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120 Best Metaphor Examples For Kids

Kids learn rapidly and can easily assimilate information, but sometimes they need a bit of help.

Through metaphors, kids can acknowledge real-time issues in a simpler way that helps their still-developing brains understand the situation and the outcome of that situation.

Down below, you can find 120 best metaphor examples for kids that will teach them anything from the basics in life to more advanced things so they can learn how to deal with certain situations.

Each one of these metaphor examples will help kids create images that are easier to understand rather than having to deal with literal language.

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Best Metaphor Examples for Kids

With so many metaphor examples, kids will have an easier way of learning new things which will speed up the time they process that information and learn new things. As a result, improved productivity is one of many benefits.

1. A heart of stone

Source: Aaron Burden from Unsplash

This refers to a stem or cruel nature.

2. A mighty lion

The powerful or strong presence of a person.

3. Music to my ears

Being very happy to hear something.

4. Hard work is the key to success

Everything takes time, will, and work to move forward, make progress, and achieve success.

5. Melting pot

A description for one location or group where a range of variety is included.

6. Apple of my eye

An extremely cherished person.

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7. The snow is a white blanket

Something that covers everything or describes the cozy feeling of being covered.

8. The tears were a river

Source: Kazuend from Unsplash

Tears flow downhill just like the river, hence the comparison.

9. You are my sun

Referring to someone as the light of your life much as the Earth revolves around the sun.

10. Just a band-aid for the problem

Refers to a quick but usually inefficient, short-term solution to a problem.

11. The world’s a stage

Refers to humans as the actors where we get to be whatever we want to.

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12. Their home was a prison

Refers to someone who feels trapped in their home, or has made bad decisions, much like a prisoner has.

13. Your brain is a computer

Meaning that your brain is capable of taking in information, manipulating it, and outputting it.

14. He is a walking dictionary

Refers to someone who knows a lot of information.

15. Books are the keys to your imagination

Books can help with imagination and the production of ideas in the brain.

16. His heart is a cold iron

Someone’s heart is tough to get into, and doesn’t readily share their feelings.

17. Laughter is the music of the soul

Source: Genessa Panainte from Unsplash

Laughter is one of the emotions that can express many feelings and help make others feel like you do.

18. Two peas in a pod

This means that two people are very similar, to the point of being indistinguishable frommeach other.

19. The calm lake was a mirror

A calm lake often reflects images like a mirror.

20. Kisses are flowers of affection

Affection can be shown in many ways and kisses are one of the most common ways to show affection for someone.

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21. He is a shining star

A shining star refers to someone being smart.

22. The thunder was a mighty lion

Lions are known for their very loud roar, which is compared to thunder.

23. The computers at school are dinosaurs

School computers are old, hence being compared to dinosaurs.

24. The classroom was a zoo

A zoo is often full of chatter and sounds, so this metaphor represents a classroom full of noise.

25. Time is money

Source: Morgan Housel from Unsplash

Time is as valuable as money (if not more) as you can accomplish a lot in a day.

26. Stars as little pearls

Little pearls are very shiny and so are the stars.

27. Life is a dance

Life is full of unexpected moments and emotions we go through so it is like a dance, full of moves.

28. A diamond among the sea of glass

Someone referred to as a diamond among the sea means that he is special in a certain way, in comparison to others.

29. Sitting on a winning lottery

To have an opportunity you should definitely consider taking instead of rejecting.

30. A cheetah in the race

Cheetahs are extremely fast, so this metaphor refers to someone who’s very quick.

31. A guiding light

In the darkest night, you’d need a light to find your way, so a guiding light is someone who can help you make decisions and moves.

32. Life is a maze

Life is full of unexpected things, situations, and ways one can go, so it is compared to a maze.

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33. His heart was made of gold

Source: Markus Spiske from Unsplash

This metaphor is meant to describe someone who is kind and compassionate since such a heart is compared to gold.

34. Drowning in grief

Grief can make people feel desperate and hopeless, which can often feel like drowning in the situation grief brings to people’s lives.

35. The mind is an ocean

Mind is a lot more complex than we think and there’s still so much we don’t know about it, just like the ocean.

36. His heart melts when he sees her

Melting refers to the nice jelly feelings of seeing someone who you care for.

37. Words can cut deeper than a knife

Words are easy to say but they are meaningful and can be used to easily hurt someone, as deep as knife wounds can.

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38. You’re a firework

Refers to someone who is exciting and amazing to look at, like fireworks.

39. The man of the house

Someone who is in charge of something in the household, such as repairs.

40. Her fear became her prison

Fears can often limit our actions, ways, and beliefs, so they can feel like a prison even though it’s not physical.

41. The world is your oyster

Source: Biel Morro from Unsplash

Everyone is in a position to take opportunities that life has to offer, and there are plenty of them.

42. Angel in disguise

Someone who can seem nice at first but isn’t actually nice or as decent as once thought.

43. Born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Someone born with opportunities, a decent financial background, or the connections to make better progress in life than others.

44. The eye of the tiger

Tigers are highly focused. This metaphor is a great representation of someone who is very focused on achieving a goal.

45. Ocean was a raging bull

Raging bulls are erratic, hence the comparison to an ocean that can be all over the place as well.

46. Diamond in the rough

Diamonds are hard to find and it takes a lot of effort to find them because they are hidden. So when a person is referred to as a diamond in the rough, it means that they’re so nice that it’s hard to find someone like them.

47. Such anger was a wildfire waiting to ignite

Wildfires spread quickly and easily, especially during the summer. Anger can be similarly described.

48. She thinks the world revolves around her

Refers to someone who thinks that their problems and situations are far more important than anyone else.

49. A friend is a treasure

Source: Element5 Digital from Unsplash

A good friend is priceless and is hard to find, so they are like a treasure.

50. Love is a rose

Roses are beautiful, just like love can be, hence the comparison.

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51. Her smile lights up my world

Someone’s smile can really make one feel butterflies and that nice feeling can mean the world to someone.

52. An early bird

Someone who wakes up early, often before the sun.

53. Anger bottled up inside

Someone who’s been keeping things inside them and is angry up to the point of unleashing all that anger.

54. Life isn’t a bed of roses

Roses are beautiful but life isn’t always as beautiful.

55. Pay for the doings

Be punished for something bad done to someone or something else.

56. Master of my sea

You have full control over your life and decisions.

57. See the world through a different lens

Source: Elijah Hiett from Unsplash

Seeing life and situations from a different perspective can be very beneficial.

58. Life isn’t black and white

When making a decision, there are many more gray areas – decisions aren’t always straightforward.

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59. Digging up the details

When someone constantly asks for details regarding a situation.

60. Wearing different hats

Someone who is good at more than one thing and has many skills.

61. His health turned south

Someone’s health got worse.

62. Barking up the wrong tree

When someone tries to get information out of another who doesn’t possess the required information.

63. It lifted his spirit

Making someone feel appreciated and can even inspire them to do better.

64. Taken for a ride

When someone is deceived or fooled.

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65. Wipe the slate clean

Source: Dose Media from Unsplash

Refers to starting all over again from the beginning, when the slate was originally clean.

66. Life is a race

There’s always something we’re after in life so it can seem like a race where everyone has different goals.

67. As happy as a clam

Someone who is extremely happy.

68. Fit as a fiddle

Someone who is in a very good physical condition.

69. He is a night owl

Someone who spends a lot of time awake at night instead of going to bed early.

70. She is a chicken

Someone who is afraid to do something or make a certain decision.

71. He was a pig at dinner

This refers to someone who is being rude at the dinner table – usually by eating too much and without manners.

72. The wind was a howling wolf

The noise wind makes is often compared to a howling wolf due to its similarity.

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73. Dad is a road hog

Source: Manny Becerra from Unsplash

A road hog is someone who drives recklessly and makes it harder for others to pass, so they are hogging the road.

74. You are my sunshine

When someone is meaningful to someone else, it is often compared to sunshine which is often seen as a beautiful thing we get to experience in life.

75. The moon is a white balloon

A full moon often looks like a white balloon, hence the comparison.

76. The road ahead was a ribbon stretching across the desert

The road in the distance can seem so narrow and endless. It can often seem like it disappears into the desert, so it is compared to a narrow ribbon.

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77. Donations to the charity were a tsunami

Tsunami is often huge and charity donations tend to be huge.

78. The park was a lake after the rain

A lot of rain can easily soak the grass making large puddles, so it is often referred to as a small lake.

79. The clouds are balls of cotton

Clouds can often be referred to as balls of cotton because they’re white and fluffy.

80. That lawn is a green carpet

A freshly mowed lawn can often look as nice and smooth as a green carpet.

81. Books are the keys to your imagination

Source: Lacie Slezak from Unsplash

Books help with visualization and mind connection so they are a way to improve imagination and creativity, especially with children.

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82. The car was a furnace in the sun

Refers to the very hot temperature inside a car that has been left in the sun.

83. Brother is a couch potato

A couch potato is someone who spends a lot of time on the couch, mostly watching TV.

84. She is an angel

Angels are viewed as kind and good, so someone referred to as an angel is viewed as a very kind and nice person.

85. Wind screamed in his face

The wind was so strong that it can be felt on the face when being outside, hence the comparison to screaming.

86. Monsters in the world

The world is full of things that can be harmful to us so are referred to as “monsters”.

87. Started a new chapter in life

Just the way books are written in chapters, so can one’s life be written in various chapters where a new chapter can be the start of something beautiful.

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88. A rat among us

A rat is often referred to as someone who can’t keep secrets well.

89. A dagger in the heart

Source: Igor Bispo from Unsplash

A dagger in the heart refers to a betrayal, as the feeling of betrayal is probably as bad as the physical pain of being hurt by a dagger.

90. Carrying the weight of the world on the shoulders

Having problems that are too difficult and yet are held and carried by one person who is extraordinarily strong, both physically and emotionally.

91. The stars are dancing

Stars are often used to predict destiny and if they’re dancing, it means that something good is coming up.

92. Life is a highway

The highway is used for traveling and life is full of the travels we will make, both emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

93. He was a lobster after spending some time in the sun

Some people’s skin gets very red in the sun and is compared to a lobster.

94. It’s raining cats and dogs

Refers to heavy rain.

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95. She is a busy bee

Someone who is very busy.

96. Raining on a parade

Someone who delivers bad news or puts a stop to something fun.

97. His head is always in the clouds

Source: Billy Huynh from Unsplash

If someone’s head is in the clouds, they are impractical or absentminded.

98. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill

It means to stop over-exaggerating things.

99. They are two hearts beating as one

Two people who are close and know each other well.

100. I’m crazy for you

This is a metaphor for experiencing really exciting feelings about someone.

101. He’s looking for love in all the wrong places

Someone who hasn’t had a lot of luck in love yet.

102. She is my better half

Used to describe a partner as someone better than themselves.

103. Fishing for compliments

Someone who is trying to get compliments in all ways possible.

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104. This room is a disaster zone

Refers to a messy room.

105. Feeling the sting of love

Source: Mayur Gala from Unsplash

Love brings unextraordinary emotions that can happen when you least expect them, so they’re referred to as a sting.

106. Waves raced to the shore

Waves often can be quick, as if they were racing to reach the shore which makes a beautiful sight.

107. Her hands were like ice

Used to refer to very cold hands..

108. She ran from others like a gazelle

A gazelle is a very swift and graceful animal, hence the comparison to someone who is also very quick.

109. A blanket of thick snow

A thick coat of fresh snow can seem like a blanket as it’s flat and heavy.

110. Wolf in sheep’s clothing

Someone who acts sweet and innocent but is actually ruthless and up to no good.

111. Let the cat out of the bag

To reveal a secret.

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112. Monkey see, monkey do

To learn something by mimicking someone else’s moves or doings.

113. Silken lies

Source: Julissa Santana from Unsplash

Someone who is very smooth and persuasive with the way they lie about something.

114. Bubbly personality

Refers to someone who is very lively and cheerful, like the bubbles in champagne.

115. She froze with fear

Fear can often paralyze someone so being frozen is a reaction to fear.

116. Kindling a new romance

New romance always starts off slow, just like kindling a fire.

117. You light up my life

Refers to someone who feels better in their life due to someone’s presence.

118. Memory is a little cloudy

Meaning that one can’t clearly remember something from the past.

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119. The monkey mind is full of ideas

Monkeys are often playful and all over the place, just like ideas can be in one’s mind.

120. Unable to digest the news

Someone who can’t accept the news, often bad news, hence the comparison to digestion.


With so many different ways of describing something specific, these metaphors create an excellent visual for almost any type of situation and occasion.

These metaphors include everything from the most common examples ideal for kids and can be used for anything from education and learning at a young age to things that come later in life such as love or certain/specific situations.

You can also notice that most examples are connected with nature since it’s the easiest way to connect an example with something visual for the kids to understand and learn quicker.

With so many metaphor examples, you can go through the whole list and make a list of top metaphor examples you believe your child should hear!