19 Best DrawKit Alternatives 2024

DrawKit is a website where you can find free vector illustrations for your designs, artwork, and landing pages. The illustrations are organized into many packs, each one focusing on a different theme.

Some themes evolve around business, such as eCommerce or SEO, while others focus more on everyday life, such as family or mental health.

While the large majority of packs are free, some packs are not. However, you don’t need to subscribe to a monthly fee to access them; instead, you pay for each premium pack separately.

While DrawKit is a pretty cool site, some people find themselves needing a larger selection of vector illustrations, with more variety.

Also, DrawKit includes primarily vector illustrations and not as many icons. There are icons and photos as well, but most packs have only or mostly vector illustrations.

Whether you have been looking for a DrawKit alternative for those reasons or any other reason, continue reading. Today, I will explore 19 superb DrawKit alternatives for free and premium vector icons and illustrations for your next project.

19 Best DrawKit Alternatives

1. Pixabay Vectors

For vector illustrations, Pixabay is the best place to go. There are over 110,000 free vector illustrations for you to use.

All of those illustrations are available for commercial use under the free Pixabay license. That means you don’t even need to provide attribution or credit!

There is no need to create an account at Pixabay to download illustrations as PNG files. But, you do need to create a free account to download them as SVG icons (you will have the option to choose a format when downloading an image).

While Pixabay is free, you can support your favorite artists on Pixabay by donating some “coffee money” when you download an image or icon.

Pixabay, unlike DrawKit, also boasts one of the largest selections of free public domain images on the web. So, if you need regular images in addition to vector art, it’s a great website to bookmark and come back to.

All images also fall under the Pixabay license, so you can use them commercially without attribution.

Finally, there are also free videos and audio tracks you can download.

Pixabay is an extremely popular site and many people use it, and artists are uploading new illustrations all the time.

When using Pixabay, make sure to filter for vector graphics during your search.

2. unDraw

Another impressive DrawKit alternative is unDraw. Like DrawKit, its graphics come with a truly open license.

You can use them however you want, even for commercial purposes, without the need to provide attribution. However, you can’t redistribute them or create third-party integrations for unDraw.

Everything on unDraw is free — and that means everything, unlike DrawKit, which makes you pay for some packs. The illustrations on unDraw aren’t divided into packs, but you can use the search bar to find a specific illustration.

It’s hard to say which site has more vector illustrations overall, but there are some other differences that make unDraw easier to use than DrawKit. One thing I liked was that you can download each individual illustration, one by one, straight from the main page, without giving away your email address.

On DrawKit, on the other hand, downloading illustrations isn’t as easy. You first need to view the pack, enter a desired donation (and enter $0 if you want to download one of the free packs without paying), and then enter your email address.

Finally, you can easily change the color palette of the illustrations on unDraw before downloading them. As you can see in the screenshot, there is no limit to how many shades of popular colors you can select.

I would have put unDraw as the #1 DrawKit alternative, but it doesn’t have that much variety in terms of illustration style. That can be a good thing, such as if you want to maintain consistency across all your landing pages.

However, if you want to switch up your style across different projects or for different clients, unDraw won’t be as good of an option.

New illustrations are always being added to unDraw.

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3. Flaticon

An awesome alternative to DrawKit is Flaticon. It’s one of the most popular free vector websites, and it also offers a wide range of stickers.

There are millions of icons and illustrations on Flaticon (more than what you’ll find on DrawKit), and many of them are free to use. You can filter for free images in the search results; you can also filter for colorful icons and stickers as opposed to black and white ones.

It has a cool little tool called Pattern, which you can use to create patterns against a custom background with icons and emojis.

Flaticon is part of the Freepik Company, which maintains a network of sites with free vector icons, illustrations, slide templates, and images. It integrates with Google Workspace, so you can insert and edit Flaticon icons straight from Google Docs or Google Sheets.

The downside of Flaticon is that the free icons and stickers require attribution. That is why I did not include it as the #1 DrawKit alternative — if you’re using it for business, you probably want to avoid adding attribution when possible.

Explore some of the best alternatives to Flaticon.

4. Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a wonderful site with almost 8,000 icons for your social media profiles, website, and landing pages. These pixel-perfect icons look great on any device and span over 70 categories, so you can find an icon for any purpose.

You can use the Font Awesome design tool to customize those icons. You can change the colors, make them bigger or smaller, rotate or flip them, and more.

Font Awesome’s DuoTone icons are black and white by default, but they can quickly be changed to other predetermined color palette combinations, such as yellow and red. However, you’ll need Font Awesome Pro for the Duotone icons.

There is a free plan on Font Awesome, which gives you access to over 1,500 icons. With Font Awesome Pro, you get access to all icons in the library, as well as the ability to upload your own icons and create your own library.

Right now, Font Awesome Pro costs $99/year, but check the pricing page for updated pricing information.

The cool thing about Font Awesome, which might cause you to prefer it over DrawKit, is that it provides icon fonts.

Icon fonts are fonts, except that they contain images instead of text — but you can still style them with CSS.

5. Fontello

Another nice place to go instead of DrawKit for icon fonts is Fontello. Again, you can edit these icons with CSS, giving you a lot of flexibility and control over their styling.

Another thing I liked about Fontello is that you can change the size of the icons using the slider at the top of the page before downloading them. Also, you don’t need an account to download icons, and you can select multiple icons and download them all at once in a zip file.

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6. Vector.me

If you need a more varied selection than what DrawKit has, check out Vector.me; it has almost 80,000 free vectors obtainable for usage in your projects and designs.

Vector.me doesn’t set license terms itself. Instead, each graphic will have a license as set by its designer, so check it first to see if you can use the vector in your commercial projects.

Available download formats are AI, SVG, EPS, and CDR. Use keywords to find a graphic that suits your needs.

7. VectorStock

VectorStock has over 27 million vector graphics in its library. That’s terrific, especially considering that almost one million of them are entirely free to use — it’s a great place to discover vectors you can’t find on DrawKit.

So, why isn’t VectorStock earlier on this list? For one, it doesn’t let you use the free vector images for anything other than evaluation or personal use (so, not for commercial use).

You can purchase a premium license, however, and the good part is that it is not expensive. Prices start at just $0.69 per vector image, but you do have to purchase a minimum number of credits every month to qualify for the reduced rates.

Always check out the pricing page for updated pricing.

Right now, there are around 921,000 vectors available for free on VectorStock, but that number can always change.

8. IcoMoon

IcoMoon features over 5,500 icon vectors, all of them free. You can either go to the IcoMoon web app, where you can obtain those free 5,500+ icons, or you can download entire premium packs at once.

There are over 4,000 additional icons in the IcoMoon premium packs. Some packs include some free icons as well.

If you require simple icons as opposed to more complex vector illustrations, IcoMoon is the place to go. DrawKit has a lot of illustrations, but not nearly as many icons.

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9. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is pretty famous, but I didn’t like how only black and white icons were available for free. Nevertheless, like DrawKit, it features packs of icons for different themes and purposes.

Also, it integrates with common tools, something that you won’t get with DrawKit. So, it’s a splendid alternative to DrawKit if you need to work on icons using tools like:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Sketch
  • And many others

Notwithstanding that, I feel like it’s necessary to point out that those integrations come with a cost. While you can use them for free, you will be limited to 100 basic vectors.

On the flip side, the entire regular library (just not when using integrations) is available for free, with a whopping three million vectors available.

All of them are free, unlike on DrawKit, but there are some usage limitations (as mentioned, you can’t change the color for free).

Also, unlike DrawKit, The Noun Project offers a very nice array of images for free usage. Again, there are some limitations here — for example, free users can only download images in .2 MP resolution.

Even though The Noun Project has such a tremendous selection of vector icons for free, you must provide attribution when using them. For that reason, I did not include it earlier on this list.

10. Vecteezy

Vecteezy has a gigantic library of vector illustrations However, not all the vector illustrations on the site are free to use, so make sure to filter for those that come with a free license.

While the assortment on Vecteezy is perfect, the free vectors do require attribution. You can pay extra to remove the attribution requirement.

Nevertheless, you may find a more varied assortment of vector illustrations on a particular topic on Vecteezy than on DrawKit. Also, on Vecteezy, you can find images and videos as well.

11. FreeVector.com

FreeVector.com has a good selection of free vector illustrations.

While it is not as big as some of the other DrawKit alternatives I mention here, you’ll still be able to find dozens or hundreds of illustrations on most topics. It’s a great supplement and alternative to DrawKit.

You do need to add attribution when using art from FreeVector, and you can only use them for free for personal projects, not for commercial purposes.

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12. Vector4Free

Another interesting DrawKit alternative is Vector4Free. The selection is pretty small, but it seems less known than DrawKit, so maybe you’ll find vectors that not as many people are using.

However, you can only use them for personal projects for free, and you must provide attribution.

13. Findicons

If you need icons, you can use Findicons instead of DrawKit. It has over 500,000 icons — that’s pretty impressive! It’s a lot more than what DrawKit has.

While some icons are organized into packs, you can also use the search bar to find individual icons.

For example, there is a world flag icon pack, with over 250 flags from countries, territories, and regions around the world.

Licenses are set by individual authors. All the icons on Findicons are free for personal use, but not all are free for commercial use, and some authors require attribution.

Findicons also has a nifty little file converter tool. You can upload any graphic and convert it into a PNG, JPG, PSD, SVG, EPS, or ICO file format.

14. Iconmonstr

If you need icons, and you aren’t satisfied with the assortment of icons available on DrawKit, check out Iconmonstr. It has over 4,500 free icons, divided into over 300 different packs for your convenience.

Those packs, or collections, focus on different themes, such as:

  • Food
  • Business
  • Maps & Navigation
  • Amazon
  • Airport
  • And many more

Unlike many other DrawKit alternatives on this list, Iconmonstr lets you use its icons for commercial use without any attribution whatsoever. You can use them on your website, in your email newsletters, and even for your advertisements or magazine articles.

There are some restrictions, however — for example, you can not sell or redistribute the icons or use them for your business logo.

In addition to the thousands of free regular icons, there are a few hundred font icons as well.

If you don’t see an icon you want on Iconmonstr, you can suggest that it be added. There’s no guarantee that will happen (it probably depends on the team’s availability and how many people suggested each icon), but it doesn’t hurt to try.

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15. Adobe Stock

One problem with free vector graphic libraries like DrawKit is that they can be overused. Because they are free, everyone flocks to use them.

That is especially true for libraries that come with a truly open license and allow people to use the graphics for commercial use without any attribution.

While that is fantastic, it also means that the more well-known a site is, the harder it is to find unique graphics on that site that will allow you to truly stand out. Chances are that other people are using those graphics as well.

As they say, you get what you pay for.

An alternative worth considering is Adobe Stock. The premium photos on Adobe Stock aren’t free — but you can get your first month for free, and that includes 10 premium vector graphics.

Also, instead of signing up for a monthly plan, you can buy credit packs to download premium images. That’s a good option if you need to download graphics less frequently and can’t justify paying a monthly subscription for that.

If you’d still like to stick with free libraries, that’s possible as well. Adobe Stock has a fair selection of free vector graphics.

You’ll need to search for free images and then sort for vectors. I found a few hundred free vector graphics when I searched for “dog.”

16. Brands Of The World

Brands Of The World is an interesting site — it contains a library of vector logos from established brands. You can download them for use in your projects.

For example, if you are referencing a brand and want to include its logo, you may be able to find it on Brands of the World. You won’t get them on DrawKit, that’s for sure.

However, do be careful — these logos might not be the exact official brand graphics. Someone random employee from the company might have uploaded it, so it might be a bit different; also, some logos might be outdated.

17. Icons8

Icons8, also known as Ouch Illustrations, provides free PNG and SVG (vector) illustrations from top Dribbble artists.

It’s easy to find the exact illustration you want by browsing the different “styles” or curated sets. If there’s a theme DrawKit doesn’t have a pack for, Icons8 might.

You can also browse by category. Some categories available include:

  • Health Care
  • Animals
  • Holidays
  • Education
  • And many more

While Icons8 is free to use, you can only download illustrations in limited formats and in a lower resolution on the free plan. Also, you will need to provide attribution in the form of a link back to Icons8 whenever you use a graphic for free.

Check out the pricing page to see more information about plans and restrictions.

Explore more tools similar to Icons8.

18. Absurd Design

Most of the illustrations on DrawKit are pretty standard. While they’re great, you can get a somewhat more unique flair by using illustrations and vector art from Absurd Design.

The designs on Absurd Design are purposely meant to be weird, surreal, and absurd. However, they do make you stop and think, and they’re bound to catch people’s attention and make them think too.

The illustrations on Absurd Design are released in different chapters, with new chapters planned to be released in the future.

While you can use Absurd Design for free, keep in mind that you will need to provide attribution and can only download images in a PNG format. If you want to download them in a vector format, you’ll need to pay.

19. Humaaans

Want to create illustrations and scenes involving people for your mobile app, white paper, website, landing pages, email newsletters, or something else? Humaaans is one of the best DrawKit alternatives for mixing and matching human vector illustrations.

While DrawKit has illustrations of people as well, Humaaans lets you mix and match different clothes, hairstyles, poses, facial expressions, and more to create unique scenes.

Humaaans is entirely free to use, and you can download the entire design library or edit it in Blush.

Humaaans is the creation of Pablo Stanley, who also created similar sites that are also excellent alternatives to DrawKit (he’s also a cofounder of Blush). For example, Bottts is pretty much like Humaaans, except that it deals with vector illustrations of robots instead of humans.

Another useful site is Open Doodles, which is a collection of free sketches you can use instead of DrawKit or alongside DrawKit illustrations.

Wrapping It Up: What Is The Best DrawKit Alternative?

As you can see, there are many superb DrawKit alternatives where you can find free vector art — there’s a lot more I didn’t get a chance to cover.

However, the best DrawKit alternative for vector illustrations is Pixabay. You can find over 100,000 free vector illustrations, and you don’t need to add attribution, even when using them for commercial purposes.

A close runner-up is unDraw, and I’d suggest you use it together with Pixabay. unDraw also allows you to download and use all of its vector illustrations for commercial purposes without providing attribution, and all of its illustrations are free, unlike DrawKit.

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