14 Best Imgbb Alternatives 2024

ImgBB is a free-to-use image hosting site. It allows users to embed, upload, or share images without creating an account.

The best part of ImgBB is that it has a user-friendly interface. For instance, you do not need to know HTML to use it. You only have to drag and drop your image. And uploading images on ImgBB takes just seconds.

It is also compatible with a wide range of file formats. For instance, it accepts GIF, JPG, PDF, TIFF, PNG, etc.

You can also integrate ImgBB with your website or online portfolio. With ImgBB in your toolkit, you can easily move images from it directly to your online portfolio, social media accounts, or website.

You can easily send image links to clients or share image links via Twitter or Facebook. You can also embed an HTML thumbnail on your homepage.

Furthermore, you do not have to open an account to use this image hosting and sharing solution.

However, there are a few limitations to using ImgBB. Some of these even push you to look for alternatives over time. For instance:

  • The images you upload must get approval from a human editor to complete the upload.
  • You can not share multiple images at once.
  • If you do not select an auto-delete time for an image, it will remain on the ImgBB server forever as an anonymous upload.
  • Image upload is limited to 32MB.

The lack of features may get frustrating to deal with daily. Therefore, you may want to try one of these ImgBB alternatives.

Best ImgBB Alternatives

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is a famous hosting platform you can use as an alternative to ImgBB. It provides unmatched performance, a user-friendly interface, and refreshing simplicity.

It offers unlimited space to store high-quality images up to 16MP. It also automatically creates backups of your photos.

Google Photos allows users to edit and organize their images with ease and supports formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

Unlike ImgBB, which is limited to 32 megabytes, Google Photos takes videos of up to 10 Gigabytes and images up to 75 gigabytes.

Another top feature of Google Photos is that it provides convenience. For instance, the uploaded images can be accessed quickly and shared with other Google Photos accounts such as Google Docs, Gmail, etc.

Other Google Photos features include:

  • Allows full HD video upload of up to 1080p
  • Allows you to back images via WiFi and synchronize them from mobile, Mac, or Windows devices
  • You can print images directly from Google Photos.
  • You can integrate it with third-party apps such as Popsa, Fujifilm, Chatbooks, etc.

2. Imgur

Imgur is a free image hosting site that can be used as an alternative to ImgBB. For instance, it hosts several images ranging from funny memes to GIFs.

Imgur supports image formats such as TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, etc.

It supports non-animated images up to 20MB and 200MB for GIFs.

One key feature of Imgur is that it allows users to add captions to their images and easily upload them via email. You can also directly link photos, where you can embed every link in HTML.

Using Imgur does not require you to create an account. However, to upload albums or captions, you must have a username.

Uploaded images on Imgur can be downvoted or upvoted by other Imgur account holders. So, the highest-ranking images are placed at the top of the Imgur page. This will give emerging photographers great exposure.

Furthermore, it has an effortless and user-friendly interface. This makes it easy for users to upload and share their images to social media, making their portfolio easily reach a wider audience.

3. Flickr

Flickr is one of the oldest and most famous photo-sharing platforms. It can be your next destination for image hosting.

This platform allows users to publish their images under the license of Creative Commons. So, you can use pictures externally with proper recognition.

Flickr has an excellent editor. This helps in fine-tuning your images before publishing them.

It also arranges the uploaded images into an album. Therefore, you will not find it challenging to locate your photos.

It also allows users to backup their images easily from their system, Apple iPhoto, Dropbox, and other avenues.

Flickr supplements your images with tags, geolocation, license information, etc. This is a feature that you can not find in ImgBB.

Flickr Pro is a paid version of Flickr that comes with automatic image uploads, advanced stats, ad-free browsing, and other basic Flickr features.

For instance, with Flickr Pro, users get advanced statistics such as viewing trending images, discovering their Flickr images, viewing best-performing photos, etc.

With the paid plan on Flickr Pro, you can upload unlimited images at full resolution.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox is an ideal image hosting alternative to ImgBB. For instance, it provides extended secure storage and is seamless to optimize the workflow.

It allows users to create and store their images. They can also share photos using various tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Dropbox Paper, Google Slides, etc.

You are only required to drag and drop the images. However, unlike ImgBB, Dropbox allows users to arrange their photos into a handy and interconnected icon on their home screen’s corner.

With Dropbox, you can automatically create backups for all your stored images without sizing, changing, tampering, or editing the photos.

Dropbox also offers an easy way to organize folders and sub-galleries better. Users can also invite their contacts to collaborate and let them download the images.

One of the best features of using Dropbox is that your photos are entirely secure, and you can only share images with people you want.

Dropbox is available for macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Furthermore, the free Dropbox plan provides a storage space of up to 3GB. Besides, with the paid plan that starts at $19.99 per month, you get three terabytes of storage space and a 14-day free trial.

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5. Photobucket

Photobucket is an image-sharing and hosting platform that is trusted by over 100 million users across the world. For instance, it allows you to upload the same image multiple times to different websites, forums, blogs, or online marketplaces.

It has an easy-to-copy embedded link that you can utilize whenever you want. This helps save energy and time on repetitive tasks.

One key feature of Photobucket is that it has smart privacy settings that you can use to control your images fully. For example, if you want to share your wedding photos with only family members, you can adjust them accordingly.

With Photobucket, you can keep your original pictures intact in their top quality without compromising them.

It also has an intuitive and easy-to-use image editor. This allows your creativity to run wild. For instance, you can present your images the way you want them to be with the assistance of annotations, filters, and a cropping tool.

Photobucket also has a button for social media sharing and operates hassle-free. Therefore, you can upload your photos across different social media platforms.

Furthermore, Photobucket comes with both paid and free plans. The free package allows you up to 250 images storage.

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6. ImageShack

ImageShack is a popular image-sharing site. It is an ideal ImgBB alternative if you do not mind paying for a pro plan and are looking for more features.

ImageShack allows users to choose whole albums or single images, private or public. This is ideal if you want to limit who views your photos.

You can also use ImageShack to host images for forums or sites.

It does not compress images, storing them in high resolution.

ImageShack also has an image resizing feature that allows you to crop, resize, apply filters, and crop your pictures.

Furthermore, its app Skypath feature can be set to auto-synchronize the camera to roll with the site that stores your images securely in the cloud.

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7. ImgPile

ImgPile is a free cloud-based image hosting and sharing platform. For instance, it allows you to store your essential and memorable images. You can also share your photos with your loved ones.

This cloud-based image hosting site allows you to upload pictures and videos directly from your phone gallery. You can also upload photos from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

ImgPile is an ideal place where you can share and enjoy fascinating images on the internet.

Being cloud-based, you can upload images onto ImgPile from any device, no matter where you are.

The salient features of ImgPile include:

  • Photo organization
  • Photo sharing
  • Image upload
  • Video sharing
  • Drag and drop
  • Private gallery
  • Cloud storage
  • Cloud sync
  • No registration needed
  • File sharing
  • Web-based
  • Anonymous upload
  • Encrypted photo storage
  • Allows hotlinking
  • Built-in photo editor
  • Ad-free
  • Privacy-focused

8. ImgBox

ImgBox is a free image hosting and sharing site where you can share and enjoy photos online.

Some of the critical benefits of ImgBox are that it supports unlimited storage space and provides infinite storage time.

ImgBox also supports hotlinking, which is faster than ImgBB and other ImgBox alternatives we have included in this article.

ImgBox enforces a maximum file size. For instance, it allows up to 10MB.

It also supports various image formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc.

After uploading images on ImgBox, it allows you to organize your photos into galleries. However, each gallery can only have up to 50 photos.

ImgBox has a simple and user-friendly interface. It also offers a video uploading functionality.

Furthermore, you can upload images on ImgBox without creating an account. All you need to do is tap on the Upload Photos button and select your image in the popup window.

9. PostImage

PostImage is a top solution for image hosting. For instance, it is a great platform that allows users to conveniently upload images from various sources.

PostImage enforces a maximum file size. For instance, you can upload a photo of up to eight megabytes.

Its interface is user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to use. It is also a reliable and super-fast free image hosting and sharing platform.

PostImage guarantees users maximum performance and uptime. For instance, your images will be available whenever you need them.

You do not need to register or have an account to upload or share an image on PostImage. All you need to do is submit your photo.

PostImage allows you to create an extensive gallery of all your favorite images in one place, with unique links attached to each of these galleries so you can share them with your loved ones instantly.

PostImage also allows users to select the size they want to give their final image. You can also set an expiry date for sharing, like one day, week, or month.

Furthermore, you can use PostImage among various online forums. For instance, you can modify it to share images amongst your online platforms. You can also resize the photos to use avatars.

10. Unsee

Unsee is a confidential and secure temporary image hosting site. It is a top ImgBB alternative that allows users to add an expiry date to their image.

For instance, you can make your images auto-delete themselves after a single view by default. You can also set it to be deleted after 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or a day. All you need to do is choose from the drop-down menu on your home screen.

Every photo on Unsee is watermarked with the IP address of everyone who views it. So, your image is less likely to be reshared.

Each uploaded photo on Unsee has a unique QR code. For instance, it has the image’s upload timestamp and an encrypted IP of the uploader. Besides, Unsee has access to A.E.S. encryption private key.

Furthermore, unlike ImgBB, Unsee allows users to discuss their images in the chat. You can also leave comments or highlight specific areas with pins on the uploaded images.

11. Pasteboard

Pasteboard is another ImgBB alternative that you can use.

It is an image hosting and sharing site that allows users to upload their images using either of these options:

  • Drag and drop images directly from your system
  • Copy and paste your photos from your clipboard
  • Choose an image over its intuitive, straightforward, and easy-to-use interface

Pasteboard offers you simple options to store and share your photos online.

Pasteboard supports various file formats, including GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, etc.

It also enforces a maximum image size. For instance, you can upload up to 10 Megabytes in size.

If you want to take an image from your smartphone and upload it, Pasteboard allows you to do so without leaving the platform.

Pasteboard also allows you to insert photos after snapping an image using the webcam.

The uploaded images will stay on Pasteboard forever with no expiry date.

Pasteboard allows you to choose who to share your images with. It also allows you to add a title or description to images, which gives them a better context.

Furthermore, Pasteboard provides advanced analytics where users can see the number of viewers on their images.

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12. SmugMug

SmugMug is an ideal ImgBB alternative if you take visuals seriously on your website or blog.

It offers you quality features and allows you to create your blog or website with many stunning images and themes to choose from. It also has tools for customizing your design template.

SmugMug allows users to set up their eCommerce store to sell the prints of their uploaded images. This is a feature that you won’t find in ImgBB.

This image hosting site also offers users a responsive design that can easily adapt to smartphones, tablets, and personal computers.

SmugMug allows users to utilize powerful SEO tools such as meta tags and site maps.

It also gives you high-resolution and unlimited video and image uploads and storage. You can also access and control your image viewers.

SmugMug does not share or sell your images, so you are guaranteed uncompromised image security.

It also allows you to print your images.

Furthermore, you can integrate SmugMug with Laminar and Lightroom for image editing to save time and simplify workflow.

13. ImgVision

ImgVision is a top image hosting and sharing site that you can use as an alternative to ImgBB.

It is an uncomplicated site that you can rely on and trust for all your personal and work-related images.

ImgVision allows you to drag and drop images from PCs, smartphones, or tablets. You can also drag and drop images from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

ImgVision supports several file formats, including GIF, JPG, PNG, etc.

ImgVision leverages quality CDNs (content distribution networks) spread across 100 nations, including 250 cities globally. ImgBB does not have this feature.

It offers a customizable HTML5 code for the video players, which you can embed easily on your blog or website and keep uploading videos.

It also has cloud-based storage, which provides extra security and safety for your images.

ImgVision provides next-gen video marketing, which includes encoding and storage. It also allows users to share their images on up to 20 social media sites or via email.

With its responsive image feature, you do not have to resize images as they will look amazing on various screen sizes.

Furthermore, ImgVision guarantees users 100% uptime for their photo CDN. Therefore, you can access consistent image hosting and sharing services without frosting your viewers.

You can get its paid plan for as low as $9 per month. With this plan, you get five videos and 500 images.

14. Catbox

Catbox is an online web-based image hosting and sharing platform. It is an ideal ImgBB alternative where you can upload and store an unlimited number of images on the cloud.

Catbox is a free image hosting platform that allows users to upload and share memorable and essential photos.

It allows users to share their images with their family and friends across various social media sites.

Catbox allows you to sync and retrieve images from the cloud storage if your system crashes down or loses all your pictures. You can also create a backup for your photos.

You can upload images on Catbox via your URL and share these URLs with your loved ones.

The prominent features of Catbox include:

  • Custom URL and URL sharing or forwarding
  • Image and video sharing
  • No registration required
  • Built-in URL shortening
  • Image upload
  • Web service
  • Private gallery
  • URL analysis
  • Smart link
  • Real-time statistics
  • Real-time analytics
  • HTTPS support
  • Highly customizable
  • Custom domains

Final Thought

There can never be one best ImgBB alternative for everyone. You need to find the right platform that best suits you personally and professionally.

However, to get an ideal ImgBB alternative that suits your needs, you must compare factors such as storage space, pricing, image shareability, etc.

Generally, Google Photos is the best in providing free storage space. It is also the most secure hosting to backup your images and videos.

Flickr is the best alternative for sharing images with your loved ones, with control over who can view your pictures. ImgBox is an entirely free image hosting site. Dropbox also has free plans, but its paid plan is more expensive than other alternatives.

We hope our detailed ImgBB alternatives reviews will help you find the right image hosting and sharing solution.

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