22 GeoGuessr Memes That Every Geography Fanatic Can Relate To

For those unfamiliar with GeoGuessr, it’s an exciting browser-based geography game where players guess the locations based on a Google Street View image. Players can take part in multiplayer or single-player competitions.

The game was released in 2013, a creation of Anton Wallen. For a while, it was a fridge game played by only a few players before the lockdown introduced it to more players, reaching about 40 million player accounts as of July 2022.

But one thing that makes this game such an exciting activity to pass the time is the vast collection of funny memes that get passed around. Most of the memes involve funny situations where the camera just captured people at the wrong time, and they ended up as a meme.

With thousands of memes floating around, I decided to comb the GeoGuessr world to find the most hilarious memes. Read this to the end to enjoy a hearty laugh.

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Best GeoGuessr Memes

1. Where Am I?

In this meme, the user displays an image of American flags in front of someone’s porch with the question, “Which country am I in? Unable to figure it out!”

Anyone looking at the picture can automatically tell that the image was probably taken in the United States. They’re among the few people on earth who love displaying their flags at every opportunity.

The comments under the meme offer even more humor, with people giving deliberately wrong and funny answers like “North Mexico” and “South Canada.”

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2. Thinking About Me

In this, we see the classic situation where a beautiful woman stares into space, daydreams, and asks herself whether her boyfriend thinks of her wherever he may be.

The meme then shows the said boyfriend holding onto a floating piece of tube in a stream, desperate not to drown, trying to cross Norway in a straight line. Next to them is a map of Norway with a straight line cutting through to show the path the boyfriend is taking.

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3. Karen

This meme shows a white woman standing in a space on the road designated for buses, and she’s standing like she’s about to confront someone. The caption on the meme reads, “Just ran into her; I think she was about to call Google’s manager.”

This is a tongue-in-cheek dig at the constant habit of certain white women, nicknamed Karens, who tend to confront anybody they meet over minor issues.

4. Forklift Driver

This is another funny meme that a GeoGuessr user captured by chance. It shows a forklift being driven on a highway by a Bulgarian man.

The caption on the meme seems to indicate that the man is on his way to his girlfriend’s house and decided to grab the closest set of wheels he could find, which happened to be a forklift.

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5. Funny Fight

This random meme shows two people having a go at it. It’s hard to tell if they’re in a serious fight, but judging from their clothes, it could be a cosplay game.

The two individuals are wearing red overalls, usually worn by fumigators.

Although their faces are blurred, one has their first up, ready to throw a jab, while the other is going for a swing with a piece of metal. The GeoGuessr user behind the image is trying to discover what could happen.

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6. All Fun and Games

While GeoGuessr is a fun game of trying to guess what and where different locations could be, it’s never amusing when your place pops up. This is what this user posted on the platform.

It shows two images of Joey, one with a satisfied look and another with a horrified look, both expressing the different feelings a GeoGuessr user experiences when playing the game vs. when they suddenly realize their location is the one they’re trying to guess.

7. Hilarious Tagline

Tag lines can make or break a business, and this particular car wash business captured by a GeoGuessr user is the funniest thing you’ll come across on the internet today.

It shows a pair of cars being cleaned at a car wash. The shop has its logo, name, and tagline displayed on the building.

The tagline says, “The Best Hand Job in Town,” which, as much as it describes precisely what a car wash does, also carries a different connotation. It’s probably a deliberate tagline aimed at drawing a laugh from customers.

8. Mr. Worldwide

The more you correctly guess a location on GeoGuessr, the better your scores, and this is where this hilarious meme comes in.

It shows Pitbull, the musician who popularized the Mr. Worldwide phrase, holding the globe in his hands with the caption, ” When you get a perfect score in GeoGuessr.”

9. Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a complex country to locate on the map, let alone pronounce or spell the name correctly. This meme shows people having fun at a party with that one lonesome person in the corner just observing everyone.

The caption on the meme reads, “They don’t know that I can identify Kyrgyzstan from a photo of a blurry license plate,” which implies that the person in question may lack social skills but is good at GeoGuessr games.

10. Melting Chocolate

This meme shows a chocolate gorilla sitting in a pan on the stove. It appears to be communicating its final words considering what happens when chocolate is heated.

But while it’s converting its last message about knowing where someone may be in Russia, it melts entirely before saying the essential part of the message, leaving the person it was communicating with on a cliffhanger.

11. GeoGuessr Shirt

You’ve probably come across the original version of this meme. It shows a couple walking down the road, only for the man to turn around to admire another woman passing by.

The GeoGuessr user who uploaded this added a GeoGuessr twist to it by labeling the main girlfriend as “Miss Universe,” then named the staring man as “GeoGuessr Player” while the other woman passing by is “Girl with a City Name on her Shirt.”

This meme adds a hilarious touch to the original one by implying that GeoGuessr players can’t resist the urge to get involved with anything that has a country name on it.

12. Man of Culture

This is another meme that has been making rounds on several social media sites, especially Twitter. It’s taken from an anime, and it shows a man next to a caption saying, “Ah, I see you’re a man of culture.” It’s used mainly by people who find out they have common interests.

That’s precisely what the GeoGuessr user had in mind, referring to others who play this geography game to be cultured people.

13. Forgetting to Make a Guess

This GeoGuessr meme was made to show how addictive playing the game can be to the point where you start feeling like something is amiss when you go a day without guessing a location. In this case, three levels of pain have been illustrated hilariously.

First is a headache, which only affects part of the head. Then there’s a stomach ache that only affects a section of the stomach. And finally, an illustration showing the whole body covered in pain because the user forgot to make a GeoGuessr guess.

14. Right Guess

When playing GeoGuessr, you may not always get every guess right, no matter how good you may be, but there are times when you accidentally guess the correct location randomly without intending to.

This meme shows three men, including Joe Rogan, reacting with delight. This is to showcase how excited GeoGuessr players become by making a random guess whenever they get a location right.

15. Home Country

You’re more likely to make correct GeoGuessr guesses when dealing with familiar locations in your home country than foreign ones. This is what this meme is trying to convey hilariously.

It uses a familiar character from Cars, Lightning McQueen, who says he’s speeding with a smile. This indicates that the player is much faster at identifying locations in their home country.

16. Australia

Australia is a vast country with a very expansive uninhabited section in the middle, so guessing a location there can be challenging, as illustrated by this meme.

It shows an exasperated man with that look you find in someone who just discovered that he is wrong. The original meme is another popular one that you can find on every social media platform.

17. Time Limit

GeoGuessr usually gives players a limit of two minutes to make their most correct guess on all maps. This is part of the reason why this game is so exhilarating.

This meme has created humor around the tension players feel whenever they try to guess a location with the time limit closing down on them. It compares that tension with the heartbeat of a living and dead person.

18. Sun Direction

If you’ve watched the 2002 Spiderman, you know how hilarious this line “You know, I’m something of a scientist myself” from Norman Osborne is. It showcases how proud he was of his knowledge to the point that he was willing to share his input on a matter.

The GeoGuessr player has used this meme to show how knowledgeable they are by guessing a country based on the direction of the sun, something that’s impossible in reality. But that’s what makes the humor in this meme hit.

19. American States

The United States of America has 50 states. This can be challenging for most GeoGuessr players because knowing where each state is located on the map isn’t easy.

This meme pokes fun at showing how players panic when they don’t know where they are on the map, only to relax when they realize they’re in America, only to panic worse than before when they realize they don’t know the state they’re in.

20. Tree Sign

GeoGuessr depends on Google Maps to work, and these maps are usually taken by Google cars from time to time, which means sometimes, a sign or two may be missed or obstructed.

This meme hilariously illustrates how frustrating it can be to read a sign that allows you to guess the location only to find a tree obstructing it. And with Google Maps, you can’t find a way around that, forcing you to find another way.

21. Grain of Rice

A grain of rice is very tiny, and this meme makes a hilarious comparison between finding a small unknown town on GeoGuessr and a grain of rice.

When zooming in and out on Google Maps, finding anything you’re looking for can be challenging, considering how expansive the map can be. Especially when dealing with huge countries like Russia and the United States.

22. Cyrillic Signs

Most Slavic countries use the Cyrillic alphabet, which also translates to their maps. This can be very challenging for English-speaking GeoGuessr players because they may be unable to properly read and understand the signs they see when playing the game.

This meme takes a humorous dig on that by showing a sinking arm asking for help only to get a high-five instead and eventually sinking.

Have They Tickled You?

GeoGuessr is a fun game for passing the time with players who greatly appreciate the humor.

There are countless other funny memes you can run into when you start playing the game, including the inside jokes that you’ll develop with other players over time.

So try it when you can.

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