10 Best Iconfinder Alternatives 2024

Whether you’re creating an app, stickers, manuals, presentations, brand assets, or other material for brand publicity or a good user experience, icons come in handy in place of long sentences.

Icons help you explain several things or give users directions without having to use large portions of text. Plus, they reduce ambiguity and create an aesthetically pleasing user experience for your clients.

There are many tools on the market you can use to get icons. Iconfinder is just one of them. The iconography tool has a large library of vector icons and illustrations and it allows you to customize icons and web fonts.

Iconfinder has also been used by designers and developers alike for many years. However, it also has its drawbacks. For example, Iconfinder has limited file downloads, steep pricing plans, and poor customer support, all of which are reasons to seek a better option.

In this guide, we will be looking at the 10 best Iconfinder alternatives that we think will suit your needs when it comes to iconography.

Best Iconfinder Alternatives

1. Flaticon

Flaticon is a database of over 6.2 million vector icons and stickers. Compared to other alternatives and even Iconfinder with about six million icons, Flaticon has the largest database of icons.

Signing up with Flaticon is free and easy. Just like Iconfinder, you can easily search for icons using the search bar notable at the middle of the website.

It has tools like Editor, Pattern, and Google Workspace to help users make professional designs.

There are different styles available including, hand-drawn, flat, lineal color, black outline, black filled, and gradient. Whether it is a website, Android, or iOS application, there are icons to help you design them.

This platform gives users the opportunity to earn money by contributing their creations. Interestingly, Flaticon features the logos of important and popular brands and also 4,000+ specially designed icons that are compatible with interfaces and top icon libraries.

There are also over 9,500 stickers for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram available in SVG and PNG file formats.

Making a personalized icon pack is easy, all you have to do is create a collection of icons and download the icons in your preferred format. The API allows users to download and search for icons using different parameters.

Although over 6.2 million icons and stickers are available to both free users and premium subscribers; however, the icons and stickers can only be downloaded in PNG file format, while downloading in other formats, SVG, PSD, EPS, and BASE 64, are only available to premium subscribers.

The premium plan is €7.50 per month when billed annually and €9.99 per month when billed monthly. Its features include priority support, unlimited use of the editor, unlimited collections and downloads, no ads, and no attribution required.

Flaticon is regularly being updated so there’s never a shortage of features and tools to help users make the most of it.

2. The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a platform that serves as a repository for icons and photos. It is a project that aims at building a global virtual language through quality icons and pictures, thereby using them to showcase the beauty in diversity.

It has over three million icons on teamwork, animals, nature, people, parties, etc., just name it and you will find it. Finding icons or pictures with Noun Project isn’t difficult at all, all you have to do is type in any word you want in the search bar on the website and you will get results in no time.

It has a drag and drop feature that allows you to drop icons straight into Photoshop, Google Docs, Sketch, PowerPoint, Illustrator, or any other software you want to use. That way, you can access vector icons without having to leave your workflow at all.

To get started with downloading on Noun Project, you need to sign up using your email address and password or simply use your Facebook account.

Its library of icons and illustrations makes it similar to Iconfinder but it also has pictures which is an asset that is not available on Iconfinder. There is no limit to your usage of an icon or what you can create.

Noun Project API allows users to access the collection of icons both in SVG and PNG formats, personalize 3-D printed products, and create infographics and interactive games.

There is separate pricing for icons, photos, and API. With the free basic plan and premium plans for icons, you get to use more than three million icons and download them in only SVG and PNG formats.

However, the free plan has ads like Iconfinder and there has to be attribution. Plus, you can’t edit the background, shape, or color of an icon.

There are three premium plans: Pro Icon ($2.99 per icon) NounPro Unlimited (individual subscription for $39.99 per year), and NounPro Unlimited (team subscription for $39.99 per user, per year).

There is also a free basic plan for photos and Icon API, while photos has two premium plans, Icon API has just one.

Check out how good The Noun Project is against the likes of Flaticon.

3. Font Awesome

Here is another entry on our list of the best Iconfinder alternatives.

Font Awesome is a toolkit for vector icons and social logos. It has a user-friendly interface and the icons have all been stress-tested.

Font Awesome can be used with different toolsets and applications including Figma, Sketch, Ember, Angular, Vue.js, SVG + JS, and Web Fonts + CSS.

Font Awesome is great for hosting users and gives them the freedom to use the software as they want through the CDN, npm, and CSS processors.

The icons are transformable in size in accordance with your UI, that is, you can increase, decrease, mirror, align, pull, and rotate icons, or even edit badges and counters because of the basic styling feature. You can even mask or layer multiple icons together.

It is desktop-friendly and includes an auto accessibility feature. When it comes to visibility and quality Font Awesome icons are fully represented. They display perfectly in browsers and are legible no matter the font size or pixel.

You don’t have to wait till you are a paid subscriber to start using Font Awesome, its free plan is forever with 1,608 icons, one style and brands, a free kit and seat, plus 10K page views per month.

The Standard Plan is just $99 per year and you get 7,864 icons, human technical support, four styles and brands, 20 hosted pro kits, five seats, 1M page views per month, and you also get to upload your own icons.

Overall, Font Awesome can be used as a web font, just like Iconfinder. It is convenient and easy to use by all types of users.

4. IcoMoon

IcoMoon is an iconography and icon management tool that is divided into three services: IcoMoon app, Icon packs, and Premium pack.

Apart from the IcoMoon app, there is a chrome extension for more optimization of this software. It has over 5,500 free vector icons that can be accessed even when offline.

You get to load the icons in your browser and then continue to use them even when offline, which is something you can’t do on other icon websites, not even Iconfinder.

These 5,500 vector icons are made to suit whatever need a user might have. They can be searched for easily and downloaded in SVG, PNG, PDF, XAML, or CSH formats.

The IcoMoon app is free plus it has a custom icon font generator that allows you to generate and create icon fonts you need. It lets you make fonts from imported personal SVGs so you don’t have to choose from just the available options provided by others. It also provides basic glyph editing.

IcoMoon ensures that there is a properly displayed font size set and considers the grid sizes of icons and ensures that the perfect results with perfect alignment are made. This is why it is known to provide a pixel-perfect solution for icons.

Whether it is a desktop or mobile device, the icons still show forth quality despite the resolution. They are also scalable and their sizes are easily changed.

It has a free plan and two premium plans, with pricing for 30, 90, and 365 days. The basic premium plan starts at $9 for 30 days and it allows you to save projects on your phone, embed fonts in CSS, create unlimited projects, and lots more.

The unlimited premium plan, on the other hand, starts at $19 for 90 days and includes everything in the basic plan plus hosting of unlimited fonts and SVGs, hosting for production, and offline storage in browsers. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee included in both paid plans.

5. Freepik

Freepik is an alternative to Iconfinder with graphic resources including vectors, PSDs, and stock photos that are suitable for all projects regardless of the subject.

There are regular updates of new resources making it a perfect site for designers, both newbies and professionals, who want great and quality resources.

No matter what you want to design, there are thousands of resources available to choose from for free. These resources are made available by different professional designers from all over the world.

When looking for inspiration or when wanting to spice up your design, Freepik is the right platform to get all your graphics needs met. The vectors, icons, and stock photos are distinctively unique and can’t be found elsewhere.

Similar to Iconfinder, searching for resources is made easy with the search bar and users can easily navigate through the website through the navigation bar on the top left corner. The vectors, PSDs, and photos are organized to enable easy access to them.

However, Flaticon and Freepik are platforms from the same company but they function independently. They both have the same pricing but different features.

For the premium plan, there are over 5,325,000 vectors, over 13,737,000 stock photos, and over 609,000 PSD files available to subscribers. There are no ads to distract you and you don’t need to give any attribution, unlike the free plan. You also get priority support and unlimited downloads.

There are benefits to signing up – like you get to interact with the works of authors by liking, leaving a comment, and even following the author. You also get to download 10 graphics per day for free for unlimited downloads for premium subscribers instead of just three.

6. Nucleo

Nucleo is an icon application with 32,239 icons that provides icon management solutions. It is a platform that is suitable for designers, teams, and developers. This application is a complete UI platform available to both Mac and Android.

Users can drag and drop icons in preferred design tools to ensure speedy workflow and quickly find their preferred icons from the library.

They can also use the in-app customization tools for editing icons to preferred design, customize icon colors and canvas to suit a design, and create or organize icons in projects.

Nucleo allows teams to get to work on synced projects with other team members. Developers can generate and export icon fonts, customize the Unicode values of icons, export JSON files, JSX or Vue components, icon fonts, manage SVG symbols, and copy inline SVG.

Notably, you can easily access your icons from multiple devices using Dropbox, Nutstore, OneDrive, or Box.

Unfortunately, Nucleo doesn’t have as many icons as Iconfinder but it allows for the import and management of SVG files.

Nucleo plans are not subscription-based, they have just one-time payments. There are two plans: Individual plan at $99 and Team plan at $299 for up to five users. Apart from the 32,239 icons, they also get lifetime updates of icons.

However, Nucleo is free to download with a test pack of 15-day trial but does not have a free plan. The test pack allows you to use 1160 icons, that is 100 icons in three styles and six sizes.

7. IconArchive

Unlike Iconfinder that has premium subscriptions, IconArchive is a free icon search engine with 735,802 icons and 2,458 icon sets. It was founded as a community website for graphic artists, webmasters, developers, designers, and other end users.

Upon visiting the site, it might look ordinary with its simple interface but it is a source for beautiful icons that can help inspire users. The website has been designed for easy organizing, collecting, sharing, and downloading of icons in SVG and PNG formats.

Using IconArchive is quite easy and you can get right to searching and downloading icons without signing up.

IconArchive allows you to follow designers with admirable works and also provides the opportunity to contact a professional icon artist on the Icon Artist page, to help customize an icon design.

It can be as a design help or a job with no limitation on the size of the project. You can also create icon sets for personal download or sale to others on the IconArchive marketplace.

It has a drag and drop interface, filter settings, sorting options, and allows group sharing of icons via email.

There are several features in place to help browse icons with ease and this does not stop at just the search bar at the beginning of the website. You can browse icons in sets of alphabets, popularity, recently uploaded, most visited, tags, random icons, and lots more.

IconArchive is suitable for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even modern web browsers.

8. Icon8

Icon8 is an Iconfinder alternative with 632,600 free icons that are perfect for beautifying any design. Users are provided with design tools, customization tools, diverse styles, and multiple file formats including PNG and SVG.

It does not just offer icons but also stock photos, vector illustrations, AI-generated faces, and royalty-free music.

Just like Iconfinder and most alternatives, Icon8 is a platform for designers and developers who seek a range of free icons to get started with their projects.

It supports applications and plugins such as Lunacy, Pichon, Figma, and Google Docs. Its API allows you to integrate icons into your apps and websites. Furthermore, you can generate icons using a URL.

When searching for an icon and you notice that it is not available you can request that it should be designed for free. If you are an icon designer, you can earn by submitting your icons and Icon8 will take care of the tagging for you.

Icons are sectioned in such a way that searches can be customized using filters. You can search for icons based on keywords, popularity, and categories to ensure that only required icons come up on the results. The filters make finding icons in the library a walk in the park.

You can easily download icons one after the other or as a collection but it requires that you subscribe. The free plan limits the use of several features including the formats and resolutions.

However, you have to pay for icons, photos, illustrations, and music separately at $13 for a month or $119 a year. Alternatively, you can have all assets and apps for $29 for a month and $259 a year, with limited features.

9. Fontello

Fontello is similar to IconArchive, another Iconfinder alternative. It is a free and open-source icon font generator but it is perfect for downloading, creating, and importing SVG icons and fonts.

It is a project that allows users to use the icons all for free without even signing up or doing any other form of registration. However, there is a donate button just in case you decide to support the project.

There are different sets of icons to choose from but the simplicity of Fontello’s interface spreads also to its icons. That is they are not complicated, unsophisticated, and straightforward. Because it is open-sourced, you can use fonts from platforms like Font Awesome, Meteocons, Typicons, Iconic, and Entypo.

All you need to do on Fontello can be done on the landing page of the website, whether it is to select, search, create, import, or download icons and web fonts. It allows you to even link icons from Google Web Fonts or upload a web font with all the icons you might need for a project.

Furthermore, Fontello offers high-quality icons that can be edited without worries on graphic software applications like Sketch, Adobe, and Illustrator.

Customized icons can be downloaded and saved directly on users’ devices to enable them to use them as many times as they want. You can use the icons in websites, applications, and even for commercial purposes without any worries because there are no restrictions.

Fontello’s drag and drop feature helps users to speed up workflow. Its API allows easy scripting for the implementation of different features.

Explore more tools like Fontello here.

10. Icojam

Icojam is another free Iconfinder alternative where you can find all vector icons and illustrations you need to perfect any project.

It is notable for high-quality vector icons and illustrations that are scalable. You can adjust their sizes and outline weight and use them for whatever project you want.

The icons are created in line with trends so you don’t have to worry about using an outdated or less functional icon. The icons can be obtained in AI, SVG, PNG, EPS, SKETCH, and Iconjar.

Creating icons with Icojam, whether from scratch or an existing one, is quite easy. There are editing tools in place to help change the color, size, or for basic glyph editing.

You get to create unlimited numbers of icons and also download them on your desktop. Uploading and accessing icons on Icojam is also easy with Adobe, Sketch, Illustrator, or any preferred app.

Wrapping Up – What Is The Best Iconfinder Alternative?

In short, the best Iconfinder alternative is Flaticon because it has the largest database of icons and you can use it to create your own icons.

Iconfinder is perfect when it comes to getting icons, illustrations, and even 3D illustrations for projects but within all the alternatives listed above, I’m sure you can find one that suits your needs.

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