10 Best LunaPic Alternatives 2024

LunaPic is an online photo editing website. You can use it to edit your images, create animations, add effects, filters, draw, and more. The photo editor is free for the web and you can use it conveniently on desktop devices.

While you can access LunaPic via your browser for free, you have to purchase the mobile app for usage on Android and iOS devices. As a photo editor, LunaPic can’t have all the effects and filters there are.

Additionally, it has a steep learning curve; hence, you might need a LunaPic alternative. For that purpose, I’ll list out the 10 best LunaPic alternatives in 2021.

10 Best LunaPic Alternatives

1. Photopea

The first LunaPic alternative on this list is Photopea.

Photopea is an image editor and graphics tool that you can use for basic and advanced tasks. The editor handles both vector and raster graphics. You can use it for advanced tasks like drawing illustrations, creating web pages, and basic tasks like image cropping, resizing, and filtering.

Photopea supports masks, layer styles, smart objects, and other layer types. You can edit layers using adjustments and filters or using free transform. There are basic brushing tools such as the brush tool, pencil, clone stamp, eraser, etc. The editor also features advanced tools like blur and sharpen, dodge and burn, smudge, and sponge.

In addition, Photopea comes with smart touchup tools, this includes tools like the healing brush, spot healing brush, and patch tool. Photospea only works with the 8-bit sRGB color space.

If you’re creating graphics, Photopea features templates so you don’t always have to design from scratch. There are templates for mock-ups, mobile and web pages, social media posts, cards, invitations, and others.

Unlike LunaPic, Photopea doesn’t feature mobile apps. You can only make use of the image editor online via a web browser. Furthermore, Photopea is best used on devices with large screens like desktops, laptops, and tablets. You can make use of mobile browsers but it won’t be very convenient.

Despite being web-based, you can use Photopea offline after loading the website. The files you upload are not hosted or stored anywhere. They only exist on your computer.

Photopea Pricing

Photopea is 100 percent free to use via the website. LunaPic is free to use online too, you only need to purchase the app. Using the Photopea API is also free.

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2. Pixlr

Pixlr is described as a next-level, intuitive photo editor and graphics designing tool. It’s relatively popular as it’s used by more than 500 million people. The tool is easy to use and you can create professional graphics very quickly.

With this LunaPic alternative, you can work with almost any image and graphics file including JPG, PNG, PXD, PSD, SVG, and more.

Most of the tools Pixlr features are AI-powered, so you can edit your photos intelligently. For creating graphics, you can either design from scratch or make use of any of the featured templates. There are more design options on Pixlr compared to LunaPic. The platform features more than 10 million design assets which you can access with a Creative Pack account.

Its AI technology helps you remove background from images with a simple click. You can remove the background of both selfies and portrait images. Likewise, you can enhance photos using versatile photo effects and filters.

Pixlr is available in different variations. There’s Pixlr X and Pixlr E which are both available on the web. You can access them via any device browser but a laptop or desktop is best. Pixlr also features a desktop application for Microsoft and Apple computers. Not to mention, it features mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Pixlr Pricing

Pixlr can be used for free to a limited extent. To access more editing and design options, you can go for Pixlr premium. The pricing plans available include:

  • Free Plan – $0 per month
  • Premium Plan – $7.99 per month for a monthly subscription, or $4.90 per month with a yearly payment
  • Creative Pack – $29.99 per month for a monthly subscription, or $14.99 per month with a yearly payment

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3. PhotoScape

PhotoScape is a very simple LunaPic alternative. It’s software that lets you edit, fix, and enhance your photos. It features about 14 major photo enhancement tools.

There’s a slideshow viewer that lets you view all photos on your device as a slideshow. You can edit your photos by resizing, adjusting brightness, color, white balance, backlight, and more. With PhotoScape, you can also add filters, text, effects, and more. There are more than 1,000 filters and effects featured on PhotoScape.

For touching up, PhotoScape features tools like red-eye removal, clone stamp, and paintbrush. You can upload multiple photos in a batch and edit them instantaneously. LunaPic supports this as well but there are more batch editing options on PhotoScape.

Similarly, you can merge multiple photos to create one image on a page or combine photos in a collage. You can use PhotosScape as a recorder to take screen records of your designing and editing processes.

PhotoScape features a Splitter that allows you to slice a photo into different pieces. You can quickly source suitable images for your designs online using the PhotoScape Face Search feature. An advantage of using PhotoScape is that new features are added regularly as the developers are always upgrading.

You can use PhotoScape on the web via a browser. For desktops, you can install the PhotoScape X application which is available for Apple and Windows systems. PhotoScape doesn’t feature mobile applications like LunaPic.

PhotoScape Pricing

PhotoScape is free to use via your browser. However, the PhotoScape X version is freemium and has a pro account. The pricing plans include:

  • PhotoScape X Windows – $39.99 one time purchase
  • PhotoScape X Mac – $77.99 one time purchase

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4. FireAlpaca

Here we have free digital painting software. FireAlpaca supports 10 different languages and just like LunaPic, it can be used on Windows and Mac computers. The software comes with very simple tools for making illustrations and editing photos.

Due to its simplicity, FireAlpaca is one of the best LunaPic alternatives for photo editing and graphics design beginners.

FireAlpaca is a relatively lightweight software so it works very fast. From the settings, you can access a variety of comic templates and effects that you can use for your designs and photo editing respectively. You can touch up your images using tools like watercolor, airbrush, and more.

Although it is proprietary software, FireAlpaca supports various customizations so you get what you want. For example, you can upload an effect, pattern, or even image and turn it into a brush.

Already, the software comes with a lot of brushes and you can access more from the Brush Store. All it takes is just one click to download a brush and add it to your catalog.

Notably, you can edit and design in 3D with this LunaPic alternative. You can also interchange design files between your Mac and Windows computers

You can export your FireAlpaca edits and graphics as JPG or PNG files. While editing and designing, you can save your raw file in MDP format – which is the default – or as PSD format.

FireAlpaca is only available as applications for Windows and Mac as earlier mentioned. The platform doesn’t feature a mobile app which is one of its cons.

FireAlpaca Pricing

This LunaPic alternative is completely free to use. Hence, there are no hidden payments.

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5. Adobe Photoshop Express

When it comes to image editing and graphics, Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most used in the world. Adobe Photoshop Express is the mobile version of the trendy Adobe Photoshop. No doubt, it is one of the best LunaPic alternatives.

With this app, you can quickly edit, enhance, alter, and transform your images. The images mustn’t be on your computer. You can pull images from Google Photos, Facebook, Dropbox, and other cloud storage platforms.

The Adobe Photoshop Express app enables you to edit your images by adding a variety of filters and effects. You can create collages and mix images. The app isn’t difficult to use as there are thousands of effects and design themes. You just need one click to apply them.

Some notable features of this app include Selective Edits, Custom Sticker Maker, Advanced Healing, and Smart Cuts. After editing your images, you can directly share them on social media platforms.

Adobe Photoshop Express is compatible with its desktop version. You can easily share the PSD files from mobile to desktop. Therefore, if you’re already conversant with the desktop software, this is an ideal LunaPic alternative to go for.

In addition to PSD, Adobe Photoshop Express supports TIFF, JPG, and PNG image formats. The app also supports a variety of raw files.

Just like LunaPic, the Adobe Photoshop Express app is available for Android and iOS. In addition to that, the app is available for Windows mobile devices. You can use the app on Chromebooks as well.

Adobe Photoshop Express Pricing

Adobe Photoshop Express can be downloaded for free, but it comes with some premium features. The premium pricing options include:

  • Photoshop Express Premium – $34.99
  • Photoshop Express Monthly – $9.99 per month

6. PicsArt

PicsArt is a very popular mobile editing application with over 500 million installations from the Google Play Store alone. While the editor is renowned for its mobile app, you can use PicsArt online too. The platform features advanced tools to create quick yet professional-looking photos.

With LunaPic, you get free templates if you’re designing. With PicsArt, you get these templates and more. PicsArt features a library of more than 100 images which include both normal photos, stickers, templates, clip art, etc.

While editing, you can customize your images by editing their backgrounds and applying filters and effects.

Notably, PicsArt has the beautify feature that automatically adjusts your image into its best fit. You can edit multiple photos and graphics at a time using PicsArt Gold.

With PicsArt, you can create stickers using the sticker maker and memes using the meme generator; none are featured in LunaPic. Furthermore, PicsArt is not just a photo editor but also a video editor.

You can download PicsArt on Android, iOS, and Windows phones from their respective app stores. The web editor is accessible from desktops, tablets, and notebooks.

PicsArt Pricing

PicsArt is generally free to use, but it features many premium filters and effects. These premium filters and effects can only be accessed with a PicsArt Gold subscription. Below are the available plans:

  • PicsArt Free – $0 per month
  • PicsArt Gold – $59.99 per year

Note: PicsArt only allows yearly payment for the Gold account. Also, you can use PicsArt Gold free for seven days before paying.

7. Fotor

This LunaPic alternative is described as a “revolutionary photo editor and design maker”. Hence, there are three main things you can do with Fotor which include – editing photos, making collages, and creating designs. It’s a popular platform with more than 450 million users and billions of photo edits.

Just like LunaPic, you can access free design templates with Fotor. You get more with Fotor than LunaPic as the tool features over 100,000 design templates. In addition, there are over 1 million stock photos you can include in your design.

Using the photo editor, you can resize, crop, and adjust the light and color of your images amongst others. You can also advance-edit your images using HDR effects. All the photo effects you’ll find on Fotor were created by talented designers and there are a lot of them available.

The Portrait Retouching feature will improve the appearance of your portrait images with just one click. Furthermore, Fotor features a large collection of multiple-styled fonts and many stickers. Other design tools available in this LunaPic alternative include transparency, color picker, drop shadow, and clone.

For beginners, Fotor is a recommended alternative to LunaPic. This is because the developers made available top-notch tutorials and guides in making the most out of Fotor.

Fotor and LunaPic both feature Android and iOS mobile applications. Here, Fotor takes advantage as the platform features Windows and Mac apps too.

Fotor Pricing

Like some other LunaPic alternatives mentioned in this article, Fotor features a free and pro version. The pricing plans available include:

  • Fotor Basic – $0 per month
  • Fotor Pro – $8.99 per month when billed every month, or $39.99 per year for annual payment
  • Fotor Pro+ – $19.99 per month when billed every month, or $89.99 per year for annual payment

Note: Fotor offers a 7-day free trial of the Pro version before payment

8. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is an all-around designing platform. It’s a recommended LunaPic alternative for startups and businesses because it features a variety of branding tools.

Like other platforms, PicMonkey features basic editing tools like crop, resize, sharpen, adjust, etc. Notably, the editor comes with a background eraser and you just need to tab the background for it to varnish.

Using the photo filters, you can give your images fresh looks. PicMonkey features all the popular photo effects and you can tweak the image lighting and change camera looks. A unique effect you’ll find on PicMonkey is the Color Changer effect.

The Color Changer effect intuitively changes specific colors in your photos once applied. Another interesting feature is the Smart Resize tool that lets you resize your pictures for different platforms without losing their quality.

PicMonkey is an ideal LunaPic alternative if you want to access free images. The platform draws free stock photos from popular websites like Unsplash and Getty. In total, there are millions of free photos available.

In addition to the images, you’ll find close to 10,000 icons and graphics in the PicMonkey library. Thousands of templates are available so if you’re designing, you don’t have to start from scratch.

PicMonkey has a mobile app that is available for Android and iPhone. Just like LunaPic, you can use the editor online via a browser.

PicMonkey Pricing

PicMonkey is a freemium LunaPic alternative, but it is more premium than it is free. After using the platform free for seven days, you can go with any of these pricing plans;

  • Basic Plan – $72 per year ($7.99 per month)
  • Pro Plan – $120 per year ($12.99 per month)
  • Business Plan – $228 per year ($23 per month)

9. PhotoFiltre

This is image retouching software for Windows. If you’re a Mac user, this isn’t an ideal LunaPic alternative for you. Like most Windows software, the app features a user-friendly toolbar that facilitates quick access to all editing features.

With PhotoFiltre, you get to work with an intuitive layer manager, advanced brushes, batch editing module, and much more. The software features vast filters and you can easily adjust the brightness, dye, saturation, and contrast of your images.

There are some very artistic filters on PhotoFiltre. This includes puzzle effects, pastels, and watercolors.

While editing with this LunaPic alternative, you have two options in selecting the vectors. You can select using automatic shapes like squares, triangles, circles or select using customized shapes like polygons.

If you need more functionality, this LunaPic alternative will interest you. The software supports a variety of add-ons and plugins. It integrates with some other LunaPic alternatives like Photoscape, Paint.NET, etc.

LunaPic’s advantage over PhotoFiltre is that the editor is available online and also the mobile applications. PhotoFiltre doesn’t have mobile apps and you can’t use them online. You can only download the Windows desktop software.

The Windows desktop software is accessible for different versions. There’s the PhotoFiltre Studio X for 32-bit and the PhotoFiltre 11 for 64-bit and Unicode. Other versions include the PhotoFiltre 6 and PhotoFiltre 7 versions.

PhotoFiltre Pricing

PhotFiltre 7 and 6 are freeware, while PhotoFiltre Studio and PhotoFiltre 11 are premium versions of the software. A license is required to use the premium versions:

  • Simple License – €34.51 per user per year

Note: You can also purchase the PhotoFiltre Educational License that allows 50 users per license.

10. Seashore

Last on this list is Seashore, a LunaPic alternative that can only be used on Mac computers. Hence, if you’re a Windows user, this is not a recommended alternative for you. Seashore’s advantage over LunaPic is that it’s completely free and also open source.

This photo editing app was built using GIMP’s technology – the cross-platform image editor. As a result, you can use it hand in hand with GIMP; they both support the same file formats including the native GIMP format, TIFF, and GIF.

Thanks to the Cocoa UI, anyone will find Seashore very easy to use as it blends perfectly with Mac OS X. Seashore has basic image editing features like touch-up brushes, text elements with sub-pixel rendering, textures, and gradients.

You also get to work with advanced editing tools like alpha channel editing and multiple layers. Plus, there are several options for retouching and manipulating images. In addition, Seashore comes with a variety of filters and effects.

Unlike most other LunaPic alternatives listed in this article, Seashore doesn’t support graphics editing. As a result, the software is more ideal for inexperienced users. If you’re looking for advanced editing and graphic tools, you should try other LunaPic alternatives that support Mac.

Nevertheless, as an open-source project, you can add more functionalities to Seashore. The open-source project is available on SourceForge and GitHub.

Like the previous alternative, LunaPic beats Seashore in terms of compatibility. Seashore only supports Mac while LunaPic supports web, Android, and iOS mobile devices.

Seashore Pricing

As mentioned earlier, Seashore is a 100 percent free photo-editing application for Mac.

Bottom Line

LunaPic is a good photo editing and graphics designing platform. However, it is accessible on desktop via web browsers, while its mobile application is not free.

If LunaPic doesn’t meet your preference, you’ll find a suitable replacement from the 10 best LunaPic alternatives listed above.

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