15 Best Procreate Alternatives For Android 2023

Procreate is known for painting, sketching, and drawing. It has a powerful and intuitive interface that gives you an experience like no other when creating projects. The app’s brush library is diverse, giving you ultimate control. You also get to choose colors and shapes so that you can transfer your art piece from imagination to a complete project.

Unfortunately, the app is not available to Android users. However, we do have alternatives to Procreate that work seamlessly on Android. Huion Sketch, ArtRage, Concepts, and ArtFlow to name a few. Though the best Procreate alternative for Android is Sketchbook. The app is feature-rich and offer advanced features for professionals to get started. 

Read on to learn more about these apps.

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Best Procreate Alternatives For Android

1. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is a great Procreate alternative that you can use to create great artwork. You can use it for quick sketches when an idea strikes you or for creating a complete art piece.

The app can be used by anyone who loves drawing, painting, and sketching. It is also ideal for professional artists and illustrators. It comes with highly customizable tools and professional-grade features.

Sketchbook has a full complement of brushes, including pencils, airbrushes, markers, smears, and paint. Thus, you can easily create the look you want.

What’s more, you can access curved and traditional rulers, french curve tools, and ellipses to guide you. You can use the predictive stroke tool if you want perfectly smooth strokes.

In addition to having tools that give you precision and stylistic freedom, Sketchbook comes with different modes and flexibility and allows you to explore different colors and drawings.

You will also get an interface that is elegant and intuitive, making drawing easy even for beginners. Because the app lets you tuck pallets and tools away and out of sight, you will get a non-obstructive experience so you can focus on your drawing.

The pens and brushes on Sketchbook are just like their physical counterparts, and this will give you a natural experience when creating your artwork.

Compared to Procreate, Sketchbook is lighter in weight and has a friendlier user interface with a simple layout, making it easier for beginners.

Sketchbook is free to download on your Android device.

2. Huion Sketch

Huion Sketch allows you to create paintings, sketches, and illustrations. It is an excellent app built for pen-tablet users and is available for Android devices.

The app has incredible features. They include:

Cursor support – This feature is available for Samsung smartphones, giving users better painting and drawing experiences. Samsung users can enable the function on sketching settings.

Animate and make animations – You can use this function to create animations and share them on social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. You can also export your animations in GIF format.

Light user interface – The app comes with a simple user interface. It also comes with quick sliders to adjust the opacity and thickness of your brushes. The interface is not only simple but powerful. Even better, you can select a dark user interface if you prefer that option.

Brushes features – When you download Huion Sketch, you can access more than 41 kinds of common and delicate brushes. Thirty-seven customizable brush settings give a better drawing effect.

Color feature – You can select the perfect color for your artwork with the eyedropper function. Other color features available on Huion Sketch include a bucket tool, color, and color palette. The function also lets you easily switch to the colors you previously used.

Layer feature – You will gain access to more than 100 layers with an organized layer interface to increase your efficiency during creation.

Painting tools – The tools let you insert shapes. They also stabilize and perfect your strokes instantly. You can also import pictures to edit them on Huion Sketch.

Dramatic finish effects – The features revamp your artwork giving it a great finish. The features include RGB adjustment, Gaussian, sketch, and motion blur filters. You can also adjust brightness, saturation, and hue on the app.

Huion Sketch is a free app, while Procreate is not, so if you are a beginner looking for a free app to practice your art skills, then Huion Sketch is perfect.

3. ArtRage

ArtRage is an app that gives you the tools you need to create realistic drawings and paintings on your Android device. On this app, you will work as you would on canvas; you can sketch with pencils, smear and blend thick oils, and create gradients when smudging strokes.

The app developers tried as much as possible to mirror the all-world properties of the tools. Because of this, they created pencil softness and paint thinners so that you can easily create customized presets.

To add an element of natural expressiveness, ArtRage supports using the Samsung S-Pen. Procreate does not support this feature.

In addition to having common tools like an inking pen, oil brush, and pencil tool, the app has features including fill tools, layers with blend modes, and the ability to trace images and add references.

The user interface has an intuitive interface with all important settings but keeps them away when drawing or painting so that your flow remains uninterrupted.

The beauty of this app is that it is compatible with desktop versions. Also, you can easily import images as JPG and PNG and import reference images, paint layers, and tracing images.

You can also have the paintings on your Android device recorded as script files to be laid back in large resolutions when using a desktop.

You can buy the app at $2.99 on Google Play Store.

4. Concepts

Concepts is a Procreate alternative that gives you a flexible space to create artwork. The Android app gives you an infinite canvas to sketch your ideas and a space to write notes and doodle.

Each of the strokes you make on Concepts is editable; some tools, including slice, nudge, and select tools, can help you fix any errors in your work.

The app developers claim on the Play Store page that Concepts is used by big companies like Google, Apple, Phillips, Playstation, Disney, and Illumination Entertainment.

Some of the features available in Concepts include:

  • Realistic brushes, pens, and pencils that respond to pressure, velocity, and tilts
  • An infinite canvas that lets you create your artwork without fear of lacking space
  • Capacity to customize your tools, canvas, and gestures.
  • Drag and drop features that let you add images to your canvas
  • Shape guides to create precision when creating images.

The Android app is ideal for designers hoping to create complex artwork. Concepts has complex tools that allow vector manipulation. On the contrary, Procreate is raster based, so you have to use it with other apps like Illustrator, so that images don’t lose quality when scaled larger.

You can sketch for free Concepts, and the free version lets you access tools like five layers, COPIC colors, JPG exports, and infinite canvas. But to access more features, Concepts lets you make in-app purchases on your Android device at $1.99 – $29.99 per item.

5. ArtFlow

ArtFlow is an Android app that lets you convert your device into a digital sketchbook. On this app, you will access more than 80 paint brushes, smudge, erasers, and fill tools. The app also supports Samsung’s S-pen, giving you the real-life taste of drawing and painting on canvas.

The app is available for free download and use. However, you may need to activate the Pro version of the app to access all its features. The features that are available in ArtFlow include:

  • Stylus that comes with pressure support
  • Huge canvases of up to 6144×6144 with more than 50 layers
  • A GPU paint engine that enhances performance
  • More than 100 tools and brushes
  • You can use imported images to create custom brushes on the app
  • More than 10 layer filters including brightness and saturation, HSV adjust, and color curves
  • It supports NVIDIA stylus
  • Palm rejection feature so that you will no longer accidentally zoom and pan when drawing.

To access more features of ​​ArtFlow, you can make in-app purchases at $1.99 – $5.99 per item.

This app stands out from Procreate because it supports NVIDIA DirectStylus.

6. ibis Paint X

ibis Paint X is a popular Android app with more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store. The versatile app comes with more than 15,000 brushes and 76,000 materials, 27 blending modes, 80 filters, and 1,000 fonts.

ibis Paint X has superior features to Procreate, which has only approximately 200 brushes, for example.

In addition to all the features, ibis Paint X also has clipping mask features, symmetry rulers, radial line rulers, and stroke stabilization features. Besides, you can record your drawing process in the app.

The app has a YouTube channel with many tutorials on ibis Paint X. This makes it easy for beginners who have never used the app.

You will also have access to the OpenGL technology that makes your drawing experience smooth and comfortable.

The brushes on ibis Paint X give you a smooth drawing of up to 60 fps. You also get different brush parameters with the app, which vary in starting/ending opacity and thickness and variation in initial/final brush angle.

If you are looking to draw anime, ibis Paint X has more drawing features compared to Procreate.

ibis Paint X has a free and paid version. One of the differences between the two is that the paid version does not have ads.

If you want to access more features of ibis Paint X, then consider paying for a Prime membership.

Here you will get access to prime canvas, materials, fonts, and up to 20GB of cloud storage capacity. You also get access to the gradation map filter, tone curve filter, color filter, levels adjustment filter, and clouds filter.

Remember, you can try the Prime membership for free for 30 days. The app’s Prime membership costs $2.99 per month or $27.99 per year.

If you would like to remove ads from the free version without subscribing to the Premium membership, you need to purchase the Remove Ads Addon at a one-time fee of $9.99.

7. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is a free, lightweight tool that you can use for comic creation and digital painting. The tool lets you access many fonts, brushes, and premade backgrounds.

MediBang Paint stands out from Procreate because you can use it across many devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Because it uses cloud saving, you can easily continue working on your art between platforms.

The app is ideal for illustrators and creative artists because it has many features, including screen tones, brushes, backgrounds, comic creation tools, and cloud fonts.

MediBang Paint has a speech-to-text feature to add dialog to your comics.

The free version of the app is enough to create your art. However, if you wish to access exclusive materials and brushes, consider subscribing to MediBang premium. You can try out the Premium version for free for 60 days to see if that is what you need.

The app comes with in-app purchases of $2.49 – $8.99 per item.

8. PaperColor

PaperColor is a free app you can use for painting. The app imitates the paintbrush, which you can use for graffiti, doodling, and drawing.

You can access color libraries and different styles of paint brushes with PaperColor to create the perfect artwork.

The drawings available on the app are exquisite, and you can use them to draw your handwritten signature, mark your photo, and draw a picture.

PaperColor has an easier-to-use interface than Procreate. It is ideal for a beginner learning how to draw and paint.

You can access in-app purchases via your Android device at $0.99 – $4.99 per item.

9. Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches is an Android app that can make beautiful drawings and sketches. The app is minimalistic and has an intuitive interface and a myriad of advanced functions that make it easy for you to create an amazing art piece easily.

On this app, you can import photos and share your artwork using export functions and advanced sharing options.

Some features available on Tayasui Sketches include over 20 ultra-realistic tools, brushes editors, layers, color eye dropper, and realistic watercolor wet brushes. You can use the layer feature on the app to simplify your tasks.

Tayasui Sketches allow the use of a stylus like Wacom. However, Procreate does not accept a third-party stylus; even if some may work, you will still get error messages.

The app is free, but you can purchase the Pro version if you want more features. Pro options are a one-time purchase. The in-app purchase in Tayasui Sketches is $6.49 per item.

10. Drawing Desk

Drawing Desk is a free app that offers drawing games for adults and children. With this app, you can draw, doodle, sketch, and color on your Android device.

The app lets you access watercolor brushes, crayons, pencils, and 3D brushes to create amazing art pieces. Drawing Desk has the following five modes:

  • Sketch Book
  • Kids Desk
  • Doodle Desk
  • Photo Desk
  • Coloring Book

There are drawing games on Drawing Desk with more than 500 coloring pages of alphabets, fruit, numbers, and animals that kids can draw.

This app is unique because it can be used across all ages, including children. On the other hand, Procreate is only ideal for adults and older kids.

The app is free, but you can make in-app purchases at $0.99 – $29.99 per item.

11. Pocket Paint

Pocket Paint is an Android app that lets you edit images, photos, and graphics. You can also make parts transparent and zoom in to a pixel level higher with the app. You will store the images created using Pocket Paint directly under photos in your device’s gallery.

Images can be stored as PNG, JPG, and ORA. You can also access stickers from Catrobat family images. The app includes full-screen drawing features, RGBA values, and a color palette.

You can also use the app with Catrobat’s app Pocket Code to create games, animations, and apps on your phone. Thus this makes this app different from Procreate.

Pro-bono unpaid volunteers develop the app, and it is a not-for-profit free source that you can download and use on your Android device.

12. Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is an app that you can use on your Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. Some features that stand out in the app include a minimal and intuitive interface, pencils, and powerful toolsets.

It comes with time-lapse recordings that you can share with friends. You can also convert brush strokes into shapes using Infinite Painter.

You will get access to hundreds of built-in brushes. The brushes have more than 100 customizable settings, which give you realistic brush-to-canvas interactions.

With this app, you can use five perspective guides to create 3D cityscapes. You can also use an Isometric perspective to create game art.

Infinite Painter gives you seamless and perfect editing tools that can simultaneously transform multiple layers, create seamless pattern projects, and perform photo and artistic cloning.

The app has a free version and a pro version. The free version allows you to access the inbuilt brushes and smart shape detection. You also get seamless pattern projects, basic symmetry and transform tools, lasso secretions, and solid fill.

The pro version comes with tons of layers of HD canvases of different sizes. You also get access to over 40 professional tools, layer groups, and mass and live filter layers and adjustments. The pro version goes for a one-time payment of $9.99.

If you are looking for an app that is simpler to use than Procreate, then Infinite Painter is ideal.

13. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is an illustration, comic, and animation tool. The app gives you over 40,000 free and premium brushes to draw as you please.

You can use the liquify feature to tweak your art on Clip Studio Paint. Besides, you can access 3D models to draw animals, people, and objects. You can add sound or animate your images to create comics.

The app offers free courses on YouTube and their official website so that you can go from beginner to pro in no time.

Unlike Procreate, Clip Studio Paint is available on many platforms, including Galaxy, Windows, Android, Chromebook, macOS, iPad, and iPhone. Therefore, you can easily continue your work across devices if you wish to.

The app has tools that let you create comics, manga, and webtoons. Even better, you can collaborate with a team during creation. Clip Studio Paint lets you preview and publish your work on your Android device.

Clip Studio Paint gives Android users one hour free daily. To keep drawing beyond the one-hour daily limit, you must purchase the paid plan at $6 per month and enjoy the first three months free. The annual plan lets you save up to 34%.


The app is a social networking platform (SNP) based on pen-generated images that let you create and share your work with global creative audiences.

PENUP lets you easily and comfortably draw using your Android device. You can color using the append draw photos on the app.

Additionally, you can do a live drawing on the app, challenge yourself on new topics, share your work, and enjoy real-time and popular artwork.

Artists access this app and interact with their peers through drawing. Procreate doesn’t have this feature.

The app is free to download and use.

15. Krita

Krita is a full-featured digital painting application that you can use to create comics, illustrations, concept art, animations, and storyboards. The developers mainly created the app for artists.

Krita is a fun app with many innovative and common features, including brush engines for painting and sketching, stabilizers for freehand inking, a distraction-free canvas, and assistants for creating complex scenes.

The app comes with storyboarding, onion skinning, scripting in Python, comic book management, and powerful features to support animations. You will also get access to coloring tools, selection tools, filters, flexible workspaces, and color-managed workflows.

Krita is more sophisticated than Procreate; you get better tools for managing your workflows.

The Android app comes with in-app purchases at $10.99 per item.

Final Word

My best procreate alternative for Android is Sketchbook. The app lets you create amazing pieces, from simple sketches to complete artwork.

The user-friendly interface lets you explore your creative side. It is also free but has professional-grade features and customizable tools.

You can access a full complement of brush types, layers, rulers, strokes, and guides with Sketchbook.

So, if you are looking for a reliable app on your Android device, I recommend Sketchbook.

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