14 Best Landing Page Creator Software Reviews : In-Depth & Brutally Honest Review 2024

The hardest part about online marketing is making conversions – the point when the user or visitor makes the active decision to make a purchase. After all, this is where the money finally changes hands.

But there are a number of obstacles in the way of this step. Buyer’s remorse can creep in, real-life distractions can pop up, or users could hit an unexpected error.

Essentially, there are an infinite number of things working against you making the final sale.

One of the most compelling ways to combat these obstacles is with an effective landing page. A landing page is any page within your site that converts visitors. This can be for a sale, a sign-up, or any other action.

The point is the landing page should encourage them to take action.

A landing page can be your home page or exist anywhere else within your site. But the important part is that it can be found organically through online searches. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) an integral part of any landing page.

It also means that testing and measurement will be imperative if you want to succeed.

Usually, the landing page will be the first thing people see when they visit your site. But it could also function as a standalone feature in the event of a sale, for example.

Landing page software first hit the internet in 2011 to help people build front-end website components more quickly and easily. It meant that we no longer needed coding or design knowledge to make impactful websites.

This was a boon for online marketers, who quickly realized the tool could be used to great effect and help boost sales.

Here again, the importance of testing and measurement come into play: with just a few tweeks, it becomes possible for any programming layman to make a powerful landing page and bolster their conversion rate.

Again, this points to the success of effective SEO use within your landing page.

So, with all of that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best options out there:

Best Landing Page Creator Software

1. Instapage

When breaking down the price point against the features offered, Instapage stands at the front of the crowd. The base price is $149 per month for annual billing, which may seem like a lot until you consider that it comes with 30,000 unique visitors.

The deep catalog of top-end templates offers plenty of options. Its user-friendly interface makes creating landing pages quickly an easy task, while its collaboration tools make this ideal for online marketers who prefer to work as part of a team.

Teams can add feedback and contribute to drafts in order to speed up communication and make the most effective landing page ready that much quicker.

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Instapage has top of the line customer service, which can help troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

Additionally, Instapage also offers a number of analytics tools, testing options, and form generating tools, making it the clear frontrunner when it comes to landing page building software.

2. Leadpages

One of Leadpages biggest selling points is its price, starting at $37 a month when billed annually for unlimited visitors. At its most basic level, the service includes more than 220 templates, unlimited landing pages, and unlimited traffic ad leads.

It also includes an unlimited number of pop-up forms to help you retain customers and ultimately turn those into conversions or generate more leads.

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Users also frequently praise Leadpages’ ability to integrate with Facebook. With its Facebook Ad Builder tool, marketers are able to build ads that directly reflect their landing page’s content, cutting down on any confusion or disparity between your ads and what you have in stock.

3. Unbounce

Unbounce’s biggest drawback is its cost at $81 per month when billed annually for unlimited landing pages. But it largely makes up for that fact with the features it offers.

Apart from the unlimited landing pages, you also get unlimited pop-up ads and stick bars, for example. It also offers templates or fully customizable options for anyone brave or creative enough to build their own pages from scratch.

What sets Unbounce apart though is its A/B testing tools. The tools allow you to create variants, optimize pages for conversions, and learn a lot of information about who is visiting your page. Given that the A/B testing options are unlimited, that’s a big bonus.

4. Wix

Wix has been a standard bearer in the industry for some time, and with good reason. The service offers professional landing page designs for free, making it an excellent jumping off point for people new to the online marketing game.

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Of all the services it does offer (analytics, a drag and drop editor, SEO management, form creation, and much more) it doesn’t provide the option for A/B testing.

It does make migration from other hosts an easy job and it integrates well with all social media platforms.

5. Landingi

Landingi starts at $29 per month with an annual payment and offers a large selection of templates and unlimited A/B testing.

The visual editor makes it easy to modify any of its templates, while its free image library is certainly a boon for those of us without much photoshop experience.

It also offers a built-in CRM tool and will help you manage form submissions generated from your page.

6. Wishpond

Due to its custom pricing scheme, Wishpond presents another fine option. It’s one of the few landing page builder software that allows flexible offerings. Nevertheless, it incorporates several marketing tools that will help users to streamline their business.

One of the best things about using Wishpond is that it supports many third-party integrations – more than 300. You’ll find analytics, payment, sales, and collaboration integrations.

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As a result, you can do more than just build pages with Wishpond. The tool also lets you connect with other services you may need for your business to run efficiently.

7. LanderApp

LanderApp starts at $16 each month when billed annually for 5,000 monthly visitors. The company offers more than 100 landing page templates, but they are reasonably clean, easy to use, and are set up to optimize conversion rates.

LanderApp’s visual editor is easy to use and the templates include some industry standards for things like products & services, webinars, portfolios, eCommerce, and more. The pages are easily linked to PayPal, MailChimp, and various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

8. Bitrix24

This may be the only free landing page builder to include a free form creator, free CRM, and free email marketing tools. The landing pages created with the tool are fully responsive.

Bitrix24 is used by more than 10 million companies around the globe and offers both cloud and on premise options.

9. PageWiz

PageWiz starts at $25 a month when billed annually for 5,000 monthly visitors. This tool concentrates its energy on speed and reliability. The site offers sleek and unique templates, a visual editor, and unlimited A/B testing for all of its plans

The company also receives high praise for its customer support and the website offers a live chat to help you work out any problems you may encounter.

10. SendX

At $7.49 per month for 1000 email subscribers when billed annually, this is an excellent option for those starting out. The software includes lead capture, email & drip marketing, workflows, web push notifications, marketing automation, and more.

When it comes to designing landing pages, you’ll be able to A/B test various options, create forms, drag and drop your design elements, manage your SEO, and much more.

The biggest drawback of this option is that it tends to rely on the user having a strong understanding of the service, making navigation slightly difficult.

11. GetResponse

GetResponse allows users to create mobile responsive landing pages with high conversion rates. It allows for A/B testing, PayPal integration, as well as integration with platforms like Adwords, Bing, KissMetrics, and Facebook Capture.

You either build your landing page from scratch or use a pre-designed template. It’s easier to use a template, and with more than 200 templates available, you’re sure to find one that suits your business.

Thanks to the built-in editor, customizing the pre-designed template to feature your brand is straightforward. It’s a drag and drop editor, and it’s the same you use to build landing pages from scratch.

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Furthermore, you can publish landing pages you create for free using a GetResponse domain. Alternatively, you can link a custom domain.

Most dropshippers will probably be interested in the Free plan for up to 500 contacts. But the company also offers a $15.58/month when billed annually for its Email Marketing plan, all the way up to a $97.58 per month billed annually for its eCommerce Marketing plan.

12. BigMarker Landing Pages

BigMarker’s core business is in helping develop webinars, but the company combines that with strong marketing features.

You can depend on BigMarker if you want to build marketing landing pages to promote products and services. The available templates are responsive across different devices and are highly customizable.

You can customize your landing pages to feature custom registration forms, which you can use to capture leads from visitors. Furthermore, BigMarker keeps you updated on every metric and data about your page with in-depth analytics.

The service’s biggest drawback is its lack of A/B testing and drag and drag functionality. But it does offer SEO management, real time editing, and a number of templates.

13. Launchrock

Launchrock makes it easy for anyone to build a launch site. The platform exists to help startups launch their business, irrespective of their niche.

So far, more than a million startup companies have used Launchrock to introduce their business to the markets. The platform’s service doesn’t end at launching sites. It can also help you capture leads and customers and facilitate your marketing campaigns.

Launchrock provided a simple block-based page builder, which you can use to create any startup website. In addition, you can install and customize any of the premade templates, which is easier.

To help you capture customers, Launchrock features email capture, social-sharing, and survey tools. Furthermore, with the resources, guides, and videos, you’ll become an expert at customer acquisition in no time.

Overall, Launchrock is a premium landing page builder software. You can subscribe monthly or annually or pay a one-time fee for lifetime access.

14. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a relatively popular landing page builder launched in 2014. The platform currently has more than 100,000 users and 2.14 billion captured leads.

You can use ClickFunnels to create converting landing pages, even if you can’t code or design. It’s also useful for creating attractive sales funnels to generate leads and consumers.

Etison Editor is ClickFunnels’ drag-and-drop page editor, and it supports desktop and mobile pages. In the editor, you can add sections, elements, rows, and columns to create landing pages.

Furthermore, you can apply video overlays to images from a library, and advanced CSS settings lets you apply custom CSS codes.

ClickFunnels has 100+ ready-made templates. Therefore, you may not need to start from scratch using the drag-and-drop builder.

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These high-converting templates are totally customizable, and you can save pages you create as templates for subsequent use.

ClickFunnels cost $97 per month for the basic plan. The platinum plan costs $297 per month, but you can get it for $247.50 if you pay annually. Similarly, you can get the basic plan for around $80 if you pay per year. Nevertheless, their pricing is subject to change.

Wrap Up

A proper landing page building tool will allow you to create an impactful, yet easy to use landing page and help increase your conversions. It does this by offering tried and tested templates that have been shown to be effective in converting visitors.

These templates have been created with the singular goal of driving conversions. So, while any dropshipper is able to create completely customized pages, it’s important to remember that these tools are here to serve a function: help you make sales.

By changing a few colors and fonts, it’s entirely possible to make these templates fit into the scheme of your site as long as the building software is effective.

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