15 Best Loom Alternatives 2024

Loom is a video messaging platform that allows users to instantly record and share screens, webcams, and microphones with their colleagues and friends. It will enable enhanced engagement and ensure you’re up to date with your team.

However, Loom faces technical hitches and other issues that prompt evaluating alternatives. For example, using the web browser option can be laggy with occasional crashes.

The free version has a restriction of up to five minutes of video recording with no editing provision. Also, you can’t view your engagement insights in the free version. Full-screen video recording can be of poor quality.

Hence, Loom can mess up your productivity with video restriction, low-quality full-screen recording, lagging, and no editing provision (for the free version).

Fortunately, there are other alternatives that you can use to meet your video messaging and overall engagement needs. So, let’s dive in.

Best Loom Alternatives

1. Vidyard

Vidyard empowers you to record your screen, webcams, and audio for one hour. It comes on Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser extensions. Additionally, it has PC and Mac desktop application support for its screen recording platform.

Vidyard boasts several features that make it an excellent alternative to Loom.

It has broad device compatibility support from browser extensions, desktop (Windows, Mac), and mobile devices. Besides, it supports several sharing options including email, social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), and website embedding.

Also, Vidyard has a robust engagement notifications functionality that allows having a complete view of anyone who views your video. Additionally, you can include thumbnails of smaller previews and embed calls to action on paid plans.

Although Vidyard has a robust offering for business (lead generation and call to action), its free version has more features than Loom’s free version. Its versatile video format support (WMV, MP4, MOV, etc.) makes it dynamic to suit varied individual needs with its free plan version.

Unlike Vidyard, Loom doesn’t have marketing tools for campaign scheduling and automation. Moreover, the Loom analytics capabilities are limited compared to Vidyard which is in real-time.

Below are Vidyard’s pricing plans;

  • Free version: It offers unlimited content recording, upload, and sharing via social media, email, and more.
  • Pro Plan: Comes with all the features in the free version alongside replying to videos CTAs for videos and more at $15 monthly.
  • Teams Plan: Adds video analytics, custom branding, and the option of adding more than three users alongside all the pro plan features for $300 monthly.
  • Business Plan: At $1250 monthly, you get all (Teams plan features), CRM integration, the addition of more than five users, alongside a wholly personalized CTA.

You can check for updated pricing plans here.

2. Soapbox

Soapbox is another screen and webcam recording solution offered through the Chrome extension. It also has robust features for users to maximize their content recording experience.

It allows team collaboration during the process of video production. Also, it has performance analytics to evaluate how well people are reacting to your videos. Besides, Soapbox allows you to customize your sharing pages for content distribution over multiple platforms.

Moreover, the tool can toggle between split-screen, facetime, and screen sharing. Not to forget, you can also customize the video player outlook to include thumbnails and CTA buttons.

Besides editing where and when the Webcam recording appears, you can also determine where and when the screen is visible with Soapbox by Wistia. This feature makes it more comprehensive than Loom.

However, you may have to deal with limited post-process editing features. Also, you can’t see yourself when recording which may make you have many retakes to have a perfect recording.

Here are the soapbox pricing plans:

  • Free plan: Customizable video player interface, supports embedded links, and unlike Loom it offers unlimited recording, plus more.
  • Solo Plan: This contains all the free plan features alongside engagement analytics, downloading videos, CTAs embedding, and more at $300 annually.
  • Teams Plan: It starts at $420 per year but the price is dependent on your needs and scale; hence you must contact support for a quote. But, the plan has many features in the Solo plan alongside advanced analytics, default branding for all users, and more.

3. CloudApp

CloudApp allows you to record your screen, webcam, and audio and upload the content directly to the cloud.

The tool has robust features that make it part of the list of Loom alternatives as enlisted;

  • It provides a customization option; hence you can include your face in the recording to enhance the experience.
  • Also, you can annotate to add messages to your recordings.
  • Another incredible functionality of the tool is the GIF creation feature.
  • Its link-sharing feature allows you widely share your content with your colleagues, friends, and partners.
  • It increases the safety of your work from physical loss because it has a cloud-hosting feature.

One of the most significant inclusions of the tool is its easy editing feature that allows you to cut and trim videos. Like Loom, it supports Mac and Windows desktops allowing you to record out of your browser.

However, the tool has a less intuitive user interface that may take time to grasp. Also, you can not edit (or trim) your recordings.

For pricing, CloudApp has plans enlisted below;

  • Free plan: Video recording up to 90 secs, annotated screenshots, access to last 20 files, GIF creation support, and viewer notifications.
  • Pro plan: All the features in the free version, access to unlimited files, unlimited recording, CTA buttons, and customized branding plus more at $9.95 monthly.
  • Team plan: All the features in the Pro plan alongside third-party integrations, manage members and priority support, and more at $8 per user monthly.
  • Enterprise plan: Comes with additional control and security. Also, you receive round-the-clock support. But, the price of the plan depends on your scale of operations; hence you must contact CloudApp for your correct billing.

Visit here for updated pricing.

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4. Snagit

Snagit is another Loom alternative with verifying features. Like Loom, the tool allows you to capture and record your screen, include explanations, and curate visual tutorials. It provides two formats for your recordings, MP4 or GIFs.

Other additional key features that set it apart as a Loom alternative include:

  • It offers an excellent scrolling capture feature capable of capturing a full-page screen via scrolling screenshots
  • Annotations can help curate text and visual elements in your videos (you can draw some pictures and sketches on top of your videos).

But, Snagit has its share of downsides that may negatively impact the efficiency of an individual or business user. The tool has several features that may be challenging to grasp at first.

Second, it doesn’t have a free plan and paid packages are expensive; thus, it may be a disadvantage for some individuals and small businesses. Moreover, link generation is only supported outside the tool prompting screencast.com for shareable links generation.

Below are its pricing plans:

  • Individual plan: $62.99 per user
  • Business plan: $62.99 for (1-4) users
  • Education plan: $37.99 for (1-4) users
  • Government/Non-profit plan: $53.99 for (1-4) users

Note that the above prices are payable for the initial purchase, but different renewal fees exist for each category of plans. Check out updated pricing plans here.

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5. Camtasia

Camtasia is a great screen recording tool that offers excellent post-processing to develop quality tutorials alongside other instructional content.

Below are key features of Camtasia that make it a great tool:

  • Has great screen recording options to enhance your convenience and efficiency. Like Loom, it allows you to use full-screen recording, a fraction of it, or strictly the application tab.
  • It comes with in-built video templates, thus eliminating editing hassles and saving you time.
  • Provision for the addition of interactive components like quizzes in your recordings
  • It has a great library of elements including music tracks, icons, motion templates, and more.

The tool is developed and maintained by the same provider as Snagit (Techsmith). Despite its robust performance, it has no free plan, making it more expensive than other tools. Besides, there might be higher latency (drag and delays) when video and audio recording. Not to forget it needs a lot of training to master the tool.

Some of the key features available on Camtasia (but not on Loom) include animations, transitions, voiceovers, music, credits, captions, graphics, titles, and others.

Here are the pricing plans at the time of writing:

  • Individual plan: $299.99
  • Business plan: $299.99 for (1-4) users
  • Education plan: $214.71 for (1-4) users
  • Government & Nonprofit: $268.99 (1-4) users

Besides, there are additional fees for the annual renewal of each category. For updated Camtasia pricing, check here.

Find out similar tools like Camtasia here.

6. Clip by ClickUp

Clip by ClickUp is a comprehensive project management tool that contains screen recording features as part of its workspace management. So, when using this tool, don’t forget to use a leading project management tool.

Here are additional features you get from Clip:

  • Zoom integration: You can start a video meeting from your end
  • Chat view: Instant messaging with your colleagues in real-time
  • Annotation: You can add visual elements across several document formats for illustration to your colleagues
  • Mind Maps: Helps you organize your ideas the best way you see fit
  • Time Tracking: Check task completion duration, estimates, and associated reports
  • Automation: Uses triggers and action elements to reduce repetitive actions in a project

It has other features that collectively make it enjoy some leverage. For example, the tool has broad compatibility with desktop (Windows & Mac) and browser (Chrome & Firefox) support. Besides, Clip by ClickUp supports several third-party integrations including Loom, Giphy, Zoom, YouTube, and others.

The best part? Clip’s free plan has unlimited users and tasks.

But, it has its share of limitations too. As a user, you can’t record videos from your cameras (webcams) directly. Additionally, it has limited post-processing capability (limited video editing ability).

Loom is slightly more expensive than Clip across all categories from cost comparison. Here are Clip’s pricing plans:

  • Free plan: Unlimited users and tasks alongside 100MB storage.
  • Unlimited plan: Comes with unlimited features – storage, integrations, users, and more at $5 monthly.
  • Business plan: Includes all features in the “Unlimited plan,” plus mind maps, time tracking, and more at $9 monthly.
  • Business Plus plan: All features in the “Business plan” plus team sharing, custom role creation, etc. at $19 monthly.
  • Enterprise Plan: All “Business Plus plan” features alongside contract review, advance permissions, and more (check and contact support for updated pricing)


VEED is another tool that can record your screen and webcam. One distinguishing feature of the tool is its robust video editing capability that allows it to iterate and curate highly engaging content.

Additionally, VEED has a user-friendly interface, thus applicable for both beginners and professionals. Also, you can include transcriptions and subtitles that make your audio content more engaging for a wider audience.

Below are other VEED features that make it stand out as a screen and audio recording tool:

  • A robust workspace feature allows you to organize yourself including your color palettes, content, etc.
  • It supports multiple layouts (background swaps, split-screen, webcam inserts, etc.). Hence, it allows you to record your videos in several ways conveniently.

VEED is priced slightly higher than some of the Loom alternatives like Clip by ClickUp. Additionally, you’ll have to bear its watermark on your videos when using the free version. Also, team sharing is only available in the “Pro plan.”

Unlike Loom, VEED will allow you to overlay graphical elements such as logos, emojis, among others, and control when they should appear. When using VEED you can easily switch between different background images.

Besides, it not only allows you to draw on the screen and create effects while recording but throughout the editing process. Moreover, VEED’s free package allows you to add subtitles manually, automatically, or from an upload file. Loom offers this feature on its premium package only.

Below are the pricing plans for VEED:

  • Free plan: 250Mb upload file size limit, 2GB storage, 10 min video lengths, 720p quality and more
  • Basic plan: 1080p export quality, 20 GB storage, max video length (25min), chat support, and more at $12 monthly
  • Pro plan: 100 Gb storage, 2 hrs of video length, 4K export quality, subtitle translation, and more at $24 monthly per user
  • Enterprise plan: Includes 1TB+ storage, 4K export quality, unlimited projects, support, and training (contact for pricing)

For updated pricing, check here.

8. Fluvid

Fluvid is a revolutionary screen capturing and video recording tool. It is well-suited for advertisers across every field to showcase their work.

Its distinguishing feature lies in its video editing element that is fast. Besides the quick turnaround, you can share the video instantly as you record.

The tool’s free version is supported on the Chrome extension, hence accessible to online professionals. Besides, the free version has a notification feature, analytical element (basic), and no watermark on videos.

Additionally, the paid plan has unlimited video recording, streaming, and other editing functionality like trimming. Not forgetting, it supports lead generation using forms and live streaming over social media platforms.

Thus, we believe its other robust features make it a fierce Loom alternative worth checking out.

Its pricing plan is as follows;

  • Basic Plan (Free): Limited to 50 videos, each with a 1-hour duration
  • Pro Plan: Has a 14-day trial, unlimited recording and streaming, among others, at $8 monthly

You can see updated pricing here.

9. JumpShare

JumpShare allows you to capture screenshots and record your screen, including audio. One of the valuable features in the tool is click tracking elements that enable cursor highlighting.

Below are other features the JumpShare tool has:

  • 4K export quality and GIF exports
  • Supports lead generation provision through its CTA button embedding in the video
  • Customizable branding (CTA button branding)
  • Like Loom, it has desktop support; hence you can perform operations beyond browser extensions without worrying about OS interoperability
  • Customizable links (set expiration dates and enable/disable download). Also, you can include a reminder for every time someone downloads or views your content
  • It has a notification and tracking feature for checking when and who views your content

The tool is a robust workspace organizer that allows users to include their comments on timestamps.

Below are its pricing plans:

  • Basic: 90 sec recording time, 50 uploads, 780p quality, etc.
  • Plus: Unlimited recording time and upload, 4K quality video, advanced sharing options, etc., at $8.25 per user per month.
  • Business: Including everything in “Plus” and team activity stream, file recovery, and more at $12.50 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: Contains everything in “Business” with dedicated infrastructure and uptime, and more at custom prices.

Contact support for details and price updates here.

10. Vmaker

Vmaker is another worthy contender and alternative to Loom. It allows you to record your screen alongside a webcam and audio overlay to create more engaging content. Additionally, the tool has better safety and accessibility as it operates as a cloud service.

Below are other additional features of Vmaker:

  • Robust workspace functions for messaging and videoconferencing
  • Exceptional video editing package that makes your videos interactive
  • A super-friendly user interface, best for both beginners and professionals
  • Ability to annotate your content for emphasis and better interaction
  • Supports GIF and offers 4K export quality
  • Mouse emphasis and cursor highlighting

Although its priced plans are relatively inexpensive compared to others, the free version has no annotation feature and cursor highlighting. But, unlike Loom, its free version has no recording limit.

Below are Vmaker’s pricing plans:

  • Lite: Free for life with unlimited recording and viewer insights ($0)
  • Starter: Mouse emphasis, annotations, 4k quality, and more at $7 monthly
  • Team: Team sharing, auto-deletion, schedule recording, and more at $10 monthly

(Check here for updated pricing)

11. ActivePresenter

Initially developed for e-learning, ActivePresenter can also record your screen, audio, and webcam. It offers multiple layouts for multitasking and changing between notes and presentations.

Other features include excellent learning management system integration and the free trial is for a lifetime, although with restrictions. Like Loom, it’s also available for both Windows and Mac OS.

But, the tool does not offer direct, shareable links and may be more inclined towards e-learning.

Below are its pricing plans:

  • Standard (at $199)
  • Pro (at $399)

Check for updated pricing here.

12. ScreenCast-O-Matic

ScreenCast-O-Matic is a great Loom alternative for screen recording and the creation of interactive content. Its core features include:

When comparing the video size and quality, Screencast-O-Matic can record in 1080p, unlike Loom which only records in 720p. Also, you can zoom in during recordings which is impossible when using the Loom software.

Although the tool is exceptional, its support may be slightly slow to respond to user requests.

Its free version also offers essential tools for a single user. For paid versions, here are its pricing plans;

Individual & Businesses:

  • Solo Deluxe (at $4 monthly),
  • Solo Premier (at $5.75 monthly)
  • Business Team (at $5 monthly)


  • Solo Deluxe (at $2.25 monthly)
  • Solo Premier (at $4 monthly)

Compared to Loom, even the priced plans offer unlimited features at low prices.

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13. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is another excellent alternative for recording your screen and taking screenshots. Its major features include:

  • Screen recording: You can quickly and easily record your essential tasks for your team or audience on your computer.
  • Screenshot feature: Allows you to get screenshots for further explanation to your audience swiftly.
  • Screenshot annotations: Allow you to curate your screen captures for emphasis and illustrations, hence better engagement
  • Customizable library to enrich your video editing and content creation.
  • It offers simultaneous recording of screen, audio, and webcam.

Additionally, ScreenFlow supports MP3 export functionality and quality HD video recordings. Also, its video editing suite makes it easy to edit your recorded video for sharing.

But, it has no video sharing option prompting the use of a third party to generate shareable links. Besides, it has only screenshot annotation and not video annotation.

Below are the pricing plans for ScreenFlow:

  • Discount Prices: at $149
  • SuperPak: at $209
  • SuperPak+ Premium Support: at $239 (check price update here)

It also has a free trial version that is upgradable to one of the priced plans.

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14. Screencastify

Screencastify offers great screen, webcam, and audio recording. Besides, it enables cursor highlighting alongside a drawing tool to make your recordings engaging. These are other additional features of the tool:

  • It is integrated into your Google Drive for secure and safe recordings
  • An unlimited number of videos of not more than five minutes long
  • It supports offline recording. You don’t have to worry about your video recording if you don’t have an internet connection.
  • It supports multiple formats, including MP3, MP4, and GIF
  • The video editing feature allows you to cut, trim, and perform other functions on your video
  • Unlike Loom, you will have fun and enjoy making demonstration movies using this software. Besides having a sketching pen tool, it also has a click and a cursor highlighter.

Below are its pricing plans:

  • Free plan: Minimal recording, editing, and submission features
  • Paid Plan: Limited editing and submission (at $29) and Unlimited version (at $49)

Visit their pricing page for pricing updates.

15. BombBomb

BombBomb is an excellent video messaging platform. You can record your screen, share, and track your shared links throughout to gauge performance.

One benefit BombBomb has over Loom is its support. It has round-the-clock support that acts promptly to customer requests. Below are some of its features:

  • Record your screen, webcam, or both
  • Notifications feature to enable you to see when and who played your video
  • Instant link sharing. You can immediately share your video with your team or audience. Additionally, it makes it easier to share your content across other social media platforms.

It has the following pricing plans:

  • Essentials: $29 monthly
  • Plus: $49 monthly
  • Enterprise: Customized price (check for updated pricing here)

Explore the best alternatives to BombBomb here.

Final Thoughts: What is the Best Loom Alternative?

Your best Loom alternative will depend on your specific needs and budget. For example, you can go for Camtasia for its flexibility (editing). For school and e-learning, ActivePresenter may be the best choice.

On the other hand, Soapbox and Cloud App are a perfect fit for office purposes given their cloud hosting features. Additionally, a cloud feature may be necessary if you’re handling a large volume of videos.

But, if you’re looking towards driving lead generation and sales then you can include a strong call to action (CTAs) through Fluvid. Fluvid’s lead generation feature can help you curate engaging videos with embedded CTAs.

Now you can choose the alternative that best suits your needs.

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