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10 Best SyncToy Alternatives For Windows 10

SyncToy is a free PowerToy developed by Microsoft that offers an easy-to-use user interface for synchronizing files and folders on a local or network computer.

With SyncToy, you’ll get a synchronization solution that is convenient, uncomplicated, and stable. The utility makes it simple to maintain folder contents consistent across many computers or over a network.

It is a simple-to-use, highly configurable tool that assists users in performing heavy lifting tasks.

When you start SyncToy for the first time, it will walk you through the process of establishing a pair of connected folders. It will then ask you to pick one of five synchronization techniques from a list of options labeled as Left and Right.

SyncToy operates similarly to a conventional one-way sync, transferring all left-to-right files. It won’t erase files from the Left folder.

The subscribe function only updates files that have been updated. The Combine feature merges Synchronize and Contribute in both directions, but no files are removed. The tool also provides a preview, which helps to prevent data loss due to human error.

SyncToy can handle several folders simultaneously and mix data from two directories in one scenario. The platform maintains track of file renames and will make certain that such changes are transferred over to the synced folder when necessary.

Even though SyncToy is a solid tool, it has some gaps – i.e. It doesn’t support encrypted data transfer. Also, you cannot synchronize across the Internet nor schedule the synchronization.

In this post, we will explore some of the best alternatives to SyncToy that perform the same or better than SyncToy.

Stay tuned if you want to find out what we have in store.

Best SyncToy Alternatives for Windows 10

1. Allway Sync

Allway Sync is our first SyncToy alternative. It can synchronize your data across desktop PCs, USB drives, online data storage, etc.

Also included is the ability to synchronize more than two directories at the same time, as well as to link local disks to a variety of external storage devices.

Besides working on Windows 10, You may install the utility on machines running the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems.

Allway Sync is completely free for personal use, although there are certain restrictions. Furthermore, it does not include any spyware or malware. However, if you want to use this program for business purposes or if you plan to process over 40,000 data in a month, you should consider purchasing a Pro license.

In contrast to traditional backup systems, Allway Sync operates by duplicating data. Each synchronized folder always has a duplicate of the folders part of the synchronization partnership. As a result of synchronization, a simple backup is a natural byproduct.

The same procedure synchronizes files when synchronizing folders (directories). The synchronization of files within a folder occurs independently of the synchronization of the folder itself.

When Allway Sync creates a folder on another device, the folder’s attributes are transferred over. However, unlike SyncToy, this sync software does not duplicate the attributes of folders in both the source and destination directories.

2. GoodSync

Because GoodSync enables you to synchronize data between numerous platforms and gadgets, the authors of this program claim that it fully eliminates the need to save files on the cloud.

The platform has GoodSync’s RealDisk online storage, which is extremely quick, especially when dealing with many small files, and the software also offers third-party storage.

Its block-level synchronization is credited for speeding up the command’s execution. Furthermore, you will be able to view data that has been saved on the connected computers.

Unlike SyncToy, Its AES-256 bit encryption protects your mission essential data while it is in transit and at rest, which increases security. This feature saves copies of your data modification history, ensuring the highest level of protection and the shortest possible data restoration time.

It can monitor and propagate file security properties across the Internet while preserving the same access permission levels in various places.

GoodSync’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to back up files by simply transferring them from one location on your computer to another.

You may choose from several locations for the destination folder. All GoodSync file backups can be conducted locally, across a network, or online.

Cloud storage is unique because it enables the uploading and downloading of huge files in bulk without additional bandwidth allocation.

To save time, you may sync files in numerous threads, each having its connection to the server, allowing you to sync files in parallel. It is also accessible for mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

The platform offers a comprehensive personal and business pricing package to its users.

3. Syncovery

Another SyncToy alternative is Syncovery. Suppose you need a solution for syncing data between systems such as PCs, laptops, Macs, cloud services, or servers. In that case, Syncovery is the solution for you.

The multitasking application allows you to set up numerous jobs simultaneously. Unlike SyncToy, there is a scheduler that completes chores at certain intervals, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to perform them.

Even if each task has its profile in the program, you don’t have to change the settings individually. Additional features include supporting many internet protocols and being able to encrypt and decode information.

It is equipped with Block Level Copying, which lets you conserve both bandwidth and backup space. Using Syncovery, it is possible to recognize and copy just the modified blocks in big files.

The detection process is carried out by storing checksums in a database, using the Syncovery Remote Service, or utilizing the ground-breaking File System Monitoring Service, among other methods.

Syncovery’s multithreaded folder algorithm is fast compared to other folder listing algorithms. It can handle millions of files and many folders with ease. With its Destination File List Cache and Remote Service capabilities, you may get even more performance on your computer.

The smart tracking sync mode is widely utilized in two-way sync tasks because it allows for more accurate tracking. It can detect files that have been moved or deleted and conflicts.

It is possible to save several versions of updated files using Syncovery, allowing you to recover your data from a previous date. When using their Restoration Wizard, you can choose a restore date for either a single file or a group of files.

4. Syncthing

Syncthing is a tool that allows for continuous file syncing. It synchronizes files across various computers instantaneously while keeping them safe from prying eyes and other curious eyes.

All of your information is yours alone, and you have the right to determine where it is saved if it is shared with a third party or how it is sent over the Internet.

There is no other place where your data is ever saved but on your computers. There is no single server that could be hacked, legally or illegally.

Unlike SyncToy, TLS is used to encrypt all communication. The encryption method employed incorporates absolute forward secrecy, which ensures that no eavesdropper will ever be able to access your data.

A very powerful cryptographic certificate is used to identify each device. Only the devices you have expressly enabled to connect to your other devices will be able to do so.

This tool lets you sync as many folders as you require across various persons or between your own devices.

Configuration and monitoring of Syncthing are done using a dynamic and robust interface that you can access through a web browser. It runs on various operating systems, including Windows, OpenBSD, Linux, etc. You can utilize it on your desktop machines and synchronize them with the backup server.

Syncthing does not require IP addresses or other complicated settings; it works locally and remotely via a LAN and the Internet.

5. DirSync Pro

DirSync ProSync is an alternative to SyncToy. It is modest in size but strong enough to sync data. You may use this method to move files from PCs to USB flash devices.

The file transfer allows you to create incremental backups with the help of DirSync Pro. You will save a significant amount of time since it lets you transfer all of the files each time you want to update your backup.

Unlike SyncToy, this platform offers several predefined modes for typical synchronization and backup operations provided by DirSync Pro and many custom modes. The user may adjust the synchronization behavior to match specific requirements.

Before synchronization, DirSync Pro analyses files and folders to identify any changes made to any file or directory in the source before the synchronization begins.

DirSync Pro includes an intuitive User Interface that allows you to customize various settings to meet your specific requirements. You may also use DirSync Pro via the command line, making it versatile when executing in batches.

Suppose you want to include or exclude specific files or directories. You may create complex filters based on filename patterns, file sizes, modification dates, file paths, and file metadata in DirSync Pro.

Advanced users may customize the synchronization behavior in DirSync Pro by selecting from a plethora of options accessible in the program. DirSync Pro includes many logging features that allow you to produce extensive logs for each operation you run.

In addition, DirSync Pro has a real-time synchronization feature that monitors the source directory continually and synchronizes any changes made to a file or directory into the destination directory if a change is detected.

DirSync Pro, in contrast to many other synchronization programs, is open source; it is completely free of price, free of commercial content, free of advertisements, and completely free of malware.

Since DirSync Pro is written entirely in platform-independent Java, you may use it with virtually any current operating system including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh.

6. Bvckup 2

It is the most easily accessible file synchronizer available. It is fast when it comes to backing up data on Windows. The application is compact and simple to install, and the user interface is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Bvckup 2 is dependable for automated data synchronization between two devices, such as between two computers, between two networks, or between two external storage devices, among other things.

It is compatible with any Windows operating system and is often the best option for backing up data stored on external USB drives and network-attached storage devices.

Backups may be pinned to specified removable devices, ensuring that they are only executed while the devices in question are in use. They can also be configured to begin running when the device is detected. As soon as a share becomes available, it is instantly joined to the network.

Shares that have gone offline are also discovered and dealt with appropriately. If necessary, you can specify the credentials for the shared resource.

Suppose you want to update an existing file. In that case, Delta Copying comes in to bypass any unchanged bits and transfers over only the blocks that have changed. VM images, encrypted file containers, and even raw pictures are among the huge but slowly changing data that might benefit from this technique, significantly reducing processing time.

The application will automatically examine the file on its next run, recover as much of its data as possible, and continue copying it. That is useful for file updates that are halted mid-way through a process. In other words, file copying can be stopped and resumed.

It includes real-time backups, which allow the source location to be watched constantly and backups to be done as soon as any changes are detected.

Unlike SyncToy, you can schedule backups to execute regularly at predetermined intervals. It is also possible to configure them such that they do not execute at specific periods.

A test on file system volumes is performed to determine their capabilities and efficient timestamp resolution. Understanding the resolution is critical for accurately identifying changed files stored on multiple file system volumes across different file systems.

7. Sync

Sync is one of the best SyncToy alternatives. It offers you a secure cloud storage platform that allows you to save and retrieve your data anytime you want, from anywhere.

Compared to SyncToy, Its synchronization incorporates ground-breaking privacy protection measures, an enterprise-grade infrastructure, and compliance with the world’s most generally acknowledged security and privacy legislation. With Sync, your information is protected.

This app protects your data from ransomware, malfunctions, and human mistakes while providing the option to restore any file to a previously selected date or time. Due to centralized, real-time backups that simplify retrieving and restoring lost data, you’ll never lose another file again.

Even if someone does not have a Sync account, you may still transfer files of any size with them using the software. It enables you to build centralized folders that can be accessed by both internal team members and external partners with relative ease.

You can make sure your most critical work is safeguarded by controlling permissions. Furthermore, it facilitates cooperation by allowing numerous individuals to simultaneously work from the same files.

Sync developed programs for all major operating systems (including Windows, web-based, Mac OS, Android, and iOS). Its innovative technology backs up your data automatically, allowing you to sync and utilize all of your information anytime you want, from any device.

Its connection with Microsoft Office 365 allows you to preview, open, and edit your documents from any device including desktop, mobile, and the web.

Sync is the most suitable alternative in cloud storage for enterprises since it provides an excellent security and administration capabilities mix.

You may share your papers through a client file gateway that has been custom-branded with your company branding prominently displayed. This builds client confidence and distinguishes your company from the competition.

Furthermore, you will have access to limitless storage with a business subscription. You will be able to preview nearly any of your documents online, including MS Office files.

It allows you to create several administrator accounts to oversee all users’ activity, including password resets, user additions, and other functions.

If you want to access their services extensively, check their pricing plan.

8. Buddha Backup

Buddha Backup is a free SyncToy alternative software you can add to your toolkit if you want a file synchronization and backup solution that is simple to use.

Using this solution, you won’t have to spend much time figuring things out because the software has been meticulously built to be easy to use with a straightforward layout.

It works well as a supplement to cloud backup or as a stand-alone solution for local storage. For a full lifetime license, you need to pay $10, which is a fantastic bargain for such a powerful instrument.

There is a mode for every ability level; in Simple Mode, you may set up a backup quickly and easily using a wizard. In Advanced Mode, you can construct individual backup jobs and modify them to your liking.

Furthermore, Buddha Backup employs an innovative new method of storing a file history for backups, ensuring that you have access to every data that has ever been backed up.

Unlike SyncToy, this platform has Snapshot Browsing, an additional useful function that lets you see snapshots of all files present at each backup.

The program provides excellent situational awareness since it keeps track of which data have been saved up every time a restoration is performed.

You will almost certainly run out of space on your backup disk sooner or later; when this occurs, you can use the Auto Purge option to automatically delete old data from the archive backup folder to make way for fresh ones.

Back-up experience is similar to driving a Ferrari, thanks to all of the progress indicators for backups, such as elapsed time, time remaining, average speed, speed, and four progress bars tracking all stages of a backup.

If you use backup options, data may be recovered and transferred from a backup location to a new or recovered machine, making data recovery more straightforward.

The developer seeks to get users involved in the development cycle by letting them ask for new features and vote on those requests. That means that your opinion is very important.

9. PureSync

PureSync synchronizes your files and folders in the background without you having to do anything. This file synchronization software solution is compatible with Windows 10.

This application supports local disks, server volumes, FTP, certain MTP devices, and WebDAV. It can copy open or locked files and synchronize and back up with another user on the same computer.

Unlike SyncToy, It can restore data from a Windows restore point and support photo synchronization for digital cameras.

For example, scheduled backups, drives connected backups, file modification at login and logoff events, and custom events are all available for automated sync/backup configuration.

It allows you to move files from one computer to another while automatically adapting the data to the target location.

PureSync includes the ability to support filenames and paths that have more than 260 characters. You’ll have a variety of backup and synchronization choices.

Its professional package plan is 29.95 €.

10. Easy2Sync

Our last SyncToy alternative is Easy2Sync. This program keeps your data synchronized between your computer systems. Every piece of information is stored on your computers; no third-party elements are involved in the sync process.

Compared to SyncToy, It is a very specialized piece of software available in two flavors: Easy2Sync for Outlook and Easy2Sync for Files. Easy2Sync for Files includes a built-in wizard to assist you in getting started.

Don’t be afraid to configure the utility to sync your files in the background or to prompt dialog pop-ups as necessary. It’s an excellent file sync software option for Windows 10.

In addition to allowing you to sync and share your Google Calendar, this program also allows you to sync the Exchange server with Outlook, backup your Outlook emails, and do various other tasks.

Subdirectories might be useful for organizing your web server. Still, they can make submitting all of your modifications more difficult. With Easy2Sync for Files, there are no issues. Any changes will be recognized and transferred by simply maintaining a synchronization state between your files.

Easy2Sync takes files from a dozen folders while filtering out large transient files. It consolidates them into a single large directory tree ready to be burned. And after you have configured it, you can generate a backup of your crucial data with the press of a button.


Our best pick is GoodSync. The platform is a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for newbies to backup and synchronize files. You can transfer huge files within seconds, plus you can backup your file locally or across a network. Not to forget, it is also accessible on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.