25 Twitter Accounts Every Guy Should Follow

Top Twitter Accounts For Guys – Quick Summary

In today’s fast-paced world, men often seek guidance and inspiration to improve various aspects of their lives. Whether it’s about building confidence, enhancing personal style, or mastering the art of relationships, Twitter serves as a valuable resource. The platform hosts a range of influencers and experts who offer actionable advice.

To simplify your search, I’ve compiled a list of 25 Twitter accounts that every man should consider following. These accounts cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to modern men, including fitness, dating, personal development, and financial wisdom. Here, you’ll find key insights and direct links to each profile, ensuring you have instant access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

  1. Jordan Peterson: Canadian psychologist sharing controversial ideas on gender, politics, and life tips.
  2. Richard Cooper: Shares hard truths about men, women, and life dynamics.
  3. TheManMaker: Focuses on masculinity and relationship advice.
  4. Masculine Soul: Offers fitness and masculine wisdom.
  5. Playboy Secrets: Provides unconventional dating tips.
  6. Rollo Tomassi: Known for “The Rational Male,” advocating a unique approach to relationships.
  7. 48 Laws of Power Bot: Tweets quotes from Robert Greene’s book.
  8. The Art of Seduction Bot: Shares snippets from Robert Greene’s book on seduction.
  9. Aaron Marino (Alpha M): Gives advice on men’s grooming, fashion, and success.
  10. Real Men Real Style: Offers fashion advice for men.
  11. Jose Zuniga: Talks about men’s fitness and wealth-building.
  12. Tiege Hanley: Men’s skin care brand sharing product updates and skin care tips.
  13. The Modest Man: Shares tips on men’s fashion.
  14. Save Your Sons: Provides fatherly advice.
  15. Limitless Mind: Helps develop a limitless mindset.
  16. Dave Ramsey: Offers personal finance guidance.
  17. Robert Kiyosaki: Shares insights on wealth mindset.
  18. Men’s Health Magazine: Covers men’s health, fitness, and sex.
  19. Men’s Journal: Discusses health, fitness, and lifestyle for men.
  20. AskMen: Covers a wide range of men’s lifestyle topics.
  21. Jeremy Ethier: Bodybuilder with a scientific approach to fitness.
  22. TRX: Shares tips on using the TRX training system.
  23. Greg O’Gallagher: Creator of the Kinobody system, focuses on fitness.
  24. Jeff Nippard: Fitness influencer with a science-based approach.
  25. UFC: Official account of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Following these accounts can help men become a better version of themselves. Twitter will suggest similar accounts based on these follows.

Are you a guy looking for masculine role figures on Twitter? If you want to become a better man, there are many influential accounts you can follow that share tips and advice for men.

These Twitter accounts share content about masculinity, entrepreneurship, getting your life together, and more. Some of them share dating advice and teach you how to improve your love life and get the girl of your dreams.

Today, I will share some of the best Twitter accounts to follow as a guy. These accounts will help you become a better man – the best version of yourself you could be.

Best Twitter Accounts for Guys

1. Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist, thinker, and speaker. He is known for his interesting and controversial ideas on gender, politics, and self-improvement.

He gives excellent life advice, and if you’re a guy, you could benefit from learning about his way of thinking and following his life tips. Sometimes, his advice is as simple as “clean your room,” something Peterson says often.

It’s true – a neat and organized home leads to an organized state of mind.

On Twitter, he shares clips and random thoughts. He also replies to influential people’s tweets with his unapologetic opinions and shares tweets he thinks are important.

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2. Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper, who has a YouTube channel called “Entrepreneurs in Cars,” is known for sharing his “cold, hard truths” about the dynamics between men and women as well as business and life in general.

His truth bombs can be uncomfortable to hear sometimes, but his profile promises to help you “unplug from comforting lies with uncomfortable truths.”

If you’re struggling to become a high-value man, follow Richard Cooper. His tweets are often wake-up calls.

3. TheManMaker

The Man Maker’s slogan is “Make Men Great Again.”

His goal is to “build men,” and he provides insights on masculinity, dating, and relationships. His advice is short and to the point, which is what I like about him.

He doesn’t waste time – he tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

4. Masculine Soul

Masculine Soul shares advice on fitness, masculine wisdom, and hard truths that will help you transform yourself and uncover your masculine self.

Some of his tweets can seem pretty brash and harsh, but a lot of truth bombs are hidden within. For example, one of his Tweets states:

“Women have fallen in love with:

Men who are ugly..

Men who are bald…

Men who are short….

NOT ONCE in the history of mankind has a woman fallen in love with a socially anxious dork.

Don’t let pathetic social skills ruin good opportunities for you.”

He also tweeted, “Few things are more pathetic than seeing a tall man who’s out of shape.”

5. Playboy Secrets

Have you always dreamt of being a playboy? Playboy Secrets shares tips on how to transform your dating life and become more attractive to hot women.

He tells you exactly what women want and what women don’t want – even if they claim the opposite.

These dating tips aren’t what you’re going to see on some generic blog from one of the major dating advice magazines – they’re unusual, unique, and go against the norm.

6. Rollo Tomassi

Rollo Tomassi is best known for authoring “The Rational Male,” which is seen by many as the Bible of the red pill movement, a unique way of approaching male-female relationships and dating.

His ideas are often controversial, and they force you to look at dating and life with an entirely new mindset.

It’s important to take any content branded as “red pill” with a grain of salt, but it’s worth listening to Rollo. Read his book, as it can really open your eyes.

7. 48 Laws of Power Bot

The 48 Laws of Power is a book written by Robert Greene. These “laws” outline the rules you need to develop your social skills, come out on top in different social interactions, and make every situation work to your benefit.

It’s not about manipulating others, but the rules do ensure you don’t let others take advantage of you and misuse your kindness.

This account is a bot that tweets quotes from the book. Even if you read the book, these little snippets will help remind you of what you read – it’s easy to forget these rules and not apply them when needed.

If you didn’t read the book because you didn’t have enough time, this account will be particularly helpful.

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8. The Art of Seduction Bot

The Art of Seduction is another book written by Robert Greene. It teaches you how to play on the emotions of the person you’re dating to seduce them and get them to fall for you.

Again, it’s not about manipulating people. Rather, it’s about becoming more charming and unleashing your inner seductive capabilities.

Many people have found success with the strategies and techniques taught in The Art of Seduction, but the book is a bit long-winded and wordy. The Art of Seduction Bot publishes easily-digestible quotes and snippets from the book.

9. Aaron Marino

Alpha M is a YouTuber who produces videos about men’s fitness, fashion, grooming, and dating. His real name is Aaron Marino, and I’ve found his grooming and fashion advice really helpful.

Whether it’s knowing how to choose the right cologne or learning which types of shoes go with which outfits, there’s a lot to learn from Alpha M.

He also gives advice on how to be more productive and simply be a more successful man.

10. Real Men Real Style

Another excellent YouTube channel to follow for men’s fashion is Real Men Real Style, who goes by the same name on Twitter.

He focuses less on dating and relationships than Alpha M, but he offers just as good fashion advice.

If you want to create professional and classy wardrobes that will impress other men and women alike, follow Real Men Real Style.

11. Jose Zuniga

Jose Zuniga is a men’s fashion YouTuber and influencer. He talks about topics such as men’s fitness and building wealth as well.

I actually like his Twitter account more than his YouTube channel, because he gives really useful tips on getting things done in a short and easy-to-digest format. Watching an entire YouTube video can sometimes take too much time.

One thing he tweeted stood out to me: “Be a man that’s not afraid to lose it all, and you’ll become dangerous. That man is undefeated.”

12. Tiege Hanley

Tiege Hanley is a brand of men’s skin care products, created by Aaron Marino, a.k.a. Alpha M.

The premise is simple: Men don’t have access to simplified skin care systems, and most men don’t know enough about skin care to maximize their potential. Tiege Hanley has simple product kits that ship on renewal, with easy-to-follow routines that tell you exactly when to apply each product for the best results.

The products include facial washes, facial scrubs, moisturizers for morning and night, detox masks, and more.

Follow the Tiege Hanley Twitter account for updates about new products, sales, and skin care advice.

13. The Modest Man

The Modest Man is a men’s fashion influencer who shares quick and short tips on how to dress better as a guy.

Like he says, the way you dress is one of the few things you have complete control over, so why not make the most of it?

He doesn’t update his Twitter account as often as I would like, but you can also check out his blog, linked to in his profile.

14. Save Your Sons

Save Your Sons is like the masculine dad you never had. He shares his fatherly advice to his sons to the public via his Twitter account.

If you’re a dad who is trying to be a better masculine role model for your kids, you could also gain a lot from following him on Twitter and following his advice on how to raise your kids.

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15. Limitless Mind

Part of cultivating your masculinity and achieving success as a man is developing a limitless mind. If you believe that you are unable to do something, your limited mindset will affect you and make it harder for you to achieve your dreams.

What I like about Limitless Mind is how he helps me put things in perspective. He shows you what is really important in life and when you should let things go.

16. Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance guru, bestselling author, and talk show host who is known for helping people get out of debt, improve their financial situations, and manage their personal finances.

If you find yourself constantly wasting money or going further or further into debt, you need help, and Dave Ramsey is there to provide it.

You can change your life by following some of Dave’s simple steps, such as creating a small emergency fund and using the snowball method to get rid of your debt for good.

Most people have horrible personal finance and budgeting habits, and while many of these tips are seemingly simple, many people just don’t think of them by themselves.

17. Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is best known for authoring Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a groundbreaking book on what sets rich people apart from poor people and how rich people just have a different mindset and a different way of seeing the world.

Like I already mentioned, a lot of the time, the only thing holding you back is your own mind.

On his Twitter account, he shares opinions on a wide range of issues, such as investing, crypto, politics, and more.

18. Men’s Health Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine is an important Twitter account to follow, in my opinion. It shares tips and advice related to men’s health, fitness, sex, and more.

A lot of men, unfortunately, are simply unaware of the way various health issues can affect men. From sex ed to improving your diet, there’s a lot of useful information you will learn from this magazine that will improve your quality of life.

19. Men’s Journal

Another publication I recommend following on Twitter is Men’s Journal.

Men’s Journal talks about everything related to men and masculinity.

It covers health, fitness, travel, craft beer, adventure, and other things you might be interested in. It also touches upon tech and celebrity news.

20. AskMen

AskMen is a website that focuses on men’s lifestyle. It talks about everything from waxing your hair to transforming a bad haircut into a decent one to optimizing a preworkout routine.

If you’ve ever had questions that you were too shy to ask, there is a good chance that AskMen has covered them.

21. Jeremy Ethier

If you want to be a better man, you need to improve your body. You can’t be a strong man if you have a weak body.

That doesn’t mean you have to take steroids and become all muscled up. However, you should be working out regularly, lifting weights, and becoming strong physically.

That’s why, as a man, I recommend following bodybuilders and fitness influencers who can help you in your fitness journey. One of my favorite bodybuilders to follow is Jeremy Ethier.

Jeremy has a very interesting personality, and he also has a unique approach to bodybuilding. His approach is based on science – he’s not just regurgitating the same exercises as everyone else, but he breaks down exactly how each workout he recommends will affect your muscles.

I also found a lot of value in the way he shows you how to perform exercises correctly. Lifting heavy weights with improper form could easily lead to injury.

22. TRX

TRX is a training system developed by Randy Hetrick, a former US Navy SEAL. It is unique in that it requires only minimal equipment that you can set up at home.

Using suspension bands and your own body weight, you can become more fit, build muscle, improve your cardiovascular health and endurance, and become the strong man you deserve to be.

The official TRX Twitter account shares tips on how to use the TRX system and other fitness and workout advice.

23. Greg O’Gallagher

I always find this guy’s name hard to spell, but he’s one of my favorite fitness YouTubers. He developed the Kinobody system, which has helped many people transform their bodies into “movie star bodies.”

Despite what others may think, I believe Greg is natural (he is not abusing steroids). He is very fit and lean, and he has a very low body fat percentage, but he is not super bulked up like those who take steroids tend to be.

He has also been working out for a very long time, and he works out hard – despite his marketing that makes it seem like he is lazy. He also maintains a very strict diet.

Greg has a different approach to bodybuilding than many other gurus. He doesn’t advocate working out every day like others do.

Instead, he teaches you how to work out smarter, not harder. By reducing the number of days you work out and using the right lifts and exercises tailored to your goals, you will progress faster.

24. Jeff Nippard

Another of my favorite fitness and workout influencers is Jeff Nippard. He also has a science-based approach to working out.

You will notice that he relies heavily on peer-reviewed studies to form his opinions and workout recommendations. This is important, because too many influencers rely on unproven “bro science” when giving advice.

Other influencers tell you what works for them and expect it to work for you. However, that’s a colossal mistake, because everyone’s body is different and responds to stimulus in different ways.

So, what works for someone else might not work for you at all.

That’s why researching studies that included people from all ends of the spectrum and accounted for biases and outliers is important.

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25. UFC

Finally, I recommend following the UFC official Twitter account. The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is probably the largest and most well known fighting promotions in the world.

It is the pioneer and trailblazer of the modern martial art known as MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts. UFC fighters, in the early days, often had background in specific martial arts.

Nowadays, they tend to specialize in all of the major arts, such as BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing, Judo, and wrestling, which has caused a whole new art, MMA, to develop.

In either case, there is nothing more masculine than fighting – in a controlled and legal environment, of course.

On the UFC Twitter page, you will see clips from recent fights and updates about upcoming scheduled fights.

Parting Shots

So, there you have it – 25 Twitter accounts to follow if you’re a guy.

Of course, there are many other accounts that offer value. However, if you follow these accounts, Twitter will automatically recommend similar accounts to follow.

Good luck in your journey to becoming a better version of yourself!

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