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11 Best CoinTracking Alternatives 2022

CoinTracking is a crypto portfolio tracker that analyzes the trades and offers real-time reports on profit and loss. CoinTracking helps you know the value of your coin and tax reports.

The platform boasts over one million users with 13 years of historical data and features multiple payment options, including a BTC discount and 50 altcoins.

It’s a favorite to newbies and experts in digital currency trading, thanks to its rich features and dedicated team that provides timely reconciliation and tax expert reviews.

While good things can be said about CoinTracking, some users still complain about CoinTracking’s limited integrations, where users are forced to make manual adjustments, even with API.

CoinTracking offers limited imports and has rules for every tier. If you are on a free plan, you are capped at two manual blockchain imports and limited CSV imports. It also has a brief transaction lifetime, so you need to keep upgrading your plan as you near your transaction cap.

Luckily, you have some good alternatives to CoinTracking that you can consider. I have listed a few of them below.

Let’s find out more.

Best CoinTracking Alternatives

1. Ledgible

Ledgible is an excellent alternative to CoinTracking. The cryptocurrency accounting and tax solution has been created with professionals in mind.

Legible is popularly used by financial institutions, accounting firms, and corporations for crypto accounting, auditing of billions of dollars of crypto assets, and crypto tax.

It is one of the most reliable platforms for determining crypto liabilities and has all the tools you need to make crypto data legible.

While CoinTracking offers limited integrations, Ledgible has a Crypto Tax Pro Platform that allows you to integrate Crypto into your tax workflow and help you manage your crypto returns easily.

Ledgible’s Integrated Crypto Tax tools include an advanced client portal to connect to new and existing clients and enterprise-grade security for you and your customers.

It also cuts across clear progress indicators to track the progress of processes and advanced reporting that integrates with your current systems to generate necessary forms such as IRS Form 8949.

Ledgible has a simple design that is easy to navigate and is currently the only blockchain accounting tool with certified integrations for accounting. It is feature-rich with a variety of supported exchanges.

However, as a rising star in the crypto world, Ledgible has a lot to prove. While it seems to be doing pretty well, it might not be best for everyone since it targets professionals, and individual investors might feel as if they are overpaying for the platform.

Generally, Ledgible is worth trying as it is safe and trustworthy.

It offers simple pricing plans for maximum value. The platform provides clear upfront pricing structures in two categories: Professional and Consumer Tax starting from $49.00 for Tax Professionals and Enterprise accounting with custom pricing for consumers.

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2. Accointing

Accointing is an all-in-one solution for tracking your crypto portfolio and filing your taxes. It is a CoinTracking-like platform loved by thousands of crypto investors worldwide.

This platform is known for its ability to transform how investors handle their crypto taxes by offering relevant information and insights about their portfolios.

Accointing is an intuitive platform that gives you a market overview and helps you track coins in your wishlist. With a few clicks, you can set alerts, analyze your portfolio in real-time, file your crypto taxes, and track your performance and transactions.

Regarding integration, Accointing is ahead of CoinTracking, as the platform has implemented more than 300 integrations to help you calculate your losses and gains. The platform lets you analyze your performance and dive deeper into your transaction history across the crypto world.

With Accointing, you can explore the crypto market and its influence through setting up alerts, researching trending tokens, and sharing curated and personalized token lists on Twitter.

Professionals and crypto enthusiasts can leverage Accointing to meet their crypto management needs. You’ll love the insightful dashboard available in mobile and desktop versions. Its intuitive interface makes it ideal for novice and pro-crypto enthusiasts.

The platform supports over 7,500 currencies and allows you to print unlimited reports. Overall, Accointing qualifies to be one of the best solutions for streamlining your crypto tax filing process.

It lets you file your crypto taxes with peace of mind through its four friendly packages that feature portfolio tracking, token gains performance, crypto market charts, and social portfolio sharing, among others.

File up to 25 transactions with Accointing’s Starter package for free or enjoy 500 transactions on the Hobbyist package for $79 per year.

Other packages include the Trader package at $199 per year, which lets you file up to 5,000 transactions, and the Pro package for 50,000 transactions at $299 per year.

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3. Moonitor

If you are looking for a real-time platform that gives you a clear overview of your cryptocurrency assets, then you should consider Moonitor. It is a fully private portfolio that lets you track cryptocurrency on your desktop.

The platform offers you an overview of all your crypto assets in one sleek place, and the tool is supported on Windows 10, macOS, and Linux. Mooniter provides precise information on the current market value for each trading pair.

Moonitor offers over 2,200 trading pairs across trusted exchanges. Using its quick-search bar, you can browse through Binance, Kraken, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, Huobi, FTX, and Bittrex to find the markets you want.

What makes Moonitor stand out against CoinTracking is its endless color combinations that add a punch to your portfolio to look good when sharing the Moonitor landing screenshot.

The platform updates automatically and in real-time, so don’t have to worry about refreshing pages when tracking the progress of your cryptocurrencies.

You can start your Moonitor experience with their demo version for free, which allows you to track up to four markets and conduct two transactions per market, but the version has limited settings.

You can upgrade to its full version with a monthly subscription of $38. The full version gives you access to unlimited pairs and markets, unlimited transactions, access to all settings, chart configuration, and color customization, among others.

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4. Altrady

Altrady is a robust platform similar to CoinTracking with essential features that allow investors and traders to connect their cryptocurrency exchange accounts to experience convenient selling and buying of altcoins and bitcoins in a single platform.

Its base scanner uses a unique algorithm to give automatic market analysis, while its trade automation feature plays a significant role in increasing the number of trades you can do. All you need to do is set up your entry and exit settings and leave the rest to the system.

Since the platform allows you to buy and sell on multiple exchanges, it can be beneficial if you are looking to diversify your portfolio quickly. In addition, it offers various customization tools that you can use to personalize your trading platform.

Unlike CoinTracking, Altrady can be overwhelming to novice investors, but on the brighter side, the platform is rich in educational resources and instruction videos to shorten your learning curve.

Altrady is best for crypto enthusiasts with previous trading experience interested in a single platform to manage all their investments. It is also best for crypto traders who value cross-platform syncing and can invest from their desktops.

You’ll love its journaling and hotkeys features that allow you to make notes on your trades and progress. Altrady’s comprehensive mobile downloads are available for Android and iOS devices with the same functionality as the desktop version.

Altrady offers plans and prices to boost your crypto trading and get less emotional. Altrady supports the global trading community, and now you can enjoy a 30% discount on their annual plan.

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5. BitGo

BitGo is one of the market leaders in managing cryptocurrency assets, providing its customers with security, compliance, liquidity, and custodial solutions.

What sets BitGo ahead of CoinTracking is its multi-signature hot wallet, which was introduced in 2013 for institutional crypto investors.

To date, BitGo is one of the leading processors of on-chain cryptocurrency transactions supporting over 100 coins and tokens worth over two billion in assets.

BitGo securely integrates digital assets into your portfolio with its wallet platform. Its wallet security is flexible and is well designed to meet your needs. BitGo works on Android, iOS, or web-based blockchain technology.

This platform features a modern and easy-to-use user interface and is best for crypto investors who regularly trade Bitcoins.

The only drawback to BitGo is that transferring Bitcoins is based on multi-signature technology, meaning peers on the ledger must verify every transaction, which slows down the entire process.

In addition, it would be best if the platform used other cryptocurrencies, not only Bitcoin. Overall, BitGo is one of the safest and most secure wallets for trading Bitcoins.

BitGo uses the Volume Discount Pricing methodology for hot wallet customers. For instance, if you have two tiers, $0-$1,000,000 at 25bps and $1,000,000,000 and more at 20 bps, your BTC from 0 to one million will be billed at 25 bps, so you’d pay $2,500 for it.

If you did an ETH send of $100, you’d still be billed at the 25 bps.

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6. FTX

FTX is one of the fastest and easiest ways to buy cryptocurrencies. It is also one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, ideal for active traders, thanks to its competitive fees.

It features a great collection of NFTs and stocks, meaning you can keep all your investments in one secure place. With FTX, you can trade anywhere and at any time. Download FTX Pro on your mobile and get all its power within your hands.

If you have been trading cryptocurrency for a while now, you understand how security is vital for every transaction you make. FTX offers various advanced features, such as futures trading and margin trading, which can be appealing to sophisticated crypto traders who can handle the risk.

FTX has more features than CoinTracking, and these unique features include access to markets such as leveraged tokens, volatility, stocks, and forex.

While FTX seems like an excellent crypto trading platform, its main downside is that residents of the United States cannot use it based on its strict regulations. However, a separate exchange called FTX US is available for Americans, though it has limited crypto offerings.

Traders build FTX US for traders, and the platform allows you to trade various digital assets, including Etherium, Bitcoin, Solana, and Dogecoin. You can get started with FTX within minutes in three simple steps and get to enjoy a free coin with every trade over $10.

Discover FTX US’s tiered fee structure for all spot markets. The platform features friendly trading fees – FTX’s highest fee amount is 0.20%.

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7. GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto is one trading platform that makes your experience less complicated. GoodCrypto connects all your exchange accounts via API to one intuitive app available for iOS, Android, and web-based browsers.

The tool gives you a complete overview of your trading positions and is fully integrated with your favorite crypto exchanges.

With GoodCrypto, you get a chance to find great trading opportunities using live order books, cross-exchange price comparisons in real-time, and advanced charting.

GoodCrypto instantly notifies you when your target price is reached, your order is executed, or when the token is listed on Coinbase Pro.

It has better security features than CoinTracking. The platform strives to offer best-in-class security and trade protection for safe trading.

It features industrial-grade and proactive threat detection heuristics, ensuring your data security and API keys are well protected. Its finger protection feature notifies you whenever the system suspects you are about to make an erroneous trade.

Get market data in real-time featuring over 1,500 live cryptocurrency prices, the latest news, and everything you need for smart trades.

No matter the exchange you trade, you can always expect the same advanced orders, so it could help if you had better control over your trading positions.

GoodCrypto does not charge trading fees. However, the platform has commission-sharing agreements with various exchanges, so part of the fees you pay for the exchange comes back to GoodCrypto as a rebate.

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8. Delta Investment Tracker

Delta Investment Tracker is one of the best crypto portfolio management apps that track all your investments and makes smart moves only. It is another substitute to CoinTracking that offers the most accurate information to help you make the most out of your investment.

This multi-asset tracking app, that’s similar to CoinTracking, enables you to manage various portfolios and track live performances using multiple powerful tools and charts.

With Delta Investment Tracker, you can get live access to price movements for all popular stocks, cryptocurrencies, mutual funds, ETFs, futures, bonds, indices, and options.

Delta Investment Tracker is ahead of CoinTracking with its ability to link investors. Using Delta Direct, the platform is setting up a direct line between companies and their potential investors, where companies will also receive relation updates on the fly through Delta Seamless.

In addition, Delta is proactive in providing fast and continuous updates and adding new features as guided by top user requests. It supports over 300 exchanges worldwide in addition to leading indices and commodities.

Get access to all your portfolio analytics modules and valuable insight into your trading with Data Investment Tracker’s new Pro exclusive packages for your iPad. Get Delta Pro for $8.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Please note that these prices vary based on your country.

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9. Crypto Pro

Crypto Pro is an all-in-one crypto tracking app that lets you view the latest prices, set price alerts, monitor your portfolio, and read the latest crypto news.

With Crypto Pro, your privacy comes first. The platform does not process, store, or analyze your trading data or portfolio.

You can automatically import your trades and portfolios from some of the exchanges you use, and you should never worry about tracking your small and micro caps again.

Crypto Pro lets you view market statistics, crypto prices, and interactive charts in real time. You can create a custom watch list for your best cryptocurrencies, fiat, and precious metals. You can track your portfolio manually or connect your wallets and exchanges to sync.

You’ll prefer Crypto Pro to CoinTracking with its syncing capabilities across devices. You can get the Crypto Pro app on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch, then seamlessly sync your crypto data across your devices through iCloud.

This tool allows you to set customizable price alerts on specific exchanges and get notified whenever there is an increase in price, trading activity, or volume.

Crypto Pro is a free cryptocurrency and Bitcoin tracker. However, the app charges $47.99 annually for advanced users, with a free seven-day trial.

The subscription renews automatically unless you turn it off from your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the current period elapses.

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10. Coinpanda

Coinpanda is the easiest way to calculate your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency taxes. It is one of the world’s most reliable and easy-to-use tax solutions for cryptocurrencies. Coinpanda is available in over 65 countries and lets you file your crypto tax in less than 20 minutes.

Its support team boasts over five years of experience dealing with crypto taxes, and the team promises to answer all your questions. It boasts over 40,000 happy customers, with over 500 wallets and exchanges.

This platform helps you maximize your profits while minimizing your taxes. With Coinpanda, you can import your transactions and download your tax reports with a single click. It supports all popular wallets and exchanges, including Defi, NFTs, and staking.

Coinpanda is built for severe crypto traders and investors and helps you gain insight into your trades. Learn how to optimize your profits through Coinpanda’s dashboard, portfolio insights, and profit and loss graphs.

It does a better job with integrations than CoinTracking. The platform directly integrates with over 500 exchanges, blockchains, and wallets.

The platform allows you to import all your historical transactions using CSV files and API keys. You can also export your complete capital gains report in PDF to see each gain and loss for each cryptocurrency you own.

Coinpanda features four pricing solutions. Start your Coinpanda experience with their free plan that supports up to 25 transactions for unlimited exchanges, all tax reports, and email support.

If you are looking into more dealings, upgrade to the Hodler package for $49 per tax year for 100 transactions or the Trader package at $99 per tax year for 1,000 transactions.

Another plan is Coinpanda Pro which supports over 3,000 transactions, unlimited exchanges, live chat support, and custom imports at $189 per tax year.

11. Crypto Tax Calculator

Crypto Tax Calculator is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency manager that can sort out your tax nightmare in a bit. The platform saves you the stress of using Excel sheets and integrates with major local and international exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and Bitfinex.

You can easily upload your transaction history to the platform using custom CSV or API parsers for various blockchains, wallets, and exchanges.

Regarding integration, Crypto Tax Calculator seems to be doing way better than CoinTracking as it supports over 500 integrations, over 100,000 users, and over 150 million transactions.

This platform provides powerful and accurate tax reports and easy-to-understand calculations and is trusted by accountants who value detailed and accurate financial reports. Crypto Tax eases the pain of filing your crypto tax in three simple steps.

Crypto Tax Calculator offers various pricing plans that cover every form of crypto transaction and provides downloadable reports for financial years with yearly subscriptions.

Start with the Rookie plan that supports 100 transactions at $49 per year or Hobbyist at $99 per year for 1,000 transactions. Other plans include Investor at $189 per year for 10,000 transactions and Trader at $299 per year for 100,000 transactions.

Final Words

Finally, you have a list of 11 excellent crypto accounting tax solutions. All these tools have their advantages and you won’t go wrong with choosing any of them.

If you are a bit more specific about looking for a solution for your business, I suggest you settle with Ledgible.

Ledgible will take care of your crypto accounting needs, help you audit crypto assets on a large scale, and take care of your crypto tax. It is one of the most reliable platforms for determining crypto liabilities and has all the tools you need to make crypto data legible.