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10 Best GeoGuessr Alternatives (Free Included) 2022

Released in 2013, GeoGuessr is a geography game platform. It uses Google Maps street view to showcase images, while players guess the location. 

GeoGuessr used to be free. You could access all the features without paying but now, it’s a premium platform.

The free version is limited with minimal quality, which has made the platform less appealing to users. 

If you’re a GeoGuessr user and you need an alternative, check out the 10 best GeoGuessr alternatives below. The list includes free alternatives as well.

Best GeoGuessr Alternatives (Free Included)

1. Seterra

The Seterra app lets you learn geography while having fun. It features geography quizzes on every continent and country in the world.

With this platform, you’ll learn more about country capitals, cities, rivers, lakes, and others. 

In addition to quizzes, Seterra features several geography printables – pdf maps of countries and cities. 

You can access more game modes with Seterra than GeoGuessr. GeoGuessr features five game modes – explorer mode, country streak, pro leagues, daily challenge, and battle royale.

Meanwhile, Seterra features nine game modes including show all, learn, multiple, choice, pin, pin hard, type, type easy, and type with auto-complete.

You can easily switch from one game mode to another while playing. 

Although you can create a map with the map maker on GeoGuessr, with Seterra, you have to customize an existing map quiz to create a custom quiz. 

While GeoGuessr can be translated into 10 different languages, Seterra can be translated into 39 different languages.

This makes Seterra a better GeoGuessr alternative. 

Seterra Pricing

You can access Seterra for free online.

However, you can only access quizzes and printables. To enjoy its gameplay, you should download the Seterra mobile app for your Android or iOS device.

Here are its pricing details:

  • iOS App – $1.99 one-time payment
  • Android App – $1.99 one-time payment

Seterra also features several membership levels for the online version with different pricing plans, which include:

  • Membership Level 1 – $1 per month
  • Membership Level 2 – $5 per month
  • Membership Level 3 – $10 per month 

Verdict: Seterra requires a one-time payment for the mobile app, while GeoGuessr charges subscriptions. Hence, Seterra is more affordable than GeoGuessr. 

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2. PlayGeography

Play Geography features some interesting geography maps.

The platform is owned by TeachMe. Notably, TeachMe is a platform that provides educational games and apps that are used by millions of users. 

Aside from PlayGeography, other TeachMe games include MathGames, TypeRacer, and EdShelf. In fact, PlayGeography features up to 92 geographical maps with over 12,000 questions.

Similar to GeoGuessr, there are five different game modes you can play on PlayGeography. However, the game modes on both platforms are very different. 

PlayGeography game modes include country location, flags, capitals, and country provinces. Each mode features more than 10 games with most of them having up to 30 quiz questions.

You can set different difficulty modes for each game mode. Not to mention, each game is timed and the faster you answer your question, the higher the points you earn. 

The PlayGeography platform is completely free to use. You can play all game modes at zero cost, but it is only available online via the website.

While GeoGuessr features applications for mobile devices, PlayGeography does not. 

As a result, using GeoGuessr is a lot more comfortable than using PlayGeography. Nevertheless, the PlayGeography website is responsive on any device type. Also, users don’t need to download or install anything. 

Another con of PlayGeography is that you don’t get many help resources compared to GeoGuessr that features a help center and user forum.

You can only message the platform owners via email or by mailing their addresses. A contact form is featured as well. 

Verdict: GeoGuessr has more specialized game modes than PlayGeography. However, PlayGeography features a larger amount of quiz questions. Furthermore, you don’t spend money to use PlayGeography although the platform is web-based only.

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3. City Guesser – Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative

Here is a noteworthy, free GeoGuessr alternative on our list. The developer was inspired by GeoGuessr and he developed the game in 2020 right after GeoGuessr became more premium than free.

However, it’s a lot more simplistic than GeoGuessr is.

It is a browser-based geography game launched and available to everyone. Despite being relatively new, City Guesser has been featured on top sites like PCGamer, Product Hunt, and The Burn-In. 

To play, all you need to do is to select any location, set the difficulty, and start guessing. You can select worldwide, USA, Europe, and Asia. Notably, City Guesser lets you play monument trivia.

You get to explore different monuments from different parts of the world. 

City Guesser features four game modes which include streaks, multiplayer, walking tour, and driving tour. The notable game mode here is the multiplayer mode.

If you want to play GeoGuessr with your friends, you’ll have to play in breaks. With City Guesser, you and your friends can compete against each other via game rooms. 

City Guesser features different giveaways to help users know their locations. This includes things like license plates, language, flags, business names, and road signs.

You can access similar giveaways with GeoGuessr, but it is only very visible with the pro version. The free version isn’t of high quality, so these giveaways aren’t easily seen. 

You can use City Guesser for free. The platform doesn’t charge yet, but you can enjoy a top-notch gaming experience as there are no ads on the platform.

Optionally, you can help the developer financially by donating money for server costs.

Verdict: City Guesser was modeled after GeoGuessr. This makes the platform one of the best free GeoGuessr alternatives. The multiplayer features give City Guesser a major boost over GeoGuessr.

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4. Geotastic

Geotastic is a crowdfunded geography game. The game is simple; you interpret your surroundings to find out where you are.

It’s a flexible game such that you can move around your surroundings with a street view or guess using the maps. Also, players get free guesses that act as hints.

Suffice it to say, Geotastic is another GeoGuessr alternative that supports multiple players. Users can either create a local game, for a single-player mode, or an online lobby game, for multiplayer games.

For multiplayer, only the creator needs to have an account. Other players can join the lobby and play without even owning an account.

Aside from the single-player and multiplayer game modes, Geotastic also features a challenge mode.

This is relatively similar to the daily challenge mode that GeoGuessr features. Generally, GeoGuessr features more game losses and locations than Geotastic. 

As a Geotastic user, there are few customization options for you. Ideally, you can create your own maps with Geostatic, just like with GeoGuessr.

You’ll have to contact the developer if there’s any map you would like to add which isn’t featured. The same applies to other improvements. 

While you pay to access all of GeoGuessr’s features, you can access all of Geotastic for free. However, the platform is crowdfunded.

The developer isn’t paying server costs with their own money but with money from donations.

Hence, as a Geostatic user, you’re expected to donate. The platform will crash when donations stop coming in.

You can donate via PayPal or SEPA bank transfer. Donations can be any amount with some users donating as little as €0.50 and others as much as €15. 

Verdict: The advantage of Geotastic over GeoGuessr is that Geotastic is free to use and you can play single-player and multiplayer modes. 

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5. GetLost

GetLost is another alternative that was inspired by GeoGuessr. It’s a street view app that uses street view maps to display random locations for users to identify them.

With no verification required, you can create an account to play in seconds. 

This alternative doesn’t feature multiple game modes like GeoGuessr. However, its gameplay is unique. Users can identify the location on their screen by studying the street-side images or they can guess by clicking anywhere on the featured map.

GetLost features locations from all over the world but most are in North America and India.

The points you get from each right guess depend on the proximity to the actual location. The lesser the distance in miles, the higher your points.

For instance, you can earn up to 20,000 points for a distance less than five miles and just 50 points for a distance over 500 miles.

Each game session consists of five rounds and you’re scored for each round. At the end of the fifth round, the total points earned is your game summary. 

If you need help with the GetLost game, you can contact the developers via a contact form. The website doesn’t feature help resources like GeoGuessr. 

GetLost Pricing 

You can use GetLost for free to play just one game session of five rounds per day. Here are its premium pricing options.

  • Pro Monthly Plan – $3 per month
  • Pro Yearly Plan – $24 per year 

Verdict: GetLost and GeoGuessr have similar pricing plans. However, the advantage with GetLost is that you can always play one full game session per day for free. 

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6. Hide & Seek World 

Once again, Hide & Seek World is a geo game developed out of inspiration by GeoGuessr. However, Hide & Seek World is notably different from GeoGuessr as the platform is strictly multiplayer.

You can either join a random game or create a game to play with friends. 

There are two game multiplayer game modes: Classic Match, where you hide and find your friends, and Find Wolly, where you and your friends compete to find the mascot.

The Hide & Seek world multiplayer game modes are interesting. You hide somewhere, in any location of your choice, while other players try to guess your location. 

Hence, there’s one hider and multiple seekers. Each seeker earns points depending on how close their guess is. The seeker with the highest points after a game session wins.

To join a game, simply enter your name, pick a color and join. You don’t need to sign up to join a random multiplayer game. Sign-up is only needed if you are playing with friends. 

On the Hide & Seek World website, there are live leaderboards for players with the best scores and the most wins. Up to 200 players are featured which shows that lots of people play Hide & Seek World.

Hide & Seek World Pricing

Hide & Seek World features a free version where you can play 2 games per day. To access all features of the game, you’ll have to pay for any of its paid plans:

  • Pro Plan – $2 per month 
  • Premium Plan – $4 per month 

Verdict: If you want to play multiplayer geo guessing games, Hide & Seek World is one of the best GeoGuessr alternatives to consider.

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7. World Geography Games 

This platform was developed for kids and adults alike who want to test and improve their knowledge of geography. 

It features several stimulating map games and it is not just about guessing locations. You can take a geographical quiz about countries, flags, capitals, regions, mountains, deserts, etc.

Like GeoGuessr, World Geography Games features maps of 193 countries (UN member states).

However, it includes some Asian, Caribbean, and South American countries. With World Geography Games, you don’t need to create an account. 

World Geography Games features more game types than GeoGuessr. You can try geographical trivia on just about any geographical factor.

Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, you can take a quiz on volcanoes, islands, atmosphere, etc. 

For each game round, you can score up to 25 points. The number of attempts before it takes to get the correct answer will determine the number of points you earn in a particular round.

You can make an unlimited amount of attempts.

Similar to GeoGuessr, World Geography Games can be translated into seven different languages. This includes English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Polish, and Dutch. 

Since you don’t have to create an account to play games on the World Geography Games website, you don’t have to pay for it either.

World Geography Games is only available on the web. It doesn’t feature mobile applications like GeoGuessr. 

Verdict: You can enjoy a lot more geographical games on World Geography Games than on GeoGuessr. Also, you don’t pay to use World Geography Games. 

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8. Ducksters

Ducksters is another top GeoGuessr alternative on our list. 

Aside from geography, you can learn about history, biography, science, and more on the platform. The Geography section lets you learn about world countries and more. 

There are different mapping games featured on the platform. In fact, Ducksters is an ideal GeoGuessr alternative for learning about US Geography and US states.

Likewise, this platform covers all continents. 

You can take a quiz to identify different geographical features including topography, oceans, lakes, deserts, glaciers, islands, ecosystems, etc. There are other maps like the US political map and the Antarctic. 

GeoGuessr and Ducksters both feature different game modes. With Ducksters, you can play geography crossword puzzles, geography word searches, guess the country, geography hangman, and several others. 

Like most GeoGuessr alternatives mentioned, Ducksters scores players based on the accuracy of their guesses. 

For each round, you’re entitled to three guesses. You get a deduction for each failed guess and you’ll be shown the correct location after exhausting all three guesses.

Ducksters is web-based only and the website is not mobile responsive. If you want to enjoy Ducksters geography games, you’ll have to make use of a PC. 

The GeoGuessr free version is very limited, but you can access all of Ducksters’ games for free. 

Verdict: GeoGuessr is a premium platform, while Ducksters is a free platform with interesting geography games. 

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9. Lizard Point

This is an online quiz platform for geography and other subjects like art, math, etc. Its name is derived from a location on the Lizard peninsula in Great Britain. 

It was launched to foster fun education and unlike GeoGuessr, using Lizard Point is free. The website only features ads and users can donate to help with its upkeep.

There are various types of quiz modes you can access on Lizard Point. The most popular is the country of Europe Quiz that allows you to identify European countries on the map.

Just like you can create your maps with GeoGuessr, you can create customized quizzes with Lizard Point. It’s easy as you just pick questions about places you’re interested in.

If you’re a teacher, Lizard Point is more ideal for teaching students than GeoGuessr. You can create a teacher account and set up fun geography classes and quizzes.

Hence, you can monitor each student’s performance using the Personalized Quiz Tracker.

Students can join these classes and quizzes when you share them, and they don’t need to create an account.

Notably, Lizard Point features a Study Mode. The Study Mode comprises several materials on countries and states (most especially US states).

In this mode, you can learn about countries and states using the materials and at the end, you’re given a quiz. There are also practice and strict test modes. 

The only con of Lizard Point, compared to GeoGuessr, is that the website isn’t responsive on mobile and it’s web-based only. 

Verdict: Lizard Point is an ideal GeoGuessr alternative for teachers and schools. Also, it’s free to use.

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10. Zoomtastic 

Zoomtastic is a simple GeoGuessr alternative but also a very educational one. It doesn’t require registration or creating an account. Notably, Zoomtastic’s gameplay is unique and requires speed. 

You get a view of a random country and you have just 30 seconds to guess the name of the country.

As the timer reads, the map gradually zooms out which gives you more hints to guess the country correctly.

During the last 20 seconds, you’ll be presented with four possible answers and you get to choose which is correct. 

You can play without time limits. When you attain high scores, you become one of the best players and you’ll be featured in the top 100 players list on the website. 

Zoomtastic features only one game mode, unlike GeoGuessr that features about four different game modes.

A major disadvantage of Zoomtastic is that you cannot enjoy its gameplay on mobile devices. Hence, Zoomtastic is best played on a desktop or laptop. 

Verdict: Although you can play Zoomtastic on mobile phones, it’s an ideal GeoGuessr alternative because it is free and it has unique gameplay. 

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Wrapping Up – What Is The Best GeoGuessr Alternative?

You can go with any of the 10 platforms listed above as a GeoGuessr alternative. However, Seterra is recommended as the best alternative to GeoGuessr. 

Interestingly, Seterra has more than 400 free map quizzes you can play, while its mobile app requires a one-time payment.

Furthermore, with support for 39 major languages, it is ideal for multilingual users.