15 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Apps 2024

Of all headaches, plagiarism can be the worst to most writers. It can destroy your reputation, whether it was intended or not, and may lead to unnecessary legal consequences.

Plagiarism is simply taking other people’s ideas and passing them as your own, without providing credit to the original writer. It’s illegal and fraudulent.

That’s why you need a plagiarism checker app. Whether you’re a student, editor, writer, educational institution, or you work in a profession that involves content, this tool can come in handy.

A plagiarism checker helps you verify if your work is original or not. It could be the use of an image, sentence, or entire document. The tool provides a notification as to whether the work is plagiarized or not.

Once you proofread your work, you can opt to divide it into paragraphs or sentences or check the entire document and work through each sentence or paragraph of your text.

Some plagiarism checkers identify specific areas that require correction and alert you if your work is free of any mirrored content. However, not all such checkers offer the best service. In fact, most tools may differ in features or user needs.

Most plagiarism checkers are not completely free, and some may have limited access to other features. Plus, some checkers charge monthly or annual fees before you can access their features and verify whether your content is copied or not.

If you don’t have the budget for a paid tool, here are the 15 best free plagiarism checkers you can choose from.

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

1. Check-Plagiarism

Check-Plagiarism is a free plagiarism checker tool that stands for speed and accuracy, and can check multiple documents. It is 100 percent safe and secure and does not retain the information that you check. It’s also user-friendly.

If you’re a business or institution, you can download the tool as a WordPress plugin or website widget.

To use this free plagiarism checker, just paste your work to the checker, click on the reCAPTCHA, and click on the check plagiarism button. You’ll get a percentage response whether your document or selected area is plagiarized.

The checker will also note content that is plagiarized and mark them in red. Plus, it provides free paraphrasing, word count, character count, plagiarism comparison search, and grammar checker, among other tools.

The plagiarism detector searches billions of web pages and documents for your text for free, and you can check 10,000 to 15,000 terms with every search.

And, it’s totally secure and safe. The tool doesn’t save your information but ensures that all data and documents are protected and secure. The reports are immediately erased once you’re done using the tool so it doesn’t save your words or documents.

The software is designed such that you may quickly figure out the results of its checks, which it displays in real time. You can also generate reports for the content you verify.

To add to that, Check-Plagiarism allows you to open up to five files in formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, or TXT simultaneously. You can check multiple papers for plagiarism without slowing down the process and compare them to check for plagiarism.

2. Plagiarism Detector

Plagiarism Detector is a free tool that’s sophisticated for use by students and professionals. You can check if the content you’re about to post is unique before you publish it.

If you’re a website owner, you need plagiarism-free content on your site to attract more visitors and avoid penalties from search engines like Google.

It uses the necessary tactics and approaches based on an extensive study into the needs of the clients, to ensure that its findings are 100 percent accurate and authentic.

This checker is trustworthy but has a limit of 1000 words that you can check for mirrored content at no cost.

It’s not only accurate but also effective for text analysis and checking plagiarized work. Its technology generates friendly material and you do not need an API key access to use it.

The tool is completely free to use meaning you won’t pay anything and can do as many searches as you want. It’s as simple as copying and pasting your material.

Plagiarism Detector also offers Deep Lookup technology that performs a thorough and in-depth check. You get more degrees of plagiarism search and more result information with deep search.

You can also upload the website URL or the file for a quick and free plagiarism check if you don’t want to copy and paste your material.

While it’s a free tool, you won’t be able to enjoy limitless words, accurate reports, data safety, among other benefits without upgrading to the Go Pro plan.

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3. PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO provides a variety of user-friendly tools, including a free plagiarism checker. In this tool, you’ll paste your work on the checker, click on the reCAPTCHA, and then click on check plagiarism.

Not only will it show the percentage of accuracy but it also underlines the content that needs to be reviewed.

Its free word limit for unregistered users is 1000 words, with 1500 for registered users. To increase your limit, you need to upgrade your premium depending on the premium users.

The tool recognizes plagiarized information from the search engines, providing links to relevant sources. To avoid plagiarism, it can also make the document unique through it is paraphrasing tool.

You can upload a file to check for plagiarism, whether it’s a PDF, TXT, DOC, or DOCX format file. A Chrome extension is available so you can discover duplicate content on the internet.

PrePostSEO also ensures the integrity of the content, making it completely safe and secure. They don’t save the content in any repository since they respect your intellectual property.

Reports are available in HTML and PDF formats for download by clicking the Download Report option. Plus, the tool’s DeepSearch algorithm performs deep web searches all over the internet, and you get support for many languages including French, Dutch, Spanish, and others.

PrePostSEO offers apps for mobile devices so you can check plagiarism on the go by downloading the mobile app to your phone. The plagiarism remover tool in PrePostSEO assists you in removing duplicate content, working by phrase and by sentence to ensure that your material is completely unique.

4. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is a free online plagiarism checking service that offers a variety of high-quality SEO and content solutions.

The features in the DupliChecker platform are run by a small team of digital specialists who have a penchant for assisting online enterprises with their search and content marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization, content marketing, digital product creation, user interface design, user experience optimization, web research, and social media marketing are all areas where the DupliChecker team excels.

The tool is multilingual friendly with 100 percent privacy and deep-scanning technology, which detects plagiarized work fast while removing them instantly and providing results you can understand.

After pasting your content, click on the reCAPTCHA and then check plagiarism. It will generate a percentage report. Plus, it provides an option to make the document unique, where plagiarism is detected.

To increase your word search, you can upgrade your premium as recommended by the site.

5. Grammarly

Known for grammar and plagiarism checking, Grammarly has proved to be effective and efficient. It’s user-friendly and its features generate great content you can use on your documents or online.

The tool emphasizes that “everyone can write with confidence” and brings it to life.

The plagiarism checker on Grammarly detects plagiarism in your content as well as other writing faults. Plagiarism can be detected in ProQuest databases and more than 16 billion web pages.

You’ll also get suggestions on your grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and sentence structure. If your work contains duplicate content, the free plagiarism checker will notify you.

The plagiarism detector is part of a comprehensive writing program that includes sophisticated comments on writing mechanics such as grammar and spelling, as well as more complicated stylistic issues such as word choice, conciseness, tone, and more.

You can download Grammarly on your PC, Windows, Mac, or MS Office and enjoy its features.

With the Premium plan, you will be able to access more features that provide detailed reports and how to improve your content. The premium plagiarism checker also flags portions that require citations and provides you with the tools you need to correctly attribute your sources.

Find out more about Grammarly-like tools.

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6. Scribbr

Scribbr is an efficient plagiarism checker with a large database, and it provides a detailed report from essays to other publications.

The tool allows you access to endless web pages and publications and you can access live chat with plagiarism experts though at an affordable premium.

Powered by industry-leading anti-plagiarism software, Turnitin, a leader in plagiarism prevention, Scribbr offers everything from exact word matching to synonym switching detected by the program.

It compares your entries to the world’s largest content database, which includes over 20 languages and 91 billion web pages. You can check for self-plagiarism in documents compared to previously unpublished works, and upload past assignments, cited works, or a classmate’s paper or essay.

If you’re a student writing a paper or essay and value the confidentiality of your documents, Scribbr is perfect for you. It also gives accurate plagiarism reports so you can compare your work easily with other publications.

The free plagiarism checker is not ideal for SEO professionals, business owners, or copywriters. Your submissions will never be included in Scribbr’s content database and your academic institution will never have a 100 percent match.

7. Search Engine Reports

This plagiarism checker provides itemized feedback on plagiarized content including specific sites. Also, you can observe the analysis as it checks your content.

For students, professors, and content creators, this free plagiarism checker scans up to 1500 words for plagiarism and delivers immediate, precise plagiarism results with percentages.

The program conducts a thorough plagiarism check by examining each word in a 1500-word document and comparing it to billions of online sites. As a result, a plagiarized phrase or paragraph cannot get past it.

The results are accurate with percentages of plagiarized and unique text. The tool doesn’t take shortcuts like distinguishing between nonsensical duplication and unique material.

You also get a number of useful tools that assist you in determining the content’s originality including the ability to upload your file (PDF, DOC, DOCX, or TXT) from your computer or the cloud, or you can paste the URL of a webpage directly into our plagiarism detector.

It also provides a multilingual feature that allows you to communicate in a variety of languages and check for plagiarism for free in a variety of languages, including English, German, French, Português, Espaol, Russian, Italiano, Polish, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Norwegian, Romanian, Malay, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

8. Quetext

Quetext is a straightforward, free plagiarism checker. To use it, you just need to copy and paste your text, select the check plagiarism button, and wait for the result.

The tool displays the results of your content, the plagiarized area, and the percentage of plagiarized content.

Quetext improves your writing and citations. You get three free scans for 500 words, but if you want access to more plagiarism features, you can pay more for its Premium plan.

The tool uses DeepSearch Technology to detect mirrored content throughout your text. Three technologies come into play here: contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring.

It evaluates the text against billions of sources on the web and delivers a plagiarism score with exact or near-match content that exists online. A ColorGrade feedback feature is included with Quetext that highlights these matches or fuzzy matches with related colors.

You can resolve the plagiarism issues it detects by removing or altering the copy that’s flagged for plagiarism. The Cite Source feature is also available for you to generate citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats, which you can add to your document directly.

9. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a user-friendly, free plagiarism checker tool that provides a simplified plagiarism report. It is limited to 2500 words per month but does not delete the document. it remains in the site’s database.

With this online anti-plagiarism program, you can detect plagiarism, paraphrased content, and similar text using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) based algorithms in 100+ languages.

Copyleaks employs AI to become smarter! When “Character Replacement” and “White Ink” cheating methods are utilized, it issues a notice. It uses cutting-edge AI and Machine Learning technology to detect multiple sorts of text similarity, such as identical, similar, and paraphrased content.

For your convenience, break down its reports into an easy-to-read and intelligible report with all of the findings, similarity matches, statistics, copied sources, original text, and much more.

Its search capabilities are extensive and multi-layered such that it checks documents against each other. It also checks billions of Internet sources, licensed private databases, academic publications and archives not available on the internet, and previously submitted content on Copyleaks (does not provide your original content).

Its AI grading tool grades thousands of written tests and examinations automatically, saving you hundreds of hours of time.

You can integrate your Learning Management Systems natively in less than 30 minutes, with incredible turnkey flexibility! If you have a bespoke product, you can integrate your system with ease using its fast and dependable plagiarism API, which works with their ready-to-use code.

To check more than 2500 words, you’ll need to subscribe for a monthly premium.

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10. Plagium

Plagium has two options to check for plagiarism. Once you paste your work, you have options for a Quick Search or a Deep Search.

A quick search will provide comparisons from different sites as well as the level of plagiarized sections. With Deep Search, you are required to sign-up to access a detailed report.

Plagium can help you ensure a text’s originality by detecting and recognizing plagiarism.

Quick Search is completely free. Simply paste your text into the top text field and click Quick Search for a quick plagiarism check. You won’t be charged if you do not conduct too many searches.

11. SmallSEOTools

This plagiarism checker is easy to use. After pasting and checking the reCAPTCHA, click on check plagiarism. It will provide a percentage report and results from the search.

If it is plagiarized, click on compare, and it will bring you to the Google search engine. Google will give you the different sites to compare it with.

There are billions of online pages and this free plagiarism checker can check for plagiarism by comparing your content to billions of other webpages on the Internet. It is the most sophisticated yet fastest plagiarism scanner you will ever come across.

Once you upload your content, it will automatically run it against every existing piece of content on the web within seconds, making it the most sophisticated yet fastest plagiarism checker you will use.

It features an automatic rewriting tool that allows you to rewrite the content you run on it automatically with only one click. You can select the rewrite option to be sent to our auto-paraphrasing tool, where your content will be corrected right away for free.

12. PlagScan

For educational institutions, PlagScan provides an authentic comparison to documents, and other written material found online. This tool is user-friendly and ensures that your data is protected.

PlagScan is your personal plagiarism detector. In a few clicks, you can verify the legitimacy of a communication. All common file formats are supported by its Plagiarism Detection program.

The PlagScan Report can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The tool can accomplish it all while being simple to use, whether you require a printable PDF file or want to communicate with others in an interactive browser report.

Its key priorities are privacy and legal compliance. Just scan your documents and the tool will never share them with third parties without your permission.

13. PaperPass

This tool is used by students and does not store the uploaded documents in their database. This makes it safe to upload many documents. It can check the content with at least 400 words and in different languages within their range. You can conduct a plagiarism check almost 10 times a day.

The tool has an advanced algorithm whose detecting speed is fast, and the accuracy rate will be above 99 percent, thanks to a self-developed system of dynamic finger bypass scanning technology.

It also offers cloud computing that is distributed Increasing computational efficiency to expedite project completion.

14. Turnitin

Turnitin provides students with opportunities to improve their writing skills as well as generate original content.

You can use it to maintain academic honesty and ensure you submit original work. It also helps boost the effectiveness of your evaluation and encourages creative thinking.

High-quality, practical feedback also helps you build your original thinking skills.

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15. Plagly

This tool assures its users that it’s better than other plagiarism checkers. Its free checker is efficient and accesses billions of resources in its database.

Academic institutions have a high rate of research from assignments, essays, and other writeups. They benefit highly from Plagly which helps them reduce the levels of plagiarism.

Plagly regularly updates its data and algorithms to improve accuracy and search reports.

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Wrapping Up

Plagiarism accusations can have serious professional, academic, and legal ramifications, so it’s critical to have a strong policy in place to prevent it.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of remarkable services available that can analyze text for possible plagiarism – and they work well regardless of the type of writing you’re evaluating, from blog posts and advertisements to academic papers and news stories.

The best plagiarism checkers go above and beyond by providing links to the original, copied content, as well as grammar and language assistance.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest plagiarism detection services right here, so if you need assistance ensuring your content’s authenticity, look no further.

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