70 Best Personal Mission Statement Examples

Best Personal Mission Statement Examples

A personal mission statement is the most powerful tool that motivates you to accomplish your life goals.

It helps you identify, create, and conform to your values and goals. You get to broaden your perspectives, define the things that matter most to you, and base your everyday decisions on these things. It helps you to align your decisions with what you aspire to in life.

Although it may take a while to come up with a definitive mission statement, once you have one, you’ll be able to define your goals, values, beliefs, and eventual success. It will be there to guide your decisions and stay on course when meeting your goals.

In this post, we will take you through the benefits of having a personal mission statement, how to write it, and examples to use for inspiration.

Keep reading.

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Benefits of a Personal Mission Statement


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While growing up, we carry the values and beliefs that were instilled upon us by our parents, guardians, or society.

At a certain point in life, we need to walk alone and forge our own values, goals, beliefs, and purposes based on what we deem important to use. The self-discovery process helps us realize who we are and the potential we can reach individually.

By creating a personal mission statement, you’ll realize your talents, skills, strengths, and other attributes you never knew you had. In this way, you’ll become mindful of what you’ve become or achieved.

Later on, as you move on in life, you’ll be able to refer to this statement whenever you want to make a significant life decision. It will be a reliable pointer that will help you know what to do, how to do it, and when to implement your decision.

It is the roadmap that will help you maneuver through life and you need it for direction and focus.

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Steps to Writing a Personal Mission Statement

Jotting your personal mission statement solidifies your life purpose, goals, beliefs, and values.

So when working on it, you have to keep these things in mind.

Of course, there are templates you can use, but making it personal and authentic should come from deep within you. With our guidance, you’ll create your very own mission statement based on what you truly want.

Here are steps to get you started.

1. Identify Your Purpose and Value


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What is your purpose and what value do you want to create? Do you have a dream big enough to drive your purpose and value?

If you can write down the attributes that make you who you are and your priorities, you’ll be able to come up with powerful values that will power your main purpose.

2. Choose Your Target


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Is it you? Children? Women? The elderly, less fortunate, or everyone? What is your personal mission statement all about? Who will you focus on helping?

Note the target recipients you want to use your talents on. Doing this will help sharpen your personal focus even more.

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3. Pinpoint Your Superpower

What are you good at? My superpower is detailing complex things with utmost clarity for people to understand better. Your strengths might be in doing compassionate work, designing, healing, exploring, problem-solving, or teaching.

Put together all your personal and professional skills, aptitudes, and talents. Include everything, even those attributes you often overlook, like being well organized or a good friend and confidant.

You should be able to note your strong points in order to set your goals and priorities straight.

4. What are Your Needs?

This is the most important step in your personal mission statement – what you really want for yourself. You should never skimp on your personal needs. Like Richard Branson, you may just want to explore, learn, and have some fun too.

So whether you’re focused on helping other people throughout your career or life, try to put aside some time for your self-fulfillment.

5. Don’t Forget Your Goals


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After outlining your values, purpose, target, superpower, and needs, it’s time to link your goals. What do you want to achieve?

Remember, the goals should be super specific, results-focused, achievable, measurable, and time-bound.

As you reflect, think about what inspires you, your self-definition and aspirations, the aptitudes you expect to enjoy, the outcomes of your decisions, and the legacy you wish to leave behind.

You have to create goals for each aspect of your life – from your career, social life, relationships, family, to your interests and hobbies, and more.

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6. Put Your Mission Statement in Print


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With the five steps above, you’ll have a strong list of items to include in your mission statement. Your piece should be a healthy mixture of imagination, realism, and fulfillment. All this is possible as long as you focus on what inspires and fulfills you.

Take time to review your goals, values, beliefs, and life direction (including your career). Make the necessary adjustments to get a clear, realistic picture of what you really want.

That being said, let’s check out some of the best personal mission statement examples below.

Our Top 70 Best Personal Mission Statement Examples

Congratulations! Now you know how to craft an excellent mission statement for yourself.

Just to inspire you further, we’ve listed the best mission statement examples to borrow from.

Check this out:

Leadership Personal Mission Statement Examples

1. To encourage forward-thinking and innovative ideas that will help my teams create technology solutions that will help improve people’s lives.

2. To provide inspiration and support to colleagues through leadership and expertise.

3. To be a contributing team leader to my team and organization. I aim to become an indispensable employee who helps make the organization’s most important decisions.

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Professional And Social Mission Statement Examples

4. To implement ethical principles in my profession that will ensure total honesty and truthfulness among all employees. I will reform the industry and encourage everyone to do the same for the business’s success.

5. To offer the most outstanding customer service ever seen in my industry and build a list of loyal customers who will help me rise to the industry’s top. This will give me a chance to give back to those who held my hand as I ascended the ladder.

6. To discover a life-changing idea that will forever transform my career and the lives of other people.

7. To be the highest paid personal development coach globally with sophisticated programs that will bring in a stream of revenue while helping millions of people transform their lives.

8. To increase every woman’s net worth and help them achieve financial independence. This will prevent them from plunging deeper into debt by investing in profitable ventures that will turn them into millionaires.

9. To positively impact the lives of young girls by teaching them proper and efficient money management techniques.

10. To boost my knowledge in local business and become the most popular business consultant in the region, attracting valuable clients who want to benefit from my knowledge.

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11. To become the most successful vlogger and social media influencer with information/posts that attract a massive following.

12. To build the world’s most sustainable energy provider and play a significant role in fighting global warming and other effects of climate change. I want my company to be a beacon of hope that people can look up to.

13. To create a positive change as a recruitment consultant by helping my clients to improve their hiring processes.

14. To become the highest-paid SEO expert by developing an SEO tool that saves people a lot of time and money. I will be the one to build a next-generation SEO tool that will be used by many.

Individual Mission Statements Examples

15. To have my very own family and fulfill my obligations to the family I have. My goal is to do things right, invest in our future, and make time to spend with them. I will be a role model to my family.

16. To use my passion for animals to invest in a horse ranch that will help disabled children in my area.

17. To be an instrument of change at home, the workplace, and the community as a whole. I will use my God-given talents to raise a loving family, stay productive at work, and help grow a responsive community.

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18. To maintain positive relationships with commitment, integrity, and honesty, be it with family, friends, or colleagues. I will pursue knowledge that will help me balance my obligations in life and dedicate my time to pursuing each of my goals until I succeed.

19. To find value, fulfillment, and happiness in living by identifying, pursuing, and achieving my goals without any restraints or limitations.

20. To live a life free from resentment. I will focus my skills and talents to focus on love, forgiveness, and gratitude while helping those close to me do the same.

21. To bring joy to everyone around me through encouragement and help. I will focus my time on making someone’s life better, showing them how to move on through compassion.

22. To utilize my intelligence to improve and benefit others. To use my knowledge, logical thinking, and wisdom to do good and help other people overcome their burdens and reach their true potential.

23. To be able to balance my work, social life, and personal responsibilities and ensure a stress-free life. I’ll have ample time for relaxation while pursuing my personal goals and ensuring my overall well-being.

24. To improve my life by achieving personal success, including living a healthy lifestyle, enhancing my career, and building a family.

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25. To take charge of my life, decisions, career, and every other aspect of my life. I will live the life I choose for myself and be able to explore my capabilities.

26. To be a better version of myself by overcoming all the challenges that come my way.

27. To strive to make better decisions that will help me live a better life. I will learn how to make difficult choices without procrastinating.

28. To become courageous and outgoing by looking at the bright side of things. Optimism will help me anticipate the best in life.

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Students’ Personal Mission Statement Examples

29. To put my studies first, above everything else. It will help keep my grades in check, helping me advance and achieve my career goals.

30. To set my personal life aside and focus on achieving my goals regarding my education and building a solid career for myself.

31. To stay true to my values against peer pressure and the desire to fit in within the school environment amidst the challenges I may likely face.

32. To chase my personal dreams without relying on anyone. I will not stop to divert my attention to other people if it means ignoring my own dreams. I will learn to say no and instead focus on enhancing my self-confidence and esteem.


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33. To live life to the fullest based on my rights, honesty, and truthfulness. I will be different as I strive to make a difference in the world.

34. To emulate successful individuals so I can achieve my personal goals. I will implement lessons that successful people impart to achieve the best outcomes in life.

35. To adopt and practice learning behaviors that will ensure my success. I will instill in me values like self-discipline, goal setting, achievement, hard work, and more to be a better, purposeful person.

36. To work towards achieving my goals so I can do greater things with my life achievements. I will keep being ambitious and chase after my set goals until I am content.

37. To focus on doing right by making the right decisions, however difficult they may be. This will be my guide to a better life after completion of my studies.

38. To help people get what they want so I can also get what I want.

39. To achieve personal success by establishing habits that drive success. Through discipline, I will be able to achieve both long and short term goals.

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Teachers Personal Mission Statement Examples


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40. I will work harder and smarter to improve myself and receive recognition.

41. To make a difference in the children’s lives by enhancing their literacy levels. I aim to eradicate illiteracy in the community and help the kids become essential adults in the future.

42. To minimize burnout during working hours by managing my work-life balance. It will help me pursue my other goals besides teaching. I will work to eliminate stress from my life and reach a point of equilibrium.

43. To stop postponing major decisions and become proactive when making my career decisions. I will get done what needs to be done without relying on anyone to give me a push.

44. To find better ways to complete tasks faster by working efficiently towards achieving more. I will continuously improve my efficiency to earn recognition as the best teacher, which will help to get me promoted.

45. To make learning a freely available commodity to students, regardless of their economic background or living standards. I will be part of the team that will create a system to enable students to acquire knowledge freely and soar higher to reach their dreams.


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46. To search through various steps and break barriers that hold back students from achieving their full potential. I will find more innovative ways that will help them do things differently as they climb the learning ladder. I will also be the role model they look up to for inspiration.

47. To help students perceive learning as fun and they look forward to experiencing the joy of learning.

General Personal Mission Statements

48. To inspire and motivate people to live a mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy life with more peace and contentment.

49. To develop functional technology that will help improve the quality of life of many people across the world.

50. To instill confidence and self-love into people around me and give them self-efficacy that will help them excel in life by making their dreams come true.

51. To work on behalf of the children while providing the much-needed resources to help them stay healthy and prosperous.

52. To personify my values, including compassion, hard work, empathy, forgiveness, and kindness, so that I can lead by example.

53. To use my music to inspire and bring joy to many who are oppressed or unhappy.

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54. To appreciate my family every chance I get by making decisions while prioritizing their best interests.

55. To be part of creating a company culture that appreciates all workers to make them feel inclusive and part of its success. This will not only increase productivity but will also motivate them to work as a family.

56. To live each day as if it were the last by appreciating, learning, and growing with every experience I gain.

57. To put in more effort, discipline, and hard work in order to excel and become the best at what I do.

58. To create technologically enhanced communication devices that will do all the work while allowing users to spend quality time with their loved ones one-on-one.

59. To provide legal services to people to help reduce any social injustices and many other disparities that exist in the community.

60. To teach people in society the importance of nutrition and the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and show them ways to achieve and maintain this lifestyle.

61. To provide affordable healthcare and hope for a better, healthier life to those who are suffering from lack of money and resources within society.

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62. To develop/produce products, materials, or services that will help women and girls achieve and maintain high and healthy self-esteem.

63. To empower the young men in society by providing resources that will help them overcome educational, socioeconomic, racial, and political injustices and barriers.

64. To participate in creating and enacting laws that will help reduce cases of domestic violence in children and women.

65. To help make life better for individuals with special needs by taking part in initiatives that foster strength, recognition, and inclusivity.

66. To be a caring parent who provides for their children, teaching and showing them that success is being the best at what you do while treating everyone the way you desire to be treated. Doing what pleases you and those around you is what matters most.

67. To join other like-minded people in making sure the world has infrastructure that improves the quality of life of everyone in the community.

68. To ensure the transportation system around the region is reliable, accessible, and safe for everyone, including those who are abled differently. This will also help to provide the right products to consumers on time.

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69. To share my art across the world and let it become an outlet for other artists to express their true feelings and vulnerabilities. With my art, I will be able to entertain, teach, and inspire people and make them feel heard, understood, and supported.

70. To serve in a role that will help me identify people who are vulnerable and help them acquire resources that will fulfill their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

In Conclusion

Writing your personal mission statement is like creating a guide that will help you streamline your decision-making. It keeps you focused on the most important aspects of your life, including your career, family, and general life goals.

When torn between options, you’ll be able to choose one that inspires success just by searching deeper into your mission statement.

From these examples, we are sure you’ll find the inspiration you need to create a tailored personal mission statement to get you going. Craft the most inspiring piece and place it somewhere accessible so you can refer to it frequently as you assess yourself and your goals.