10 Best Writing Fonts For Cricut Card Making

One of the thoughtful gifts to give your loved one whether your best friend or lover is a customized card. It could be on their birthday, anniversary, wedding, holiday, or simply a thank you note.

But how do you customize cards? The answer is simply by using a Cricut machine. Since the machine is specifically designed for crafting purposes such as paper crafting, vinyl, and fabric cutting, you can cut intricate designs, shapes, and text from different materials to create any card of your choice.

I have used this machine a couple of times and it’s so interesting how it allows you to easily add names, messages, and other sweet details that will get your friend or lover smiling from ear to ear.

Making Cricut cards is your chance to unleash your creativity and express your feelings. Aside from greeting cards, you can also use the machine to create other paper crafts like envelopes, gift tags, and party invitations.

In all of these, one paramount factor to consider when designing a Cricut card is the font. Your ideal font should be legible and fit into the style and overall theme of your project.

The best writing fonts for Cricut card marking include Lobster, Quicksand, Pacifico, Roboto, Oswald, and Bangers. I have further analyzed these fonts in the sections below.

So let’s get down and discuss them in detail. Rest assured that these fonts are versatile and popular. They will work well with whatever card you’re looking to create.

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Best Writing Fonts For Cricut Card Making

1. Lobster


I noticed that the Lobster font is usually the go-to for a lot of Cricut card makers due to its distinctive and vintage charm. This font carries elegance and sophistication that will make your cards stand out and create a lasting impression on the recipient.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the font has bold, flowing strokes and decorative swashes. Its retro and contemporary typography gives it a timeless appeal. No wonder it’s best used for fancy dinner invitations, engagement announcements, and holiday greetings.

Additionally, the Lobster font comes with bold and intricate letterforms that make it suitable for titles, headings, and text. Since the font exudes a sense of romance and elegance, you can use it when designing a wedding card, anniversary card, or for any love-themed occasion.

Its sophistication also makes it a suitable font for formal events like galas, fundraisers, or black-tie affairs. I also love designing birthday invitations with the font especially if I’m aiming for a vintage or classic aesthetic.

The font has a slightly slanted and connected look that creates a sense of continuity and rhythm, making it the perfect pick for thank you cards and for joyous occasions like bridal and baby showers.

Finally, the font’s bold and stylish nature will work well if you’re designing a congratulatory card to celebrate a friend’s graduation, award ceremony, or any other achievement.

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2. Quicksand


If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-read font for your Cricut card-making, Quicksand will do a perfect job. First, the font has a clean and straightforward design which makes it super versatile. It comes in handy on almost any occasion.

Though its simple and geometric letterform gives it a contemporary and professional feel. If you want to appreciate your employee or you’re an employer desirous to acknowledge your employee’s efforts, you can use this font when designing an appreciation note.

The font’s simplicity conveys the sincerity and straightforwardness of your gratitude. You can also use it when designing casual holiday cards like Easter, Christmas, and New Year greetings.

Again, the clarity makes it the perfect fit for everyday greeting cards that are easy to read. Another thing to note about the Quicksand font is that it has a balanced and clean appearance with rounded corners, giving it a friendly and approachable vibe.

You should use the font if you can’t stop thinking about someone and wish to communicate this to them with a card. You can craft a thoughtful message and the font’s clean lines give it a sincere and genuine touch.

Interestingly, it’s the best font if you want to design a card expressing your sympathy, support, or condolences to any of your loved ones. The calm and approachable nature of the font lends a comforting tone to the card.

Even at that, you can also use the Quicksand font when putting together motivational cards. The font’s clean and modern style will effectively convey your inspiring messages and positive affirmations.

Other special events you can use the font for include celebrations of new beginnings, parenting and family events, anniversaries, new beginnings like a new home, starting a new job, or embarking on a journey. It’s also the go-to font for people organizing casual events like potlucks, movie nights, and game nights.

Overall, Quicksand comes in different weights, from light to bold, and you’re free to adjust it based on your design needs. Its neutral vibe will allow it to blend effortlessly with different design elements and themes.

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3. Pacifico

The Pacifico font is one of the Google fonts developed by Vernon Adams. This original and fun brush handwriting font was inspired by the 1950’s American Surf culture.

One feature I find intriguing in the Pacifico font is that it has a playful and whimsical vibe. Its handwritten style gives it a laid-back charm, making it the perfect choice for creating cards with a relaxed, informal, and friendly tone.

As summer is already here, you can use the font to create beach-themed cards. It’s also a good pick for birthday invitations and casual celebrations such as picnics, barbecues, or outdoor parties.

The Pacifico font is known for its fluid, flowing strokes and slightly uneven letterforms. It surely gives it a natural and artistic feel.

Hence, if you miss your friends or simply want to appreciate them for sticking with you, you can use the font in designing friendship appreciation cards or just cards to say hi. The Pacifico font adds a personal and genuine touch to your message.

Aside from that, the font’s handwritten look evokes a sense of wanderlust and excitement making it perfect for adventure and travel cards. The style also complements cards inspired by nature, gardening, or outdoor activities.

If you want to craft personal projects such as DIY cards or handmade gifts, Pacifico gives your card an artistic and crafty touch. You can also use it to capture the spirit of fun in festivities like small-scale festivals, community events, and local fairs.

Again, because of Pacifico’s playful feel, it’s a great choice for designing cards for children’s birthdays, playdates, or other kid-centric events. You should also use it if you want to express your gratitude to a friend in a lighthearted and informal manner.

Overall, Pacifico’s informal nature brings out the authenticity and approachability in your card designs. It makes them feel more personal and relatable.

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4. Amatic SC

Amatic SC is another playful and handwritten font you should consider for your Cricut card-making. Like Pacifico, the font was also designed by the legendary Vernon Adams.

His aim with the font’s irregular letterforms, slightly uneven lines, and handmade aesthetic was to capture the look and feel of handwritten chalkboard lettering.

As you can see, the font has a certain friendly and approachable vibe, making it the ideal choice if you want to add a personal and creative touch to your Cricut card designs.

There is just something about the Amatic SC font that feels welcoming, familiar, and at peace. No wonder it’s the best fit for handmade and DIY cards, including playful and informal birthday parties, children’s birthday parties, local fairs, and simple thank you cards expressing a heartfelt and genuine appreciation for a friend.

You can also use it to create labels, tags, or notes to accompany DIY gifts or crafts if you want to give them a personalized touch.

Additionally, it’s the ideal font to showcase your artistic creations. You can play around with it when designing creative cards. It’s also good for cards announcing family events and gatherings.

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5. Great Vibes

If you want a font that lends a touch of sophistication to your creations, you should go with the Great Vibes font. It was created by Rob Leuschke and released in 2011.

The font was inspired by classical calligraphy and ornate scripts found in formal invitations and historical documents. It captures the beauty and artistry of traditional handwriting, allowing you to infuse your card designs with a timeless and graceful feel.

One thing stands out with the Great Vibes font and that’s its delicate and romantic appeal. No wonder it is mostly used for wedding invitations and engagement announcements. You can also use it when designing your anniversary card or any other romantic card expressing lasting love and commitment.

Its sweeping and fluid strokes also make it a perfect pick for Valentine’s Day card designs and other special occasions like retirement parties, milestone birthdays, and important achievements.

If you’re organizing any formal event like a dinner or fundraiser, the Great Vibes font will enhance the sophistication of your invitation. It’s also a valuable font when designing formal thank-you cards or organizing fine dining or culinary events like wine tastings, black-tie dinners, galas, and gourmet dinners.

The last time I organized an art exhibition, I used this font for my promotional materials and invitations to the art show and they looked incredible. You should try it for your theater performances and cultural exhibitions as well.


6. Roboto

If you need a simple font for your Cricut card-making, Roboto would make a perfect pick. The font was created by Christian Robertson and released in 2011. He created the font as part of Google’s Android operating system design project.

The aim was to have a font that is modern, versatile, and readable enough to be on different screen sizes and resolutions. It was highly inspired by the traditional geometric sans-serif font.

One thing to note about the Roboto font for Cricut card making is that it gives off a contemporary and professional appeal. Thanks to its clean lines and geometric letterforms.

The font has a balanced and neutral appearance which makes it a versatile option both for titles and body text. Because of its clean and modern aesthetics, the Roboto font fits well when you want to design a simple greeting card that will convey your message without any sort of distraction.

It’s also a good pick for creating invitations to casual events and contemporary celebrations, parties, and gatherings or celebrating accomplishments.

Another interesting occasion where the Roboto font comes in handy is when creating cards for clients, colleagues, or business partners. It will give your card a polished and modern appearance.

Additionally, because of the font’s clarity, it’s suitable for creating cards related to educational seminars, workshops, and lectures. You can also use it if you want a minimalistic holiday card with a modern aesthetic. The font will maintain a clean and uncluttered look.

Overall, the Roboto font is known for its neutrality and readability and it’s usually best for formal occasions.

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7. Dancing Script

The name alone already gives you an idea of the font’s feel. It certainly adds a sense of movement and playfulness when you’re making your Cricut card. Also, its handwritten style conveys a sense of informality and liveliness.

You should go for the Dancing Script font if you want to design a joyous birthday card or party invitation. The font’s cheerful appearance makes it the best fit for fun and lighthearted invitation cards or informal family events.

I love that the font simulates the look of casual handwriting with a slightly bouncy rhythm. It’s as if the letters are gracefully moving across the page.

You can use it for children’s birthdays, playdates, or other kinds of kid’s events to capture childlike enthusiasm and excitement. It’s also a great choice if you want to send cards to your friend for no particular reason or to express cheerful sentiments.

Overall, the font, which was released in 2010, is generally known for its relaxed and friendly style. It was created by Pablo Impallari, an Argentine-type designer who was popular for his contributions to open-source font projects.


8. Oswald

Oswald is the best font for you if you can’t wait to make a bold statement on your card designs. It’s such an attention-grabbing font that will add a strong and impactful presence to your card.

Designed by the popular Vernon Adams and released in 2011, Oswald has a geometric design and distinctive letterforms which makes it suitable for creating cards with a modern and bold aesthetic.

As you can see, the font has bold and condensed letterforms with straight lines and sharp angles that create a sense of modernity and sophistication.

Because of its commanding presence, the Oswald font is perfect for creating cards for bold and energetic celebrations such as milestone birthdays.

You should also use it if you want to craft invitations to parties with strong themes and unique concepts. Similarly, you can use it for corporate or professional events like seminars, workshops, or networking events.

The font also works well when designing cards with futuristic or high-tech themes. Oswald’s modern and minimalist aesthetic makes your card clean and uncluttered, removing distractions.

For this reason, it’s effective for creating cards announcing special promotions, sales, or new products. Finally, the font’s bold presence makes it suitable for titles and headings to grab the viewer’s attention.

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9. Bangers


Nothing screams “Fun” and “Exciting” like the Bangers font! From the picture above, you can see that the font comes with a comic book style, making it perfect for creating cards that are lively, energetic, and full of personality.

Aside from that, it has thick and chunky letterforms with exaggerated strokes and curves. All of these add to the font’s sense of movement, and excitement.

Because of this playful and cartoon-like style, you’ll mostly find this font on card invitations to children’s parties or birthdays. It mainly captures a sense of youthful joy.

You can also use it if the tone of the event is lighthearted and fun such as game nights or casual gatherings. It works well for card designs with comic book or superhero themes.

Other occasions where you can use the Bangers font for your Cricut card-making include celebrations and festive events, achievements, and special announcements. The font was designed by Vernon Adams and was first released in 2010.

Because of its bold and expressive style, Bangers works best for titles, headings, and short bursts of text to create impact and draw attention.

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10. Alex Brush

What better way to pour out your heart and feelings when making a Cricut card than with Alex Brush? This font has an elegant and flowing script typecase that certainly adds a touch of romance and sophistication to your card.

Aside from that, the font’s graceful letterforms and handwritten style make it perfect for creating cards with a personalized and heartfelt touch. You can create Valentine’s Day cards with it as well as wedding anniversaries, invitations, and engagement announcements.

The font will effortlessly communicate the love, passion, and affection you have for your partner. You can also use it when creating cards marking significant life events like retirement parties or simply to showcase your gratitude and appreciation to a friend.

The Alex Brush font was created by TypeSETit and was released in 2011.

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As you have seen, there are different writing fonts for cricut card making. They all suit different occasions.

While some have a playful and welcoming feel, others work for crafting romantic and heartfelt messages including corporate or professional events like seminars, workshops, or networking events.

Remember that your choice of font should complement the overall design and theme of your Cricut card.

You should also consider testing your chosen fonts on a small scale before committing to a larger project to ensure that they meet your expectations and project the feel and style you want.

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