12 Best TeamViewer Alternatives For Android 2024

TeamViewer is one of the best remote desktop tools available for Android. It allows users to control their computer from a mobile device, and it has an excellent security system that prevents any unwanted intruders.

However, not everyone needs all these features in their remote desktop tool. Moreover, TeamViewer cannot share large files and needs a very strong internet connection to function properly.

Another potential dealbreaker is that you must have the same version of TeamViewer installed on both systems, otherwise, it won’t work.

If you have been looking for an alternative to TeamViewer that will work on your Android phone or tablet, then this article is just what you need.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 great alternatives to TeamViewer that will help make your remote access experience as seamless and convenient as possible. You won’t be disappointed by these awesome apps.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives For Android

1. GoToMyPC Mobile Premium

We’ll start with GoToMyPC Mobile which I think will actually work best for most people looking for an alternative.

It’s similar in price and has the same functionality as TeamViewer if you need remote access on Android devices – no matter how many employees or customers use them.

One thing it doesn’t do is offer screen sharing like some other products below, though there are plenty of extra features packed into this app to make up for it:

  • Screen capture from any device connected via WiFi or mobile data connection
  • Support chat
  • File transfer
  • Remote control of a device
  • Support for multiple users and devices

2. LogMeIn Ignition

Like TeamViewer, LogMeIn Ignition is a mobile application that allows the user to connect their Android device to another computer, laptop, or tablet.

LogMeIn Ignition features a high-speed connection and works as fast as WiFi which makes it an ideal choice for individuals on the go who need access to remote computers.

The app also has helpful tools like text chat so you can type messages back and forth with whoever’s on the other end of your screen share session. LogMeIn Ignition is a free app but there are also premium features for an additional cost.

3. Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

Splashtop provides an experience that is very similar to TeamViewer in most respects. This includes the fact that it needs a host computer and then connects from your Android device over WiFi or mobile data connection, as well as the ability for multiple users on both sides of the connection to control apps together remotely.

You can even use Splashtop Remote Desktop HD at work with no problems when you do not have access to VPN software like LogMeIn Ignition Pro.

The app has some great features too, such as being able to share screens easily without any need for pairing codes by tapping and holding onto them while moving across devices, using keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+A), getting notifications if there are new messages waiting during sessions, video chat support, and more.

The app is available for Android phones, Windows PCs, Macs, or Chromebooks as well as iOS devices.

The last two are compatible with Splashtop Remote Desktop HD if you meet the requirements listed below: iPhone SE (or above) running iOS 12 (or above), iPad Pro 11-inch, or AirPods headphones running on macOS Mojave beta version from Apple’s website.

You will need a Free One Touch license to use it with an iPad device but there is no cost for using this option on your computer system of choice instead.

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview App

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview App is a new app that allows you to remotely connect your phone with the desktop computer. You can use it as an alternative for TeamViewer and other remote connection services, such as LogMeIn or AnyDesk.

Unlike TeamViewer, Microsoft’s solution has an excellent working code: It doesn’t require any additional software installation on the PC side of things (other than Windows) and there are no extra steps required if you’re connecting from Android or iOS either. All this makes it truly amazing.

You just need to download the client application onto your device, enter credentials into both devices, then tap “Connect” in order to establish a secure connection between them. The entire process only takes about 20 seconds.

The app is very well-polished and intuitive which makes it easy for anyone to use, even with no previous experience.

Both the remote user interface (UI) and the interactive UI are fully optimized for touch screens so you can easily control your work or play from a sleek tablet device.

The only downside is that Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview app doesn’t offer any voice chat integration yet but this feature might be added in future updates of the application.

5. Chrome Remote Control

Google Chrome Remote Control is a browser extension that allows you to control your computer from any device. The best part about this remote access software is that it’s free and open-source, so there are no hidden costs or fees.

You can even connect to another person’s desktop without them having the app as well. Chrome Remote Control works with all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android on mobile devices (requires Chromium).

Most people are already familiar with Chrome Remote Control because it’s basically Google’s version of TeamViewer. It doesn’t matter whether you have two monitors or just one screen, both will be accessible through the web browser when using Google Chrome Remote Control for work purposes.

I once used my phone to watch some YouTube videos while working remotely during my lunch break because of how convenient it was to watch the videos on a larger screen.

Chrome Remote Desktop makes everything easy and quick by allowing you to access your computer from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. You’ll never miss anything important again if someone sends you a link to an important file.

Unlike TeamViewer, there are no downloads required for setting Chrome Remote Desktop up on your desktop or laptop; a task that would take hours if not days without this remote access tool.

Another great feature of Google’s version of TeamViewer is its compatibility with Android devices; both phones and tablets can be connected to your computer using Chrome Remote Desktop.

You’ll never miss anything when you’re away from home again because there are always notifications popping up on your phone even though you’re at work in another state, country, or continent.

Once everything is set up correctly, all computers will be accessible through any device as long as you’re connected to the web. You’ll also be able to make your own connection available so others can access it without needing a password, which is useful for tech support, demonstrations, and much more.

Doing work on the go has never been easier than when I use a TeamViewer alternative like Chrome Remote Desktop; it just takes one click of a button to get everything set up and ready before going live.

After that, all you need to do is connect and you’re ready to go.

6. Unified Remote

Unified Remote is a program that allows you to use your PC with an Android device. It also has some really cool features like mouse control, keyboard input, and much more. You can download the app for free from the Unified Remote website or Google Play Store.

The first thing I noticed about this application was how great it works on my phone’s touch screen. There were no lag issues at all, which allowed me to move around as if using an actual computer monitor; moreover, there are options available in the settings menu for adjusting pointer speed according to your preference – making navigating through menus easier than ever before.

With just two taps of my finger on the screen, I could type out anything without having to worry about not being able to see the keyboard.

Other features that make Unified Remote an apt TeamViewer alternative include the ability to see the computer screen in a smaller window on my mobile device, and an “expose” function that allows me to view all open windows at once.

This application also lets you control both your phone’s touch screen and mouse cursor with one hand.

You should give Unified Remote a try because it is loaded with features for enhancing their computing experience while away from the office or home.

It may not be as functionally rich as TeamViewer, but Unified Remote gets the job done when I need remote access right on my Android device without any difficulty.

7. PC Remote Control

PC Remote Control is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for Android.

It provides a diverse range of features, including remote connection to your computer from anywhere in the world without any configuration and you can even take control over another device remotely with PC Remote Control.

This app also has an added feature called Parallel Connection which sets it apart from TeamViewer. This feature allows users to connect their computers together so that they may share files or chat while working on different tasks at the same time.

With all these great features it’s easy to see why this TeamViewer alternative made our top 12 list.

8. KiwiMote

KiwiMote is a remote desktop app that supports multiple operating systems and devices. It has both free and paid versions, the latter of which provides you with additional features like screen sharing and HD video streaming as well as customer support.

With KiwiMote, you can remotely control any device running its software including your PC or Mac from anywhere in the world without needing to be on the same WiFi network or have an internet connection.

You can also link up to 100 different clients at once for personal use or business purposes.

As someone who uses remote viewing applications every day, I love how easy it is for me to teach people about computers when they’re sitting next to me but don’t know what’s going on behind their screens because they can watch me work.

So, if you’re looking for a TeamViewer alternative that will give you all of the features and functionality TeamViewer currently has but without invasive ads or price gouging, KiwiMote is worth checking out.

They also offer free trials to allow users to test it before they buy so there’s no risk involved in trying this service out.

It was created by computer experts who just wanted an easy-to-use remote desktop solution on their phone with none of the limitations that other apps have. You can get your first month free when you sign up.

9. VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer is a TeamViewer alternative that works on Android devices. It behaves similarly to TeamViewer, with the exception of requiring installation and setup for use.

However, VNC Viewer provides video streaming services as well as an easy-to-use interface which some users prefer over other alternatives such as LogMeIn or Join Me.

Some advantages of VNC Viewer over TeamViewer include:

  • Easier to use, with a simple interface that doesn’t require installation or setup like TeamViewer
  • Provides video streaming service which gives more freedom in what you can do on your PC and includes the ability for audio chat (Talks)

VNC Viewer requires an internet connection while using the app because it streams live from your computer. If there is no connection available, then you cannot use it.

VNC Viewer has been downloaded by many users as their favorite TeamViewer alternative for Android devices due to its easy usability and features that make it stand out among other alternatives.

You can download this app to your Android device from the Play Store for free and has an average rating of over four stars out of five (Play).

This TeamViewer alternative is compatible with any type of computer system: Windows, Mac, Linux, or even Chrome OS. It also includes a very user-friendly interface that guides you through all steps necessary when connecting to remote devices without being complicated at all.

10. AnyDesk Remote Server

AnyDesk is a remote desktop tool that offers you complete control over your computer from anywhere. It comes with features like file transfer, chat, and application sharing to get the job done fast and efficiently. You can access all of your files on any device with this app as well.

What makes AnyDesk one of the best TeamViewer alternatives for Android? This software has an interface designed specifically for touch screens which means it works seamlessly in both landscape or portrait mode.

The design also includes easy-to-find controls so switching between tasks will feel effortless. There’s even a spell check feature built-in if you need help catching mistakes while typing. Plus there are no limits to how many times you can use the app so you can keep on working without ever having to worry.

Some other advantages AnyDesk has over TeamViewer include:

  • The ability to use it in any mode (landscape or portrait)
  • Easy to find and click controls that change based on what you’re doing – for example, the screen might have buttons to transfer a file at one point but then change into arrows when your cursor is hovering over something else. This makes working with this app seamless.
  • When you start using AnyDesk, all of your files are already there so there’s no need to worry about downloading them beforehand. Plus since there’s no limit on time usage, you’ll never be without work again as long as there’s an internet connection.
  • The spell check feature means that if you make mistakes while typing updrafts then they can easily be corrected right there on the spot.
  • Adding collaborators to your projects can be done at any time by clicking “Invite” and typing in their email address, plus there’s a chat function right within the app which is an excellent way of staying in touch with people all over the world.
  • You can use AnyDesk for literally everything you do online; writing reports, making presentations, or even just checking emails – meaning that it will save you so much time since no matter what task needs completing they’re always easy to find.

11. AirMirror

AirMirror is a remote control app that works on both Android and iOS devices. It allows for complete screen mirroring, as well as the ability to turn your mobile device into an external keyboard or mouse for another computer. AirMirror also has multi-touch support which makes it much easier to use than traditional TeamViewer software.

It can be used in business meetings with customers by displaying what’s happening on their screens instead of having them show you how they did something themselves (which could take up more time).

This means less waiting around when there are several people who need training at once. You might even find yourself using this while sitting in front of your own monitor just because it’s so easy to use from your phone.

This remote access tool is perfect for anyone who travels, as it allows you to keep working while on the go without having to worry about slow WiFi connections or other annoying issues that could interfere with a good connection.

It’s also very easy and intuitive so even those who are less technical can use this software effectively. The only downside of AirMirror is that there’s no file transfer capability which means if you want to share something from your computer screen, you would still need TeamViewer in order to do so.

However, some of the advantages of AirMirror over TeamViewer include:

  • A more intuitive interface
  • The ability to copy and paste between devices
  • It is free for all users

The only downside is that there is no file transfer capability which means if you want to share something from your computer screen, you would still need TeamViewer in order to do so.

Other than that, AirMirror is the perfect alternative to TeamViewer for Android because it will work with any device with a camera like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

12. ApowerMirror

ApowerMirror is a handy remote desktop program that allows you to control another computer from your device. You can also share files, chat, or use any other features on the remote PC.

The app is free for personal use, making it perfect for people who want to share files from their computer or show their desktop to someone else.

ApowerMirror offers a wide array of connections, including the following: RDP (Remote Desktop Connection), VNC (Virtual Network Computing), and Spice (Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environments). This variety in connection type means that there is an ApowerMirror option that works with most computers.

The app can be used on your phone’s browser, making it accessible even when you don’t have access to another device. You also get features like chat integration and content sharing while connected over WiFi or cellular data.

Overall, ApowerMirror is easy to use as well as affordable. It is perfect if you want something simple but robust enough for all your remote viewing needs.

ApowerMirror has advantages over TeamViewer in the following aspects:

  • Independent Computing Environments (i.e., the variety of connection types)
  • Easy to use and low cost compared with TeamViewer’s varied features
  • Chat integration, content sharing, etc. while connected over WiFi or cellular data

Furthermore, it can be used on your phone’s browser even when you don’t have access to another device. All these advantages make ApowerMirror a good alternative for TeamViewer in many aspects.

Final Words

TeamViewer is one of the best ways to remote access your computer, but it’s not without its flaws. I hope that this article has been helpful in highlighting some of the best remote desktop applications for Android to fulfill your specific business needs.

All of these apps are either free or have a free trial period so there are no worries about downloading anything risky from third-party app stores.

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