7 Best AliExpress WooCommerce Plugin (Free and Paid) 2021

Dropshipping remains an attractive and profitable eCommerce business model. About 33 percent of online retailers use drop shipping as their order fulfillment strategy.

Plus, the global drop shipping market size will experience an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 28.8 percent by 2025. 

With this business model, merchants can sell products and make profits without worrying about warehousing and inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping.

Also, sellers can focus on choosing the right product, marketing, and customer service.

Automating your dropshipping business will help you increase efficiency and rake in more revenue. You can seamlessly 

  • Find and import profitable products from AliExpress.
  • Update product and pricing information
  • Manage order fulfillment and more

In this article, we will review seven best AliExpress WooCommerce plugins to help you automate your dropshipping business. 

1. AliDropship

AliDropship is a leading dropshipping tool for merchants and dropshippers. This eCommerce tool helps merchants automate their dropshipping business. 

AliDropship’s WooCommerce plugin lets dropshippers sell products from Aliexpress. At the click of a button, you can import products, automate your pricing using a markup formula, and more. 

The AliDropship WooCommerce plugin is compatible with multiple WooCommerce themes and marketers can easily select or modify the design and styling of their online store.

You can use the plugin to build your dropshipping store, or you can order a custom store. Plus, their team will help you select a profitable niche and assign a personal manager to you.


AliDropship offers an extensive list of features to help you drive sales and boost profits. 


AliDropship helps merchants automate critical processes. 

With their integrated filters, you can find top selling niches and products on AliExpress and you can import them into your site at the click of a button. 

This software consistently scans AliExpress every minute and automatically updates your product information.

The auto-update system ensures that your data is consistent with data from AliExpress. With their pricing automation and markup formula, you can quickly apply pricing rules to products in your shop.

This software allows marketers to confirm and fulfill customer orders at the click of a button. When your customer buys your product, AliDropship tracks the order and then, the software automatically sends updates and email notifications to your customers.

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Store Customization

AliDropship offers a rich library of built-in themes so you can set up and customize your store or swap themes to suit your needs. With this tool, marketers can customize and edit product information including 

  • Product title and descriptions 
  • Product variations and images
  • Product prices and more

This software allows merchants to add products to their online store manually. You can sell an unlimited number of products in your online shop. You can also sell multiple variations of your products, including different colors, materials, sizes, and more. 

This software has a built-in image editor that allows you to edit your photos before importing them to your store.  

Sales and Marketing

With AliDropship, merchants can run promotions to drive sales by offering discounts and coupon codes. You can choose the type of discount such as 

  • Free shipping
  • Percentage discount 
  • Dollar discount and more

You can engage your buyers to drop reviews on your site. Also, you can drive sales by importing reviews directly from AliExpress.

This software helps to reduce car abandonment by sending emails for sales recovery. Plus, it helps to collect emails of buyers who abandoned their cart. 

Business Management

AliDropship has a powerful dashboard that allows users to track orders, sales, traffic, etc. This tool helps you to manage and control your inventory. You can monitor your stock counts and stop selling items when stock runs out.  

AliDropship supports integration with multiple payment gateways, including PayU, PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc. 

Also, you can harness different add-ons to grow your sales including

  • Sales boosters
  • Workflow automation 
  • Social media promoters
  • Customer trust boosters, etc. 

What Users Love about AliDropship

  • AliDropship is feature-rich, and they have a wide range of services, including hosting and consulting
  • Excellent customer service and support 
  • You can buy a custom store and enjoy full ownership of your website plus dedicated manager support
  • They have a broad resource base, including articles, blogs, and FAQs
  • AliDropship has a robust community of merchants, dropshippers, experts, and merchants
  • This software supports automatic inventory updates and product import
  • Users can import product ratings, reviews, and specifications
  • The add-on tools help merchants to optimize their business and increase sales

Limitations of AliDropship

  • Marketers may need to pay for add-on tools 
  • The AliDropship extension is only available for Google Chrome 
  • You need to pay based on the number of product imports. They do not offer unlimited product import.


AliDropship has three pricing plans. These plans are based on the number of product imports to your store. 

  • Lite (100 products imports plus ten bonus imports) – $29
  • Pro (500 product imports plus 200 bonus imports) – $119
  • Elite (1000 product imports plus 500 bonus imports) – $199

AliDropship WooCommerce plugin – $89

Custom Store – starts from $299 (one-time payment)

All packages are one-time payments.

Pricing may differ from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information. 

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2. WooDropship 

WooDropship is a dropshipping solution for sellers and merchants. With this tool, you can seamlessly dropship products from AliExpress. 

WooDropship allows users to connect an existing WooCommerce store to their platform. The software is compatible with all WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Also, users can buy a custom and optimized dropshipping store for a one time fee of $149. This plan includes complete store setup, domain name, one-year hosting, and more. 

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With WooDropship, you can easily import products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store. This platform allows marketers to customize their product and product information to suit their needs.

Users can edit product titles, images, pricing, and product variants.

WooDropship has an inbuilt image editor that allows you to remove watermarks from AliExpress product images. Also, this tool makes it easy for you to fulfill customer orders.

When your customer buys your product, this tool automatically adds products to your AliExpress cart and fills in the buyer’s details during checkout. 

WooDropship helps merchants to automate their inventory management process. The software automatically updates your pricing and inventory when there is a price change or when the product goes out of stock. 

Furthermore, this platform puts you in complete control of your product pricing. You can set your pricing rules and profit margin for each product. Also, you can bulk edit product pricing. 

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What Users Love about WooDropship 

  • The software is easy to use 
  • User-friendly interface 
  • Product import is seamless and fast
  • They have an in-built image editor for optimizing images and removing watermarks
  • You can update product prices in bulk 
  • WooDropship automates inventory management and order fulfillment
  • Users can buy a custom store, and it comes with hosting and domain name
  • WooDropship is compatible with every WordPress, WooCommerce plugin, and theme.

Limitations of WooDropship

  • Order fulfillment is limited to subscription
  • The monthly plan is limited to 500 orders
  • They do not offer add-ons 


Woodropship has two pricing plans

  • Monthly plan – $19.99 per month 
  • Lifetime plan – $97 (one-time fee)

WooDropship offers a seven-day free trial. Also, users can buy a custom dropshipping store for $149 (one-time fee).

Pricing may differ from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information.

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3. Dropified

Dropified helps merchants automate critical tasks required to start and grow their business. With Dropified, marketers sell profitable products, save time, and drive productivity.

You can automatically import products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store.

By automating activities such as product import, you can focus on marketing and sales. Dropifed has more than 44,714 users.

Also, they have enj0yed features on reputable platforms such as Inc., HuffPost, Entrepreneur, and Hostgator.


Dropified allows marketers to search and find profitable products quickly. With the click of a button, marketers can add products to their online shop. 

Also, they can customize your product to suit their needs. This tool lets you

  • Add your logo
  • Edit product title and description 
  • Modify your product image
  • Add product video 

Dropified offers automatic price change, product availability, and inventory updates. With this tool, users can 

  • Import product reviews from AliExpress
  • Bulk edit products
  • Change vendors easily
  • Sell product variants from multiple vendors 

Dropified helps merchants automate order fulfillment and shipping. You can run multiple dropshipping stores using one Dropified account. With your dashboard, you can track orders, sales, traffic, and communication with shoppers. 

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What Users Love about Dropified

  • Dropified is feature-rich
  • They have an extensive knowledge base
  • Dropified helps merchants map multiple vendors to a product
  • You can customize your product information and add videos 
  • Users can try the software for 14 days
  • They offer live chat support and customer support responds quickly

Limitations of Dropified

  • No sales and marketing add-ons
  • They offer monthly recurring plans only


Dropified has three pricing plans. They include 

  • Builder – $47 per month 
  • Premier – $127 per month
  • Dropified Black – $167 per month (only billed annually)

Pricing may differ from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information.

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4. Dropship.me

DropshipMe is a powerful dropshipping software to help you drive profitability.

With this software, you can add selected products to your WooCommerce store. DropshipMe has manually selected more than 50,000 best selling items with edited titles and descriptions. 

Marketers can install the plugin, import winning products, and sell. They don’t need to waste time on product research and descriptions. 


DropshipMe makes it super easy for merchants to start selling. You can instantly add products to your store from a list of top-selling AliExpress products. 

DropshipMe has an extensive product database. Albeit, they provide sophisticated search tools and filters to help merchants find viable products.

You can easily select products with the best pricing, rating, reviews, and the best profit potential.

DropshipMe provides already optimized images and product titles to help you drive sales.

With this tool, you can import reviews to increase the buyer’s confidence.

DropshipMe has a recommended pricing and markup to help you maximize profit and you can automatically apply the pricing to all your products.

What Users Love about DropshipMe

  • The tool is easy to use
  • Excellent customer service and support 
  • They provide a wide assortment of profitable products 
  • DropshipMe provides optimized product images and titles
  • They offer recommended pricing and markup
  • DropshipMe has a free version

Limitations of DropshipMe

  • No automatic update for imported products 
  • You have to use other tools to manage your online shop


DropshipMe has three pricing plans

  • 50 product imports – $0
  • 100 product imports plus ten free imports – $29 (one-time fees)
  • 500 product imports plus 200 free imports – $119 (one-time fees)
  • 1000 product imports plus 500 free imports – $199 (one-time payment)

Prices may vary from time to time. Please refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information.

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5. Ezusy

Ezusy is a dropshipping software that helps merchants take their business to the next level. Over 12000 eCommerce retailers use Ezusy for their dropshipping business. 

With just a few clicks, you can import multiple products from AliExpress to your WooCommerce store. Also, you can import products with full title, description, and more.  


With the Ezusy Chrome plugin, you can filter and view products that have ePacket support. This tool provides automatic price and inventory updates when there are price or stock changes. 

Ezusy helps merchants automate order fulfillment. Also, you can customize your product before pushing them to your store. This software makes it easy for users to push all changes and variations to include images to their online store.

With this tool, you can set pricing rules, mark up your product price and profit margin. Also, this tool automatically sends tracking details to your customers when it is updated on AliExpress.

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What Users Love About Ezusy

  • The tool is easy to use 
  • Users can import products with a single click
  • They offer real-time chat support 
  • The software provides automatic tracking update
  • Ezusy offers a free plan

Limitations of Ezusy

  • Ezusy has a limited knowledgebase
  • Features are limited 


Ezusy has four pricing packages

  • Free plan – $0 per month
  • Basic plan – $9.90 per month 
  • Pro plan – $19.90 per month 
  • Unlimited – $29.90 per month 

Pricing may differ from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information. 

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6. Dropshix

Dropshix is a dropshipping plugin for your WooCommerce store. This tool allows users to import AliExpress products to their WooCommerce shop.

Also, Dropshix helps you monitor and analyze every aspect of your business to increase profits. 

About 5154 websites use Dropshix for their dropshipping business. Also, Dropshix has a robust community of over 7990 active users


Dropshix has tons of features that will help you grow your business.

With this tool, you can import products, product categories, and structure into your store. You can also import product reviews, ratings, and feedback and select the best ones to show on your page. 

The software has a cloud monitoring system that monitors your product inventory and pricing up to six times daily. Plus, the system ensures that your prices and stock are in sync with supplier data. 

With the Chrome extension, you can easily select products from AliExpress, handle product variations, and order fulfillment.

Dropshix has an automatic ordering tool. This tool helps you place customer’s orders from AliExpress with just a simple click.

This tool allows sellers to track and update customers about their shipping status right on their store. With Dropshix, you can monitor product views, shares, orders, and sales.

What Users Love about Dropshix

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • They offer 24-hour price and inventory monitoring and updates
  • Users can monitor sales and profits in real-time
  • You can import products from multiple marketplaces
  • Merchants can track their shipping status

Limitations of Dropshix

  • Customer service does not respond on time
  • Limited resource base


Dropshix has four pricing packages

  • Free – $0
  • Basic – $12.49 per month
  • VIP – $19.99 per month
  • VVIP – $59.99 per month

Pricing may vary from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information. 

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7. Wooshark 

Wooshark provides tools that retailers need to build, run, and grow successful dropshipping businesses.

With this software, dropshippers can easily import and sell products from online marketplaces to their WooCommerce store.

Wooshark supports unlimited product imports and you can use one license on multiple stores. 


With Wooshark, you can automatically import products from AliExpress into your store. This software lets you edit and customize product data including 

  • Product image and description 
  • Variations 
  • Product weight and SKU
  • Reviews and ratings 

With Wooshark, you can import as many products as you want. More so, you can use one license for multiple websites. 

Users can automatically calculate profits using the price formula. They can define their pricing formula, and the product price will be displayed based on the formula. 

When a user places an order on your store, Wooshark helps you process and automatically fulfills the orders. Also, the software automatically synchronizes prices and inventory of products to reflect changes on AliExpress. 

What Users Love about Wooshark

  • Wooshark supports product imports from multiple marketplaces 
  • You can import product information, languages and currency 
  • Users can import product ratings, reviews, and specifications
  • Wooshark supports unlimited product imports and offers multiple store licenses
  • Users can choose between single or multi-supplier plugins

Limitations of Wooshark

  • Customer support doesn’t respond on time
  • The one-click import feature works only on Google Chrome
  • Limited knowledge base
  • Wooshark doesn’t offer a trial or demo


Wooshark has two pricing plans for the WooCommerce plugin for AliExpress. They include 

  • Silver plan – $25.99 (one-time fee)
  • Gold plan – $39.99 (one-time fee)

Pricing may differ from time to time. Kindly refer to the pricing page for the latest pricing information.

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Wrap Up: What’s The Best AliExpress WooCommerce Plugin 

There you have it. We have reviewed the seven best AliExpress WooCommerce plugins, and AliDropship edges other tools. 

The software is feature-rich and offers value for newbies and experienced marketers. AliDropship allows users to control their store design and style.

Plus, you can easily import products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store.

AliDropship automatically monitors your stock counts so that you can stop selling products when inventory runs out. 

With their powerful dashboard, you can monitor key business activities, including orders, sales, etc. Also, AliDropship offers add-ons to help increase sales and drive business growth. 

You should go ahead and access their extensive resource base to get started quickly. 

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