15 Best EaseUS Alternatives 2024

EaseUs helps in recovering deleted or lost files such as videos, images, audio, documents, and emails effectively. It can also recover HDD files, memory cards, emptied Recycle Bin, flash drive, SSD, camcorders, and digital camera.

Besides being ranked among the best in the industry, it supports various file formats. Most users find the program outdated since the last update was in 2016. Hence, users are looking for an EaseUs data recovery alternative to leverage in 2022.

EaseUs prides itself on offering various data recovery choices, quick and high-quality scanning, and a user-friendly interface. But the constant complaints make the program unpopular and not suitable as before.

One of the notable disadvantages of the program is the high cost of the license that’s only functional on one device. Also, you’re required to purchase a separate license for each operating system.

Another drawback of this software is integrating with only Mac and Windows. If you want to restore data from an Android or iPhone, the only choice is to search for alternative data recovery software.

EaseUs has three subscription models: a monthly option which costs $69.95, an annual plan for $99.95, and a lifetime model for $149.95. However, it has a free and trial version that can only recover up to 2GB.

EaseUs alternatives support numerous formats, device scanning, and effective search. This article highlights some of the best EaseUs alternatives.

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Best EaseUS Alternatives

1. Disk Drill

The scanning algorithm for Disk Drill is powerful and can allow you to recover lost data from damaged disks. Disk Drill gives you two scanning alternatives; you can either do a deep or quick scan.

A deep scan is always recommended as it can help you recover lost data that a quick scan would have missed. The beauty about this program is that it allows users to save the findings, pause the operation, and resume when you’re available again.

Here are a few features of Disk Drill:

  • Data recovery from a variety of file systems
  • It partitions and backups disk information from byte-to-byte
  • It can safeguard your data
  • It is compatible with various formatted harddisks

Also, the Drill Disk software is compatible with various devices and formats. If you’re a Mac user you can integrate extra tools to help with data protection and freeing up your storage space.

Guaranteed Recovery features and Recovery Vault are valuable as they help to protect your online content from unintentional deletion. This service is efficient as it allows users to save backups on demand without the need for backup software from a third party.

Doing this helps in preventing accidental destruction of essential files. Unlike EaseUs, Disk Drill does an amazing job with the disk monitoring feature to track any hardware damage and alert the user.

Compared to EaseUs Disk Drill pricing is affordable. You can purchase the program at an $89 flat rate and one-time payment. And you can always leverage the free version of Disk Drill.

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2. Recuva

Recuva is a data recovery software that has a free and paid version. The free version is ideal for individuals who would like to give it a try before buying the program.

The service can do both a thorough and quick scanning. If you accidentally emptied a recycle bin with essential files, this program can do a quick scan to retrieve the documents.

Moreover, the software is able to recover lost or corrupted data with a deep scan which can examine every sector of your device.

Recuva’s Pro version is ideal as it allows users to create an image file from the disk containing the files they want to restore and save. If you have a faulty disk the Pro version will come in handy.

Moreover, the premium version has powerful options that can help you restore corrupted data and it supports 37 languages on Windows.

Below are some of the features for Recuva:

  • It has a faster processing time
  • It allows users to delete files permanently
  • It works perfectly without a portable version
  • It works well with formatted drives

The pricing for Recuva is pocket-friendly, compared to EaseUs. Besides, it allows you to permanently delete files that you might not require. Also, Recuva’s free plan recovers unlimited data for personal users, unlike EaseUs which limits its trial version to 2GB only.

Recuva is a better alternative to EaseUs because of its advanced damage analysis features.

You can purchase the software for $19.95 for a single PC and $29.95 for up to three PCs.

For updated pricing, click here and scroll down the website.

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3. Stellar

Another perfect EaseUS alternative is Stellar Data Recovery. Users who are not tech-savvy will find this program valuable as it is specifically designed for them. However, compared to the other alternatives, Stellar is a bit pricey.

The scanning options are a bit limited to frequent users of data recovery software. The free version of the recovery program allows users to recover 1GB of files and data. But the files can’t be larger than 250MB.

The user interface for Stellar is easy to use and well-designed. Moreover, the program gives you the option to select the type of file you want to discover, for instance, email or video.

Here are some of the few features of the Stellar data recovery program.

  • Stellar has additional features
  • You can get extra features at an extra cost
  • Graphical interface with advanced features
  • It doesn’t damage recovered data

Stellar’s deep scan is slightly slower compared to the other alternatives. But you can leverage on the quick scan as it is efficient and fairly quick.

Stellar program is a better alternative to EaseUS as it can recover files from hard disks with NTFS and FAT, as well as DVDs and CDs.

Moreover, Stellar is fairly priced compared to EaseUS. The Standard plan costs $29.99 per month while the Professional plan goes for $59.99 per month.

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4. Data Rescue

Data Rescue is a perfect alternative for EaseUS. The application is ideal as it allows users various scanning possibilities and different search parameter options.

Like EaseUS, Data Rescue allows users to select the type and size of the files to scan. Its various scanning options make the scans complete within a short time.

A thorough hard disk scan is relatively quick and has a very small impact on system resources. With its user-friendly interface, users can customize various settings to their liking.

Data Rescue’s free version allows users to recover 500MB of destroyed files.

All these features for Data Rescue make it a solid alternative for EaseUS.

Its price starts at $19 per month. Visit their website for updated pricing.

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5. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is an EaseUS data recovery alternative included in the TestDisk application. You can use the program for free under the GNU General Public License terms.

This program is ideal for recovering corrupted media files and saving any of the erased data. Moreover, PhotoRec ensures that the files are not overwritten during the recovery since files can only be viewed.

You can scan digital cameras, memory cards, external hard drives, SD cards, and other storage devices using the PhotoRec program. Besides, this program is suitable for image files, ZIP files, Office documents, and HTML files.

PhotRec’s interface is slightly outdated but it is simple and clear for users.

The main advantage of this program is that users don’t need to download or register since it’s a free and open-source data recovery program. Most users find this really valuable when they need to recover their lost files quickly.

If your media file has its metadata removed, you can simply use the PhotoRec data recovery program. It will begin to search for data blocks of a missing file. If not damaged, the service will quickly recover the lost file.

Aside from not having a deep scan, PhotoRec is a better alternative to EaseUS since it is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux and it supports a wide range of storage devices.

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6. MiniTool

MiniTool is a perfect data recovery program alternative as it can recover data that is almost identical to the original. Most users use the program to recover information from digital media such as floppy disks, hard drives, and CDs.

What makes this program stand out from EaseUS is its ability to reinstall Windows, erase the OS background, undelete info that has partially been deleted, recover data corrupted by viruses, among other things.

This program is time and money-efficient since you won’t need to purchase any extra tools because of the wide selection of features.

However, MiniTool has certain disadvantages such as only a limited amount of restored data can be transferable to other devices. Moreover, you can only browse files on a flash drive without saving them to your file.

Also, the fact that MiniTool doesn’t have customer support, you may need to rely on other third-party data recovery tools if a problem arises.

You can purchase the software at $69 per month or opt for the annual subscription of $89 per PC.

7. Recoverit

WonderShare Recoverit is one of the most popular data recovery applications alternative to EaseUS. It is one of the simplest data recovery programs to use.

Aside from deep and quick scans, you can also scan files by their type. Recoverit will present a wizard that will guide you through selecting whatever kind of items you wish to search. For instance, you can search for audio, images, documents, and videos.

Searching the files helps in minimizing the scan time by making a decision on what file it should scan. This is one of the amazing features that make Recoverit stand out from EaseUS.

Also, the price for Recoverit data recovery program is quite affordable compared to the EaseUS program. You can purchase this program from their website at $69.99 per year.

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8. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is another alternative to EaseUS that can work with various digital media. However, it’s only available for use on Windows computers. If you’re using macOS or Linux this program will not be suitable for you.

Like EaseUS, the program is compatible with various file types including DOC, RAW, JPG, MP3, AVI, PDF, TXT, among others. It works by regrouping and organizing relevant formats to make searching and working with files much easier.

Users are able to recover and restore both directories and individual files. In addition, users are able to restore all the original files using the premium version. All the recovered data will appear in a convenient status bar.

You can effectively delete unwanted data from your digital files. Undelete 360 is a perfect option if you have data that you’d wish to secure from third-party access.

Compared to EaseUS, Undelete 360 is fairly priced as the Professional version costs $39 per year while the Lifetime version goes for $69.

Unlike EaseUS the basic features of Undelete 360 are free to use.

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9. Recovery Toolbox For CD Free

Most people think that data is only lost on a hard drive. You’ll need to recover files from a Blu-Ray disc, HD DVD, CD, DVD, and other digital media devices. Recovery Toolbox for CD Free is an ideal alternative for EaseUS.

It’s natural for CDs and DVDs to get chipped or scratched. And the scratching and chipping usually cause the computer’s disc not to access all of the contents stored in the devices.

Recovery Toolbox for CD is more effective than EaseUS when you want to search for files and folders on DVDs and CDs and recover the files from the scratched discs.

However, if your CD or DVD is severely damaged, there are minimal chances for this program to recover the files. But this is not a unique case for Recovery Toolbox as the other programs experience the same.

Aside from the slow scanning, this program has a lot of recovery features despite the fact that the tool is free.

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10. TestDisk

TestDisk is an open-source application that is useful in restoring lost partitions. The program can help to restore deleted partitions from hard drives, recover the boot sector, and update the partition table, among other things.

TestDisk, being an open-source software, makes it easier for you to examine, edit, and improve the recovery function if you’re familiar with the program.

The program’s ability to recover partitions makes it stand out from the EaseUS data recovery program. In addition to this program being a command-line program, it works perfectly with a wide range of file systems and operating systems.

This data recovery program is still supported by developers and they have made the bootable version accessible to all users. I recommend individuals leverage the TestDisk data recovery program in case of lost files.

Price is a differentiating factor between EaseUS and TestDisk as this free software has 97% accuracy in data restoring services.

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11. Orion File Recovery Software

Another alternative to EaseUS is Orion Recovery Software, which is perfect for undeleting files from Windows and Windows-compatible storage devices. This program not only helps to recover lost files but also helps in permanently wiping information from your hard drive to protect your privacy.

Unlike EaseUS, this program opens up the recovery wizard every time you open the program, hence making it user-friendly. You can easily define the search parameters that the app will use when searching for your files, unlike the EaseUS program.

Orion File Recovery Software will help look for documents, videos, images, audios, and other file formats regardless of whether you remember the file name or not. The only disadvantage of this program is that you need to configure a lot of options.

The Orion File Recovery Software is fairly priced compared to EaseUS. You can purchase the commercial license at $20 and for personal use at $17.

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12. Ontrack EasyRecovery

If you’re looking for the best options for recovering data from a hard drive then Ontrack EasyRecovery will come in handy. This program can help recover files from an SSD card, memory card, HDD, USB, and optical media that have been corrupted, deleted, or formatted.

Like EaseUS, this program is ideal for recovering misplaced or deleted videos, images, and other file documents from various computer storage devices.

In addition to simple data recovery, this program allows users to do a complex RAID recovery.

You can leverage on the deep and quick scan to optimize your recovery. Also, the program comes with manual restoration and expert data recovery services.

The cost of this software depends on the amount of data to be recovered and the complexity of the recovery process. The price starts at a flat rate of $79 per year.

You can also try it for free but you need to provide your email address and personal information before you’re allowed to download the program.

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13. ApowerRecover

ApowerRecover is one of the best alternatives for EaseUS. You’ll enjoy using this program as it allows users to recover any type of file from a hard disk within your computer.

You can also use this program to recover data from a flash drive, external hard drive, or memory card, among other devices. This program is reliable and powerful as it can safely recover deleted files and data.

The beauty of this data recovery software is its user-friendliness and the fact that you can pause and stop the scanning process whenever you want.

It stands out from EaseUS because once you locate the file, you’ll not need to waste time scanning the entire hard drive, hence making it valuable to your users.

Its user interface is straightforward and simple to use. This program is compatible with Mac and Windows systems. The program does a perfect job of swiftly locating your lost data.

The downside of this app is that the free trial version can only recover up to 100 MB of lost data, which is far less than any other free data recovery software.

But on the brighter side, the software is fairly priced compared to EaseUS. At this time of writing, ApowerRecover has a monthly plan of $49.95 and an annual plan of $79.95.

For updated pricing click here.

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14. Remo Recover

If you’re looking for an alternative for EaseUS with various applications to offer, then Remo Recover is an ideal option for you.

Remo Recover is one of the quickest data recovery programs as it gives you the option to scan for specific types of files. It has a free trial for both Mac and Windows systems and it has a lot of features.

When using the application you will enjoy scanning for specific file types such as .png and mp4 files as it reduces the scanning time. You’ll notice a very low impact on system resources, making Remo Recover stand out from EaseUS.

When you compare the two software you’ll agree with me that Remo Recover uses very little CPU and memory resources and takes minimal space of about 200 MB of the hard disk space.

Remo Recover comes in three editions including the Home/Basic edition at $39.97, the Media edition at $49.97, and finally the Pro edition at $79.97.

Most users will find the Home edition to be more valuable while professional users will find the Pro edition more valuable because of the added functionalities on the plan.

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15. Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is an ideal software for recovering lost music files, photographs, movies, documents, and other files from local hard drives and removable devices. For instance, this software can scan MP3 players, external HDD, mobile phones, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and SD cards.

The software has a powerful algorithm that aids in retrieving lost data from supported devices. Wise Data Recovery is compatible with most Windows systems.

The free version is ideal for restoring recently deleted files from a computer. However, the free version will find it challenging to recover permanently deleted files from Windows 10.

Its user interface is intuitive and simple making it easy for inexperienced users to use the program. What makes this program stand out from EaseUS is the ability for users to examine deleted files before recovering the data.

Being able to see specific information about them such as file headers makes it easy for users to make a decision on what needs to be recovered and what needs to stay.

The program is expensive but fairly priced compared to EaseUS. You can purchase Wise Data Recovery for $44.96 a month or a $67.46 annual fee.

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Take Away

Several data recovery Software can help you recover your lost data without coughing up a lot of money. Most of these EaseUS alternatives can help you restore your lost data, provided it’s not overwritten, but they vary in success rates.

The more powerful the software, the greater the chances of you retrieving your lost files back. All these alternatives are an excellent replacement for EaseUS.

In case you’re a novice and have little deleted data, Data Rescue and Stellar’s free trial version is a better choice for you. But if you frequently want to use the software, you’re better off paying for the full version of the program.

Recovery Toolbox for CD is absolutely free and it is perfect for retrieving lost files from CDs and DVDs.

The other alternatives are ideal for finding and undeleting files on hard disks. Remo Recover and Wise Data Recovery are ideal for their prices since they provide many features for users.

We would settle for Remo Recover as their developers have a long history in the data recovery industry and the software does a perfect job to reflect their developer’s prowess.

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