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15 Best Disboard Alternatives 2022

Disboard is a multi-purpose bot that allows users to create their own server in Discord. It comes with many commands and helps users create their own community and moderation team.

Additionally, it has an automated role management system that creates roles for users when they are invited to the server and removes them when they leave.

Disboard’s main feature is its ability to create your own server in Discord. However, there are some drawbacks to this feature.

You cannot add channels or invite people without creating a role (unless you are the owner of the server).

There are no options to delete all messages sent by a user (unless they were mentioned by name) nor can you delete all messages sent in a channel.

Fortunately, there are good alternatives that you can consider. Below, we look at the 15 best Disboard alternatives.

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Best Disboard Alternatives

1. Top.gg

Top.gg is a leaderboard site that allows users to rate and review their favorite Discord bots on the Top.gg site.

It helps you get more votes for your Discord bot. Discord bot developers have found it increasingly difficult to market their bots, especially as the Discord bot platform has become more saturated over time.

Top.gg provides a system of multiple rewards to encourage users to vote for your bot in exchange for server boosts, roles, or other rewards.

Users are also rewarded for voting regularly and inviting friends to vote. This helps encourage the organic growth of your server and participation from your community members on Top.gg.

Unlike Disboard, Top.gg allows users to advertise their bots directly, and it’s completely free to use.

Top.gg is built to be as user-friendly as possible, with rank scores and search-based menus so you can find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

Top.gg’s API also allows developers to submit their bots to the database for everyone to use, making it easy for everyone to find new bots in various categories.

It also shows what discord servers you have joined and how long you have been on the server. You can also add bots to the server.

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2. Discord.me

Discord.me is a web-based discord server list that allows you to promote your discord server to thousands of other discord users.

It connects people through communities called servers. It’s a digital home where users can express themselves, chat with other users, share images, videos, links, etc.

Discord.me is a directory of thousands of public Discord communities that anyone can join, so finding the right one for you can sometimes be difficult. To solve this problem, they built a tool that helps you find new communities on Discord.me based on your interests.

Discord.me is an all-in-one resource for finding gaming communities to join and chat with other gamers.

Disboard is good for permanent servers or those who want to make their servers public. On the other hand, Discord.me is perfect for those who want to create temporary servers – like if they want to play a game with a group of people they just met on Steam or organize an event on Discord but then delete it later.

Discord.me allows you to list your Discord server amongst thousands of others and boost it with its premium features. It aims to be as easy as possible to use so that users can get started in mere seconds!

With Discord.me, you can easily browse through thousands of servers and find one which suits your requirements. Unlike Disboard, it’s a free platform accessible to everyone.

3. Discordservers.com

Discordservers.com is a website that lists different Discord servers. It started as a way for people to play games together, and now it’s one of the primary ways you can interact online, both for personal and business use.

Discordservers.com is a better alternative to Disboard because it has more features like search by tags, filtering, and sorting.

Discordservers.com allows you to list your Discord server and provides an API for fetching information about servers through simple HTTP requests. This makes it easy to use services such as IFTTT to send messages when new servers are added or removed from the site or provide some other functionality.

Discordservers.com is a huge server list that lets you see how many members there are on a server, how many people are online, and their status.

It also features a directory of all the servers added to the database. There is also an option for users to register their server with them and access some great tools for free!

It provides the same service as Disboard but uses a different approach to provide better servers in your searches.

Many servers on Disboard use fake bots and other tricks to increase their chances of getting on the top of search results. DIscordservers.com prevents this by having a voting system on each server profile.

This voting system allows users to rate servers based on their quality and content rather than how they present themselves.

Discordservers.com automatically creates a listing for you when you create your server so that people can find you more easily. The more people join your server, the more people there are to discuss and share things with!

4. Mee6.xyz

Mee6 is a bot that allows you to add commands to your server. This means that you can have the bot send an announcement whenever anything happens in a specific channel.

You can also use it to enforce rules on your server, such as a word filter or requiring the use of specific channels for certain words.

Mee6 also has some cool features like custom commands and leveling system. These features make Mee6 a better alternative to Disboard because it’s easy to set up without coding knowledge.

Mee6.xyz is a free, useful, and fun browser and Social & Communication Extension for Chrome or Chromium-based Browsers.

The Mee6.xyz extension provides you with tools to manage your Discord server better compared to Disboard.

Another great feature that Mee6 offers is the Automatic role assignment; when a new member joins your server, the bot will assign them the role that matches their key (if they belong to any). You can add as many keys as you want by using the !key adds command.

Moderation tools such as kick and ban can be used directly from the Mee6 moderation dashboard; no need to use slash commands in Discord anymore!

Additionally, Mee6 allows users to gain XP and levels by being active on the server and getting rewarded through rank cards (visual representation of user profiles). They can unlock special self-assigned roles by reaching certain roles levels.

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5. Discord.st

Discord.st is a new alternative to Disboard that is way better than Disboard. Besides being a much more robust site, it features a top list system that is fully customizable, meaning you have complete control over the voting system.

It has a unique and beautiful dashboard for server owners, where if you own a server and want to advertise your server on Discord.st, you can customize what voters will see when they vote for your server on Discord.st!

Discord.st is a server list made by the community for the community. It operates on the principle that you should also vote for other servers if you want your server to be listed.

Discord.st works as a proxy between your browser and Discord’s official list so it can make changes to the page in real-time.

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6. Discordbotlist.com

Discord Bot List is a site that allows you to browse and search for bots. It has many features, including a website, ranking systems, and moderation tools.

Discord Bot List was created as an alternative to Disboard because it had a lot of features missing from it, such as the capability to sort bots by category or tags.

The biggest advantage to using Discord Bot List over other sites like Disboard is that it allows you to search for bots using tags instead of just names and descriptions. This makes finding new bots much easier!

Discord Bot List allows users to post their bots to their websites. They allow users to rate bots, and since they’re the main bot list, it’s a good way to get your bot’s name out there.

However, it’s not perfect; for one thing, the authentication process isn’t the smoothest thing in the world (in my experience).

Their API is also very limited – you can only get the top 1000 bots (or less) using their API, and you don’t even get all the information unless you have access to the API key (which they only give out to verified bots).

If you’re not a “verified” bot on DBL, you’ll have to do extra work every day to know how many servers you’re on.

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7. Linkvertise.com

Linkvertise.com is a website that allows you to earn money by simply sharing links!

Your links are shortened, and every time someone clicks on the link, they will see an intermediate page with an ad. When they click on the skip button, they will be redirected to the target site (your link). It’s that easy!

When you share a link, your friend or subscriber will be redirected to a page where they will have to wait for 15 seconds before going to the destination website (the one you want them to go to). During this time, your friend or subscriber will see an ad.

Disboard is known for being very annoying, and most of the time, the user ends up not getting into the destination website they wanted. With Linkvertise, your friends/subscribers can be sure that they will arrive at their destination every single time.

Linkvertise is one of the fastest-growing link shortening platforms, providing high CPM and conversion rates. It’s easy to use, and high converting links allow you to earn more money and allow the user to skip ads easily.

Linkvertise is cheaper than Disboard since it charges a lower fee per impression. The upside is that you can set your price for each type of content you share, so if you share adult content, you can charge more per impression and earn more money.

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8. Steamcommunity.com

Steamcommunity.com is a website owned by Valve Corporation and allows users of Steam to make their profiles, browse profiles of others, and it also allows you to join various groups for different games.

You can also set up your group for your friends to join so you can all stay connected in the same community.

The best part about using Steamcommunity.com is that it will allow you to communicate with friends who are also on Steam easily.

It also allows you to purchase games through the Steam platform. Steamcommunity.com is great because it allows you to connect with gamers on your friend’s list and other players who play the same games as you do.

Disboard is a place where you can find information. It’s been around for a long time and has a huge user base, so new and interesting things are always posted. Unlike Steam, Disboard is so big, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

9. Dyno.gg

Dyno.gg is a website that lists thousands of Discord servers and provides an easy way to search through them.

Dyno.gg has the advantage of being easier to use than Disboard, which is a little more complex and can be harder to navigate if you don’t already know your way around

The primary benefit of Dyno.gg over Disboard is that Dyno.gg’s search tool is considerably more user-friendly.

Instead of having to scroll through endless pages or navigate through different categories, Dyno.gg lets you search for specific keywords or genres using a simple search bar at the top of the page.

Dyno.gg website allows you to add your server to their list. This list has its category system, allowing users to browse servers through specific topics that they’re interested in.

The site itself has a lot of information on Discord, including how to create bots, and much more. The website also comes with its Discord bot, which acts as a proxy between the site and your server’s Dyno bot.

If you’re a gamer or content creator, these bots are great for automating tasks such as moderating chat, posting messages, or handling giveaways.

It’s one of the most popular bots on Discord, with over 90,000 active servers and over three million unique users each month.

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10. Disforge.com

Disforge.com is a fairly new Discord bot list to replace Disboard, which is prone to flaws.

The bot list is run by several friends, which makes me biased, but I can promise you that they have put in a lot of work to make it great even though it is new!

You can add bots to your server using the website, just like Disboard. You can also add your bots and promote them.

Disforge.com has many more features than Disboard, such as having multiple servers on one account and automatic moderation settings (which are useful and offer better support for mobile users).

Disforge.com allows you to create your own discord server for free. You can use this website to create a discord server for any purpose; gaming, business, education, work, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Other websites allow you to create your Discord server, but none of them are as easy-to-use or powerful as Disforge.

If you use Disboard today, it will take at least 10 seconds to load the list of servers and another 5-10 seconds for each server page. Disforge loads all of this data instantly and provides much better search filters than Disboard.

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11. Discordhome.com

Discordhome.com is a server list specifically for Discord servers. It allows you to find the best discord servers by providing a rating and a review system.

Users can rate and review servers, which gives interested people an insight into the communities they are considering joining.

The server listing works almost the same as the listing on Disboard but with improvements such as a working “tag” system that filters results according to the chosen tags and more detailed server descriptions.

It was made to replace Disboard, which has gotten extremely bloated. Disboard is still a fine website, but it doesn’t have the same speed and simplicity as Discordhome.

Discordhome also features Discord server tracking and Discord server statistics, calculated every 12 hours.

This lets you highlight the most popular servers on the home page and show you some cool data about Discord servers (such as how many servers there are with a particular bot).

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12. Discordlist.io

Discordlist.io is a directory for Discord servers, it’s free, and anyone can join. The main goal is to create a community where anyone can find the perfect place to meet and chat with new people that share their interests.

Discordlist.io uses a custom ranking algorithm to rank servers based on votes, members, recency of updates, and more. Each server can also be ranked manually by users.

Discordlist.io uses CleverBot as a chatbot to answer your questions or commands in the chatbox on the right side of the page.

Cleverbot is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot that learns from what you say and then tries to reply to you with something similar to what you just said.

The main purpose of CleverBot is for fun, but it can also be useful for finding answers to your questions about Discordlist.io (if any).

Discordlist.io is a better alternative to Disboard because it gives you better recommendations when searching for new servers to join. Their website is more lightweight than Disboard, which means less lag or slow loading times on slow computers, laptops, or smartphones.

13. Cosmic List

Cosmic List is a Discord server advertising platform. It is a great place to advertise your server and get members!

The server is divided into different categories. Each category has its own channel in which you can promote your server.

The channels are ranked by the number of members on the promoted server. This means that the top servers will be seen first when scrolling through a category.

Cosmic List also has an economy system that allows you to earn credits by advertising your server, voting for other users, and more! You can then use these credits to boost your own servers.

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14. DiscordL

DiscordL is a bot that helps you find the best servers out of the thousands available. This subreddit is dedicated to helping people find their perfect server, and it does that by allowing the moderators of those servers to advertise them here.

The algorithm also has a “boost” system, where servers gain points for reaching certain milestones, such as receiving their first vote or gaining their first member. This allows new servers to compete with older ones and gives them a chance to be seen by more members.

It all comes together to create a fair ranking system that allows anyone with a decent server to get noticed without spending any money or time advertising it anywhere else, which is why it’s such an amazing alternative to Disboard!

DiscordL is better than Disboard because it doesn’t have advertisements, is less cluttered, and has faster loading times, making it an ideal alternative.

15. DiscordApp

For video gaming communities, DiscordApp is a text, image, video, and audio communication application and streaming platform that provides voice and text communication among users in a chat channel.

You can run Discord on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and web browsers. DiscordApp enables people worldwide to come together by creating their servers.

They can then invite other people to join them on their server, where they can chat about anything from the game they are currently playing or what is going on in their lives.

Discord App’s Nitro allows you to access more features like HD streaming and animated servers for a monthly subscription fee. It’s free to use unless you wish to subscribe to Nitro.

Take Away

Discord.me and Top.gg are two of the biggest Discord list sites. We will explain why these two sites are better alternatives to Disboard and why you should use them instead.

The first reason to use Discord.me or Top.gg over Disboard is that they have a much bigger user base than Disboard, meaning your server has a much higher chance of getting more members if you use one of these sites over Disboard.

Discord.me and Top.gg have much more advanced filtering systems, which allow you to filter by a category, genre, or language, which means your server will be able to find people who will be interested in what your server has to offer.

In the end, the choice is yours.