14 Best Krita Alternatives 2024

Krita is a free digital painting tool that helps creators and artists paint and draw amazing digital images without spending any more on the tools.

Krita is great for starting as it provides the most necessary features, yet, on the other hand, it lacks features such as layer loop, ability to layer multiple selections, or no inconsistencies in the brush which is something professionals might need.

So if you like the Krita tool and need a similar alternative that will give you a lot more functions, you’re in the right place. Keep on reading to find out the 14 best Krita alternatives and learn what benefits to expect!

Best Krita Alternatives

Paid or free, you’ll see only the best Krita alternatives below that will help change the way you work and provide a huge difference in the tool’s capability.

1. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is a similar painting and drawing tool to Krita, yet it is a lot more useful since it comes with extra features built into the tool.

This tool is built and supports the latest stylus and touch devices, and you can even use it on the iPhone or iPad, which is a big difference compared to Krita.

With tons of brushes that free up your creativity, Adobe Fresco is powered by a Sensei, ensuring that live brushes feel and act just like the real thing.

This is something Krita is missing, and this is one of Fresco’s biggest advantages. Adobe Fresco is also getting more frequent updates which introduce new features such as clipping masks, no layer limits, drawing layers, and more.

Most of these new features are missing in Krita, which gives Fresco a huge advantage, regardless of being a paid version.

Fresco also has a much larger collection of vectors and raster brushes which all deliver a natural experience when used. Compared to Krita, this is another Fresco advantage that some of the Krita users might miss.

However, keep in mind that Adobe Fresco is not free and costs $9.99/month. For the latest pricing, check the official Fresco page.

2. ArtRage

ArtRage is another drawing and painting tool that seems to be a lot easier to use than Krita. It’s built for easy and fun use with features that will fit professionals.

It’s combined with a set of natural media and tools that provide a realistic feel when drawing or painting on the digital ArtRage canvas.

What’s also great about ArtRage is that it’s more compatible with devices than Krita. For example, Krita only supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices. On the other hand, ArtRage supports all of the above, plus iOS, Android, and it even has a Lite version on top of the full version.

ArtRage seems to be smoother when creating watercolor strokes or having any reactions on the canvas than Krita. This is most likely due to a better processing engine that makes every touch and stroke feel more natural.

Keep in mind that ArtRage is not free. It costs $59.99, or you can get a Lite version for $29.99. For the latest pricing, visit the official ArtRage page.

3. Flame Painter

Flame Painter is a great Krita alternative because of its photorealistic effects that allow users to bring their paintings and drawings to life in combination with organic brushes.

Another big Flame Painter advantage is a dynamic composition that includes filters that are very controlled and add value to the overall expression. It can be easily applied using only a few strokes, yet the artwork will have a little something that can help it stand out.

Flame Painter’s interface compared to Krita’s is very similar, yet it includes many more options than you can easily pick at any time during your work.

One of the Flame Painter’s advantages is the particle system that helps artists use the brush as if it were a real brush. On top of that, you can add other systems as add-ons.

Flame Painter is not free. It costs $89.99. For the latest pricing, check the official Flame Painter page.

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4. YouiDraw Painter

YouiDraw is an online graphic tool where you can draw, paint, and create designs quickly and effortlessly from within your browser.

Even though this alternative is not as elaborate as Krita’s is, it is still a great alternative because it operates differently.

YouiDraw Painter has all pencil tools, brush tools, image tools, shape tools, color settings, text tools, and more features that you would need to create realistic and artistic paintings.

This tool’s interface is another great upgrade from Krita’s interface since it is easier to use, gives you access to important features, and lets you shift your focus on the drawing at all times.

What’s great about YouiDraw is that it’s free to use, and you can use it directly within your browser.

5. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is ideal for everyone who loves drawing on paper instead of painting on canvas.

The tool is built this way so artists can draw naturally using brushes and pens. In addition, both brushes and pens behave like real physical objects, which is another great reason why Sketchbook makes a great Krita alternative.

On top of that, Sketchbook has a very clean interface that is easier to use than Krita’s interface. By tucking tools and customizing the menu to ensure you have everything by your side while you draw your pieces, your workflow will improve, and you will enjoy the process even more.

With a huge focus on drawing, you’ll be able to make quick drawings whenever you feel the inspiration or get fabulous ideas.

Being a professional-grade app, Sketchbook is a great Krita alternative because it tends to offer more features that make a better fit for artists who are all about drawing on paper using digital devices.

Sketchbook isn’t free, but you can purchase it as an app for a smartphone or a tablet which costs $4.99, or you can purchase a SketchBook Pro version which costs $29.99/year. For the latest pricing, visit the official Sketchbook page.

6. PaintTool SAI

PaintTool SAI might seem too simple, but it is a tool that comes with features such as digitized support with pressure, anti-aliased drawings, accurate composition, and a convenient and powerful interface.

With such simplicity, PaintTool SAI is a great alternative for everyone who needs software that doesn’t have high requirements and is very efficient for painting and drawing.

PaintTool SAI has been around for a long time, and even though it might not feature as many features as Krita, it still has its advantages. It’s minimalistic, doesn’t have high requirements, is efficient, and can improve the workflow due to its simple and convenient interface.

PaintTool SAI is free for the first 30 days, which is more than enough time to test this tool out fully. After the trial, its price is $49.99 for a license. For the latest pricing, visit the official PaintTool SAI website.

7. Painter

Painter is a professional digital software ideal for both Windows and Mac computers. Its biggest advantage over Krita is the Natural-Media emulation which helps produce true and realistic digital art brushes.

Better yet, Painter allows further customization of the brushes, which is something Krita users might be missing.

Painter is ideal for anything from quick sketching and drawing to painting and illustrations, and you get to create anything from a blank canvas, customize existing digital images, or even extend your paintings with the help of additional brush packs.

These brush packs improve the versatility, and if that’s what you’ve been missing with Krita, Painter makes a great alternative. On top of that, you can paint and draw using Painter on a desktop or a tablet, and it’s even compatible with Photoshop.

Painter is not free, but you can either purchase the software or pay for it annually. Purchasing the software will cost you $424.95, while a yearly subscription will cost you $225. However, keep in mind that you will get a signature-style brush pack bundle for free by purchasing the software.

For the latest pricing, check the official Painter page.

8. Procreate

Procreate’s biggest advantage over Krita is its Pocket version which allows you to draw on your smartphone. It’s pretty hard to find a quality tool that you can use on the go, and now you don’t even need a tablet. An iPhone or any Android smartphone will be good enough.

Procreate is ideal for sketches, paintings, drawings, illustrations, and even animations. In addition, this software includes over 200 handcrafted brushes, which you can access within the brush studio. This is something Krita doesn’t have and yet is a reason why Procreate is a better alternative.

On top of that, you can have complete control over the colors thanks to two important features; Color Harmony and Color Companion.

Integrated power moves with all other top-notch features ensure that you have a fully working art studio that you can take anywhere you go.

Powered by the Valkyrie engine, Procreate supports up to 120Hz performance, and yet everything happens in a neat interface, which proves to be more convenient than Krita’s interface.

Procreate costs around $14.12, but for the latest pricing, visit the official Procreate page.

9. Serif DrawPlus

DrawPlus is a simplified version of a digital artist tool that provides everything you might need to get started, craft your skill, and improve your existing skillset.

You can even do animations besides sketches, drawings, and paintings since 2D vector graphics powers DrawPlus.

The only downside is that DrawPlus doesn’t support Mac, while it supports Windows and Linux, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Pressure-sensitive brushes and layer effects offer plenty of options even for advanced artists to get the most out of this tool.

On the bright side, DrawPlus is also free, just like Krita, making it an even better alternative for everyone confused by Krita’s interfaces or advanced features.

10. Rebelle

Rebelle provides a large number of brushes that are well-combined with a system that can mimic watercolor dripping effects, blowing drips, various watercolor visual settings, transparent watercolor mixing, and much more. These features, combined with a realistic painting engine, will help you make even better paintings digitally than on an actual canvas.

In comparison with Krita, Rebelle is specifically designed for use with watercolors and such painting styles as it can convincingly mimic media interactions with canvas. Yet, you can take this “studio” wherever you go.

With various watercolor simulations you’ll never find in Krita, Rebelle makes it a great alternative for all watercolor artists.

Even though Rebelle isn’t a free tool, it costs $89.99. For the latest pricing, visit the official Rebelle website.

11. Sketch.IO

Sketch.IO includes 18 brushes, but it also has a database of over 5,000 clipart images that you can use to base your paintings and drawings around.

Its compatibility with Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS makes it super convenient, and you can even start drawing, sketching, or painting right within your browser.

But keep in mind that Sketch.IO also has a downloadable version which is a lot more capable. Sketch.IO’s biggest advantage over Krita is that it’s built on the API, which is constantly updated, and yet it can even integrate add-ons with the help of modules.

Another Sketch.IO advantage over Krita is the minimalistic interface where all functions are hidden in a narrow menu on the side. Hidden but accessible features at a touch of a button help improve the workflow and provide a professional-grade service.

While the web browser version is free, the downloadable version only costs $4.99. For the latest price, check out Sketch.IO’s official page.

12. MediBang Paint

The main difference between Krita and MediBang Paint is that MediBang Paint is more compatible and it also offers educational content. This content not only teaches you how to get the most from their tool, but it also teaches you how to improve your skills.

Therefore, MediBang Paint is ideal for beginners since there are very few tools for an artist that will put as much effort into teaching the artists techniques. This is something Krita is missing. If you’re just starting out, Krita can leave you feeling overwhelmed. With MediBang Paint, however, you’ll know exactly what to do since all tutorials are step-by-step.

MediBang has a large base of brushes, materials, and fonts to help you create anything from sketches, drawings, illustrations, or paintings.

Another great thing about MediBang is that it’s free for all users.

13. Tayasui Sketches

Compared to Krita, Tayasui Sketches makes sketching super realistic since each one of the tools has a proprietary system that ensures your sketches feel as natural as if you were sketching on an actual piece of paper.

Another Tayasui Sketches advantage over Krita is that it offers unlimited layers, which helps artists make complex sketches easily.

Tayasui Sketches doesn’t just provide everything a sketch artist would require, such as wet watercolor, all types of drawing accessories, and acrylic brushes. It also has additional features that make sketching easier.

These additional features include automatic symmetry, color mixing, gradients, and patterns that make certain long tasks quick.

Another difference between Tayasui Sketches and Krita is that Tayasui Sketches has a sketching community. On top of that, you even get to have your digital artist showcase inside the tool.

By keeping all of your sketches inside the app, you can quickly access them at any time. However, you won’t have to worry about losing any of your work since this tool also includes a cloud sync option for easier backups.

Keep in mind that Tayasui Sketches costs $5.99. For the latest pricing, visit the official Tayasui Sketches website.

14. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint’s biggest advantage over Krita is that it is a lot smoother, a little bit more convenient, and much better as a tool in general.

It’s a tool designed for drawing and painting, and it has a high focus on detail. With the help of thousands of brushes, you can put every detail where it belongs in your work.

Clip Studio Paint has more brushes than Krita, and it also allows users to customize each brush further to ensure a perfect fit for all artists.

Clip Studio Paint also has a wider use than Krita as it’s currently being used in all industries including concept art, character art, comics and manga, illustrations, animation, and many others.

Remember that Clip Studio Pro is not free. It has two different pricing models where the price isn’t the only difference. Instead, you have to choose the pricing plan according to your needs.

Both plans include a free trial and also two payment types.

Clip Studio Paint Pro costs $49.99 for a one-time purchase or $0.99/month. Clip Studio Paint Ex costs $219 for a one-time purchase or $2.49/month.

For the latest pricing, visit the official Clip Studio Paint page.


The best alternative for me is Adobe Fresco because it offers a true digital canvas with a wide pixel range, vectors, and live brushes that can make anything happen.

Regardless of its price, Adobe Fresco is worth it since it offers a lot more value than Krita and it helps produce quality work.

But if you are only a beginner, any free or cheaper alternatives such as Sketch.IO or MediBang Paint also make a great choice!

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