7 Best SnapBird Alternatives 2024

Because I use Twitter a lot, it gets to a point when the tweets, messages, and mentions can be overwhelming.

But that’s not the issue. The main problem is when you want to dig up an old tweet from a few weeks back or find a specific message or mention but you can’t. You have to keep scrolling endlessly and in most cases, the search gets you frustrated.

While a Twitter search can come in handy in situations like this, it only goes back 10 days, which is a bit limiting. That’s just a week’s worth of history.

If you want to locate a message or mention from way back, say 14 days ago, you can explore third-party apps like SnapBird.

Unfortunately, SnapBird has been discontinued and now we’re left with finding similar apps that will help us search through our tweet history and messages without hitting any roadblocks.

You can even search for and find deleted tweets as well. But for a while now, the platform has not been available which brings us to the question, are there any other options to explore?

Of course, there are. Some of SnapBird’s alternatives include Foller.Me, Twitario, MyTweetAlerts, BackTweets, twDocs, and TweetEraser.

I have taken my time to analyze these alternatives, highlighting their similarities and differences with SnapBird. Take a look to learn more.

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Best SnapBird Alternatives

1. Foller.Me

Foller.Me is an incredible alternative if you’re interested in finding out more about someone based in the United States through their Twitter profiles and public records. I’ll simply call it a “People Search Engine.”

The platform is web-based and offers a Twitter analytics tool that provides in-depth insights into any public Twitter profile.

You’ll be getting a detailed breakdown of followers, hashtags, topics, and mentions of anyone you want as long as they are based in the United States and their Twitter account is public.

As much as you can use it to monitor any Twitter user of your choice, you can even choose to use it to sieve out some of your old tweets, messages, or mentions.

Unlike SnapBird, Foller.Me also offers a convenient directory for finding people in the United States. With just a few clicks, even if you don’t remember the person’s full name, you can track their profile.

Or if you remember their name or surname, you can easily type it in the search box and their profile comes up.

2. Twitario

Twitario is another amazing platform you should check out if you want to find and organize your old tweets. It’s incredible how it helps you search for specific keywords in your Twitter profile and then organizes your tweets in a diary format.

The best part is that you can even export these tweets to PDF or eBook (ePub) formats for easy viewing. This means that you can even read your tweets like a book! You won’t get this feature with SnapBird.

To use this tool, all you need to do is to sign in securely with your Twitter account. It’s also a good way to back up your tweets. You can preserve and review your tweet history in a convenient and accessible way.

More so, you’ll love how this platform gathers these public tweets and presents them in a chronological, reversed order allowing you to see the oldest tweets first before the newer ones.

However, you can only see your latest 3,200 tweets, which is the maximum allowed by Twitter. I also noticed that Twitario can be used in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

Additionally, to ensure that your information is safe, Twitario doesn’t store your Twitter password or tweets. Everything is confidential. Finally, the platform is entirely free to use.

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3. MyTweetAlerts

MyTweetAlerts is a lot like SnapBird in that it helps users search and find relevant tweets, hashtags, and mentions.

However, MyTweetAlerts goes further by allowing you to customize options for alerts, easy content management, and scheduling of matched tweets, along with email notifications.

You will find this platform highly valuable if you’re a business owner as it helps you to figure out what your customers are talking about regarding your service.

If they are positive reviews, you simply keep up the good work, otherwise, you have to step up your game.

You only need to let the platform know which tweets you want to find using different targeting options like keywords, users posting from certain locations, and tweets that mention your website.

In addition to that, managing your tweet alerts is as easy as pie. You can do all of that from one dashboard.

Another amazing feature of the platform is that it keeps a history of your tweet alerts. That way, you can always view and act on them at your convenience, whenever and wherever you desire.

All of these features make MyTweetAlerts a more comprehensive solution for Twitter monitoring, especially for small business owners.

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4. TweetEraser

TweetEraser is another SnapBird alternative you should explore. Although it has more advanced features like filtering and automatic tasks, it also has the ability to delete tweets in bulk.

You should use this platform if you’re looking for a tool to help you clean up your Twitter profile real quick. You can delete old tweets and likes all at once with just one click leaving your profile brand new.

To get started, you first need to sign in to the platform with your Twitter account, then use the advanced filtering feature to locate which tweet you want to delete.

TweetEraser is easy to use and free as well.

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5. BackTweets

BackTweets is like a Twitter detective and is super useful if you’re a business owner who wants to know what people are saying about your website.

So, here’s how it works – you input your website link in the search box on the homepage, click the search button, and the platform pulls out a list of tweets where that link was mentioned.

The best part is that it’s free to use. You can easily see what people are saying about a specific web page on Twitter. Just paste the link and BackTweets does the rest.

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6. Tweet Download

As the name suggests, Tweet Download is a tool best suited for users who want to save a copy of their tweets. You’re not just finding your tweets but also downloading and saving them in different formats.

This gives Tweet Download an edge over SnapBird which only allows you to find old tweets and nothing more.

Here, you can save your tweets as a document to avoid losing them by accident or if something goes wrong with your Twitter app or your account.

The thought of having your tweets in a spreadsheet is thrilling but bear in mind that the tool only saves copies of your tweets locally and you can’t put them back on Twitter. It’s also free to use.

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7. twDocs

twDocs is another fascinating platform that allows you to find and download all your tweets, favorites, mentions, direct messages, followers, and even search results.

You can have them in documents like PDF, DOC XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, or HTML files.

You only need to input the URL of the tweet or Twitter conversation and twDocs will automatically generate a downloadable document containing the text of the tweets.

I think it’s such an easy way to save and share your Twitter discussions. It’s also free to use.

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While MyTweetAlerts is perfect for small businesses, Twitario, Tweet Download, and twDocs organize your old tweets and export them effortlessly.

That said, each of the tools I reviewed above has its advantages. Whether you want detailed insights into your tweets or are curious to monitor or save your past conversations, there’s a tool for you.

Feel free to try the one you like.

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