11 Best Tesla Apps For Apple Watch

In the ever-evolving harmony between convenience and technology, not many partnerships have elicited a lot of excitement like the integration between Apple and Tesla.

Imagine this: you are strapped in your Tesla driver’s seat, exploring the city with a simple tap on the vehicle’s touchscreen.

Now, picture applying that control to the wrist – the epicenter of wearable technology. Welcome to the enthralling world where Apple Watch’s elegance meets Tesla’s adroitness.

You can now control Tesla from your Apple Watch aided by various apps. The best part is everything is on your watch, giving you the privacy you want – and you don’t need external servers.

In this post, I will unveil the best Tesla apps for Apple Watch so keep reading to discover the right app for your needs.

Best Tesla Apps for Apple Watch

1. Watch app for Tesla

Watch app for Tesla provides convenience in your daily use of the Tesla vehicle. You can use the app as a vehicle key in different conditions, like the parking garage or desert.

If you forgot to plug in, don’t worry; you can get notified if your car is pre-configured and not plugged in right on your watch.

You can also configure a complication to the watch face and conveniently access the charging indicator, state of charge, sentry mode indicator, and time left if charging.

You will also receive an indicator alerting you if doors, windows, or trunks aren’t closed. You can close them from your wrist. All these features are one complication.

You can also tell the amount of energy added to the car battery. A panel displays the charge added during and after charging. This functionality is crucial, especially when you schedule the charge at night and get up in the morning to check the charge your battery received.

Watch app for Tesla lets you manage several vehicles. You can add many vehicles to your account, tap the vehicle name, and switch between them.

Are you relaxing on the couch and then remember there’s a road trip the following morning, but you didn’t charge? Set your vehicle’s charge limit to 100%, or a preferred value, and start charging it from the Apple Watch.

The app also lets you activate the vehicle’s air conditioning system for a cool breeze after a long, hot day at work.

Watch app for Tesla costs $19.99.

2. Watchla for Tesla

Watchla for Tesla is one of the best Tesla apps for Apple Watch that can substitute your smartphone for your vehicle’s remote access needs.

So, whenever you want to check or instruct your vehicle to do something, you just have to raise your wrist and connect with it for interaction.

Watchla lets you connect to the vehicle through Bluetooth. You can also check the car’s status, including climate, charge, etc.

With this app, you can perform various vehicle commands instantly through the Tesla API or Bluetooth.

Watchla also offers various complications to update you about the vehicle’s critical alerts from the watch face.

The app also supports sentry mode, multiple vehicles, keyless driving, custom layouts, Siri shortcuts, iOS lock screen, HomeLink, and more.

An outstanding feature of Watchla is privacy. The app doesn’t allow you to sign into the app using account credentials. Besides, the app won’t see, store, or process your password or email.

Watchla for Tesla costs $6.99.

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3. Remote for Tesla

Remote for Tesla supports Siri and shortcuts that work seamlessly even when the vehicle is asleep. The app lets you add widgets or shortcuts on the home screen to access the car’s stats easily. You can access and control the car stats on the watch without opening the application.

The app lets you schedule, combine, or automate commands based on various conditions or triggers, such as if the charging cable isn’t plugged in, when driving, when you are asleep, about to leave for work when connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when the alarm goes off, and more.

Remote for Tesla connects, opens, and gives commands quicker than most Tesla apps. It supports queued commands, too. In other words, you can issue commands, then close the app, and it will execute them, even if your vehicle is asleep.

The app lets you view the battery stats, including the car’s total and current usable kWh compared to the indicated capacity, the car’s current phantom drain, and its range history versus the odometer/time.

You can access the 3D touch menu from the watch’s home screen and use quick commands. When Tesla returns API servers, you will see or copy the vehicle’s raw data.

The app’s Max Heat and Max Cool buttons let you send commands to optimize the car’s heating or cooling.

This app costs $29.99.

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4. Tessie – For your Tesla

Tessie is one of the best free Tesla apps for Apple Watch with tons of useful features.

Tessie carefully tracks your driving history, battery health, and charging times, giving you an overview of your car’s usage patterns and performance through graphs and charts.

The app also analyzes the information gathered to give helpful insights into the vehicle’s battery health, charging efficiency, and driving habits. It can also identify areas that need improvement, like adjusting your driving style to reduce charging costs.

Tessie lets you automate different aspects, such as setting up alerts to ping you when the vehicle hits a specific charge level, when there’s unusual activity, when to take it for maintenance, etc.

Moreover, you can automate tasks like charging schedules or cabin preconditioning.

Tessie is completely free to install and use. To access more features, you can purchase a monthly, annual, or lifetime subscription at $4.99, $49.99, and $199.99, respectively.

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5. Teri – Watch App for Tesla

Teri gives you seamless control over your vehicle via Siri voice commands. The app provides 21 voice controls, allowing you to run your Tesla car hands-free.

Teri boasts quick response times, resulting in a smooth user experience. You can connect the app to your vehicle through Bluetooth and unlock the vehicle via a simple wrist flick. You don’t need to touch your phone at all.

You can use Siri commands to play music, open the trunk, or change the temperature. The app is easy to operate, making it a perfect choice for beginner and experienced drivers.

Teri helps you know your vehicle’s health. It monitors and records the battery’s health over time, giving useful insights to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

It can tell you the mileage left for your vehicle so you can plan a charging schedule. One of the app’s outstanding features is a widget that displays tire pressure on the watch screen.

Besides, Teri ensures your data’s privacy. Your account details are stored locally on your device rather than on external servers. Simply put, you store your own sensitive data, reducing the risk of possible data breaches.

Teri is free to install. But it also offers a monthly subscription plan at $5.99, an annual plan for $32.99, and a lifetime plan for $59.99.

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6. My Tesla Remote

My Tesla Remote works with your Bluetooth or cellular network for super-responsive controls in various situations.

This is one of the best Tesla apps for Apple Watch that lets you access basic commands on your Apple Watch through Bluetooth without entering the Tesla account details.

Commands are triggered automatically when you leave or approach the vehicle. For instance, the trunk can automatically close or open depending on how far you are from the vehicle. You don’t have to use a foot sensor anymore.

My Tesla Remote lets you use a single button to trigger several commands. For example, one button can release the charge port, schedule car charging, turn on the air conditioner, unlock the doors, and flash the lights.

More importantly, this app won’t wake up your vehicle if you aren’t using it. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the battery’s phantom draining.

The app costs $1.99 to install.

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7. Nikola for Tesla

Nikola guards your vehicle or vehicles; it helps you keep the vehicle healthy and provides access to crucial data that Tesla won’t give you.

With Nikola, you can see the vehicle’s health at a glance. For example, you can get alerts when the battery is critically low, the window or door is open, and the vehicle is unlocked.

Nikola has powerful safety and monitoring features like speed alerts, time-based auto-lock, and sentry persistence. These features help to make your vehicle more secure.

You can work on taxes and expense reports via your drive’s data export. Managing your vehicle’s expenses and charges has never been easier.

Nikola sends suspicious activity notifications, especially if you leave your car in a parking lot. Simply turn on the Valet Mode to catch those joyriding valets!

You can also review each drive’s essential aspects, such as energy consumption, efficiency, and average and top speeds.

The Nikola Fleet Stats feature compares your performance to other Tesla drivers.

Nikola for Tesla comes with an automatic free seven-day trial. After the trial ends, the subscription automatically charges your account $9.99 monthly.

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8. XIAOTE keyfob

XIAOTE keyfob is a secure, offline Bluetooth key for Tesla. This app doesn’t require your Tesla credentials or an internet connection.

Pairing the XIAOTE keyfob with your vehicle is easy: ensure the watch screen is awake and keep it facing you. While in the driver’s seat, put the vehicle in Park. Open the app on your watch and tap the pair button. Select OK to grant Bluetooth permission.

You can operate Summon with this app, as well. Start enabling Full Self-Driving (FSD) and Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) on your Tesla. Next, go to Touch Controls, Autopilot, and Customize Summon. Under Require Continuous Press, select No.

After the vehicle is set, tap Summon on the watch. The vehicle will enter the double flashlight mode; tap the button to move it backward or forward.

At the time of writing, pairing multiple vehicles is still under development. Similarly, XIAOTE keyfob doesn’t fully support the automatic lock and unlock functionality.

XIAOTE keyfob costs $9.99.

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9. AutoMate for Tesla

AutoMate for Tesla lets you remotely control a Tesla Model 3, X, Y, or S from your Apple Watch. The app grants you remote access to various controls, including the ones to lock and unlock doors, close and open the trunk, flash the lights, honk the horn, etc.

Before getting in, you can use it to precondition the vehicle’s climate to a tolerable temperature. You can also regulate the temperature from the app when driving.

The battery monitoring functionality lets you view the battery level, monitor the charging progress, and get alerts when the battery is fully charged.

AutoMate for Tesla supports Siri voice commands, allowing you to control the vehicle. For example, you can ask questions such as “Are my car windows locked?” or “What’s my car’s battery level now?”

This app sends you important notifications about your vehicle, giving you peace of mind. You can get alerts, such as when to take it for an auto service or when it’s time to charge the battery.

AutoMate for Tesla requires an annual subscription of $9.99. But it’s available for free download, allowing you to try its features before you commit.

10. TezLab

Our list of the best Tesla apps for Apple Watch wouldn’t be complete without TezLab. This app gives you quick access to car controls, such as closing or opening the trunk and frunk, unlocking or locking the vehicle, or honking the horn.

Tezlab can get real-time data about your current drive, such as battery usage, range, and speed. Also, if you want to see how fast your vehicle is charging, this app can provide the information plus an estimated range deduced from the current conditions.

Setting up location-based alerts is possible, too. For example, you can create alerts reminding you to plug in when you reach home or work.

The app connects to your Tesla even when you are far away, allowing you to monitor what’s happening.

TezLab is free to install on your Apple Watch. However, to access superior features, such as tracking multiple vehicles, data export to CSV, comparison to other drivers, and more, you may want to upgrade to the monthly Pro plan at $3.89 or the annual Pro plan at $39.00.

11. Stats: For Model S/X/3/Y

Stats gives you access to real-time data about your current drive, such as range, efficiency, speed, and battery usage.

This app lets you compare your Tesla’s max range with similar vehicles, showing the vehicle’s total battery capacity, charge scheduling, warm-up, and battery at various times. It also helps you learn more about battery health, phantom drain, miles driven, and driving efficiency.

Stats offers open trunk/door alerts, charge reminders, and Siri shortcuts. It also lets you unlock, drive, or find your Tesla even when away from it.

It also shows the vehicle’s driving efficiency for the past thirty miles, supports imperial and metric units, and schedules the climate to turn on during specified times or days.

This app comes with a seven-day free trial. After that, you can purchase a monthly subscription at $4.99, an annual subscription at $49.99, or a lifetime unlock at $109.99.

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The best apps for Apple Watch are feature-rich and can make it easy to keep an eye on your Tesla.

They give you control of the vehicle whether you are in it or miles away from it.

I hope from the list above, you find the right app for your needs.

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