25 Best Wedding Websites Examples

We’re in a digital age and one way to make your wedding memorable is by creating a website for it. 

With a wedding website, you can easily connect with your guests by conveying every detail there is about your event.

To make it easy for you to create your wedding website, here are the 25 best wedding website examples.

Best Wedding Website Examples

1. Julie and Z

This wedding website can be described as vintage. The home page features a beautiful picture of the bride and groom along with their wedding date.

It’s a one-page website with different sections. The first section, Our Story, features the couple’s story from when they met in 2007 until the proposal in 2013. Next is the Gallery section that displays more beautiful images of the bride and groom.

Attendees can know the bridesmaids and groomsmen from the Bridal party section, while the Festivities section features information about the wedding venue and directions.

Those who want to give gifts to the couple can do so from the Registry section, which features their wish list on Amazon, West Elm, and Crate&Barrel. 

From the Travel & To do/To eat sections, attendees coming from different cities can book hotels, restaurants, and recreational activities to enjoy when they visit.

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2. Luiza e Alexandre

The Luiza e Alexandre wedding website is multi-lingual. Visitors can switch between UK English and Portuguese. The first thing you see when you load the site is a picture of the couple, their names, wedding date, and venue.

This is followed by a message from the couple encouraging friends and relatives to attend their wedding event and all the info they need is provided on this site. Notably, the site features a countdown that counts until the wedding hour.

Visitors can read about the couple’s history on this website and also confirm their presence via RSVP. There is information about the dress code for women and men and also gift tips for the couple.

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3. Nikki and David

Nikki and David were wedded in 2016 and their wedding website has been up since then. It’s a very stylish website, and you must commend the couple’s use of very beautiful and colorful pictures. 

The Nikki and David wedding website features multiple pages, although the homepage is divided into different sections. The information featured is well-detailed and aligned. There are details on accommodations, the wedding venue, reception venue, directions, etc.

From the Wedding Party page, there’s information about the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The Gallery page features pictures of the couple over the years of their relationship. There are more than 50 pictures featured. Furthermore, there’s a registry page.

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4. PhiCole

This is the wedding website of Philip and Nicole hence the portmanteau PhiCole. When you load the website, you get a notice to use the hashtags #phicole and #phicolewedding on Instagram and Twitter. This is an ideal concept if you’re interested in making their wedding trend on social media.

The website features just straightforward details of the wedding and the gift registry. A physical card design is featured and visitors can download it as a PDF file for printing.

From the details page, there’s information about the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding. Furthermore, visitors can view photos and ideal gifts to get the couple. The phone numbers of the groom and bride are featured for direct contact.

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5. LoveJones

Talk about simplicity and beauty, that’s what the LoveJones wedding website is all about. The website is for the wedding between Brooke and Stephen. However, the name Love Jones was inspired by the Love Jones album by Brighter Side of Darkness.

The website is one-page and as earlier mentioned, is very simple. It features a left-aligned menu with stylish light texts. The website sections include Our Story, Weekend Events, Getting There, Where to Stay, Things to Do, Registry, and notably, an FAQ.

You won’t find FAQs on many websites but it’s a great addition. Questions like what to wear, how to contact the couple, can one take photos?, can one bring a date?, etc. are treated in the FAQ.

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6. Luc & Casey

Gold is the color when you visit the Luc and Casey wedding website. The homepage features a picture of a beautiful golden wheat field.

This website is precise in informing attendees about the wedding. It treats three major questions; Who (are invited to the wedding), Where (is the wedding taking place), and When (is the wedding taking place).

Other information provided includes directions to the venue, accommodations, and the wedding activities. From the site, visitors can book transportation and hotels.

Notably, the website features just one picture of the bride and groom in the RSVP section. You can model this website if you just want to pass information about your website without showing much of your union online.

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7. Artem and Julia

The Artem and Julia wedding website is an animated one with English and Russian translations. It features an animation of a bride and groom in an air balloon with the names of the couple and wedding date; announcing the wedding to the world.

It’s a one-page website and as you scroll, the couple in the air balloon animation stays on the page. This is a little con about the website’s design, but the on-page info is animated with fly-in and fly-out effects, so they aren’t blocked. 

The website simply tells a story beginning with how the couple met and ending with their wedding date. There’s no information on the wedding venue, accommodations, etc.

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8. Jenny and Grayden

This is an interesting wedding website example. Due to the faceoff, you can easily mistake this wedding website to be a UFC wrestling match announcement. 

However, it is announcing a celebration between Grayden and Jenny, while inviting relatives, friends, and well-wishers.

The website features notes from the bride and groom respectively talking about their partners – how they met and why they choose to marry. Beautiful pictures of the couple are featured in a slider and there are 17 pictures in total.

There are details of the bridesmaids and groomsmen with each individual also dropping a note about the bride and groom. The site features information on when and where the wedding is taking place and how attendees can get there. There are gift ideas for the couple too.

9. Ty and Tay

The Ty and Tay wedding website is a wedding website example with so many details. If you want to feature a lot of information about your wedding on a wedding website, it’s a good example. Despite all the details, the website is one page.

It features 6 sections; Our Story, The Wedding, RSVP, Engagement Photos, Wedding Gallery, and Gifts. The site features information on the wedding ceremony, reception, guest information, and hotel accommodations. Notably, there’s an on-site Google map for visitors to easily understand the directions.

The initial pictures featured on the website are the couple’s engagement pictures and after the wedding, more pictures were uploaded to the wedding gallery. Macy’s, Amazon, and Target wish lists are featured.

10. Jess & Russ

The Jess & Russ wedding website tells the story of the couple. It’s an animated website but in a vintage style which is relatable as the couple’s story starts in 1996.

Jess and Russ have a long history and the couple didn’t leave out any of the details. Tiny details like gathering books into boxes were included.

As usual, the story ends with the date of the wedding and then, there’s a form for guests. The wedding was strictly by invitation only and guests are given a password. They can only RSVP.

A registry is featured on Charity Water for guests who wish to contribute as the bride is a charity water supporter.

11. Stupid Fresh Wedding

The name of this wedding website sounds funny because the couple was just having fun. It is another animated website and one in pink and blue colors. There’s a clipart of the couple and as you scroll down the page, their clothing changes.

The first thing visitors see when they visit this website is a welcome text along with the wedding’s date and venue. Scrolling down, you’ll find other information about the couple’s story, accommodations, registries, and directions.

There’s a daily countdown timer at the top-right of the homepage. The wedding is between Ethiopia and Tim and the couple didn’t give any reason why they tagged it “a stupid fresh wedding”.

12. Steve and Marina

The website features a countdown timer before the wedding. The timer now counts up days since the couple got married. It’s a simple website with 6 pages; the homepage, calendar of events, the wedding day, photo album, contact, and a registry.

The homepage features the couple’s story including their past, how they met, and the proposal. Next, you’ll find information about the party guest including the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the couple’s parents.

Finally, the homepage contains important information about the ceremony & reception venue, accommodations, and directions. Attendees can access the wedding program from the Wedding Day page starting from when the couple arrives at the hotel until after the afterparty.

13. Luke & Charlotte 

The Luke & Charlotte website is a Squarespace wedding website demo and one of the best examples. It’s a unique wedding website as it features a slider where couples can display up to six of their best images.

What follows next is information about the wedding ceremony, the reception, and the afterparty. All of these are featured on the homepage. Other pages featured include accommodations, registry, and RSVP pages.

A large header image can be featured on any of these pages. For the registry, couples can feature lists from stores like Amazon, Etsy, Target, Sears, Crate&Barrel, etc. The RSVP page incorporates a contact form for attendees to feel and confirm their presence.

14. Srofe Wedding

“A Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom are getting married” – that’s the announcement text on the Srofe Wedding website.

The website features the bridegroom story with style. It features vintage font styles and a newspaper-like background which gives it a unique appearance. No menu is featured, but all the essential details are included on the home page.

This includes information on the wedding time, where the wedding ceremony or reception is being held, food & drink, music, travel info, weather forecast, etc. The couple’s pictures are featured in a slider with 12 of them on display.

Guests can fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page to confirm their presence.

15. Ankush & Richa

The Ankush & Richa wedding website is a one-page wedding website example. It features four sections which include the invitation, ceremonies & functions, the family, and a ‘how to reach’ section.

The invitation section is styled like a regular wedding invitation card as the couple asks guests to come and celebrate with them. 

Ankush & Richa are an Indian couple, so there are multiple ceremonies and functions including the engagement & sangeet ceremony, hath bhara ceremony, sehra bandhi & tilak, assembly & departure of barat, and finally the wedding ceremony.

The website further features pictures of the bride and groom’s families and extended families. Finally, there’s a Google map for directions.

16. Tait and Annika

Here we have a simple yet elegant wedding website. The site features beautiful pictures of wine bottles, glasses, and engagement rings. Furthermore, the color choices are sublime; however, there’s no picture of the couple on the website. 

The first website section indicates the wedding date, venue, and dress code. Next is a large Google map to help guests find their way to the website venue. Guests that would be sleeping over can find information on hotel accommodations and also buses to convey them to the wedding venue.

The last website section is for an RSVP. A calendar invite is featured for guests to download.

17. Karl and Gina

This is another animated wedding website example and although there are many wasted spaces, it’s a great website. Upon loading the website, you’re greeted with the wedding date and venue. The website section menu is stylishly featured in a flag.

Karl and Gina planned an outdoor weekend wedding with the ceremony beneath an old oak tree and dinner in an olive grove – all of this information is featured in the Weekend section.

The Travel section features travel information for guests coming from outside cities including transportation and hotel accommodations. Guests who want to have fun after the event can find ideal places from the Resort section while the last section is a registry.

18. Helen and Josh

The Helen and Josh wedding website features just a wedding invite and brief details about the couple’s history. It is animated and straightforward.

The website has a very interesting and unique concept behind its design. It is described as Helen & Josh sitting in a tree. Hence, it features a tall tree that reaches the sky where the bride and groom are standing.

To understand the story, you’ll have to start from the bottom of the tree and scroll up as the tree grows. Like some wedding website examples already discussed, the Helen and Josh wedding website features no picture of the bride or groom.

19. Nick and Sarah

This is a wedding website example from Vamtam Themes. You can model it if you plan on creating a standard wedding website with all the parts a normal website should have. 

From the homepage, visitors can find the wedding date along with pictures of the bride and groom. The center is a slider where more than three pictures can be displayed with an exciting transition effect.

Also featured is a countdown timer, which is followed by sections that reveal the wedding events – main ceremony and reception.

Stories about the couple are featured in the blog section on different pages. More photos of the couple can be found in the gallery.

20. Aubrey and Paul

Here we have another Squarespace wedding website example. This website features a stagnant homepage that simply states “Aubrey & Paul” are getting married. Then, it features three other pages which are the Details, Registry, and RSVP pages. 

The Details page features an invitation card that states the respective dates and addresses of the wedding ceremony and the reception. Registries for the couple from different stores are featured on the registry page. Some featured stores include Amazon, Crate&Barrel, Etsy, Target, Zola, etc.

The RSVP page is for guests to confirm their presence. There’s no room to upload pictures of the couple in this Aubrey & Paul website example. You can only use one as the background image. 

21. Francesco and Adriana

If you plan on buying a wedding website using Wix, the Francesco and Adriana website is a worthwhile example. 

The website features eight sections that are displayed in a slideshow. The eight sections include Home, Our Story, The Wedding, Getting There, Where to Stay, What to see, Honeymoon, and RSVP.

The wedding date is featured on the homepage while guests can learn about the couple’s history from the Our Story page. More details on the wedding venue & time and travel directions are featured in the Wedding and Getting There pages respectively.

The last RSVP page features a simple contact form. Notably, the website’s footer indicates the wedding date and venue.

22. Sarah Owens & Ryan Gentry

This is one of those wedding websites where you are first greeted by a beautiful picture of the bride and groom. It is a multi-page website and was built using Weebly. Aside from the large couple image, three other engagement pictures are featured on the home page. 

The information about the wedding event is featured on the Details & Hotel page. Here, guests will find the wedding date, venue, and time. Accommodations are featured too.

From the Wedding Party page, guests can find the names of the bridesmaids and groomsmen for the event. RSVP is made via RSVPify – a third-party RSVP website.

23. Casa de Pittman

The Casa De Pittman wedding website was built by the groom. It’s a vintage-styled website with mainly bold sans serif fonts. On the homepage is a counter that counts the days remaining until the wedding event. 

Also, there are short notes of the bride and groom along with their pictures as they introduce themselves. The last section of the homepage is an image gallery with up to 38 pictures.

You can get all the necessary event information on the wedding details page. Notably, the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s names are listed. There’s an RSVP page for attendees to confirm they’ve attended and a Registry page to assist the couple.

24. Sonny

This is yet another Squarespace wedding website example and an ideal one if you have lots of pictures to display. More than 20 pictures are featured on the homepage. 

The homepage features a simple story of the couple’s journey from when they met in college, became best friends, he proposed, and she said Yes!

When & Where, Registry, & RSVP are the other three pages featured on the site. Aside from the wedding date and venue, possible accommodations are also listed on the When & Where page. A header image can be featured on all of these three pages.

25. Sarah & Josh

Last on this list of best wedding website examples is this simple website demo from Wix. It’s a one-page site with five sections that include Home, Our Story, The Wedding Details, Getting There, and Registry. 

Individual photographs of the bride and groom can be featured in the Our Story section alongside text. The Wedding Details section consists of When, Where, and RSVP details while the Getting There section features a Google Map. Also, it features transportation and accommodation details.


You can have so much to organize for your wedding and a website can help make planning easier. 

Aside from that, a website can also serve as a digital keepsake. You can always visit it to relive your awesome wedding event. 

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