28 Best Personal Blog Examples

If you want to stand out from the competition, a personal blog is one of the best ways to do that.

While it may look tough at the onset, building a personal blog is easy to do if you have all the right tools including a good design, compelling copy, and striking visuals.

Your personal blog is a prime piece of real estate that helps convey your uniqueness or your personality to shine through. You can customize and update it based on what you’re working on or the story you want to tell, which can distinguish you from your rivals.

A personal blog can be used as an online journal, a way to connect with your audience, or build an online presence. It can also be used to promote your services, market your products or business, and more.

With all these in mind, we’ll show you some of the best personal blog examples to give you some inspiration from those who have done an excellent job at it. Let’s dive in!

Best Personal Blog Examples

1. Natsai Audrey Chieza

Natsai is a London-based designer, founder, and speaker whose services revolve around the design and biotechnology space. Her personal blog features her design agency – Faber Futures – and her personal brand. The blog launches with Natsai’s portrait in full screen with her name and specialties, which is good practice for personal blogs as visitors can know who she is from the start.

The homepage also has more information about what Natsai does, along with impressive stories from her career path. On top of that, you can watch her TED talk and read more about her company.

2. Aaron Zarabi

Aaron Zarabi is a comedian based in New York, and this one-page personal blog captures everything his fans or standup comedy aficionados need to know about him. From the onset, the blog opens with a large photo of Zarabi, his name, and what he does (profession).

Zarabi’s site keeps fans and visitors updated with upcoming gigs or shows, and its online booking system allows them to reserve their spots easily. Plus, Zarabi’s humorous videos are available on this blog including his Instagram feed that allows visitors to be entertained while there.

Along with a clean and simple design is Zarabi’s illustrated portrait that acts as the favicon, blog, and footer of the site, which adds to the blog’s cohesive visual identity.

3. Laura Baross

Laura Baross is a New York-based multidisciplinary creative whose personal blog communicates her many endeavors, skills, and services. She uses a sustainable approach and distinct aesthetic to carry across her expertise, plus touch on the main points of her work.

Baross’ personal blog is a part photography site, interior design portfolio, and zero-waste site. She has retained a consistent website design and neutral color scheme with lots of white space, allowing for visitors to enjoy a wide spectrum of content that lives under one clear personal brand.

4. Tristan Harris

Tristan is a co-founder of the Center for Humane Technology and speaker. He uses his personal blog to collect and display his activities, which include dealing in calm tech, and tech can be geared towards its users.

The former design ethicist at Google offers videos and press coverage for his Your Undivided Attention podcast on his personal blog. Not only that, but he also shows his achievements, experience, and a personal bio on his blog.

You’ll see Tristan’s headshot along with a captivating sentence that explains his driving force and mission statement on his blog.

5. Louise Amelie Whitehouse

Louise Whitehouse is a photographer and storyteller whose personal blog encompasses the scope of her work and interests. This blog peeks into her world with a love for travel, a keen eye for photography, and adventure, as well as storytelling.

The striking photography portfolio showcases Louise’s photography from her various travels across the world, with high-quality prints of her work available through the online store. Plus, Louise has created a blog where she tells stories about her travel journeys using carefully crafted copy and visuals.

The personal blog displays rich visuals with pleasant colors, minimalistic design, and a rich variety of content in the homogenous looking blog.

6. Frankie Ratford

Frankie Ratford is the founder of The Design Kids organization and a renowned business coach in the creative industry. The entrepreneur and digital nomad has a vibrant personal blog that displays her design, coaching, and road trips across the globe.

The site makes different elements on the page move at different speeds using subtle parallax scrolling, which adds some motion and depth to its bubbly design for a more captivating experience.

Ratford’s personal blog has testimonials at the bottom that attest to her enthusiasm and positivity in real life.

7. K. Sparks

K. Sparks is a hip hop artist and musician who shares video clips, beats, and information about inspirational sources on his personal music blog. The blog has an online store in which Sparks sells CDs, vinyl, and digital copies of his music.

The musician’s blog combines two menus, which make up the site’s navigation, along with a horizontal classic menu that acts as the primary mode of navigation. 

Not only that, but the blog also offers a sidebar menu for fans to know more about him as they follow him on social media or subscribe to his newsletter list.

8. Jikun Tao

Jikun Tao is a graphic designer whose personal blog is mainly typographical in its design. The designer created a personal blog using sophisticated animations that welcome visitors with a large Hi in full capitals that bounces to the homepage.

Additional surprises on Jikun’s blog include animations throughout the portfolio such as moving dots and googly eyes. Plus, he showcases different projects including packaging design and web design, besides linking her graphic design resume and social media pages.

9. Tobias Becs

Norway-based world champion soccer freestyler Tobias Becs has a unique personal blog that opens into a large image of himself along with some text. The homepage design is ideal for anyone wanting to set the stage and define the topic or tone of his/her blog from the onset.

Becs is a successful vlogger and influencer, whose blog is a perfect example for those planning to make the most out of digital and social media marketing. The blog showcases his pages in grid format, and when you hover over any of them, you see how many followers Becs commands.

On each platform, Becs displays his creativity in terms of his freestyling moves and his content.

10. Libby Peterson

Libby Peterson is a New York-based journalist whose personal blog places a full-screen photo of her workspace at the top of the site. Most personal sites feature the individual’s photo behind the site, but Peterson’s displays her love for photography, the written word, and cats to help visitors get to know her better.

As you scroll down the one-page personal blog, you can browse through her works and read some of her live content. Below the page, Peterson has created an About me area to share her image along with a story about herself.

She also has an online form through which visitors can contact her.

11. Adam J. Kurtz

Adam Kurtz is an artist and illustrator whose personal blog conveys a unified brand identity along with the rest of his online presence.

The blog is colorful, bold, and cohesive with a curated selection of his works, which range from his books to merchandize, and his speaking endeavors in the public. The blog maintains Kurtz’ humorous yet expressive approach.

12. Payton Pitts

Payton Pitts is a professional photographer from North Georgia whose personal blog engages visitors with a unique and stylish design plus carefully crafted and compelling copy that oozes personality.

Pitts created facts about herself that she felt her website visitors need to know including how and what gets her excited and her dream job. The blog is made of font pairing of handwritten and serif fonts, with a custom photography logo, and completes the look with small graphic embellishments.

13. JR Taylor

Los Angeles based choreographer JR Taylor is known for having worked with top Hollywood musicians and A-List celebrities like Jeniffer Lopez and Beyonce. For such a high-flying professional, it’s important to have a personal blog that showcases his work with rich and upbeat videos of his dance moves or routines, which Taylor embeds from his YouTube channel.

Besides colorful photos and videos, Taylor has also scattered his blog’s homepage with call to action buttons, which invite his fans to know more about him and what he does.

Taylor also offers an online store with branded merchandise for sale including his signature Pafoooorm embroidered baseball hats, which add to a memorable and recognizable brand.

14. Dara Hart

Dara Hart is a celebrity personal fitness trainer whose personal blog uses images, text, and videos to build and establish her personal brand.

The personal blog features a color palette of green, pink, and light gray, as she fosters a friendly, approachable, and welcoming environment with the concise use of hand-written fonts.

Throughout the site, Hart encourages her visitors to book sessions, subscribe to her mailing list, and purchase video classes among other activities related to her fitness businesses. The blog is a clear example of what it means to be in the fitness business, from a video montage of her intense workouts to visually stunning fitness images and more.

15. Dr. Gilbert Simon

Dr. Gilbert Simon is a physician, advocate, and pioneer who uses his three brand colors on his personal blog: light blue for accents and black and white as primary colors. All three colors stand out with the light blue serving as a focal point wherever it appears.

The blog features large and prominent typography at the top fold, which follows the oversized elements web design trend that helps communicate a message effectively.

Dr. Simon also has a logo that’s in line with the current trend in logo design, which incorporates special characters to the left of the blog owner’s name. In this case, Dr. Simon uses a slash as the character next to his name on the logo, and the slash occurs across the blog as a design element.

With his personal blog, Dr. Simon has created a brand that’s not just visually recognizable, but that’s easy to associate with his practice and his name.

16. Simply Tabitha

Tabitha Hicks, a lifestyle blogger, created her personal blog that houses her lifestyle business along with an online store where she recommends her favorite motherhood products and outfits.

On the About page, Hicks shares her personal story and explains how her love for beauty and style grew from a side gig, to how she monetizes her blog. Plus, she inspires visitors with her blog ideas that range from the perfect party table to style tips and more.

The personal blog also displays Hicks’ bespoke hand-written logo, which she designed herself, plus a social media bar at the footer that leads to her online presence. She links her pages back to her site, which makes it easier for her fans to find her.

17. Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang is a producer, musician, and YouTuber whose personal blog showcases his works in a creative, stylish, and unconventional way. The blog opens with a site tagline that informs visitors that Andrew is music. However, Andrew’s photo says a lot more.

The personal blog displays everything in a way that showcases Andrew’s personality along with his creative, funny, and impressive videos.

18. Tommy Edison

Tommy Edison runs a YouTube channel where the self-proclaimed blind film critic answers questions about what it feels like to have been blind from birth.

Edison’s personal blog teaches us a lot about innovative branding, as it defies all expectations and creates a totally unique brand using things most people would never blend: wit and humor – in a blog.

The blog lists Edison’s episodes on the homepage and also has an online store with various merchandise along with icons to his social media pages.

19. Tom Scott

Tom Scott is another YouTuber whose channel explores things and places you may not know of, but that are really fun to watch despite being hard to explain.

His personal blog exposes visitors to self-deprecating humor, which if used well can make the site more approachable to your site’s visitors. He also has a link to his channel, social media pages, and his email for visitors to reach out to him.

20. Clarissa Rodriguez

Clarissa Rodriguez offers so much on her personal blog including personalized study consultations and an online course on study skills. She loves helping students succeed in college and shares her inspiring story of going from failing classes to her graduation with honors.

Rodriguez also teaches some important personal branding lessons through her personal blog including picking a clever or great name and logo for her blog. She stylized her blog name and uses the @ symbol to distinguish the name while still appealing to her target audience.

21. Nasos Papadopoulos

Nasos is the founder of a method and series of courses dubbed MetaLearn that teaches people how they can learn stuff on their own.

In his personal blog, Nasos has picked the ideal image for his About page, which shows him playing an instrument. This skill blends perfectly well into Nasos’ message of being a learner for life.

22. Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby is a writer, editor, and search engine optimization (SEO) specialist who works on his own personal blog, making it a masterpiece of personal branding. The blog is designed to showcase Barby’s expertise as a consultant who helps companies grow revenue, whether it’s a startup or a large business.

Barby uses a compelling tagline to capture the audience’s attention and emphasizes his pro status by blending text with a large featured image. This style is more effective as Barby backs up his claim using massive tutorials and case studies to demonstrate his expertise and professionalism.

23. Isa Adney

Writer and webinar producer Isa Adney created her personal blog to showcase what she’s currently working on and keep visitors updated with her current work.

Adney, who produces webinars for ConvertKit and is also the author of The Little Book of Big Dreams: True Stories of Dreams Come True, has appeared in different podcasts where she discusses how to make community college life into an Ivy League kind of experience.

The writer cum producer also has a powerful personal blog that teaches some lessons on personal branding. In her blog, she gives previews of her book based on interviews with Disney legends, Oscar winners, and Olympians.

She also updates her site so that it doesn’t have an outdated impression to people who land on the blog.

24. Shanice Miller

Shanice Miller is the owner of the Debt Free College Grad blog where she shares her story about how you can go to an excellent college and enjoy your experience without student loans.

The personal blog showcases how Miller earned many scholarships and even got paid $10,000 to attend college. However, her personal branding on the blog makes it worthwhile for her visitors to stay on and keep coming back thanks to the bold Debt Free stamp at the top, which goes a long way.

Miller also includes videos, testimonials, and links to social media pages where her audience can find her and reach out to her.

25. The Everywhereist

Geraldine DeRuiter is the owner of this personal blog, which may look a bit busy at first glance, but with consistent branding, its visitors can navigate the site easily.

The travel blog features a Best Of section and uses globe iconography for new visitors to learn what the blog covers and move them around the site for easier exploration of other sections.

The blog also has a warm, neutral color scheme that’s free of the clutter that could distract visitors from reading or accessing the content.

26. Side Hustle Nation

Nick Loper, an advisor, owns this personal business blog that offers tons of valuable advice in the finance space, targeted towards individual business owners.

The blog’s homepage sets a passionate and lighthearted tone for Loper’s readers, with suggestions that you’ll find friendly content that help you gain financial freedom. The blog has a call to action that helps with navigation, two types of content: Podcast production process and quarterly progress report, while the top posts show Loper’s readers how he creates content that helps his business grow.

Loper offers other posts that keep visitors updated about the growth of his blog with time, and lifts the veil of the ongoings behind the curtain, which help them see that Loper practices what he preaches.

27. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the owner of this personal blog that doubles as a financial hub for people seeking advice on how to start their own business. Flynn’s homepage tells you who is behind the blog and content, plus the mission for the content being offered to his readers.

The blog offers a unique tool to navigate the site, which isn’t just categorized with subjects but organized based on what the visitor wants to accomplish on the site.

The site structure helps readers’ experiences be customized such that they’re not forced to guess what content will solve their issues but also keeps them on the site longer while increasing traffic over time.

28. Kendra Schaefer

Kendra Schaefer’s personal blog offers information about her background, life, and professional experience.

She organizes her blog’s modules in a way that minimizes clutter against a light background that makes it easy and pleasant to the reader. Schaefer also links to her writing samples which solidify her credibility and authority as a writer.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities, displaying your work, or selling your services or merch, a personal blog can be an effective tool in your business or career. 

By making a site solely dedicated to your professionalism, you can shape your online presence and reputation exactly how you’d like to be perceived. 

These best personal blog examples exude professionalism and can help you take ownership of how you present yourself digitally to the world, thereby reinforcing your brand and expanding your reach.

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