How To Use Disney-Style 3D Filter On Instagram, Snapchat? Step By Step Guide

Snapchat has been hitting the headlines recently with its innovation of cartoon effects. Lately, users have been obsessing about the Disney-style 3D filter that morphs users’ faces into Disney animation-style characters.

Now everyone posts their Disney character faces on Snapchat and Instagram, reinventing animated-style movie sequences. You, too, can do this using the 3D filter and share your princess-like photos with friends.

Snapchat is an influential social media app that brings together millions of users every day. Thanks to its cool filters, users get creative and engaged in transforming their selfies into favorite anime characters.

The app has been developing new filters regularly, with each of them surpassing the previous one.

The 3D filter makes you a unique Disney cartoon character in real-time. The lens utilizes machine learning to produce a unique look. Watch yourself evolve into an anime-style character by pressing the Camera Roll button on Snapchat.

But before we dig deeper into the Disney-style 3D filter, let’s find out how Snapchat has evolved since it introduced the first cartoon face lens.

How Snapchat Has Evolved with Its Graphics-Oriented Communication Approach?

Source: Snapchat

Since its inception in 2011, Snapchat has become famous for adopting a graphics-oriented approach to communication. It lets users share animated figures, stickers, and edited photos with their friends. This added a visual element to the text people were used to exchanging.

This approach has proved its worth for nine years, with more than four billion people exchanging Snaps daily. To keep afloat, Snapchat has to create more interesting features and updates, like the recent filters creating a sensation online right now.

Snapchat released the first cartoon lens named Cartoon Face in August 2020. Later, it launched Cartoon, an advanced option. The lens transforms you and your furry friends into cute Disney characters.

Its latest addition, Cartoon 3D style, has amazing tracking capabilities. It lets you see how you’d look and move around as a Pixar-like cartoon character. It also allows you to toggle between two genders. Interesting, isn’t it?

To understand these lenses better, let’s find out how each one works.

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Understanding Snapchat’s Popular Cartoon Lenses and Filter

Source: Snapchat

Snapchat’s lenses and filters are smart, fun, and quick editing presets that let you look like a cartoon character. Once you take your selfie, just swipe right or left to add the Snapchat geo-filters, stickers, weather, color adjustments, and anything else you want.

Snapchat has three cartoon lenses that are currently stirring up the virtual world. The app works on video in real time, allowing users to create clips of themselves as cartoons in motion and share them with friends. They can also download and use them elsewhere.

Snapchat lenses are not the same as filters, though. The face lenses use augmented reality to transform users into something like a baby, puppy, or in this case, a cartoon.

Snap filters are design overlays added to your photo. On platforms like Instagram, these lens-like experiences are known as filters. TikTok calls them effects.

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Finding and Using the Cartoon Lenses on Snapchat

There are various ways to find the trending cartoon lenses and filters on Snapchat. Let’s look at each of them individually.

The Snapchat Cartoon Face

Source: Snapchat

Since its launch in 2020, the Cartoon Face lens has been famous, even on other platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. It produces a character with a set of big, adorable cartoon eyes and thick eyebrows. It portrays you in a whole new, unique avatar.

Sending a snap with the Cartoon Face lens generates excellent responses. If you want to share your Cartoon Face look on other platforms, you should install Snapchat on your device.

Follow these steps to locate the Cartoon Face lens on Snapchat and take a cool cartoon selfie to share with friends.

1. Open Snapchat’s latest version

2. Go straight to the camera screen

3. Click the smiling face icon positioned on the right side of the camera button

4. Click on Explore tab at the bottom right corner of your screen

5. It will open the search bar. Type “cartoon” to search

6. You’ll see all the lenses available on Snapchat

7. Scroll through manually to search for the one named ‘Cartoon Face’ and click on it

8. To capture your video, hold down the camera button

9. Once done, you can post it to your Snapchat story, send it to friends, or just save it on the camera roll

10. You can also press the Camera Roll button to try transforming your old photos from your phone’s gallery.

11. Click the blue arrow to send your snap to friends using the Cartoon Face lens.

Alternatively, you can use this direct link to access the Cartoon Face lens.

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The Cartoon Lens

Source: Snapchat

The Cartoon lens is a favorite for millennials. It’s a realistic rendering of your real-time cartoon looks. While it’s keen on every detail, Cartoon also mimics every expression you have.

These few steps will help you open and use the Cartoon lens.

1. Open Snapchat (the latest version)

2. Head to the camera screen

3. Tap the smiling face icon on the right side of the camera button

4. Press ‘Explore’ at the bottom right corner of your screen

5. Type ‘Cartoon’ in the search bar

6. From the lens options, look for ‘Cartoon’ and click on it

7. Film your video by holding down the camera button

8. Share with people or save it on the camera roll

The Cartoon lens has a direct link you can click to open and use whenever you want.

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Disney Style 3D Filter

Source: Pixabay

The Disney-style 3D filter is the new kid on the block after its release in June 2021. Since then, everyone has been rushing to get themselves Disney Cute. Snapchat estimates that over 1.7 billion users have viewed the filter.

The filter uses augmented reality to produce a Disneyland-inspired look, especially from the blockbuster movie, Frozen. It lets you look like Anna or Kristoff – and looks great if you are a couple.

Besides, it turns your selfie into a Disney or Pixar character, like a modern-day prince or princess. Moreover, it brings along lots of fun when you use it on movie characters, artwork, and even yourself.

This filter works well with videos and images to turn them into cartoons. It automatically adds the filters as you turn on the camera. No need for editing or making adjustments to images to transform them into cartoon characters.

The fun part comes when you use the filter on old videos or photos. Snapchat allows you to use it on the content in your photo gallery. To make them more engaging, you can add music to the creations.

Snapchatters are using this filter, accessible globally, to enjoy the fun and creativity of transforming artwork and people into Disney-like scenes and characters. The filter is in-built into Snapchat, but you can use it on Instagram, too, as we will learn later in this guide.

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How to Use the 3D Filter on Snapchat?

Source: Snapchat

Interested in using this Disney-style 3D filter on your Snapchat? Here are steps to guide you:

1. Download and launch Snapchat’s newest version on your phone from the app store

2. Open the app to start using the filter

3. Go to the Camera Screen option and click on the smiley face/filter icon on the right of the camera/shutter button. This will pull up every filter on Snapchat.

4. On the extreme right at the bottom corner, you’ll see the ‘Explore’ button. Click on ‘Explore’ to bring up the search bar button.

5. Type ‘Cartoon Face’ in the search bar. It will unveil all the lenses and filters available on Snapchat. Scroll through manually until you find ‘Cartoon 3D Style’ and select it. Once you have it, you can click your photo or use it to take videos or pictures by pressing and holding down the camera to record videos.

It’s easy to modify the lens effect by simply tapping your camera screen and selecting the option you want. When done, you can share it on Snapchat or with friends or store it in your camera roll. You can also use this filter to animate your furry friends. Plain and simple.

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Using the Disney-Style 3D Filter on Instagram

Source: Pexels

When it became a phenomenon on Snapchat, Instagram also found a way to have it. They call it Cartoon Face, which turns users’ selfies into cool Disney characters. It gives users the look of a big-eyed Disney prince or princess.

If you want to show off your Disney-cute character face to your Instagram pals, there’s a surefire way to use the filter on Instagram. Read on to find out how.

1. First, log in to your Instagram account.

2. Go to the Your Story section, just like you want to post something.

3. Scroll through the effects until you find the Find Effects button and click on it.

4. At the top right of your screen, there’s a magnifying glass. Click on it and type ‘Cartoon Face.’

5. At the bottom left, you’ll be prompted to test it. Click on Test and see how the filter displays your face.

6. If you like the look, you can click on the icon next to the Test icon to accept and save. The icon looks like a square symbol with a down-facing arrow. Once your cartoon look is saved on your Instagram, the arrow will turn into a click button.

7. If you open your stories section, you’ll see the Cartoon Face Filter in the effects. This means you can use it whenever you want to showcase a new look on Instagram.

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Using the Filter through Third-Party Apps

Other apps make using the Disney Cartoon-style 3D filter on Instagram a breeze.

If you want to try using a native 3D filter through a third-party app for your Instagram looks, here are two apps that will deliver Disney-style 3D effects. The best part is that since they’re a third party, you can also use them on other social accounts.

These include:


CartoonMe can get your selfies animated in a Disney-like look. You can download it on your iOS or Android device and start using it immediately. Here’s a guide on how to access it.

1. First, Download the CartoonMe app from the app store.

2. Launch the app and open it to get started.

3. Open the Upload Photo button by clicking it.

4. A dialog box will pop up, asking you to choose whether to upload a photo from your gallery or take a fresh one. You can choose your preferred option.

5. Once you pick the option, the app will automate the transformation. Your selfie will be converted into a Pixar animated cartoon, after which the app will ask you to unlock it and see your new look.

6. You can then share with your friends on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social network accounts.

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Voila AI Artist

Voila AI Artist is another app for iOS and Android devices. It transforms your selfie into a Disney character using the following steps.

1. Download the Voila AI Artist app from the App or Google Play Store.

2. After launching the app, open it and click the 3D Cartoon option.

3. Click on the camera. It will prompt you to take a selfie or use the existing ones from your photo gallery.

4. If you choose the former, take the photo and press the button at the bottom.

5. The application will start adding effects to your photo. Once done, it will display the outcome of your new cartoon character look. If you’re content with the new look, you can start sharing them on your Instagram and other social accounts or post them as profile pictures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Different is the 3D Filter from Cartoon Face Lens and Cartoon Lens?

The 3D filter produces a Disney-inspired or Pixar character look. It also works with photos and images, transforming them into cartoons. You can also use it on artwork and add music to your videos for more engagement.

The Cartoon Face lens creates a unique avatar for your selfie, producing a distinct character with a pair of big eyes, thick eyebrows, and wavy hair.

On the other hand, the cartoon lens is a realistic rendering of your cartoon look in real-time. It mimics your expressions and produces them as if they were captured.

How Can I Access the 3D Filter on My Instagram?

Source: Pixabay

To access the 3D filter, go to the Your Story section on Instagram. Like a search dialog box, you’ll see a magnifying glass in the Find Effects section. Click on it and enter the word Cartoon Face (that’s what Instagram calls it).

On finding Cartoon Face, you’ll be prompted to Test it. Click the Test button to accept and save the filter on the Effects feature of the Your Story section. Use it whenever you want to change your look and share it with your Instagram friends.

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How Can I Turn My Face into a Disney Character?

Use the 3D filter on your Snapchat or Cartoon Face effect on Instagram to transform your selfie into a cool Disney-like cartoon character. Alternatively, you can download the Voila AI Artist or CartoonMe app from the app store or Google Play Store and use either one to get the Disney look.

You only need to download or take a selfie and let the app do its magic, then save it to your camera roll and upload it to your social media account.

Can I Get a Disney-Inspired Look on Other Social Networks?

Source: Pixabay

Yes, you can have your Disney-like cartoon photos on Facebook, TikTok, or WhatsApp through third-party apps like Voila AI Artist.

Just download or take a photo of yourself and upload it to the app’s Camera Roll. The app will automatically add effects to your photo to give it the Disney character look. Once done, you can post it on your other social media accounts.

How Do I Update My Snapchat To The Latest Version?

The Disney-style 3D filter works fast when you have Snapchat’s latest version.

On an Android phone, you can update Snapchat using Google Play Store. Start by launching the Play Store on the phone. Tap the store’s top search bar and type ‘Snapchat.’ Click on the app’s name in the search results.

The app page will open. Now click the ‘Update’ button to install the app’s latest version. If ‘Update’ doesn’t appear, you already have the app’s latest version.

The easiest way to update Snapchat on your iPhone is to enable automatic app updates. That way, the iPhone automatically downloads and installs updates whenever available, ensuring that you’re using Snapchat’s latest version.

How do you turn on the iPhone’s automatic updates? Tap on Settings to open it, scroll down until you find ‘App Store,’ and tap it. Next, toggle ‘App Updates’ to enable it if it’s not already enabled.

Final Word

Using the magical power of technology, it’s now possible to turn any childhood fantasy of becoming a Disney princess or prince into reality.

Revamping your look to mimic that of a favorite Disney cartoon character is easier, thanks to the 3D filter from Snapchat and Instagram.

People can exchange cartoon looks daily with friends and create a streak on their Instagram and Snapchat pages. The biggest advantage of all is that these new looks can be the protection you need to keep stalkers and other cyber criminals at bay.

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