of passionate professionals and hobbyists who get it.

13. 3Dmdb

Need a 3D model of a house, vehicle, aircraft, furniture, animals, electronics, plants, weapons, food, or some other object? 3Dmdb has a powerful database and search engine that provides access to over 9 million 3D assets curated from reputable shops and marketplaces.

The 3D models sourced from this platform can be printed or used for computer graphics projects like VFX, CAD, CG, animation, or game design. 3Dmdb gives you the option to buy or download any model of your choice via a direct link to the original sites and listings.

After obtaining the model you want, you can print them using a 3D printer or import them into C4D, Maya, Sketchup, Blender, Autodesk 3ds Max, or your favorite render engine.

There are a variety of filters and sorting parameters that you can use to narrow down search results and find 3D assets that are best suited to your needs.

You can filter by price range, popularity, relevance, and recent updates or even search for free 3D models if you can’t afford the paid options.

14. Hum3D

Hum3D has been around since 2005, boldly advancing its mission to help creative professionals get more done in less time by providing them with the best 3D assets to take their projects to the next level.

The platform has helped thousands of 3D artists in over 80 countries to access and create realistic 3D models for visualizations, movies, video games, augmented reality applications, and other use cases.

The main difference between Hum3D and CGTrader is that the models on the latter are designed and uploaded by independent artists. In contrast, Hum3D’s models are made by the company’s talented team of 3D artists.

All the assets published on Hum3D have been reviewed and verified by top 3D artists to ensure they comply with current professional 3D modeling standards.

The website has a diverse and robust collection of 3D assets that span categories like vehicles, weapons, architecture, electronics, animals, clothing, and more.

Hum3D supports over 23 file formats for downloading models, so you are sure to find something that works for you. Like many of its counterparts, Hum3D regularly organizes competitions for artists to showcase their 3D modeling prowess.

15. Blender Market

Blender Market is a trusted independent platform that empowers creators and artists to earn a decent living selling 3D model creations that they developed with Blender.

For those who want to save time by buying 3D content rather than making them, there are thousands of quality and unique 3D assets to be found on this marketplace.

Creators can earn up to 95% on every sale that they make on Blender Market, which is more than 15% higher than what CGTrader offers. If you love Blender and are passionate about supporting the Blender community, you can choose to donate a portion of your earnings to the Blender Development Fund.

Blender Market also provides marketing and communication tools for creators to easily collaborate with other creators or stay in touch with their customers and vice versa.

In addition to 3D models, you can find other objects that you need to transform your Blender renders such as scripts, effects, textures, materials, shaders, add-ons, compositing presets, and more.

Wrap Up

Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the amazing CGTrader alternatives out there, it’s full of great options that are worth exploring.

Each of these platforms has qualities that make them unique and relevant depending on your particular requirements. However, we have to give the best of the best title to MyMiniFactory because it offers a vast collection of first-rate 3D models to suit all kinds of budgets.

It also offers creators more freedom and support to ply their trade and build thriving businesses on the back of their creativity.

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