15 Best Placeit Alternatives (Free Included) 2024

Placeit is the go-to place if you need a design or video intro without having too much skill or putting too much time into the project.

At Placeit, you can get mockups, logos, videos, gaming content, customization, and even create your designs with the help of a useful web-based editor.

However, while Placeit is great, it might not fit everyone’s needs. And if you’re looking for an alternative that provides unique content, has a better editor, or integrates better features into the platform, one of these 15 Placeit alternatives below will most likely be a great fit for your needs.

Best Placeit Alternatives

1. Renderforest

Renderforest is a similar all-in-one platform to Placeit, yet it is highly focused on branding by providing high-quality designs.

You can create anything from videos, and mockups, to logos, or even websites. Being able to create a website in an online Renderforest editor from any device is a huge advantage over Placeit.

Any of these types of graphics also comes with pre-built templates that you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch. There are even video templates and Renderforest seems to provide quite a choice which is yet another small but important advantage over Placeit.

But most importantly, Renderforest is also ideal for creating and generating mockups that look very realistic. All you have to do is upload your file and you’ll be able to instantly see a lifelike mockup of your choice.

And when it comes down to websites, there are also templates that you can fully customize to get your ideas seen across the internet in a unique way, without any coding requirements.

However, one of the biggest Renderforest’s advantages is that they’re not only giving you the needed tools to get your graphics done, but they’re also helping you match all of them into your brand’s identity.

Renderforest is free for up to 300 MB of storage, but there are also 4 paid plans you can choose from to unlock all the features. For the latest Renderforest pricing, visit the official pricing page.

2. Smart Mockups

Finding a great platform to create unique mockups that will look good on any material isn’t easy. However, Smart Mockups is the second-best Placeit competitor when it comes down to mockup designs.

While Placeit features a wide range of mockups you can do, you might not be able to create 100% unique and stunning mockups in the web-based editor, as you would be able to on the Smart Mockups platform.

Smart Mockups also features a web-based editor, but it is a lot better than Placeit’s editor. Not only is Smart Mockup’s editor faster, but it’s also a bit more straightforward, so you won’t ever find yourself wondering how to get mockups generated, even from scratch.

Another Smart Mockup advantage in comparison to Placeit is the library of professional mockups that you can use to customize 100% to create unique yet professional-looking mockups.

On top of that, Smart Mockup’s library is constantly growing, so you won’t be recycling the same old templates everyone has used so far.

You can register for free and Smart Mockups even has some free templates you can use, but beware that there’s also a paid pricing plan.

For the latest Smart Mockup pricing, visit Smart Mockup’s official pricing page.

3. Canva

Logos make up a big part of Placeit’s platform, but Canva is the best Placeit alternative if you’re highly focused on creating the best logo design for your brand.

Canva is an all-in-one graphics platform where you can create much more than just a logo. More importantly, you can create your brand identity and use it across all types of visual designs.

Logo creation is very simple as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of professional vector templates. Combined with a highly efficient and simple-to-use editor, you get to fully customize a logo, make drafts, create a couple of different versions, and have all changes done in only seconds, thanks to the useful toolbar that comes integrated into the editor.

From there, you can use your brand identity (logo) on all sorts of designs, including social media posts, marketing material, educational material, or personal use.

Canva even helps you get some designs printed on actual objects, too, for a very affordable price.

Most importantly, Canva is free to use, which gives you access to a decent number of templates. But there’s also a paid pricing plan that unlocks all of Canva’s abilities.

If you decide to upgrade, visit the official Canva pricing plans.

4. InVideo

Placeit only has four different video categories you can create, while InVideo highly focuses on video material you can use for ads and commercial purposes.

With so many more templates, designs, and a highly efficient video editor, InVideo makes a perfect Placeit alternative if you’re interested in video content creation.

There are over 5000 professional templates, almost 10 million media from the world’s best stock platforms, and integration with the most well-known social media platforms.

You’ll also have additional features that are missing in Placeit, such as creating videos in over 70 different languages, having access to audio that can suit your videos, and a couple of other features.

While InVideo provides better support for video creation, it’s not free. For the latest InVideo pricing, visit the official pricing page.

5. Mockup Photos

If you are only interested in mock-up photos and yet you’re on a tight budget, Mockup Photos is a great Placeit alternative because it only provides free mock-up photos.

Mockup Photos doesn’t have a wide range of mockups you can choose from, but it still has a decent range of mockups handpicked by the Mockup Photos staff. There are about 36 different categories and about 5000+ mockups in total.

Categories are well organized since you can find available mock-ups according to the device, object type, or surroundings. This makes it ideal for business use, and while these mock-ups might cost you hundreds of dollars, you’ll be able to get them done for free.

While Mockup Photos is free, you will only have to make an account to download mock-ups in the high-quality resolution and format of your choice.

For most people, Mockup Photos will be more than enough and considering it’s free forever, it’s a great Placeit alternative for people on a budget who still want a professional mock-up.

6. DesignCap

If you like Placeit’s ability to create unique and professional logos, but you are on the tightest budget, DesignCap is a great free alternative.

DesignCap is a platform that allows you to not only make graphics design a lot easier with a sophisticated web-based designer, but it is also free for use.

Still, DesignCap comes with well-grouped and exclusive templates that you can choose from, fully customize, and export once you’re happy with the design to use it anywhere.

With the integrated designing tool, you can make infographics, presentations, charts, reports, flyers, social media posts, and almost any digital graphics you can think of.

DesignCap also has one simple yet meaningful advantage over Placeit, which is the elegant visual chart creation. You can upload your data and turn it into a visual presentation, even for commercial use.

All you have to do is sign up for free and get down to designing your next masterpiece. Another useful feature is the ability to keep all your designs in your account so you won’t ever lose them, even if something happens to your computer.

Also, creating a couple of different versions of the same design is done with the auto-save feature.

7. PicMonkey

Social media content is of big importance because your designs can determine if you’re attracting people and keeping their attention on your post or not.

PicMonkey is a great Placeit alternative because it solely focuses on social media content, helping you create brandable photos, graphics, and media that will represent your business.

This platform provides templates for flyers, Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnails, presentations, logos, invitations, and much more. Therefore, PicMonkey features more templates that are only aimed at social media graphics than Placeit.

On top of that, PicMonkey’s editor comes with effects that will improve your art, whereas Edge Sketch and Posterize are the two most famous features that will make your editing effortless.

However, you can take advantage of advanced tools such as Touch Up, Color Changer, or even a background remover, so you’ll always be able to express your creativity through PicMonkey.

What’s interesting enough is that PicMonkey also helps you set your brand colors and settings so you can quickly draft new media from any device.

You won’t ever have to start from scratch as there are almost 10,000 graphics, textures, and vectors, as well as hundreds of fonts, thousands of templates, and even stock photos and videos.

PicMonkey offers a free trial, and for the latest pricing plans, visit the official PicMonkey pricing page.

8. VistaCreate

VistaCreate, previously known as Crello, is a great platform that combines two things in one. It combines one of the largest graphics libraries (including templates) with a designer that helps you create your designs from scratch or by using templates.

The straightforward editor allows you to choose the type of design you’re looking for according to the social media post types. You get to choose between Instagram post, square video post, Facebook post, Instagram story, and even full HD video type.

VistaCreate is an ideal Placeit alternative if you’re strictly focusing on creating content for social media channels.

For each social media post type, 50,000 templates will help you get started. With the help of a sophisticated designer, you can fully customize any template and turn it into your unique vision and idea that will match your brand and your audience.

VistaCreate’s most significant advantage over Placeit is the feature that helps you design with your team and use popular features such as background removal or even the ability to animate anything or have access to audio files.

VistaCreate has a free and a paid plan. The free plan is probably more than enough for about 80% of the users, and if you’re interested in the paid pricing plan, visit the official VistaCreate pricing page for the latest pricing.

9. Snappa

If you are trying to get social media posts done professionally yet for the least money you can, Snappa is a great Placeit alternative because it offers a wide range of free templates you can use.

You will truly understand Snappa’s name only after learning how simple it is to create designs in a snap.

Snappa helps you decide on the perfect dimensions by having pre-existing dimensions set for all types of social media posts.

Upon selection, you will have access to a library full of pre-made templates that will make your job a lot easier. Every template is fully customizable so that you can match it to your website, social media page, branding, and business identity.

With hundreds of fonts, icons, vectors, and effects, you’ll be able to create designs in only minutes. Even removing the background won’t be an issue since it takes two clicks to remove a background in Snappa.

Even though Snappa is very similar to Placeit, its most significant advantage is scheduling posts on social media. You can schedule or share your graphics straight away from the Snappa dashboard whenever you finish a post.

You can get started with Snappa for free, but it also has a pricing plan. For the latest Snappa pricing, visit their official pricing page.

10. WDFlat

Creating streaming templates can be a struggle, and even Placeit doesn’t provide a wide range of stream templates you can use in your videos.

However, that’s why WDFlat is a great alternative since it offers free designs for streamers, twitch streaming packs, and stream templates that fit different industries. WDFlat focuses strictly on graphics for streamers, and that’s why it offers a huge range of stream templates you can use in your streams.

That’s WDFlat’s biggest advantage over Placeit, but it’s also the ability to create alerts, facecam designs, overlays, and even eSports logos.

This is something you can hardly find in Placeit, and even if you do, you might not have as many options to choose from.

The best thing yet is that WDFlat is 100% free, so you couldn’t choose a better Placeit alternative if you are looking for streaming graphics.

11. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a famous designing tool from Adobe, but it’s also an all-in-one designing tool, just like Placeit.

While you can design social media posts, flyers, videos, or even animations, Adobe Spark is ideal for creating T-shirt designs.

In comparison with Placeit, Adobe Spark provides more remixable templates, which means they’re made up to the professional standard, and you can still customize them by replacing elements and objects to your liking.

For this, you won’t need any technical experience as designing is made simple and the whole job can be done in only a couple of steps.

Also, Adobe Spark seems to add more editing features into the already simplified editor, such as a conversion tool to switch between formats, a merging tool for videos, and resizing tools for both images and videos. On top of that, Spark comes as a smartphone app, too, so you can make edits on the go.

You can try out Adobe Spark for free, another advantage, or choose between individual or team pricing plans. For the latest Adobe Spark pricing, visit the official pricing page.

12. Stencil

Stencil is a great alternative as it’s considered a Placeit crossover that highly focuses on social graphics and designs that can be used even for T-shirt printing.

This platform’s strengths include a great web editor that’s well combined with over five million stock photos, over a thousand templates, and it even features quotes, Google web fonts, over three million icons & elements, and even hundreds of presets.

Therefore, Stencil’s biggest advantage over Placeit is its versatility. You can upload your fonts, upload your graphics or logos, and even export all your work to use for any purpose you wish.

Its great strength is the compatibility since you can use Stencil in any browser, add it as an extension, or even add it as a WordPress plugin to your website, which makes it ideal for everyone running a print-on-demand online store.

You can get to know Stencil for free, or you can upgrade to one of two pricing plans that are very affordable in comparison to Placeit. For the latest Stencil pricing, visit the official Stencil pricing page.

13. FotoJet

If you’re looking for simplicity, FotoJet is one of the simplest Placeit alternatives because you can take advantage of it without even having to register upfront.

This way, you’ll be able to test out FotoJet and witness first-hand how capable this platform is.

FotoJet can serve as a photo and graphics editor, or it can be an all-in-one platform where you can take advantage of rich templates inside the powerful editor to make high-quality graphics with ease.

On this platform, you can make anything from collages, social media graphics, posters, cards, invitations, and anything that you would like to keep in a digital format or even print.

You can add text to your graphics, enhance photos with effects, use a resizing and cropping tool, or add various filters and effects in the editor.

What’s also great about FotoJet is that they have an educational blog where you can learn more about what goes on behind the scenes when creating professionally appealing graphics for any purpose, so you can learn quickly and try new tips in the easy-to-use editor.

You can try FotoJet for free (a seven-day trial) without even making an account, but after the trial ends, you will be able to choose one of the pricing plans. For the latest FotoJet pricing, visit their official pricing page.

14. Video Bolt

The great thing about Placeit is that it provides video templates and videos you can use, but it doesn’t come with a video editor that you can use to create videos.

That’s why Video Bolt is an excellent alternative for everyone who is looking to focus on video content creation since it comes with an extensive video maker that allows you to choose a video type, industry, and even the vibe to create a video from scratch, with the help of templates.

There are over 1500 video templates, and yet you can further customize each template to fit it to your brand’s identity and needs.

When you create the videos, you can either download them or publish them directly on the social media channel of your choosing.

What’s even better yet is that you get to create videos on any device, don’t have to worry about licensing, stock footage, or images, and you can use custom fonts with any video template.

You can try Video Bolt for free, but there are also three paid plans you can choose from. For the latest pricing, visit the official Video Bolt pricing page.

15. DesignEvo

Suppose you’re solely focusing on creating the next best logo. In that case, DesignEvo is an ideal Placeit alternative because it provides a much better logo editor with many more options such as logo templates, fonts and icons, full customization, and vector files.

You even get to save your work in the cloud and access it from any device, as long as you are connected to the internet.

On top of that, you can browse and use any template from over 10,000 templates for free without even downloading any tools.

DesignEvo also provides educational content that helps you learn what it takes to create a professional logo for any purpose.

Therefore, you will save money, but you’ll also get a lot more choice, versatility, and sophisticated logo creator.


Renderforest is the best Placeit alternative because it provides a lot more versatility and has similar features to Placeit. It also highly focuses on mockups and designs that can be used for the commercial purposes of a brand.

You can even create a whole new website in their online editor from any device, which is just one of many advantages worth considering in this Placeit alternative.

Also, Renderofrest has a free-forever plan that is a bit limited but can be more than enough for most users, so that’s something you should keep in mind!

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