Quizlet Review

Quizlet is a platform that provides flashcards, question sets, gamified learning solutions, and more to students of all levels and subjects.

It has over 500 million user-generated flashcard sets and more than 60 million active users, with features like adaptive learning algorithms, expert solutions, and interactive study modes.

If you’re wondering whether Quizlet is any good, read on. Today, I will be answering that question in this Quizlet review.


Our Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐✩

Quizlet is an excellent resource for discovering flashcards, question sets, quizzes, practice tests, and expert solutions. However, it does have certain limitations.

For example, while you can gamify your lessons by introducing a competitive aspect, Quizlet doesn’t offer games such as Hangman and other classic games. Instead, the games are mostly just multiple-choice questions and other types of quizzes.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Quizlet.


  • It is free to use for both students and teachers.
  • There are over 500 million question sets, many of which were created by teachers.
  • Students can use the question sets as flashcards, quizzes, practice exams, and matching games.
  • Group discounts are available for bulk purchases.
  • There is an AI tutor chatbot to help engage students as they learn.
  • There are millions of expert solutions to problems found in popular textbooks.
  • Teachers can host games and quizzes live, and students can join by entering a game code or scanning a QR code.
  • The premium version is very affordable.
  • There is a mobile app for learning on the go.


  • The free version is supported by ads, which can be distracting.
  • The question sets suffer from quality control issues, particularly the ones uploaded by students.
  • There aren’t really any “games” in the true sense of the word, unless you count matching exercises and quizzes as games. However, you can gamify exercises by creating teams and introducing scores and a winner.

Quizlet: An Overview

Quizlet was founded by Andrew Sutherland, who was then a 15-year-old student, in 2005. It’s one of the most popular educational sites in the US and around the world.

It has a vast library of quizzes, matching games, flashcards, and expert solutions on numerous topics. Quizlet is free to use, and both students and teachers can sign up.

First, let’s talk about the features Quizlet offers for students. Afterward, I will cover how teachers can benefit from creating a teacher account.

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Quizlet Features for Students


Quizlet is best-known for its flashcards. There are over 500 million study sets on Quizlet, and one of the best ways to practice these question sets is to use them in flashcard form.

Some of these study sets are created by teachers and professional educators, while many others are created by students. Those marked as created by a teacher are best.

You can click on a flashcard to reveal its answer.

Matching Games

Matching games are similar to flashcards, but you have to match the questions and answers (or a phrase and its explanation) yourself. You will be shown several cards, and your job will be to match them correctly in record time.

A timer will time your progress.

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You can also use the question sets in the form of practice exams, where you have to answer questions.

There are a few options for Quizlet practice tests. You can decide whether the questions should be multiple choice or have true/false answers, for example.

Another option is writing the answers in your own words.

You are not restricted to taking the practice tests online. You can print them out as PDFs, as shown in the image below.

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That way, you can practice offline, either by yourself or with friends. If you are instructing a class, you can also print out the practice exams for your students.

If you do opt to take the practice exams online, though, you will receive an automatic grade at the end of the quiz. You will be able to pinpoint areas in which you need improvement, making these tests a valuable tool for preparing for your real exams.

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Expert Solutions

Quizlet also has a section with expert solutions for problems you might encounter in your textbooks. There are millions of solutions available, and you can easily search for a textbook using its name or ISBN (International Standard Book Number).

The expert solutions are laid out step by step, in an easy-to-understand format.

Studying from textbooks can sometimes be difficult, especially if you get stuck and can’t ask anyone for help. These expert solutions will make your life easier.

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Q-Chat: AI Tutor

Q-Chat is Quizlet’s AI chatbot.

It is powered by ChatGPT and can be used for quizzing yourself and getting explanations on topics you are struggling with.

While it uses ChatGPT’s API, it is focused primarily on education. It is available in the US and several other countries, but it is not yet currently available worldwide.


Quizlet allows you to create folders to organize your question sets. You can create one folder for math question sets, for example, and another folder for all physics question sets in your library.

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Quizlet for Teachers Features

Live Games

Quizlet Live allows you to host live games in your classroom. Gamified learning can help increase engagement and make learning fun.

You can set up teams to add a competitive aspect to the gameplay, or you can have students play the game solo.

All you have to do is pick a question set from the library (or create your own), and Quizlet Live will turn it into a game.

Students can join the game with a special game code or by scanning a QR.

The games are very simple and basic, and they’re pretty much the same as flashcards and multiple-choice questions. However, students will get ranked based on their answers, and you can monitor their progress and select the winner.

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Quizlet Checkpoint

Quizlet Checkpoint is built on Quizlet Live. It allows you to create and host live quizzes, games and other activities to test your students’ knowledge.

It comes with in-depth reports to help you identify which students are struggling and which topics they need help with.

It’s a great way to make assessments more fun and enjoyable for students.

Class Progress

With the Class Progress feature, you can keep track of your students’ progress. You can see which students have completed their assignments and which students are lagging behind.

Class Progress is included in Quizlet Plus for Teachers.

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Quizlet Pricing

While Quizlet is free to use, it does have a Quizlet Plus plan. The monthly price is $7.99/month, while the annual price is $35.99/year, which comes out to around $3 a month.

See updated pricing here.

What if you want to purchase Quizlet Plus for your school? Group pricing is available as well.

Discounts apply to purchases of two or more licenses of Quizlet Plus. You can see updated group pricing here.

Note that group pricing is only available for yearly billing, not monthly billing.

Also, when you sign up for Quizlet Plus, whether you get a group discount or not, make sure you are getting the right type of account. Quizlet Plus and Quizlet Plus for Teachers offer different features.

So, what is included in Quizlet Plus?

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Q-Chat AI Tutor

The Q-Chat AI tutor chatbot is only available to Plus subscribers. Free members can try it out for free, but after using up their limited messages, they will need to upgrade.

No Ads

Quizlet is supported by ads. If you upgrade to Plus, you will enjoy an ad-free experience.

The ads can be slightly annoying if you’re trying to study without distractions.

Unlimited Tests and Expert Solutions

Quizlet only gives you access to a limited number of tests on a question set. For unlimited tests, you will need to upgrade.

Similarly, with Plus, you get access to the entire library of expert solutions.

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Custom Study Sets

As a student with a Plus subscription, you can create customized study sets, complete with audio, highlights, images, and more.

As a teacher with a Plus subscription, you can add rich text, diagrams, and other interactive elements to your study sets. You can also customize your Quizlet Live games and switch from one mode to another while playing a game.


Quizlet is one of the most popular study guides for a reason. With over 500 million question sets, you can easily find supporting materials to help you learn just about any subject for any grade level, from preschool to university.

The site is also very intuitive and offers a great user experience. The flashcards and practice exams are very helpful, and many students find that Quizlet helps them memorize important concepts and prepare for exams.

Meanwhile, the expert solutions provide quick and easy explanations to challenging textbook problems.

As a teacher, you can use Quizlet to quiz your students and make things a bit more enjoyable in the classroom. You can also track your students’ progress and help them improve in areas they are struggling in.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a truly gamified learning solution, with actual games like Snakes & Ladders, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. Quizlet only has basic gamified quizzes and questions.

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