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10 Best Laptop Bags Under Rs 1000 In India

Do you want a laptop bag under Rs 1000 in India? We’ve got you covered.

A laptop is an essential device for all. People make use of laptops at home, school, work, and every other possible place. Some laptops do contain vital files and documents that the owners would not dare to lose.

If you own a laptop in India, a laptop bag will come in handy as a vital accessory you should have. Not to mention, a laptop bag incorporates several valuable benefits, which will be covered later in this article.

If you are yet to own a laptop bag, we will list out the ten best ones you can get without paying more than Rs 1000 in India.

To start with, let’s look at the criteria you should consider for selecting the best laptop bag.

How To Select A Laptop Bag Under Rs 1000 In India

Before you select a laptop bag for your precious laptop, you have to consider some key features, which include:


There are several laptop bags in the market with different styles or designs. This has to do with shape, color, art, drawings, etc. that make up the bag.

Moreover, these laptop bags feature different designs, and sometimes manufacturers do consider gender when coming up with these designs. Hence, you should ensure that your preferred laptop bag has a style that reflects your personal preference.

The laptop bag you intend to purchase must be spacious enough to contain your laptop entirely. Laptops are available in different sizes.

Likewise, laptop bags are available in different sizes as well. You should also consider the opening size. A bag might have a sizable interior but a smaller opening which might make it difficult to place your laptop in it.

Storage spaces

Indeed, you won’t be carrying only your laptop in your laptop bag. Other accessories like the laptop charger, adapter, USB cords, phones, and maybe books will need to be carried along. Therefore, you should consider the number of extra storage spaces a laptop bag has. These

storage spaces can be featured both on the outside and inside of the laptop bag.


You know how sturdy a laptop bag is and if it will be able to protect your laptop from the material it is made with. A bag of quality must be made with durable materials. Laptop bags are commonly made using nylon, polyester, neoprene, canvas, and leather. Thankfully, polyester, nylon, and canvas are often considered the most durable though some bags are made with a mix of all five materials.


You don’t want to encounter any inconveniences when you carry your laptop bag, so comfort should be checked. It is possible to suffer back and shoulder pain if a laptop bag is not optimized for comfort. The best option for comfort is an ergonomic laptop bag, and these are mainly backpacks.


The prices of laptop bags vary depending on brand, size, and quality. It is often assumed that top-quality laptop bags cost very high amounts. Whereas this is not untrue, there are still quality laptop bags priced under Rs 1000 that you can purchase.

Without further ado, let’s show you our top picks of the 10 best laptop bags under Rs 1000 in India.

10 Best Laptop Bags Under Rs 1000 In India

1. Chris & Kate Laptop Bag

This is a laptop messenger bag produced by the Chris & Katie brand.

It is an ideal laptop bag for office and business workers. Its blue color further complements this.

It has a height of 16 cm, length of 29 cm, and a width of 41 cm. The interior has a 12 ltr capacity, and the bag can contain laptops with screen size up to 15.6 inches.

This laptop bag is designed like a briefcase. However, its exteriors are made of polyester while its interior is lined with premium fabric.

It is a durable laptop bag as it is water-resistant and doesn’t weigh much itself at only 650 grams.

Apart from the main laptop compartment, it also features a zipper storage pocket, wall pockets, and two pen sleeves. That way, you can keep your laptop accessories safe.

Also, it comes with a trolley strap at the back. Thankfully, it is a four-way laptop bag. You can carry the bag holding the two handles or hang it over your shoulder with the shoulder strap. Whichever way, the bag is easy to use.

2. Lenovo Casual Laptop Bag B210

If you’ve got a Lenovo laptop, then this laptop backpack from Lenovo would make a good buy. The bag features a straightforward design.

Also, it is available in three colors – black, blue, and grey.

It was produced using polyester material which makes it water-proof and durable. It is not a heavy bag as it weighs only 386 grams.

Its interior is padded for security and spacious enough to contain laptops up to 15.6 inches in addition to other laptop accessories. It has a 45.54 cm length, 34.04 cm width, and 15.01 cm height.

With clean and smooth zippers, the interior compartment stays securely locked with your laptop inside. At the front of the bag is a zippered pocket providing extra storage and quick access to your items.

Additionally, this laptop bag has other storage compartments that are designed to hold phones, cards, etc. For instance, there are two small pockets inside the bag.

You will find this Lenovo Casual Laptop Backpack very easy to place on your back. The back panel is quilted, and the shoulder straps are fully adjustable so you can adjust to a perfect fit. You can also hold it with your hands using the top handle. When you purchase this laptop bag, Lenovo offers a one-year limited warranty.

3. HP Express Laptop Backpack

Here is a laptop bag under Rs 1000 from another renowned laptop manufacturer – HP. This product is certified original by HP and is ideal for carrying laptops with 15.6-inch screen sizes. The bag has a 17 cm length, 33 cm width, and 47 cm height, so it is quite spacious.

As a durable product, it was made using sturdy polyester material on the outside.

The bag’s back panel was optimized to offer comfort. Likewise, it features padded shoulder handles and a fully padded back. Its sturdy black zippers keep the main compartment locked.

Apart from its main compartment, it has multiple pockets for carrying other accessories. There are two big interior compartments and an organized folder. On both sides of the bags are mesh pockets where you can insert items for quick reach.

The HP Express Laptop backpack is lightweight and weighs just 500 grams. It is a very stylish bag, finished in black, and would be fit for almost any purpose. HP issues a 1-year warranty on this laptop bag and also a 10-day replacement warranty.

4. Dell Essential Laptop Bag

Dell follows as the next laptop brand to offer a laptop bag under Rs 1000 in India.

The bag features a sleek design, finished in black color, and is perfect for daily use. It is capable of containing laptops up to a 15.5-inch screen size and measures 8.4 cm in length, 35.8 cm in width, and 46.5 cm in height.

This bag is a durable one as Dell produced it using polyester material. It does not wear quickly and will not shrink or wrinkle. Also, its weight is just 449 grams which makes it a lightweight laptop bag.

The Dell Essential Backpack consists of a large central compartment and several zippered compartments. The large central compartment is well padded to secure your laptop and still reserves space for carrying other items inside. Also, it has bottle holders so you can conveniently carry water bottles along and reach them quickly.

With padded handles, the bag won’t provide any discomfort when carried on your back. Moreover, its shoulder straps can be adjusted based on your preference. The top handle is sturdy and padded, so you can use it to carry the bag comfortably. Nonetheless, you get a ten-day replacement warranty when you purchase this Dell Essential Backpack.

5. Lenovo B515 Everyday Laptop Bag

The Lenovo B515 15.6-inch Everyday Laptop Backpack is an everyday laptop backpack. Its design is sleek and simple.

It has a main compartment that is wide enough to contain 15.6-inch laptops and other laptop accessories. The bag’s length is 32.5 cm, width is 12 cm, and its height is 44 cm. Also, it weighs 621 grams.

Lenovo manufactured this everyday laptop backpack using premium polyester material. The material is water-resistant and also resistant to wear and tear; this makes the bag a very durable one. Its two side pockets provide extra storage and even a quick-access pocket in front.

The main compartment is well cushioned and features a breathable mesh, so ventilation is optimized. Also, it has another spacious compartment in its interior, so you can even carry two laptops inside. It is an ideal bag if you need more storage space.

You can carry this laptop bag like a backpack or move like a suitcase by using the strap at the back. Also, you can carry it from the top handle. The bag comes with a warranty card upon purchase.

6. Adisa Casual Laptop Bag

This laptop backpack has a length of 31cm, a width of 20cm, and a height of 47cm. It is optimized to contain laptops with a 15.6-inch screen size and below. It is available in five varying colors i.e. blue, teal green, black, grey, and blue.

Made with sturdy polyester material, the bag is durable and resistant to moisture. Also, it is resistant to shrinkage.

Two major compartments are featured for carrying laptops and other items. Both compartments are well padded to ensure that the laptop is secure from physical damage. The compartments are secured with quality metal zippers that feature a sturdy pulling strap. Not to mention, it features two bottle holders with mesh on the sides.

As a lightweight product, it weighs just 450 grams. You can comfortably carry it around as the laptop’s shoulder handles are padded.

Likewise, the shoulder handles are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

Nevertheless, it has a breathable mesh back that promotes airflow and keeps the bag sweat-proof.

7. Mi Business Casual Laptop Bag

Mi Business produced this laptop backpack not for carrying laptops alone but also for carrying other tech gadgets. It is a stylish laptop backpack with a contemporary design that is comfortable to carry.

With a 21 liter capacity, the bag can contain up to a 15.2-inch laptop. It has a 44 cm height, 32 cm length, and 16 cm width.

It is IPX4 water-resistant, so your laptop will be kept safe in any weather condition. The bag is lightweight as it weighs just 500 grams.

There are various spacious compartments so you can carry several laptop accessories that you require. It has a zippered compartment where you can put your cables without getting them tangled. Also, it has another which would perfectly fit books. On the sides of the bag are two elastic pockets dedicated to carrying water bottles.

The shoulder straps are extra padded with mesh for improved breathability. For security and support, the main compartment for putting your laptop is cushioned.

The product manufacturer issues a six-month warranty and a ten-day replacement warranty when you purchase this laptop backpack.

8. Vebeto Anti-Theft Laptop Bag

This is a unique laptop bag from the Vebeto brand that was manufactured with security in mind. Its design is beautiful, which makes it a remarkable laptop bag under Rs 1000 in India.

It is made with durable materials such as polyester, canvas, and nylon. Also, it comes in three colors i.e. black, grey, and jet-black.

As an anti-theft laptop bag, it ensures none of your belongings go missing. The main compartment for placing a laptop incorporates a zipper hidden at the back. It will be difficult for anyone except you to locate it.

Other pockets featured are attached in unusual places. For instance, a pocket is featured on the shoulder straps and on the bag sides which are inconspicuous.

The bag’s main compartment is adjustable. It can contain a 15.6-inch laptop and can be adjusted at 90 or 180 degrees. Likewise, its interior has a medium-sized compartment where your phones, tablets, or books can go. A shockproof cushion ensures maximum absorption.

With a 300D polyester fabric material, this laptop bag is a durable one. The bag is waterproof and resistant to dust. It has a nylon sponge cover which allows you to walk with this bag even during rainfall.

Its metal zippers keep the compartments secure and thanks to the mesh shoulder straps and back padding, the bag is very comfortable to use.

The bag is ideal for night use. In front of the bag is a retro-reflective tape, so it stays evident when it is dark. It features a built-in USB charging port with cable so you can conveniently charge your devices even while on-the-go. No battery is included, and you’ll need a power bank to enjoy this feature.

The Vebeto Anti-Theft Backpack is multifunctional and can serve any purpose. Also, it is lightweight weighing just 1.6 pounds.

9. Protecta Professional Laptop Bag

Here is a second laptop briefcase bag that has a 15.6-inch screen size carrying capacity.

It is available in up to eight different colors. As a stylish piece, it features several Indian geometric prints that are very attractive. This laptop bag is an ideal one for women.

Protecta manufactured this bag with quality polyester material and sturdy hardware. It is waterproof and very durable. The laptop compartment is fully padded, so your laptop’s security is ensured.

Other storage spaces are provided for stowing extra items. The laptop’s zippers are also of good quality with sturdy runners.
With a slim and lightweight profile, this Protecta laptop briefcase bag is easy and comfortable to carry about.

It can be carried in two ways. You either hold it as a briefcase or carry as a cross bag with a comfortable shoulder strap. Nevertheless, it comes with a 1-year warranty upon purchase.

10. Cosmus Darwin Laptop Backpack

The COSMUS Darwin Laptop Backpack laptop backpack is all about style and space. With a 14-inch width, 18-inch height, and 7-inch diameter, the bag can hold laptops up to 15.6 inches.

On the outside, this backpack was made using durable polyester material, which is resistant to water.

It features two large compartments with one well-cushioned, two front pockets for easy access, and two side pockets with mesh. The secure access pockets in front also feature an organizer section. Nevertheless, the side mesh pockets are ideal for holding water bottles.

The COSMUS Darwin Laptop Backpack laptop backpack weighs 780 grams and comes with a 1-year limited warranty. You can conveniently carry this laptop bag thanks to its adjustable and well-padded shoulder straps.

Why Should You Use A Laptop Bag?

A laptop bag offers several significant benefits, which include:


A laptop may not be too heavy but, carrying it with your hands from one location to another can be very inconvenient. Not to mention, you still have the laptop’s accessories and other items to carry along. With a laptop bag, transporting your laptop becomes more comfortable and convenient.

You can carry other accessories inside it and walk with your hands-free.


With your laptop in a quality laptop bag, it couldn’t be safer. If the bag were to fall or be hit, the damaging effect on the laptop inside would be less compared to a direct laptop fall. Furthermore, not everyone would know you are walking around with a laptop if it’s in a bag.

Sometimes, all you need to complement your appearance is a stylish laptop bag. You will appear more presentable with a bag on than if you were to carry your laptop in your bare hands.


Most laptop bags serve multiple purposes as they can be used to carry other items as well. A good laptop bag with several storage pouches comes into play here. You can use a laptop backpack for travel, school, and work.

Tips for Using A Laptop Bag

It doesn’t end with your purchase; it is essential to maintain and properly use your laptop bag. Here are some tips for using a laptop bag:

Follow manufacturer instructions

The laptop bag manufacturer is in the best position to tell you what and what not to do with a laptop bag. When you get your bag, these instructions are typically featured on the tag. It will inform you on the best way to clean and store the bag to ensure that it lasts longer.

Deep cleaning

Whenever you are to clean your laptop bag, ensure you go deep. The interior part of your laptop must be cleaner than the outside.

Moreover, dirt and dust inside can easily damage your laptop. Nonetheless, you can use a vacuum to deep-clean your laptop bag.


The metal or steel parts of your laptop bag need to be lubricated once in a while. This includes zippers, buckles, hooks, etc. Lubricating will keep them in good quality and prevent them from getting rusted.

Final Thoughts

If you care about your laptop device and want it to last for a while, you should get a laptop bag for it. A laptop bag will keep your laptop safe and allow you to move around with it conveniently.

While there are several laptop bags in the market, you can get the best one from our list of the best laptop bags that are sold for less than Rs 1000 in India.

If you wish to purchase the best laptop bag without spending too much, any of them will do.

After purchase, ensure you apply the aforementioned tips so you can make good use of your laptop bag without hassles.