GTA V GeoGuesser – The Complete Guide

BMG Interactive released the first Grand Theft Auto (GTA) title in 1997. To date, the game is still super popular, thanks to its brilliant gameplay.

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If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you should be familiar with some of GTA’s most successful titles. GTA V, released in 2013, is one such title.

Have you played GTA V GeoGuesser? It’s relatively unique compared to most other geography guessing games.

To find out more about GTA V GeoGuesser, stay with me through the article. I’ll talk about how to play the game, various modes, pricing, and also some of the best alternatives to GTA V GeoGuesser.

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What Is GTA V GeoGuesser?

GTA V GeoGuesser is a geography game for Grand Theft Auto lovers – specifically, GTA V lovers.

It’s a relatively simple game that tests your knowledge of the GTA world. You’ll find the game exciting if you consider yourself a GTA pro.

Like in other geography guessing games, you simply need to identify a location on a map. However, in this case, the locations are from the GTA V game.

Furthermore, GTA V GeoGuesser doesn’t require you to get the exact location. The game grades users with points, and you earn points by the proximity of your guess to the location.

In other words, even if you’re miles away from being correct, you’ll still get a few points. On the other hand, if you’re a few meters away, you get higher points.

GTA V GeoGuesser is a free game; interestingly, you can begin playing without creating an account. As a result, the game isn’t restricted to GTA V players. You can still try out the game even if you don’t play any GTA games.

It’s helpful in learning about locations, like any geography guesser, as GTA V is set in San Andreas, California. Hence, even though it’s a game, it features an actual geographical location.

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How To Play GTA V GeoGuesser?

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need an account to play GTA V GeoGuesser. All you need to do is to visit the website and click the “Start Playing” button.

If you want to play GTA V GeoGuesser, it’s best if you use a laptop or PC. The game doesn’t display well on mobile browsers.

When you click the “Start Playing” button, the website redirects you to the settings page. You have four modes to choose from on this page: easy, medium, hard, and custom.

What Are The GTA V GeoGuesser Game Modes?

Easy Mode

As you’d expect, this is the simplest mode to play the game. When in easy mode, you can play GTA V GeoGuesser without any feature limitations.

More specifically, you play with in-game movements active and without any timer countdown. You can play with others via the multiplayer option in easy mode.

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Medium Mode

Medium mode increases the difficulty a bit. In this mode, you play GTA V GeoGuesser with some movement limitations. In particular, only camera movement is enabled.

Furthermore, you get a 45-second timer countdown. Not completing the game before the time runs down will earn you zero points. The medium mode also supports multiplayer.

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Hard Mode

In hard mode, you won’t get any movement. You still get a geographical location, but you can’t move around to get clues.

Undoubtedly, it’ll be much more challenging to guess the location in this mode. As a result, it’s only ideal for GTA V veterans. Not to mention it has a 30-second timer countdown – fifteen seconds less than the medium mode.

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Custom Mode

You can tweak the GTA V GeoGuesser mode settings to your preference in custom mode.

For example, the hard mode has a 30-second countdown, but you can increase it to 50 or higher. Or perhaps you want to add a timer to the easy mode. It’s also customizable.

Notably, when you make changes to the default configurations of the easy, medium, or hard modes, they automatically change to custom mode.

After choosing and customizing your game mode, click on “Start Game” to continue. Then, the website will redirect you to the game environment.

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Game Environment

When the game launches, you get a street view of the location in GTA V. Meanwhile, the GTA V map is displayed at the bottom right. The map expands when you hover your mouse above it.

Depending on your difficulty mode, you can drag the screen or scroll your mouse to scan the location to find clues.

The street view is relatively interesting and of good quality. You can even read text written on sign boards and other surfaces. All of these make it easy for you to guess the location.

In some areas, you’ll find a button with upward-pointing arrows. These arrows are helpful for navigation and are also interesting clues. You can simply click to move in the direction of the arrow.

At the top-left, there are plus and minus buttons for zooming. If you are sure of the location or have an idea at least, click on the map at the bottom right – not on the “Guess” button.

Next, click on the area on the map that you believe the location is, and then click on the “Guess” button. You immediately get a score at the bottom of the screen.

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Your score will be high if your guess is accurate, and the game draws a line from the actual location to your guess. That way, you can learn if you come across the location next time.

You can continue playing by clicking the “Play Next Round” button. The game has five rounds, which you must complete with sufficient points before moving to the next level.

That’s simply how to play the GTA V GeoGuesser game. You’ll agree that it’s a simple yet exciting game.

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Multiplayer Mode

GTA V GeoGuesser has a multiplayer mode where you can compete against other players. Setting up multiplayer mode is straightforward.

You’ll find the multiplayer option on the settings dashboard where you choose the game mode. Select it, and you’ll get additional options.

While you don’t need an account to play GTA V GeoGuesser, you must enter a username to use multiplayer mode. It can be anything, as long as it’s different from what the other players use.

Next, copy the room link in the box and share it with the other players – you can play with more than one person in multiplayer mode.

You can also join someone else’s multiplayer game. Simply get the link from them and paste it into the room link box – you’ll have to delete the auto-generated one.

As you play in multiplayer mode, the game displays a list of players ranked according to points. That way, you can view the best players in real time.

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Does GTA V GeoGuesser Have A Mobile App?

In a world where mobile devices rule, it’s typical to expect a mobile app from any popular platform. Unfortunately, GTA V GeoGuesser doesn’t feature a mobile app. You can only access the game via a browser.

You can load GTA V GeoGuesser in your mobile browser on your Android or iOS device. However, you won’t get the best experience. While you can scan the location, you’ll be unable to hover or click on the map to make a guess.

As a result, GTA V GeoGuesser isn’t a geography guessing game you should play on your mobile phone. You should use a desktop device.

How Much Does GTA V GeoGuesser Cost?

GTA V GeoGuesser is a 100 percent free geography guessing game for GTA lovers. As mentioned before, you don’t even need to own an account to play.

However, if you play the game and you love it, you can choose to donate to the developers. The developers welcome and encourage donations as it helps them keep the platform afloat.

You can donate easily via PayPal. Alternatively, you can sign up to be a patron via Patreon. When you join Patreon, you almost become a subscriber, as you can sign up for a monthly membership.

Nevertheless, remember that it’s voluntary and only to support the developers.

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GTA V GeoGuesser Support

You can contact the developers via email if you have questions or issues accessing the GTA V GeoGuesser game.

When you send an email, it takes around one to two business days to get a reply. For faster and better support, you should use the Discord channel.

GTA V GeoGuesser has a public Discord channel that any player can join. You can join by clicking the “Join Discord” button on the website’s homepage.

The Discord channel has up to 650 members, and you can expect at least 60 to be online at any given time. Once you accept the Discord invite, you become part of the community and can chat, talk, and hang out with others.

You can post your questions and issues on Discord. Using the Discord channel is ideal because you won’t be getting help from the developers alone but from other users like yourself.

Furthermore, you can make your gaming experience more engaging with Discord features like video and voice messaging.

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What Are The Differences Between GTA V GeoGuesser & Geoguessr?

Some GTA players confuse GTA V GeoGuesser with GeoGuessr, notably because the latter is more popular and they have similar names. However, they are two different platforms.

GTA V GeoGuesser is exclusive to the GTA V world. On the other hand, GeoGuessr covers the world, spanning countries and continents.

As a result, there are more locations to guess and game levels to play in GeoGuessr than in GTA V GeoGuesser.

Another significant difference is that you need an account to play GeoGuessr. You can sign up via email or your Facebook, Google, or Apple account.

Furthermore, GeoGuessr is one of the best geography guessing games for mobile users. It features mobile apps, which GTA V GeoGuesser doesn’t have.

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Does GTA V GeoGuesser Help In Playing GTA V?

Image by João Ferrão via Unsplash

To play GTA V GeoGuesser, you should be conversant with locations in GTA V. However, it also works vice-versa. In other words, you can play GTA V GeoGuesser to get acquainted with locations in GTA V.

Therefore, in some ways, playing GTA V GeoGuesser can help you become a better GTA V player. Studying the GTA V map during active gameplay can be distracting and challenging.

If you get very good at GTA V GeoGuesser, you can memorize the whole map of GTA V. It’s possible as many GTA players know the game map by heart.

In the long run, you’ll find it easier to navigate the GTA V world in active gameplay. You won’t get lost and can quickly locate useful places when you need help.

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Best GTA V GeoGuesser Alternatives

GTA V GeoGuesser isn’t the only geography guessing game you can play online. Some of the best alternatives to try out include:

1. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is arguably the most popular geography guessing game on the internet, with more than 30 million players.

It lets you guess locations from all over the world. As a result, unlike GTA V GeoGuesser, you won’t be limited to one place.

Notably, you can play GeoGuessr for free, and it supports multiplayer, which means you can play with friends.

Furthermore, you can compete in public competitions – tournaments and events – against players from all over the world. It’s an ideal GTA V GeoGuesser alternative if you want more interaction.

GeoGuessr is simple to play. You get a street view panorama of a location when you load the game and can scan around to find clues and ultimately identify the location.

The game is available online, but you can play it more conveniently by downloading the mobile app. The GeoGuessr mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and you can download it from their respective app stores.

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2. GtaGuessr

You can use GtaGuessr if you need a geography guessing game exclusive to GTA, just like GTA V GeoGuesser.

The game is intuitive and relatively interesting. To play, you only need to enter a name – you don’t have to create an account.

While you can only play GTA V GeoGuesser online, GtaGuessr gives you more options. You can play the game via the mobile app on iPhone and Android devices.

GtaGuessr focuses on GTA5, and you simply need to follow the character and guess the places he’s at. To help you, the game features clues and hints in different corners.

Currently, GtaGuessr has more than 1,960 locations, and the admins add new locations every Monday. As a new player, you’ll need to identify these locations one after the other until you complete them all.

Afterward, the game will generate random locations for you to identify. You get to deal with five locations in each game level and score up to 500 in each round.

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3. Geotastic

Geotastic is another relatively popular geography game, compared to GTA V GeoGuesser. The game doesn’t feature a GTA world but the real world.

You need an account to play Geotastic, and creating one is easy. The game is free to play, but you can donate to become a supporter. Supporters get some exclusive features.

For example, you can only create custom maps on Geotastic if you’re a supporter. Regular users can only access the community maps.

Furthermore, supporters enjoy an ad-free gaming experience. Since it’s free, the ad revenue is how the developers keep the game alive. Nevertheless, you’ll still find Geotastic interesting as a regular user.

The game is ideal as a GTA V GeoGuesser alternative if you want more competition from other users. It features seasonal rewards, and you can compete in classic and ranked modes.

Like GTA V GeoGuesser, Geotastic has a Discord channel where players can interact. In addition, the platform has an active community on Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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4. City Guesser

Created by VirtualVacation, City Guesser is simply what the name says. The game lets you guess cities and locations worldwide, but you can narrow it down to specific countries.

City Guesser features exclusive maps of different countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Similarly, it has exclusive maps of the world’s famous cities.

Undoubtedly, you get more maps on City Guesser than on GTA V GeoGuesser and even some of its alternatives on this list.

Aside from city and country maps, you’ll find coastal, nighttime, snowy landscape, capitals, restaurants, and monument maps.

You can play City Guesser for free. You only have to select a map and set the difficulty. The game also has a multiplayer version.

City Guesser and GTA V GeoGuesser have one notable similarity. Neither of the two games has a mobile app, and they’re best played on a desktop.

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5. GeoGuess

GeoGuess is an open-source geographic game and a fork of the GeoGuess Master game. It’s free, but you’ll need to self-host. The option to self-host significantly differs from GTA V GeoGuesser, where you simply click and play.

Nevertheless, self-hosting GeoGuess is simple. The platform lets you deploy to popular cloud hosting platforms like Netlify and Vercel.

GeoGuess doesn’t limit you to a particular region. The game uses Google Map StreetView to feature global locations; notably, you can create custom maps.

Like GTA V GeoGuesser, GeoGuess features different gaming modes. In particular, you’ll find the TimeAttack mode interesting, especially when playing with others.

Therefore, GeoGuess supports multiplayer mode. When setting up the multiplayer mode, you can limit the number of players, map locations, and game run time.

When playing GeoGuess, you must complete five rounds to pass a level. You simply need to place a marker on the map to guess a location.

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Bottom Line

GTA V GeoGuesser is a simple game to test your knowledge of the GTA V world. It’s free to play with different game modes, and you can play with others in multiplayer mode. Playing the game can help improve your GTA V mastery.

If you want to try other options though, pick one of the alternatives listed above. All are equally good.

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