20 Best Free Gym WordPress Themes

Best Free Gym WordPress Themes

There are dedicated WordPress themes that are reserved for certain niches.
For example, if you run a gym, it will be a lot easier to deploy a preset theme for your website that already has its characteristic features.

But accessing these types of themes can be expensive sometimes.

However, you can still get some nice free ones that will help you create a professional-looking WordPress website in minutes.

In this article, we will be looking at 20 of the best free WordPress gym themes.

1. Gym Master

Gym Master is a customizable theme that is ideal for gyms, sports clubs, and fitness companies.

Its elegant design is one of its major selling points.

The designs are eye-catching and will effortlessly captivate sportsmen and gym users, making them spend a long time on your website.

One feature that most WordPress users look out for in themes is how much of it can be tweaked.

This makes the Gym Master theme a clear favorite for users as it is fully customizable, so if you help your clients to set up their blogs, they can easily make changes on their own.

It has a scroll to the top button that makes navigation simple, which means that even if you have a ton of content on your page, your users can easily navigate back to the start with no inconvenience.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to WordPress or you are a pro; you can literally set up your website in minutes with this theme.

You can select the demo and import it with a single click, and its detailed documentation has the complete instruction manual to hit the ground running.

Its layout is completely responsive, which means that it will fit all screen sizes and devices.

Gym Master Lite has a reliable support team on standby to bail you out whenever you hit a bump.

They do more than just answer your questions. They will also help you fix any bugs.

2. Fitstop Lite

Fitstop Lite is the free version of Fitness pro.

It is a fully functional theme that is mainly used by gym handlers, fitness trainers, and other fitness-related enterprises.

The first thing you will notice about this them is its attention to detail.

The developers did a remarkable job with its features and shortcodes, so you have most, if not all, of what you will need to launch your website without writing a single line of code.

Its design is easy on the eyes and if you make the best use of its functions, you will surely leave an impression with your visitors.

Fitstop Lite has a slider feature that has perfect graphical content to spice up your pages.

This feature is also great for showcasing the different services that your fitness center offers on your homepage.

This theme leaves you wanting for little or nothing as it is stacked with blog options, call to action features, sidebar and other widgets, and much more.

3. Fitness Park

Fitness Park is another free WordPress theme that is perfect for gyms and other fitness-related businesses.

This theme is user-friendly, has rich features, and it is easy on the eyes.

It is also tech-savvy and has all the makings of an advanced theme, but yet, it is still one of the most accessible WordPress themes in the industry and can be used by just about anybody irrespective of their coding skills.

The theme has different ranges of features for all kinds of fitness practices and it can easily be deployed to your website.

Its one-click demo lets you quickly import it to your website and customize it just as fast.

If you know your way around codes, you will find it adventurous to use its well-formatted code editor, but you must pay attention to WordPress review guidelines and security.

This theme is fully optimized for all kinds of mobile devices ranging from Windows phones, iPads, and Androids.

You can set up an ecommerce shop on your website using its WooCommerce plugin.

The Fitness Park is compatible with all major browsers and it features clear and detailed documentation to help you set up by yourself.

4. iCare Fitness

The iCare Fitness theme is a free and responsive multipurpose WordPress theme owned by iCare.

This theme serves as a framework for building clean and professional looking websites for gyms, health centers, sports centers, and all things fitness-related.

It is light and lets you connect all the elements you need to launch your website in a matter of minutes and with no coding knowledge required.

Aside from being a fitness-themed product, iCare can also be used for designing websites for other industries including agencies, education, weddings, freelancing, and even blogs.

The theme is responsive across multiple devices, so you don’t have to worry about making different versions of the same thing.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, so if you want to sell your fitness stuff online, you can easily set it up.

With iCare, it is easy to manage the elements within your websites as you can customize and see the live changes as you do.

iCare is SEO-friendly and compatible with almost any WordPress plugin you can think of.

5. VW Yoga

This free yoga WordPress theme is equipped with everything that you need to kick-start your fitness website.

It has a nice interface with clean and easy on the eyes designs that you can tweak to put up a professional-looking portfolio to convince visitors to stop by your office.

Although the theme may be modified to be used for any type of service, it is best suited for health and fitness ventures such as gyms, yoga centers, dance classes, and so on.

It has an adjustable layout which makes it responsive to any type of device without breaking.

It is compatible with multiple WordPress plugins and loads well on all platforms.

It can also be translated into more than 70 different languages, so it will be an ideal choice if you are targeting a global audience.

The VW Yoga theme can make a professional website designer out of any user with its extensive documentation that gives you step by step instructions on how to bring your idea to life.

6. Core Fitness

The Core Fitness WordPress theme lets you create an excellent platform to share your personal and professional experiences.

This free WordPress theme provides you with a variety of features and functionalities that will let you customize any part of your website when you need to.

You can set beautifully colored background images for your website and modify them with only a few clicks.

It has a color custom feature that lets you access your color settings so that you can bring your idea to life.

You can add a unique image at the top of your web page to display your logo that will be shown across the web whenever your website is searched for.

The custom menu feature lets you build intuitive and organized menu blocks to aid navigation across your website.

This free WordPress theme comes with WooCommerce capabilities so that you will be able to sell your stuff online, plus other functionalities that will define your business.

7. Gymfitness

Gymfitness is a multi-purpose free gym and fitness WordPress theme that can be used to create an excellent platform to display your content.

This WordPress theme takes customization to a whole different level.

You can add a background image that is relevant to your website and you can access the custom color settings to select the different color combinations that will spark up your website according to your niche.

The theme gives priority to images. It lets you add a title image and crop the image to fit your page’s purpose.

If you want to add multiple images to your website, you can add them all at once, so you can select from them to set your title image, choose featured images for your blogs, and so on.

It also supports different social media platforms, so you can reach out to a wider audience by sharing your content with a few clicks.

Gymfitness allows you to add several footer widgets, a nice testimonial section, and an easy on the eyes banner.

8. fGymm

The fGymm free WordPress theme is ideal for creating websites for fitness, lifestyle, or photography businesses, and you can even use it to create short web pages to share the latest news and updates.

One popular feature of this theme is its custom background option that lets you set single or multi-colored background images for your website.

If you want to make your website recognizable among the different websites in your niche, you have several tools at your disposal to customize your background, text, images, and other indicators.

Its customizable menu feature allows you to add links of any page within or outside your website to a navigation button on your homepage.

You can add links to resources, videos, or even social media pages.

The theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugins that let you incorporate an ecommerce store to your website, plus other multipurpose plugins.

This interactive free WordPress fitness theme is built on Bootstrap, so you will have access to plenty of clean shortcodes.

9. Advance Fitness Gym

This theme allows you to give your customers the opportunity to share their views in the comment section.

It supports custom background and color features that will let you choose images and visuals that are specific to your website.

For example, the color green is often associated with fitness centers and gyms, so if you are creating a website for any of them, it will be nice to be able to add a color that your potential audience can identify with.

It is an ideal template for gyms, yoga classes, health centers, and personal trainers.

Its Bootstrap framework makes it easy to use the WordPress editor in the admin area, so you can make changes and see them without waiting to publish them before seeing the modifications.

This theme has a noticeable sidebar that plays a vital role in presenting the layout of your website. On the sidebar, you can add a live chat, recent post, or any other peripheral content.

The advanced theme can adjust to any screen size and type and is one of the best free two-column WordPress themes you will find.

10. Akhada Fitness

The Akhada Fitness free WordPress theme is perfect for designing websites for professional fitness trainers, gyms, consultants, and even personal blogs.

It’s one of the simplest themes that let you customize your website background in very few clicks.

This free Bootstrap-themed template lets you create stylish web pages with minimal effort for anything related to the fitness industry, so if you are creating a standard website for a spa, a personal trainer, or a wellness center, you will already have all the Industry-related features and functions.

Once you connect all the elements together, you will have a website in minutes.

The template was built with WordPress standards and security in mind.

Its codes are clean and serene and you can choose from multiple display formats according to your needs.

The Akhada Fitness theme is responsive on all devices and is compatible across all browsers.

11. Fitness Club Lite

The Fitness Club Lite theme is a free WordPress theme that is perfect for gym owners, health centers, yoga studios, and all other things health-related.

Aside from using it as a template to design standard business websites, this theme can also be used to create personal blogs, or blogs and web pages for personal trainers.

It has a modern and clean interface, which you can use to make simple but professional-looking websites that will attract new customers to your business set up.

Despite being a free theme, this fitness theme is packed with loads of advanced features and functionalities that will promote your website to a higher level without any professional knowledge.

It is compatible with WooCommerce, the latest version of WordPress, and it supports all the popular web browsers.

12. Fitness Hub

The Fitness Hub theme is a highly responsive theme that is made for the likes of fitness institutes and centers, gym clubs, yoga classes, and many more.

This multipurpose theme allows you to create one or more pages that you can use for a variety of purposes.

It is one of those themes that are used to design web pages that are captivating at first glance.

It has a unique layout and its customization feature makes it easy for customers to play around until their website looks exactly how they want it to be.

This theme works fine with Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla, and is known to adjust to all sorts of screens.

13. Namaste Lite

This free WordPress fitness has all the makings of a modern theme.

It is bright and elegant and is perfect for making websites for gyms, health centers, yoga syndicates, and other health-related systems.

This theme can be customized by just about anybody, so if you have just started a fitness program and want to create a website, but you lack the technical knowledge to do so, this theme will make it work for you.

All you need to do to hit the ground running is to download and install the theme.

The installation is usually very easy, but if you meet any bumps along the way, you can search through its detailed documentation.

Together with third-party plugins, this website-building framework can make your website perform specific tasks that only premium themes can normally do.

14. Fitness Freak

This one lets you create unique fitness websites that will attract new customers to your business.

It has a clean and easy interface and its end products are usually very responsive and professional-looking themes for gyms, yoga centers, personal trainers, health centers, and others.

Interestingly, the Fitness Freak theme is not limited to creating only fitness websites.

It can also be used to create a variety of web pages for all kinds of online businesses.

It is responsive on mobile devices, has good SEO elements and can be used to make different types of layouts quickly.

Some of its advanced features include its custom color settings, front page customization, and background effects.

15. Physique

The Physique WordPress theme is a very versatile and responsive theme.

It works well on all kinds of desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, and is compatible with major web browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Its one-click demo option lets you create a new website in a matter of minutes.

It is WooCommerce compatible, so you can make extra money from selling your products on a global scale.

It is easy to use to build web pages from start to finish, whether you have ever written a line of code before or not.

Once you have figured out which elements fit well with the others, you can explore some of its other features including its sidebar widgets, footers, and header images.

16. GymExpress

GymExpress is a multiple layout team that is employed by web designers to create simple and elegant websites for fitness studios, gyms, health centers, and spas.

This free fitness theme is hugely popular for its custom color settings that allow users to choose texts and highlight background colors that will make their business stand out.

It integrates with the popular free Pirate Contact Form plugin to create intuitive form fields and is compatible with nearly all other recent WordPress plugins.

GymExpress allows you to sell your products online as it supports WooCommerce and its custom layout lets you organize your display pages however you see fit.

It is responsive on mobile devices and has useful documentation that makes setting it up as easy as possible.

17. WP Fitness

WP Fitness is a fully customizable theme that is used to create the best websites for fitness centers, gyms, and health centers.

One of the things that it is mostly known for is its appointment form section.

This lets customers fill in their details with ease to book their time beforehand without first having to visit any physical office

This free WordPress theme is fully responsive and it’s compatible with all the popular browsers.

It supports WooCommerce, so you can sell products from your website by setting up an ecommerce store, and it features some good social media integrations to let you easily spread the word.

18. Meditation And Yoga

The Medication And Yoga theme’s clean interface makes it perfect for yoga setups, spiritual classes, and indeed, all kinds of fitness websites.

It has an amazing layout that lets you carve out a professional-looking website quickly and its spectrum of colors will make your website stand out from the crowd.

You can choose from a variety of Google fonts to highlight your texts and the theme is SEO friendly.

With the Medication And Yoga theme, you can translate your website into multiple languages, open it on any device, and display power CTA options in multiple formats.

19. Fitness Gymhouse

This is a special theme that lets you display full-width images and call to action buttons on your yoga website.

It has some of the best social media integrations that are capable of taking your marketing to the next level and it is fully responsive across all devices.

One of its most standout features is its high-quality banner display that is capable of attracting any visitor at first glimpse.

This theme supports all browsers and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

20. Yogasana Lite

Yogasana Lite is one of the simplest themes to use.

It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is compatible with next-generation galleries and can be used to create some of the best looking portfolio websites that are perfect for fitness-related businesses.

It comes with preset pages and categories and it usually features a five-level dropdown.

Some of its best features include multicolor options, pre-built layouts, WooCommerce plugin support, multiple widget areas, etc.

Last words

There you have it – 20 free WordPress themes that you can use to set up a professional-looking gym website in no time.

Some of these themes have premium versions that you can upgrade to later on if you want to upscale your business, but even if you don’t, these free versions are ideal for any gym and fitness-related setup.