10 Best Glary Utilities Alternatives

Glary Utilities is one of the PC cleaners in the market. It is an all-in-one computer cleaning tool that you should consider if you are searching for a proven PC cleaner.

That being said, Glary Utilities has some downsides that cannot be ignored. For starters, its user interface is not friendly especially for new users and it takes a toll on your PC speed-wise.

Also, Glary does not have an inbuilt tool to keep your PC safe and secure and frankly, you can get a better deal on other platforms at the same price or cheaper.

Here are 10 of the best Glary Utilities alternatives that you may want to consider.

10 Best Glary Utilities Alternatives


Avast is a popular company in the PC cleaning space that is known for producing high-quality security tools. Although over the years, users’ opinions of Avast’s products may have varied, the company remains one that has been proven to meet industry standards.

If you already knew about Avast before reading this article, chances are that you know it for its premium security capabilities, but its scope goes beyond that. Avast will help you clean your dirty computer to ensure that it becomes optimized and performance improves significantly.

This Glary Utilities alternative has a couple of features that are relatively basic and simple to use, yet very effective.

One of the things it is most known for is removing old uninstalled files. In fact, this is the first thing that the software uses to optimize your computer. These old files may not be seriously harmful to your computer but they take away a lot of space on your hard disk drive which can slow down the performance of certain areas of your operating system.

While at it, Avast also removes old software data as one of its core features. The tool is greatly designed to take out junk temporary files that have become defunct and obsolete but have remained on your computer thereby taking up valuable space.

Avast also helps in registry cleanup utilities. The tool will scan your computer’s registry key and hives in the hopes of finding inconsistent entries and errors that are responsible for slowing down the PC.

The software will also disable apps that affect your computer because of their heavy boot time. These applications do not need to be automatically invoked any time you restart your PC, so Avast will see to it that they are handled.


Avast has a similar pricing model for almost all of its digital products.

You usually have two options: You can pair with a couple of users to obtain their license, which is cheaper, or you can get the product as a single user.

While Avast costs slightly more than Glary Utilities, it does have some great features that you will not find in the latter. It has a 30-day refund policy, so you can always get your money back if it doesn’t work out the way you envision it.

You can find out more about their different subscription plan on the Avast website.

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CleanMyPC is one of the best Glary Utilities alternatives that is designed to clean up your PC by going through your hard drive and clearing out the junk and registry errors that may be responsible for slowing down your system.

This software has a couple of great features that make it a top pick on this list, one of which is obviously its PC cleaning ability.

Even if you run CleanMyPC only after a few weeks of not scanning your computer, it will still manage to find a huge amount of unnecessary files more than you will get with Glary Utilities.

While Glary Utilities allows you to see the files that it has flagged for deletion before you finally remove them, something that is significantly absent in CleanMyPC, the latter still comes out top when it comes to which tool can thoroughly comb through your hard drive and free up more space.

One catchy feature that is unique to CleanMyPC is that you can set a capsize on your recycle bin to limit the number of files that you want on your HDDs or external file devices. When your storage is full, CleanMyPC automatically recognizes it and initiates a process to free up space for you.

The tool is quite easy to use. You only need to hit the scan and clean button to reclaim a huge amount of space on your computer.

CleanMyPC also has no tolerance for registry issues. The software is as thorough in finding such issues to fix as Glary Utilities can be, and the process is again easy to run.

This tool also helps you to tidy up your files and extensions that remain on your computer after uninstalling some programs. While this exercise may not free up as much space as the earlier activities, it does help to keep your computer clean and organized.

CleanMyPC also keeps applications that run at startup at bay to improve the running and boot-up time of your computer and you can also secure erase files with this software and render them completely unrecoverable.

This tool is easy to use as within a few minutes of installing it on your system you will be able to deploy it immediately to reclaim lost space from unwanted files.


CleanMyPC offers a free trial that allows you to perform a one-time cleanup of up to 500MB and 50 registry items. If you are satisfied with the product, you can purchase a single or shared license. You will find more information about the pricing points on the website.

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AVG TuneUp

AVG TuneUp is a great Glary Utilities Alternative that is used by novices and experts to maintain their computers, so even if you don’t know about computer cleaners and why and when you need them, you can get AVG for your system and it will help you out.

AVG gives you access to a variety of tools that you can use to optimize the speed on your PC and free up valuable spaces through file deletion and everything else that comes in between.

It is worthy to note that the impact you feel once you install AVG on your system depends on the age of your machine. For example, if you have just newly acquired a computer and you run AVG on it, you may not notice a lot of differences since new systems are already running at top performance.

However, if your computer is older, you will notice a significant improvement in boot time and HDD space after you run the application.

The software is safe to use and, unlike Glary Utilities, offers free antivirus software when you start using it.

That being said, like a lot of programs, AVG can interact with your computer and change how it operates, so you should be careful to review anything that it shows you before you apply any of the changes that it suggests.

One area that you should look out for are large files. When you initiate AVG to free up disk space, it sometimes flags heavy files such as older restore points that you may want to retain on your computer.

From inside the software, you can delete extra files or clear your cache. In the process, you can look out for extremely heavy files and folders and even uninstall programs that are no longer useful without leaving any residue.


AVG offers a free service and a paid one. You can first download and use the application for free for 30 days to check that the features are a perfect match for you.

If you want to still use the app after that, then you can purchase the premium license on a monthly basis. You can find out more about these plans on the official website.

Norton Utilities

Norton Utilities is a Glary Utilities alternative that we use to trash registry issues, delete just files, and improve the overall system performance of a computer.

In the process, Norton frees up space within your computer.

Norton can work on PCs that are running Windows 10, 8, and 7. The software mostly supports 32 bit which is rare in the cleaning tool space. Glary Utilities will only work with 64 bit. While Windows XP is out of vogue and no one should be using it, Norton can still keep a computer running on that operating system.

Its system requirements are nothing too crazy. Norton can work on a system that has at least 100MB space and has a PC screen that is 1024 by 768 px. Essentially, the application can run on any modern-day computer

Unlike Glary Utilities, Norton does not have a free version that you can use to test out the tool before you commit your money to it. So in order for you to try it, you must part ways with a fortune.

Norton Utilities has a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate. The main part is the display dashboard that shows the health of your computer, how much time it would take third-party apps to launch, the amount of space that is free on your hard drive, and a single click icon that you can use to quickly initiate scanning and cleaning.

Norton has similar features as Glary Utilities that enable it to keep an eye on files to spot out the unnecessary ones.


Norton Utilities does not have a demo version so if you want access to its features, you will have to order the paid one for a license to a single computer or many users.

Ashampoo WinOptimizer 18

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is another Glary Utilities alternative that is used to clean PCs and optimize the operating system.

The tool has become a go-to application because of the services it provides for maximum cleaning of computers and other features.

The app has undergone several upgrades just to make sure that it meets users’ everyday requirements and I applaud the makers for that.

One of the improvements in this software that has been quite noticeable is the upgrade of its integrated PC modules. This portion of the software houses all the applications needed to scan your computer and remove any unnecessary elements that are hindering its performance.

The tool now supports the new Microsoft Edge browser and is also able to clean all other known web browsers thereby making WinOptimizer one of the few options available for users who care about a PC cleaner capable of cleaning their browsers alongside other portions of the computer, while maintaining maximum PC privacy.

Another feature that the application has is its new Defrag tool that resolves the issue of TRIM and ultimately helps to maximize the space in your SSD drives.

WinOptimizer can perform a thorough cleaning of your PC and not only remove registry entries and junk files. It can also clear browser junks and remove broken application residue that has been hampering the performance of your PC and using up valuable space.

It is very easy to use this application. It has an obvious ‘clean’ button on its dashboard that you can use to tell the state of your computer and what needs to be removed to improve performance.

The analysis is automatically initiated once you open the dashboard on your computer. It will show you a snapshot of what can be cleaned and mostly features categories such as web browsers, junk files, registry, and more.

You can clean each session individually, which is recommended to ensure that you remove only what you are absolutely sure that you no longer need on your PC.

WinOptimizer also has a one-click optimizer tool that lets you perform a full system clean at once.

My favorite features on the applications are the startup, SSD, and internet tuners. These tools work for different purposes, but their goal is ultimately the same.

The startup tuner is set to handle applications that automatically start anytime you boot your PC thereby slowing down booting time. The SSD and internet tuner work based on similar principles, but for the computer’s SSD drive and when you are surfing the internet respectively.


Compared to Glary Utilities, WinOptimizer 18 is relatively cheap. You can get a license that can cover up to 20 systems for as low as $49.99.

The company usually offers a lot of great deals on their website so you can check their updated prices and see if they currently have any discount offers.

Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is a Glary Utilities alternative that allows you to optimize your system performance with its many features.

One noticeable difference between Glary Utilities and Wise Disk is that the latter allows you to schedule cleaning sessions, whereas Glary Utilities does not.

Wise Disk Cleaner also allows you to set the types of files that you want to delete from your computer so that you do not unknowingly delete necessary files in the process, although it is still important that you select all the files that are capable of causing clutter in your computer.

You can remove unwanted files from Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari with Wise Disk. The software targets cache and cookies which could cause you to lose all the passwords that you have saved on your browser, so it is always advisable to store your passwords elsewhere before you embark on browser cleaning.

Wise Disk Cleaner has a clean and user-friendly interface, so you won’t have a lot of trouble using it, even if you are a new user.


Wise Disk has a free version that is available on all computer operating systems. The free version has a lot of features compared to free versions of some of its alternatives, so it is perfect for PC users that do not intend to spend money on a cleaner.

If you want a version that provides additional services such as protecting your PC from malware, then you will have to opt for the paid plan.

You can find out more about Wise Disk pricing on their website.


SlimCleaner is a Glary Utilities alternative that uses aggregated data compiled from its user base to optimize the performance of computers. It is a perfect blend of social network and utility and does a bang-up job of ensuring that your PC is at top performance.

It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 computers and requires that you have access to the internet to download it in case of any additional update that you may need.

It is quite easy to use. When you touch the option to analyze your PC, the software spits out a list of problems that you will need to fix.

It also has a web browser cleaner, but unlike some of its alternatives, does not require that you save your passwords elsewhere as it stores them for you.

That’s not all that SlimCleaner does. It also allows you to determine which of your products boots whenever you launch your computer. It also has an uninstaller and a shredder that you can use to remove files from your PC without leaving any trace.


SlimCleaner has a free version that is stacked with features and a paid one that aids you in securing your PC by recognizing out-of-date anti-viruses.

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner is a Glary Utilities alternative that has several uses. It can be used to erase duplicate images that you have stored in your folder.

It has an advanced visual comparison system that is absent in Glary Utilities and can easily spot which images you have saved more than once. Images are not the only things that can be identified by this tool. It can also locate duplicate files in a fraction of time.

Duplicate Cleaner has the ability to help you narrow down your search based on file size and data, and its friendly interface ensures that you know what to do the moment you land on the page.


Duplicate Cleaner has a free version and a paid version that starts at $29.95 per year. You can see the website for its updated prices and offers.

System Ninja

System Ninja is a Glary Utilities alternative that gives you a fast and easy way to optimize your system’s performance. It helps you to reclaim lost space and also improves your privacy and security in the process.

It also has an uninstaller that allows you to quickly remove programs that you no longer use. It does this via a startup manager that shortens your booting time and keeps an eye on which applications are running in the background.

My favorite feature in System Ninja is its ability to add a load of other features thanks to its ability to download plugins, a feature that is absent in Glary Utilities. This means that you could incorporate new features that did not originally come with the software.


You can download System Ninja from Singular’s lab website and find out more about its pricing there.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare is a Glary Utilities alternative that has the ability to speed up your computer’s performance by cleaning out your computer and removing the junk files that have been taking up all your space.

It has a straightforward interface. You will see a big scan button when you land on your dashboard. When you click on that button, Advanced SystemCare will scan your PC and give you a list of what is likely slowing down its performance while suggesting possible fixes for you.

It also has an army of tools that protect your PC from online threats that you may be exposed to while browsing.

One of the best features that is present in Advanced SystemCare, but not available in Glary Utilities, is its software updater that lets you know when a new version of any of your running applications is available and where they can be downloaded from.

Advanced SystemCare has a clean and modern interface that makes it straightforward and easy to use even for new users.


Advanced SystemCare has a free version and a paid one that is available for $19.99 for up to three computers. You can learn more about their pricing from the official website.

Final Words

Glary Utilities is no doubt a great PC cleaning software, but when you consider some of its cons, you might have better luck choosing one of the alternatives on this list depending on your needs.

However, if you want a recommendation, I will suggest Avast as the best Glary Utilities alternative as it has a higher stack of relevant features than the others on this list including privacy and security options, and is reasonably priced.

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