10 Best Laptops Under 50000 With i5 Processor And SSD

Professionals and businesses want systems that will increase productivity and drive business performance and laptops with a combination of Intel Core i5 processors and solid-state drives (SSD) are built to offer improved performance and handle heavy workloads including

  • Programming
  • Media creation and editing
  • Gaming

Companies like HP, Apple, and Dell have built powerful laptops with advanced features, functionalities, and designs at different price points. Their products have consistently evolved as the tech industry advances.

So if you’re in the market for a laptop, there are multiple options at your disposal. You can get a good laptop that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

But shopping for your favorite laptop goes beyond aesthetics. Before you make your choice, you need to consider

  • Budget
  • Battery life
  • Processor type
  • Storage and memory
  • Ports, connectivity and expandability

In this article, we have cut through all the noise to get you ten best laptops under 50000 with an i5 processor and SSD.

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A Laptop

When you need a laptop, how do you choose the right one? That’s a mind-boggling question for a lot of people. You will find multiple options if you scroll through Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or walk into a computer shop.

Most people rely on appearance, but let’s take a look at what matters most.

Battery Life

Laptops are primarily designed for portability and mobility. You want to be able to complete that task, join a meeting, or access your document on the move. That makes battery life one of the most vital factors you need to consider.

You will most likely see the battery capacity listed by the manufacturer. These figures may not represent the actual scenarios of how long your battery may last. Instead, the listed battery capacity may refer to light usage consisting of simple word application and a dimmed screen.

Several variables influence your battery life including

  • Number of applications running in the background
  • Connections to Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi
  • Screen brightness
  • Screen resolution
  • Backlit keyboard
  • The laptop’s operating systems

The type of application you are running is also a key consideration. High powered applications like gaming, video streaming, creation, and editing require more processing power; and programs that require more extensive processing power take up more battery life.

Even if you are using your laptop for programming, your battery may drain out sooner than the manufacturer has quoted.

So you need to look out for laptops that have more significant battery ratings.

However, if you are looking for laptops to replace your desktop, or you don’t plan to move along with it too often, you shouldn’t worry about battery life. You can always power up your laptop when it’s low. Otherwise, you need to pay close attention to your laptop’s battery life.

Screen Size and Resolution

Laptop screen sizes and resolution are essential for an excellent computing experience. Your preferred screen size depends on the laptop’s purpose. The 11.6, 12.5, 13.3, 14-inch screen sizes are compact laptops. They are portable and easily fit into your bag while traveling.

The 15.6-inch laptop is most common and primarily used in homes and offices. Gaming laptops usually have larger screens. You may find screens as large as 17.4 inches or 18.4 inches.

Resolution refers to the number of pixels found in the screen display. A higher pixel means the display is crisp and sharp. The typical screen resolution you will find in most laptops is 1366 by 768 (HD). Also, you will find laptops with a screen resolution of 1920 by 1080 (Also referred to as full HD or 1080p).

Most expensive laptops come with screen resolutions above 1080p resolutions, including 3200×1800 (QHD+), and 3840×2160 (4K UHD).

Depending on your budget, you should look for laptops with high resolution and you will be glad you did.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The Random Access Memory (also known as system memory) is the laptop’s short term memory. It helps to store, retrieve, and process data for immediate use. The RAM is super-fast and makes it possible for users to run applications or tasks simultaneously.

Whether it is a simple internet search or an app, the RAM makes your system handle tasks with speed.

The larger your RAM size, the faster your system will run. So, the appropriate RAM for your laptop depends on the type of work you do.

If you are just running simple office applications, 4GB RAM is enough. But if you are a hardcore gamer or media creator, you need 8GB RAM and above.


The hard disk drive or solid-state drive is a larger storage device in your laptop. In contrast to RAM, it permanently stores data such as images, videos, and documents.

Until the early 2000s, the hard drive (HDD) has been the conventional storage type. Today, the SSD represents an upgrade as it is newer, faster, and runs on an easily accessible memory chip.

Although some low budget laptops still use the HDD, the new SSD is more expensive because of the benefits it offers.

Solid-state drives are shock resistant and non-mechanical. So they emit less heat, require less power, and have better battery life.

The only drawback with SSDs is that they offer limited capacity, including 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB. But they are more expensive than the traditional one terabyte or two terabyte (TB) hard drives.

Because of the immense benefits, most manufacturers offer the SSD drive. More so, users may buy larger external hard drives to store larger files.

Go ahead and choose a laptop with a solid-state drive for your new laptop. And you will enjoy the speed that comes with it.


Processors let computers run programs, perform tasks, and multitask efficiently.

Most laptops run on an Intel processor. Every year, the processors are upgraded, become faster and more efficient. Intel has a wide range of processors, including Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, and more.

Laptops running on Core i3 are entry-level. Laptops with core i5 and above offer high speed and performance, especially for running powerful programs.

Most laptops also run on AMD processors. These groups of processors are great for gamers because they have advanced graphics capabilities as compared to Intel’s onboard graphics. The graphics processor is specially built for HD video, games, and media applications like Photoshop.

Ports and Connectivity

You should look for laptops that have more than two USB 3.0 ports. Having multiple USB ports has a couple of benefits. You can plug your peripheral devices, including your external storage device, an external mouse, or keyboard to your laptop.

USB 3.0 offers incredible data transfer speed as compared to USB 2.0. It is multiple times quicker. So if you are transferring files with a larger size, USB 3.0 ports will take less time to complete the transfer.

If you want more speed, you can explore laptops with USB 3.1, USB Type-C, or Thunderbolt 3 ports. Most modern peripherals perform best with USB 3.0 and above.

Beyond USB, you need to consider other ports such as

  • HDMI for transmitting video to a TV
  • SD card slot for transferring digital camera photos to your laptop
  • Ethernet port for a wired LAN connection


Another critical consideration is the laptop weight. Bulky laptops defeat the purpose of mobility. If you are looking for a laptop that will be your travel companion, you need a laptop that is handy, portable, and lightweight.

But if your laptop is for office use, then weight shouldn’t be a concern.

Warranty and Support

Most laptop manufacturers like HP and Dell offer warranties and support for new laptops. These warranties may cover maintenance, servicing, and in some cases, replacements of faulty parts.

Warranties help users derive the utmost value for the product. Also, it allows users to avoid unexpected repair costs that may arise.


There are multiple high-end and budget devices from different brands and specifications. Laptops range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. So you will most definitely find a computer that meets your needs and fits your budget.

10 Best Laptop under 50000 With i5 Processor And SSD

1. HP 15 8th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor 15.6-inch FHD Laptop (8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10/MS Office/Sparkling Black, 2.04 kg) 15q-ds1000TU

The HP 15 Notebook is known for its stylish and sleek design. With its Full HD display, it offers long-lasting performance, drives productivity, provides entertainment and connection.


This laptop has amazing features that deliver incredible value for users. It has a solid-state drive (SSD) with a 256GB PCIe NVMe storage capacity.

The SSD enables a quicker bootup time and is multiple times faster than the traditional HDD. This optimal storage is excellent for multitasking and offers incredible performance.

The HP 15 laptop is powered by a 3-cell 41WHr lithium-ion battery, a long-lasting and fast charge battery. With this battery, you can maximize productivity. It has a 13-hour battery life, and when the system is off, the battery recharges up to 50 percent within 45 minutes.

This laptop is portable and weighs only about 2.04kg. So you can comfortably move along with it. Plus, the laptop has a Full HD IPS Display. With the 15.6-inch BrightView Full HD Screen(1080p) and HP TrueVision HD Webcam, users will enjoy a crystal clear view.

This notebook comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home, 8GB DDR4-2400 RAM, and an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U Processor. The

HP audio system has powerful dual speakers that deliver an immersive and phenomenal sound.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

This laptop comes with a pre-installed Windows, the sound is excellent, and the battery is reliable. The computer has unique specifications at such an incredible price point.

2. HP 14 8th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor (8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Microsoft Office), 14-cs1002TU

The HP 14 notebook is an excellent budget laptop with incredible features. Beyond its portability, the laptop is built to give users a pleasant computing experience. The product has an average rating of 4.1 stars out of five.


This laptop weighs about 1.43kg and has a 14-inch screen size with an anti-glare display. Also, it has an Intel Core i5-8265U, 8th generation processor.

The product has an 8GB DDR4 RAM, which is expandable up to 16GB. It has an internal solid-state storage of 256GB SSD PCIe NVMe and an integrated Intel UHD graphics unit.

The system has a preloaded Windows 10 Home 64 operating system and Microsoft Office. Also, the battery is a 3-cell, 41 Wh Li-ion polymer, and prismatic battery.

The laptop comes with a one year warranty from HP. The warranty covers manufacturing defects but not physical damages.

Other features include

  • CD drive
  • One HDMI 1.4b port
  • Two USB 3.1 ports
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • One RJ-45 port
  • One headphone and microphone combo port

What Makes This Product Stand Out

The average battery life of this laptop is seven hours. Plus, the decent 1.43kg weight makes it easy to travel with.

3. ASUS VivoBook 14 X409FA-EK555T Intel Core i5 8th Gen 14-inch FHD Compact and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB NVMe SSD/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics/FP Reader/1.6 kg), Transparent Silver

The ASUS VivoBook is a compact and lightweight notebook with extra immersive visuals. It has a sleek and unique design with a 14-inch screen size. The laptop is perfect for freelancers and has an average 3.9-star rating out of five.


This ASUS laptop brand is powered by the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor. More so, it has an 8GB DDR4 Dual Channel RAM (upgradable up to 12GB RAM). The 512GB SSD offers excellent speed and performance.

This laptop has a nano edge display and a large screen area, which gives users an immersive viewing experience. Plus, it has a 14-inch, full HD resolution, and an anti-glare panel.

The ASUS X409FA weighs about 1.60kg. It comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home operating system plus lifetime validity. Also, it is powered by a high capacity 2-cell Lithium battery that lasts up to six hours.

Other features include:

  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Webcam
  • Wi-Fi adapter
  • Bluetooth
  • Two USB 2.0 ports
  • USB 3.1 (one Type-A (Gen1) and one Type C (Gen 1) port
  • Audio jack
  • HDMI port
  • Micro SD Card Reader

What Makes This Product Stand Out

This product has an Intel Core i5 processor and a fingerprint sensor. More so, it is simple and represents a good buy.

4. AVITA Cosmos NS14A1IN502P 14-inch Laptop (7th Gen Core i5-7Y54/8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10/Intel HD 615 Graphics), Cloud Silver

The AVITA Cosmos lets users complete computing tasks with ease. It is user-friendly, ultra-thin, and light, so it’s easy to carry around.

The laptop is designed to deliver optimal performance and has a 4.5-star rating out of five.


The Avita Cosmo has an ergonomic keyboard that drives productivity. The laptop has a 14-inch full HD IPS display. More so, the product is powered by a 7th generation Intel Core i5-7Y54 processor.

Also, the laptop has an 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD storage that delivers speed like lightning. The computer has an extended battery life that can last up to ten hours. Plus, the system comes with a preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system.

Other features of the laptop include

  • 720 HD Webcam
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Wi-Fi capabilities

What Makes This Product Stand Out

This product has a unique metallic design, HD display, and the battery performance is superb.

5. Avita Liber Core i5 7th Gen – (8 GB/128 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home) NS14A1IN501P Thin and Light Laptop (14-inch, Cloud Silver, 1.46 kg)

The Avita Liber Core has a sturdy build and is great for content creation. With the ergonomic backlighting, you can handle tasks at critical hours. Also, it is slim, handy, and portable. The laptop has a 3.5-star rating out of five.


The Avita Liber Core weighs about 146kg. Plus, the laptop is equipped with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 7Y54 processor. It has an 8GB

RAM DDR3 RAM and a 128G8GB solid-state drive.

The laptop comes preloaded with a Windows 10 Home operating system and lifetime validity. Furthermore, the system is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which last up to ten hours.

The laptop has a 14-inch screen and full HD LED-backlit display. Other features of this laptop include:

  • Two USB Port 2.0
  • One USB 3.0 Type C
  • One HDMI Port and
  • SD Card Reader

This product comes with an 18-month warranty plus an extended six-month warranty.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

The solid-state drive makes the laptop super fast and the battery lasts a long time.

6. ASUS VivoBook 14 X409FA-EK502T Intel Core i5 8th Gen 14-inch FHD Compact and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/512GB NVMe SSD/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics/FP Reader/1.6 kg), Slate Gray

The ASUS VivoBook is durable and delivers incredible performance. More so, the system has a sharp visual display that offers the best entertainment experience. This product has a 3.6-star rating out of five.


The ASUS ViivoBook is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor. The laptop has an 8GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM (upgradeable up to 12GB RAM). Plus it has a 512GB SSD, a 14-inch screen size, and an Intel integrated ultra-high-definition graphics 620.

The operating system comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home with lifetime validity, and the laptop is powered with a 2-cell lithium battery capable of lasting up to 10 hours.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

This laptop has an in-built fingerprint sensor and fast charge technology. A low battery can charge as much as 60 percent in about 45 minutes.

7. AVITA LIBER NS13A1IN019P 13.3-inch FHD Ultra Slim & Light (Core i5-7th Gen/8GB/512GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics/1.37 kg), Space Grey

The AVITA LIBER is best for work and handling complex computing tasks. For a budget below 50,000, it’s a bargain buy. The laptop has a slim and light design with a full HD display.

The laptop has an average rating of 4-stars out of five.


The laptop is powered by lithium polymer batteries that can last up to 10 hours. It has a 7th generation Intel Core i5 7y54 processor. Plus, this system has an 8GB RAM DDR3 and a 512 GB SSD flash memory.

The operating system is preloaded with Windows 10 Home and has a 13.3-inch screen size and full HD IPS bezel-less display.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

The laptop is ultra-slim and light, and it weighs 1.37 Kg. Also, the product comes with an 18-month plus six-month warranty when you register the product online.

8. AVITA PURA NS14A6INF561-SGGYB 14-inch Laptop (8th Gen Intel Core i5-8265U / 8GB RAM / 512GB SSD / Windows 10 Home/FHD / Intel® UHD Graphics 620 / 1.34Kg), Space Grey with 3-in-1 Grey Sleeve

The AVITA PURA is known for its simple but unique design. The solid-state drive allows users to multitask and work efficiently. The laptop has an average rating of 4-stars out of five.


The AVITA PURA is powered by Windows 10 Home in S mode and Intel UHD Graphics 620. Plus, it has a 14-inch screen size and display and it runs on an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor.

With the 512 SSD storage and 8GB RAM, this system drives work performance.

It comes with lithium-ion batteries that can last up to 10 hours.

Other features include

  • Webcam
  • Bluetooth
  • Ports and Wi-Fi connectivity

What Makes This Product Stand Out

The extended battery life makes this product stand out. Plus, users will get a 3-in-1 product sleeve.

9. ASUS ZenBook UX430UA-GV573T Intel Core i5 8th Gen 14-inch FHD Thin and Light Laptop (8GB RAM/256GB SSD/Windows 10/Integrated Graphics/1.30 kg), Gold

This laptop is sophisticated and ultraportable, thereby making it a perfect travel companion.

With its nano edge display, it delivers the best entertainment and work experience. The system has a 4.4-star rating out of five.


The ASUS Zenbook weighs 1.30kg. It uses the 8th generation Intel Core i5-8250U processor. Also, it has an onboard 8GB LPDDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD storage. The laptop has a 14-inch LED-backlit full HD, slim-bezel, nano edge display.

It runs on a preloaded Windows 10 Home operating system with lifetime validity. Plus, the system is powered by a 3-cell lithium-polymer battery that can last up to nine hours.

Other features include

  • Backlit keyboard and touchpad
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • USB and HDMI ports

What Makes This Product Stand Out

This ASUS brand has smart amplifier technology that delivers a clear and loud sound. Also, this computer has an ultra-sleek design that makes it handy.

10. AVITA LIBER NS13A1IN003P 13.3-inch FHD Ultra Slim & Light (Core i5-7th Gen/8GB/256GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/Integrated Graphics/1.37 kg), Avita Purple

The AVITA LIBER laptop is useful for creating visuals and multitasking. It delivers incredible speed and high-performance.

More so, the product has amassed an average of 4.2-star rating out of five.


The AVITA LIBER laptop is preloaded with the Windows 10 operating system. It has a 7th generation Intel Core i5 7Y54 processor, and 8GB DDR3 RAM with Intel HD 615 graphics processor.

The 256 GB SSD storage makes it super fast, and 1.37 kg weight makes it easy to carry around. The 13.3-inch Full HD IPS screen display provides a sharp and bright display.

Plus, the system has a lithium polymer battery that lasts as long as ten hours.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

The laptop bootup speed is incredible. Also, the display gives the user an immersive entertainment experience.

Conclusion: What’s The Best Laptop Under 50000 With I5 Processor And SSD

The laptop market is enormous, and that means the number of options can be overwhelming. That’s why our review has highlighted the best laptops under 50000 with i5 Processor and SSD.

Some of the laptops we have listed are budget laptops with incredible features like the

  • SSD drive that offers improved performance
  • Core i5 processors that provide incredible speed
  • Full HD displays that deliver the best entertainment experience
  • Extended battery life
  • Portability and lightweight

You should go ahead and explore any of the options we have listed and you will enjoy value for money.

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