15 Best Free Plagiarism Checkers For Students 2024

Are you working on a report or thesis for your school or college project?

You’ve probably done lots of research and you’re ready to turn in your paper. But before you do that, you’ll need to run it through a plagiarism checker to ascertain that your work is 100 percent original and without any mirrored content.

Copied content is dead weight when it comes to achieving your study goals, and it is illegal.

Fortunately, preventing the use of plagiarized content can be easy if you use a plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism checkers make it easy and simple to check whether your content has been stolen or copied. They’re important especially for bloggers or website owners because they make sure search engines don’t flag your work or penalize you for text that’s not originally yours.

For students, using a plagiarism checker is much more important because your grades and subsequent completion of the level you’re in, or graduation, depend on it.

It’s easy for you to miss some important details as you go through your paper, no matter how long or short, so using a plagiarism checker will ensure you don’t get penalized or must repeat the course or paper. You can also get a suspension or expulsion, ultimately ending any plans you have for your future.

We rounded up a list of the 15 best free plagiarism checkers for students to use to write quality papers and increase their chances of excelling in their studies.

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

There are several free tools you can use to check your work for plagiarism, and we’ve detailed 15 of the best ones below along with their features so you can pick the best one for your academic needs.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the leading tools for checking your copy for grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, sentence structure, and also plagiarism.

The software is used by students, teachers, professional writers, and educators alike to produce well-written, original, and well-sourced content. It saves them time and helps them see better results with its instant writing feedback and plagiarism checker.

The tool scans your text and detects plagiarism plus any other writing issues. It catches plagiarism from over 16 billion web pages and ProQuest databases, comparing your text with academic papers in those databases. When a portion of your text matches something written in a database or online, it serves up a plagiarism alert.

When you use the Grammarly plagiarism checker, you’ll also get an instant report of what it found and the issues – writing and grammar – present in your work. The software doesn’t make your work publicly searchable or in any other database so no other tools will see your text.

Grammarly - Your #1 Writing Assistant

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2. Quetext

Quetext is another plagiarism checker that offers a free tool you can use to check your writing for plagiarism. It uses advanced algorithms and quickly scans your work while keeping it private so no other tool or person can find it online.

The software accurately scans your work using its DeepSearch technology that uses advanced algorithms to perform word placement and contextual analysis in plagiarism scans.

Quetext delivers quick, accurate scans, which is why students and educators alike, among other professionals, use it as their preferred choice.

With the free plagiarism checker, you can scan up to 2,500 words or five pages of documents together with the use of their fuzzy matching, ColorGrade feedback tool, contextual analysis, and conditional scoring.

If you want further analysis or more expert tools, you can pay up for the Quetext premium software and scan even more words i.e. 200 pages or 100,000 words, get exclusive citation assistant, Interactive Snippet Text, custom URL exclusion, and more.

Quetext is committed to your privacy so it won’t store your files in any database. You can relax knowing your data is secure while scanning for any plagiarism.

3. Unicheck

Unicheck is another top free plagiarism checker that helps you achieve authenticity in your schoolwork. The checker offers quick checking and helps millions of users from over 90 countries worldwide check their files with as little as four seconds for a plagiarism report.

It’s great for students and other individuals or professionals and businesses.

The checker supports bulk uploads, real-time-search, and has a Google Docs add-on feature so you can check your work online as you write.

Unicheck also highlights citations and similarities, plus add-ons for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, which are useful when you want to save time or get convenient ways to check your work.

The anti-plagiarism tool offers a quick, handy, accurate, and affordable way to check your work, and it can eventually become your lifetime assistant. It ensures an accurate similarity search and allows you to run checks without any issues.

The report you get is comprehensive yet simple to understand, and contains a clickable list of citations, references, matching sources, and any similarity within the text. There are no broken links or outdated sources, though, because the software removes them so you only get relevant information.

The checks are intuitive and the interface is always upgraded so it’s easy for you to navigate in seconds. You can focus on the scanned text instead of searching for a button that’s in the wrong place.

Plus, you can download a report in PDF with the same data you’d get online and get 24/5 help from its support team. Any sensitive data is protected through Unicheck’s secure private cloud so it’s inaccessible to outsiders.

Unicheck also offers simultaneous, real-time checks, superior scalability, and 99.9 percent uptime.

4. Plagly

Plagly touts itself as the most accurate plagiarism checker that helps you improve writing efficiency so you can achieve better grades, and saves you time altogether.

You can compare your text instantly to more than 20 billion sources using the free plagiarism checker tool. It’s fast and accurate to help you easily and more efficiently detect duplicate and plagiarized content.

The instant plagiarism checker compares your text to databases and the entire internet by detecting phrases that are copied and highlighting sections that are already appearing or published online.

You can also check grammar issues to improve writing efficiency and get correct text and content. The tool eliminates style and structure mistakes by proofreading your content and articles online.

It’s trusted by students and teachers in top universities and colleges as it allows you to scan academic papers, assignments, and essays for plagiarized text.

Plagly uses next-level technology and algorithm updates happen daily to give you the most accurate results. It intelligently checks for copied content and grammar mistakes to determine the original source through natural language processing algorithms and delivers easy-to-use analysis results and reports.

The state-of-the-art tool supports over 20 other languages and also has a Google Chrome extension for quick access when you’re writing multiple content pieces.

5. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a website that offers several free tools including a plagiarism checker. The scanner allows you to enter text or upload a document from your device or drive and scan it for any plagiarized or copied content.

Once the scan is complete, you’ll get a percentage of how original or unique your text is, including sentences and phrases in red, which means the copy exists online and won’t pass plagiarism tests.

The tool checks billions of web pages online to detect matching content using sophisticated features, and it gives you the option to automatically rewrite the content in one click.

There are multiple document formats you can upload to check for plagiarism, and you can also check via a website URL if your work is already published.

A reporting and sharing option is included to download a report of the plagiarism search and share the report generated with others to show your work has passed the test.

The free tool is also available in multiple other languages, and offers cloud compatibility so you can choose where your content lives – Dropbox or Google Drive and others – and it will identify the mirrored content.

You get percentage gauges, for example, 80 percent is unique while 20 percent is plagiarized – so you can know what to revise or edit.

The software also gives you a list format for easy detection of sentences and phrases that are plagiarized, and in one click, you can see the results in document view with the copied content highlighted in red.

Small SEO Tools offers a plagiarism checker API for real-time multitasking and a WordPress plugin for checking plagiarism.

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6. Viper

Viper is another free plagiarism checker for students that is simple, powerful, and fast. The software is designed with speed, simplicity, and effectiveness in mind and is designed for use by students, businesses, teachers, or any other professionals.

You can use it to monitor, detect, and reduce plagiarism in your documents and works via your web browser. The software scans through 10 billion sources online including books, essays, journals, and other online sources and you can use it as much as you want – not just for a one-time job.

You can run your document through the scanner and get a percentage of the work that’s plagiarized or unique to reduce and remove any issues before submitting your work so you don’t lose marks.

It works incredibly fast and offers great, dedicated support for you whenever you want any issues resolved or questions answered.

You can scan early drafts of your work and monitor the plagiarism score along the way, making sure your references are correctly added, and improving your assignment, essay, or course work.

The software offers direct source matching with a direct link to the source of the mirrored text. It’s particularly great for dissertations.

7. Plagramme

Plagramme is a free tool that helps you check for plagiarism in your scholarly work. The software is fast, accurate, supports up to 120 languages, and checks against 80 million scholarly sources.

Its features include the real-time plagiarism checker, which detects copy and paste, mosaic, invalid sources, and auto plagiarism types, then generates a report with a similarity score. This way, you can see the number of similarities in your content.

The tool detects and highlights the similarities and plagiarism it finds so you can correct them. It works easily and simply without word limits like other free plagiarism checkers, which explains why it’s popular with educators and students alike.

Plus, you can get a percentage point through its evaluation, which determines the originality and uniqueness of your content. Plagramme is useful for thesis and research paper authors.

The free plan is easy to create and use to check away billions of websites, but if you want an in-depth report, you’ll need to pay a small fee and get available citation sources and more.

8. Plagiarisma

Plagiarisma is a web-based free plagiarism checker that helps you save your student and career life by ensuring that the papers you submit don’t contain plagiarized content.

The software helps you correct and edit similar text after scanning your work, and also lessens the burden of having to get work that has too many corrections to do. You also get to reduce the issues of literary theft of other people’s original work and ensure you get better grades in the process.

The checker is important for students in school, college, academies, universities, and other educational institutions.

It works on Moodle, the web, Windows, BlackBerry, and Android devices detecting copyright infringement in your research papers, essays, dissertations, and coursework. Plus, it supports over 190 languages, and search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, Books, and Scholar.

You can avoid plagiarism with Plagiarisma, which takes only a few minutes to analyze your document and track duplicate content. You can use the tool on any written content and get results through a free report with a percentage of uniqueness and originality.

The software supports PDF, DOCX, RTF, DOC, TXT, HTML, XLSX, XLS, ODT, PDB, FB2, EPUB, and more.

9. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is another free web-based plagiarism checker that offers a free quick search over your work so you can do as many searches as you want.

The software uses deep search technology to check your work thoroughly and get extra levels of plagiarism search with more details in the results.

You can upload files or check a URL if you don’t want to copy and paste your text for a quick and free check.

10. EduBirdie

EduBirdie is another all-in-one software that offers more than just a plagiarism checker. The tool can check your grammar, readability, and plagiarism too while citing sources and rephrasing your content automatically.

It gives you a preliminary grade of your work, has no ads, and you can check your copy over and over as it offers unlimited checks.

The software’s plagiarism checker allows you to upload a file with the content or copy and paste the text and then it will give you a readability analysis, strengthen your writing, and reduce the number of words with too many syllables.

You’ll get a comprehensive report with an average score and similarity percentage, plus a paraphrasing tool to make your content more unique. The results include a list of sources, and you can use the native citation generator to convert your plagiarized content into quotes.

It works just like other tools used by schools with algorithms that check your text for originality except for the databases it checks are different.

The text is checked to detect the deep similarity index and generate a report with everything that you need to work on, including spelling, grammar, and other fixes.

The paper you scan isn’t stored anywhere, and you can use the similarity checker for your paper in different languages.

11. Paper Rater

Paper Rater uses AI and Data Science to check and analyze your paper in real-time so you can know if your work has plagiarized text before submitting it to your teacher or professor.

The software compares your text to over 10 billion other documents and delivers a result with grammar checks so you can find and correct pesky mistakes before turning in your work.

Plus, it has a proofreading system that notifies you of areas of improvement on your writing, besides checking your work for copied content.

The results appear after five to 15 seconds once you submit it. The cloud-based tool digs deep into the structure and syntax of your text, so you don’t need to login, sign up, or download the software.

12. Search Engine Report Plagiarism Checker

Search Engine Report is a free online plagiarism checker that allows you to check your scholarly work and submit original, unique content.

All you do is copy and paste the content on the space provided and click the tab to check for plagiarism.

The tool will run your work through its database of millions of documents and sites to deliver a report that you need with details to help you submit accurate, reliable results.

The checker doesn’t save any content you search through the tool and you’ll get results highlighted in red or green, indicating that the work is copied (published on the web) or unique, respectively.

You can check 1500 words for free in one go, and in other languages. You can also compare duplicate content and use the article rewriter until you get unique content.

The reports are easy to download and share, and the tool is designed for quick and efficient plagiarism detection with rapid, extensive feedback.

13. Writer.com plagiarism checker

Writer.com is a free online plagiarism checker that helps detect mirrored text so you can keep your writing original. The free checker is useful for individual students or groups and can detect mirrored content from billions of books, web pages, academic papers, research papers, and news sources.

The AI-powered writing tool scans your copy to ensure there’s no plagiarism. It’s trusted by leading schools and universities so you can check your work for tone, style, spelling, and plagiarism too.

It uses proprietary technology with highly intelligent algorithms and contextual analysis to check if your writing has copied content and flags those that need citation. It’s safe to use and secure while respecting your privacy so your information isn’t shared with anyone.

14. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is a free online plagiarism checker that offers a wide range of other tools including an image-to-text feature, paraphrasing, spell check, MD5 generator, and change text case tool.

The plagiarism checker inspects duplicate content on your document or web page and scans it for any mirrored copy. It also examines your grammar and optimizes your content so you can submit unique information that will earn you good grades.


PREPOSTSEO is another all-in-one tool that includes a plagiarism checker, which scans your copy-pasted content over billions of websites and pages to check the true text for originality and uniqueness.

You can check up to 1000 words for free thanks to its deep search technology, which delivers the uniqueness of your content through a report in HTML or PDF format with plagiarism percentage.

It also comes with a Chrome extension to find duplicate content online and ensures the content you check is 100 percent secure and safe so it won’t save any of your work in any repository.

A Make It Unique button is included that you can use after scanning for plagiarism so you can paraphrase your content and avoid plagiarism. The tool also checks in multiple languages and offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices to check plagiarism on the go.

A plagiarism remover is also available that helps you remove duplicate content and works through sentences to make your text 100 percent original or unique.

Wrapping Up

Plagiarism checkers are helpful for students as with other professionals so you don’t end up stealing others’ ideas and passing them off as yours.

These 15 best free plagiarism checkers for students will ensure that you get the best results and achieve your study and career goals.

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