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45 Best Wordpress Gym Themes

Gym memberships around the world have been steadily going up over the past decade.

This shows that more and more people are interested in going to the gym, exercising, lifting weights, and living a healthy lifestyle.

To attract more gym members, it’s crucial to have a detailed website explaining what your gym has to offer and how users can sign up.

Fortunately, there are plenty of themes you can use to easily build a professional-looking gym website.

In this article, we’ll go over the top 45 WordPress themes for gyms.

1. Gym Master

Gym Master, by Rigorous Themes, is a great theme for a gym, health club, fitness center, yoga training school, and any other fitness-related club.

It offers a bold, sleek design with clear text on a black background.

Users can scroll down to see more about what you have to offer, tips for starting their gym routines, the available trainers at your gym, your prices, and more.

Gym Master is free, but there is also a Pro version with more features and options.

2. Advance Fitness Gym

Advance Fitness Gym, by Themeshopy, is a multi-purpose theme designed for fitness clubs, zumba classes, gyms, health clubs, and more.

It’s especially useful if you want to create a blog, but you can also add a bold header with information about your business.

3. Gym Express

Gym Express, by Tom De Smedt, is a free WordPress gym theme.

It is great for those who want to create a simple website without any hassles where they can provide information about their business and blog about fitness-related topics.

It is easy to set up and has everything you need to create a gym website without any bells or whistles.

4. VW Fitness Gym

If you are looking for a free gym theme in the WordPress directory that is a little bolder than the previous ones, VW Fitness Gym is for you.

It has features such as a Bootstrap framework and calls-to-action.

It is responsive and can be used by physiotherapists, weight loss experts, physical trainers, gyms, and more.

VW Fitness Gym comes with a sleek, black background and is fully customizable.

5. SKT Gym

SKT Gym, by SKT Themes, allows you to create a bold welcome page with stunning visuals.

You can use colorful tabs to display your services and available facilities, while including a strong call-to-action button in the middle of your homepage.

6. Prowess

Prowess, which is sold by ThemeForest, is an amazing premium theme for any fitness club or health business.

It has an interactive interface and is easy on visitors’ eyes.

It comes with a wide selection of carefully crafted pages for all sorts of purposes.

For example, you can create health products, fitness instruction, trainer profile, gym photo gallery, and pricing pages.

Prowess is also packed with many useful tools, such as a built-in BMI calculator that visitors can use.

A free timetable plugin is included, which allows you to clearly show your class schedule.

The theme has a powerful look. It allows for bold visuals and is fully responsive.

It also has a drop-down shopping cart.

7. In Shape

In Shape, by Themefuse, is a great theme for fitness trainers, physical therapists, health coaches, and more.

It comes with three free sliders, which can be used to create a stunning, eye-catching header. The theme is retina-ready and has crisp visuals.

If you want your theme to look exactly like your preview, you can set that up with one click of a button. You can also change your site’s colors easily.

In Shape comes with a useful events calendar, which you can use to show clients your availability or when scheduled classes and events will take place.

There are a number of page layouts you can choose from, which are all fully customizable.

You can also use the drag-and-drop builder to create your own layouts.

In Shape is free but has premium options ranging from $49-$199.

8. Fitness Life

Fitness Life, by WPLook Themes, is a colorful theme that is great for yoga instructors and gyms. It gives off a motivational vibe.

It integrates with WooCommerce, which allows you to turn your site into a store and sell health products.

It also loads extremely fast and supports multiple languages.

Fitness Life makes it easy to create profiles about your classes and personal trainers.

There are also advanced theme options and several page layouts to choose from.

9. Just Fit

Just Fit is a theme sold by My Theme Shop.

It has an editor that allows you to preview how your site will appear on various devices, including mobile devices when they are turned sideways.

There are a number of theme layouts, and as you can see in the demo options, this theme is perfect for personal trainers, nutrition blogs, yoga classes, and more.

10. Kalium

Kalium is another theme sold by Theme Forest. It’s a multipurpose theme designed with professionals in mind.

As such, it is perfect for personal trainers, yoga teachers, and others who work in the fitness industry.

11. Top Fit

Top Fit is another theme designed specifically for fitness and gym clubs. It comes with six modern homepages to choose from.

You can choose the one that best fits your needs, whether you are trying to attract new gym members, sell protein supplements, or get new clients as a personal trainer.

It also has a built-in BMI calculator.

12. Fit Pro

It seems as if Theme Forest has no shortage of gym themes. Fit Pro comes with eight different custom post types.

It also comes with features such as parallax scrolling, an events calendar, WooCommerce integration, and more.

13. VUP

VUP allows you to create a grid displaying your various classes.

You can also create trainer profiles and include news and blog updates.

14: Powerlift

Powerlift gives you a variety of timetable layouts, a built-in BMI calculator, and much more to allow you to create a great online presentation for your gym.

15. Anahata

The Anahata theme is more geared towards yoga trainers rather than gyms, but it can be used for any fitness-related website.

16. Be Fit

Be Fit has it all – a timetable, an events calendar, ecommerce integration, a BMI calculator, and much more.

17. Nirvana

The Nirvana theme is yet another theme designed for yoga studios.

Therapists, retreat centers, and holistic centers can use it as well.

18. Samurai

The Samurai theme is a bit different than the ones mentioned until now in that it is designed for martial arts instructors and training centers.

However, it can be used by any fitness coach or training center.

19. Akhada

The Akhada fitness theme comes in three different variations.

It has a drag-and-drop builder, two different footer options, and three sliders to choose from.

20. Action

The Action theme comes in five variations.

It features an advanced page builder with live editing and useful features such as parallax scrolling.

It’s a great theme to use if you want to showcase your events or classes.

21. Fit Coach

Fit Coach was designed for health professionals.

However, it is a multi-purpose theme and can be used by any professional in any niche.

22. Stayfit

Stayfit has a drag-and-drop live editor with many modules to choose from.

This makes designing a beautiful site easy and hassle-free.

23. Energy

Energy has everything you need to build a robust gym site.

It has a redux framework, a schedule and gallery system, WPLM support, 35+ custom shortcodes, and much more.

24. Fit+

Fit+ is a multipurpose sports site.

It comes with a before-and-after model you can use to highlight clients’ successes, a full-screen feature for your gallery and blog entries, video background support, a revolution slider, and much more.

25. Vigor

Vigor is a WordPress theme for fitness clubs that is built with Bootstrap.

It was created with ease of use, conversion rate optimization, mobile responsiveness, and SEO in mind.

26. Ironfit

Ironfit has a modern and stylish design. It was created for the Crossfit and gym industries.

Some of the premade modules you can use include services, lessons, trainers, success stories, and branch locations.

27. Activia

Activia is for gyms, fitness centers, and all kinds of sports-related sites.

It has over 2,500 icons and 50+ custom VC elements.

28. Fitness

This theme, which is simply called Fitness, was designed in a minimalist style.

As such, it is a great option if you want a fast and responsive site without too many distractions.

However, it still has useful features, such as WooCommerce integration and a free Revolution slider.

29. Kette

The Kette theme has a number of different possible layouts and designs, as you can see from the three possible demos.

It is a beautiful theme that is fully interactive and engaging.

Kette has eye-catching color schemes and an enjoyable scrolling experience.

The timetable is also something that your visitors will love.

30. Gimnas

Gimnas comes with eight homepages and six multi-purpose pages, as well two one-page designs.

This makes it useful for all kinds of fitness-related businesses, as well as any business in general.

31. WizeFit

WizeFit has clean typography and a modern design. It focuses on user experience and increased social engagement.

32. Fitben

Fitben has four custom homepages. It is easy to customize and features a clean and simple design that enhances the user experience.

33. Gym X

Gym X makes it easy for you to allow customers to book classes online. It has a ton of customizable options, making it the perfect fit for any gym.

34. Fitness Care

Fitness Care was produced by Theme Kalia, which has been recognized by Envato for meeting WordPress quality standards, so you know that this theme is top-notch.

35. Gameplan

Gameplan is a great theme for classes, events, and fitness studios.

This theme has won first prize in Best New Theme and Best Mobile Theme for Events by Modern Tribe.

36. GymBase

GymBase is a responsive WordPress theme that is designed to look great on all kinds of devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

It has a homepage slider that automatically scales down based on the resolution of the device screen it appears on.

37. Meridian Fitness

Meridian Fitness is just one of many themes by Meridian Themes.

It has several different page layouts, such as 1 Column + Sidebar, 2 Columns + Sidebar, 2 Columns Full-Width, and 3 Columns Full-Width.

It also has custom widgets for your newsletter, Instagram profile, and more.

38. Fitmax

Fitmax is designed for all kinds of coaches. It comes with a revolution slider, Contact Form 7, is WPML-ready, is GDPR-compliant, and much more.

39. Fit & Fab

Fit & Fab has eight different homepages, a fully customizable and responsive design, and two flexible layout designs: boxed and full-width.

You also get a Revolution Slider for free (which is worth $18).

40. Solostep

Solostep is a great theme to use if you want to display different classes or training services you have to offer.

It’s also great for encouraging customers to take their fitness to the next level.

41. Symetro

Symetro is a top-rated multi-purpose sports theme.

Whether you want to create a website for your gym or to attract clients as a personal trainer, there is a version for you.

42. Absolute Fitness

Absolute Fitness is a great multi-purpose sports theme that is great for regular, Crossfit, Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, and other gyms.

43. Girly Gym

Girly Gym is a gym theme with a twist – it is geared towards women.

This solves a problem that is commonly found in the industry: most gym themes are geared towards men, which make it harder to find a good theme if you operate a women-only gym.

This theme has 11 different types of headers, six different types of blog post layouts, nine different portfolio types, a class gallery with two different types of inner navigation, an events plugin, and much more.

44. Power Club

Power Club was designed to help you stand out from the other gyms in your area.

It is relatively affordable and cheaper than most other themes on this list with a low price of only $29.

45. Ronneby

Ronneby is a great motivational theme that is designed to target people who are looking for someone to help them come up with a plan to lose weight or otherwise improve their physical health.

10 Things You Need to Have On Your Gym Site

What makes a gym theme good? What other things should you have on your gym site to be successful?

Following are 10 things you should have on your gym site. When searching for a theme, look for one that can accommodate these things.

Some of these things are independent of the theme you choose.

1. An Updated Blog With Useful, Informative Content

Having a blog is important for SEO purposes.

There’s a lot of competition out there, and providing quality, informative content is the only way you can get to the top page of Google.

Long-form content and fitness or weight-training guides are a great way to boost your SEO.

You should also make sure that you are blogging consistently.

Besides SEO benefits, this also allows you to build up a fanbase of people who visit your site to view your newest content.

2. Professional Images

If you want to attract new members to your gym, it is important that you do a good job of advertising your facilities.

It’s worth investing in high-quality, professional photos that show your gym in a good light.

The same applies for your classes and trainers. Take professional photos of your trainers and photos and/or videos of your classes.

3. Don’t Forget Local SEO

We mentioned optimizing your site for SEO by creating a blog and regularly updating it with content.

However, it is just as important to pay attention to local SEO so that people in your area can find out about your gym.

Start by creating profiles on Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, and Facebook. On your website, make sure to list your location on every page (such as in the header) and that it is in the same format as on your online profiles.

4. Be Contactable

Be easy to contact. Include a contact form on your site so that people can message you.

Include links to your social media profiles and make your email address and phone number prominent.

It is worth including a map widget on your site that shows people exactly where your location is so that they can come to you.

5. Make It Easy for People to Join Your Gym

If you can, allow people to register for a membership online.

If this isn’t possible, at the very least clearly display your membership prices so that people are informed.

The same goes to your classes. Having an events calendar is useful – and as you can see above, many themes have this option.

6. Include Social Proof

It is important to include social proof to boost your credibility.

One way to do this is by including a social media widget that shows how many followers you have (this only works if you have a large following).

Testimonials are a great way to build social proof.

Look for a WordPress theme that allows you to include testimonials.

When including text testimonials, make sure to include a picture of the client giving the testimonial.

You can also include a video testimonial or two, embedded from YouTube.

If you want to take a less salesy approach, consider using gym member spotlights instead of testimonials. You can include before and after photos (some themes even come with built-in support for this).

7. Make Navigation Easy

It should be easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for, whether that is information about a class, your trainer profiles, your location and hours, or your video training tutorials.

Focus on creating a menu that is intuitive and easy to use and navigate.

8. A Newsletter Signup Option

Email marketing is important even if you are a local business.

Think about all the things you can do: Promote events and classes, give seasonal or one-time discounts for memberships, and create a loyal fanbase.

To do that, however, you have to focus on providing value in your emails.

In your newsletters, don’t just promote your events or send updates about your class schedules; include informative advice that can help your subscribers with their fitness goals.

To collect email subscribers, you will need an opt-in form. There are many WordPress plugins that you can use, both free and paid.

However, you have to give people an incentive to sign up. Following are some ideas of incentives you can give away to encourage people to sign up to your list:

A free training ebook
A free 30-day workout routine
A free 7-day meal plan with recipes
A discount to one of your classes or gym memberships
A free consultation or session with one of your personal trainers

9. A Good User Experience

What makes a good user experience? Focus on creating a site that is easy on the eyes, not one that has many distractions.

If possible, use black-on-white text instead of the opposite.

10. Inspiration

Going to the gym is hard.

Exercising is something that people do when they are motivated – motivated to lose weight, feel better, and live a healthier lifestyle.

A gym website is not complete if it does not inspire its visitors.

If you can inspire your visitors and motivate them to take action, you have a chance of getting them to sign up for your gym membership.

You can inspire your visitors with inspirational pictures, gym member stories, motivational quotes, and workout/meal plans that focus on helping people to start living a healthier lifestyle within 30 days (or any other period of time).

Wrapping It Up

There are many more than these 45 themes that you can use for your gym website, but the above themes have received good reviews.

Regardless of which theme you choose, make sure to keep in mind the ten tips mentioned above.