ClickMagick Review, Pricing, Trial, Discount Code & Alternatives


ClickMagick is a web-based link management application that lets online marketers and anyone who buys or sells traffic, track and optimize their marketing efforts.

The software tracks each visit and conversion while controlling traffic flow by blocking bad clicks, like users or bots, via VPN.

It can also maintain traffic quality by placing a maximum daily limit or geographical restriction.

ClickMagick is an all-in-one marketing solution with all the services you need to deliver a realistic experience by creating tracking links that show you who clicked on your links that led to sales and profits in the process.

Anytime you want to post to social media, in a guest post or link in an ad, or any inbound marketing platform you want, ClickMagick allows you to run the links through it first.

It creates a tracking link automatically that you can combine with the pre-installed tracking code in your website and monitor each individual visitor’s traffic.

Why Is Click Tracking Important?

For online entrepreneurs or businesses, or people who buy or sell solo ads, it is important to understand the effectiveness that tracking technology brings as an invaluable tool.

By using link tracking technology, you get to understand your consumer niche, traffic, discover where your marketing campaigns work, and where they need adjusting or improvement.

Whatever the niche your company is in, ClickMagick offers a powerful tracking tool that’ll benefit your marketing campaigns and online presence.

The goal is to send your affiliate links or marketing funnels some traffic so as to see conversions, leads, and sales ultimately.

Tracking ad campaigns is important and the click tracker will help you know what works and what doesn’t, so you can scale the top ads and kill the non-performing ones.

There are several link tracking tools around, but this review focuses on ClickMagick, which is one of the most popular tracking software today.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the ClickMagick review.

What Is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a web-based link tracking software that helps track and optimize online marketing campaigns, plus determines conversion rates that are critical if you run paid traffic for your offers.

The link tracker is aimed at beginners, but pro users can apply it in their marketing efforts too, as the use of the tool can be basic and/or advanced at the same time.

If you’re new to online marketing, you’d probably just create tracking links and send some traffic, but advanced marketers will find that ClickMagick makes a great addition to their toolbox.

The fact that the software is cloud-based means you can access your data from any location and any device.

If you’re into buying traffic, ClickMagick will not only track conversion rates, unique clicks, and count totals, but it’ll also measure the quality of the traffic.

With marketing, split testing on multiple funnels, landing pages, and websites to find the one that brings the best return on investment is everything, and ClickMagick does just that.

It’ll be hard to find the best one you can scale hard on without tracking your data with accuracy.

Similarly, if you run paid traffic, you want to skip the guesswork and get faster results while measuring the performance of your campaigns all day.

ClickMagick can save you the headache as it shows you the ads that work better so you can eliminate the bad ones immediately.

Let’s take a look at some of its powerful features and how it fares against other link or click tracking software alternatives on the market.

How Does ClickMagick Work?

It has already been established that ClickMagick helps you with campaign and conversion tracking. It tracks your entire sales funnel.

So how does this ClickMagick work?

First, you need to add the ClickMagick campaign tracking code to your website. You can find your campaign tracking code on your campaign welcome page when you click the “Click Tracking Code”.

Once you have the code, you can add it to your ads landing page on your website or to the conversions page (usually the thank you page).

It is advisable that you include UTM tracking parameters in your URL. ClickMagick has made this super easy. You can build a campaign parameter within ClickMagick. Upon completion, copy the link and add it to the parameter section of your ads campaign.

Afterwards, ClickMagick will start tracking all of your campaigns once you follow the steps above.

ClickMagick Features


ClickMagick offers a Links menu that has a variety of tools you can use to set up tracking links. When you click on the tracking link, it redirects you to your URL automatically, and provides a tracking pixel code you can add to your squeeze page to track opt-ins.

The link comes with optional settings you can use to tweak links and enhance their performance, such as:

  • Add backup URL, which lets you create a backup for the URL so you can access it when it’s temporarily down or unavailable
  • Geotargeting, which lets you exclude or include some countries from your drop-down list to direct the best traffic for you
  • Bad clicks, which lets you block or filter out bad clicks completely. You can do this from users via bots, VPN, or search engine spiders
  • Tracking sales funnel from opt-ins to upsells and downsells
  • Link cloaking to mask the link you’re promoting
  • Unit costs by CPC, CPA, or CPS, daily or monthly, so you can monitor how much it has cost thus far
  • Set separate links for mobile users
  • Password protect links so that only users know it and can access the link

Each web visitor’s IP address is recorded in the statistics page and shows the total clicks or number, while unique clicks and total clicks are displayed separately.

When a user visits the URL several times, the total number is in total clicks but the unique clicks remain as 1.


This is an essential, yet powerful tool that lets you set more than one destination URL in a link while the rotators rotate each link.

For example, if you’re selling traffic to two buyers, each gives you a link to their site so you can set up two links under one rotator with a URL.

When the rotator is sent to email subscribers, they click on it and will be directed to one of the URLs, so you can track links on multiple sites at a go without much hassle. You can set this up in four different modes:

  • Sequential mode: user clicks the link and is directed to the first URL and when they click a second time, they’re directed to the second URL. This sends traffic to each URL in the rotator and starts over when it reaches the bottom
  • Fulfilment mode: sends all traffic to the first URL with repeat clicks from one user until the URL has the maximum clicks specified
  • Spillover mode: you can specify another URL to direct users once they visit all URLs in the rotator and their clicks are exhausted
  • Random mode: clicks are distributed randomly

With rotators, you can specify how your traffic is distributed between links. There are also blank referrers which you can use when you want to blank the referrer of outgoing clicks so nobody knows where clicks came from. It helps if you want to mask your funnel domain for privacy.

You can add as many rotators and destination URLs under a rotator link. The existing links in ClickMagick can be copied. You need only set up one and copy it, and then rename the link and customize its settings later on.

Organic Tracking

ClickMagick can track your web visitors’ activity on your site by embedding the organic tracking pixel. You can only track data on pages with HTTP, because HTTPS is a secure protocol so it doesn’t allow data sharing as they’re restricted from passing referrer information.

What this means is if traffic came from YouTube for instance, the referrer will record “none” because YouTube doesn’t pass on the data.

Tracking Data on Third Party Sites

ClickMagick can track data on pages the user cannot control due to tracking codes and scripts. It can track sales with precision in your sales funnel such that when a visitor buys a product and visits the thank you page, you’ll see that you made a sale.

External sites will instead redirect visitors to blank pages containing your pixel and quickly redirect to the third party site.

Traffic Quality Measurement

Visitors you get from Tier 1, 2, and 3 countries help determine the overall quality of your traffic that’s automatically calculated.

Generally, you want higher tier 1 traffic from the U.S., UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, with a quality score higher than 60.

Low traffic won’t bring sales, so ClickMagick ensures the traffic you get doesn’t skimp on quality. You can even use one of its tools to determine if you’re getting bot traffic or human clicks.

Marketing Tools

ClickMagick is packed with built-in features like popups, timers, and promo bars that create scarcity and ultimately help with improving your conversion rates for products.

These tools are easily added through a code that you embed on the pages you want and see the tools in action.

You don’t need a developer to do it for you, plus it’s easy to set up and apply within minutes. These tools include:

1. MagickPopup

These come in four different types:

  • Popup on load that displays once visitors land on a page
  • Delayed popup that appear after a specified number of seconds
  • Exit popup that display when the user’s cursor moves out of or above the window to close it
  • Redirect, which sends users to another page when they try to leave

A visual editor helps you design the popup and you can add videos, tables, or images and make your media sound-enabled. Or you could add a countdown timer and opt-in form by embedding HTML code from your email provider.

2. MagickBar

This is a notification bar that displays at the bottom or top of your webpage and stays there until users click on it or close it.

You can design it with a visual editor and add a YouTube video, images, tables, sound, make the background colored or transparent, and more.

The bar is useful for inviting visitors to sales or affiliate pages, or even highlighting whatever you’re promoting on the page.

3. Timer

A countdown timer urges visitors to take action and you can create one quickly using four different styles like evergreen, date-based, or cookie-based. Just copy and paste the code on your webpage within a MagickBar or MagickPopup.


  • Batch Editor: You can use this to edit, reset, or delete links, rotators, or their URLs instead of going to Links or Rotators menus.
  • IP Lookup tool: Lets you view the activity or history of any IP address. It also shows clicks, sales, opt-ins, and timestamps for every event. You can use it to identify suspicious clicks.
  • Data Importer/Exporter: You can export links or rotator data and rotator URLs to third party apps. Similarly, data from other tracking tools can be imported using CSV files into ClickMagick.
  • IP manager: lets you filter or block IP addresses or ranges by entering them manually

Link Uptime Monitor

Dead links, or those that don’t work anymore, are harmful to your online marketing efforts. ClickMagick monitors links and alerts you if a link is down for over 10 minutes.

It can save you money and ensure your links work as it redirects the traffic to the backup URL of any links that are down.

Bot filter

ClickMagick blocks bad clicks so you only get real human visitors and not random traffic in the form of fake IP addresses, spider clicks, or own clicks/user clicks.

You want to ensure you’re getting quality traffic who are potential customers, so you can set bot filter settings manually for each tracking or rotator link, or define a global rule.

You can also choose to block or filter bad clicks, but blocking is better as they’ll not add any value.

Sub IDs for precise data tracking

Sub IDs can help you determine the source of clicks by appending a string to any of your tracking links. It’s handy when using multiple traffic sources and you want to closely analyze results.

For two traffic sources, you can use sub IDs to know how and where the visitors come from, and optimize your ad campaigns to know which sub ID brings in better results.

Email/Text notifications

ClickMagick notifies you in case of unforeseen events and you won’t miss out on critical updates or downtime alerts. You can set triggers on action conversion rates, engagement, earning per click, or sales conversion rates from every 100 visitors you get.

A/B Split testing

You can compare two variations of webpages and pick the one that performs best. It’s easy to implement this by creating a tracking link and then click on split testing.

Multiple URLs can be entered in the split tests tab and define the traffic percentage each URL will get. Once you set this up, your traffic will be distributed automatically and accordingly, plus ClickMagick will notify you via email once the results of the split tests are in.

ClickMagick Support

With all these features, ClickMagick offers a lot more value not just by being an easy to use tool but also offering a lot of support and help to speed up the learning curve, regardless of your online marketing experience.

The team’s support comes with video tutorials, helpful FAQs, support tickets, and email tickets. They don’t have phone support yet, which could use some improvement.

However, you can find everything quickly and easily on their website’s support pages.

Everything is laid out well throughout the tool and is user friendly, plus there’s always a help button available when you need to know what each tool does or what every option means.

Instruction videos also help explain things clearer and better, plus there are plenty of guides in the Help menu including a Tracking Guide.

Third-Party Integrations

For accurate ad tracking, ClickMagick seamlessly integrates with top ad networks such as Microsoft Ads, Google, ClickBank, etc.

Additionally, ClickMagick also integrates with top social networks such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

ClickMagick Affiliate Program

ClickMagick has an existing scheme for affiliate marketers. ClickMagick claims to have paid out millions to its affiliates since 2014.

As an affiliate marketer, you get 100 percent commission on each of your referrals’ first payments after the trial period. Subsequently, you get a 35 percent commission every month for life. Also, affiliate partners get paid via PayPal.

ClickMagick Pricing

ClickMagick offers a 14-day free trial which allows prospective users to evaluate its features. Afterwards, you can then proceed to subscribe for any of its pricing options.

There are three different pricing options you can select from:

Starter Plan – $37 per month

This is the smallest plan and offers:

  • Up to 10,000 clicks monthly
  • 2 custom tracking domains
  • 6 months data retention
  • All core features

Standard Plan – $77 per month

This is an upgrade of the Starter plan and comes with more features like:

  • Up to 100,000 clicks monthly
  • 1 year data retention
  • All core features
  • 10 custom tracking domains
  • Organic/SEO tracking
  • Paid traffic courses

Pro Plan – $197 per month

For larger businesses or enterprises, the Pro plan offers much more including:

  • 1 million clicks monthly
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • 2 year data retention
  • SEO/organic tracking
  • All core features

If your clicks eventually go over what your package can handle, ClickMagick gives you a “cooling off” grace period at 10 percent of the maximum clicks, and if they exceed the grace period, you’re upgraded to the next plan automatically.

However, if the clicks decline, you can downgrade your plan manually in one click.

ClickMagick Discount Coupon Codes

ClickMagick coupon codes allow you to purchase its plans at subsidized rates. Usually, the codes are applied on the checkout page.

Most of the coupons offer discounts that range from 10 to 50 percent.

Here is a ClickMagick discount code that will work for you: 20% Discount Coupon Code


1. Features

ClickMagick incorporates several advanced features for tracking and optimizing your online marketing campaigns. Not to mention, ClickMagick frequently releases new features based on users’ feedback.

In terms of features, ClickMagick is rated 5 over 5.

2. Ease of use

ClickMagick has an intuitive user interface which makes it easy to use for digital marketing. However, first-timer users might require video tutorials to get started.

So, ClickMagick gets a 4 over 5 rating here for ease of use.

3. Support

ClickMagick support channel includes the knowledge base and the help desk. Apart from their contact form, you can reach the ClickMagick support team via live chat.

We rate ClickMagick 3 out of 5 here.

4. Pricing

ClickMagick has several pricing options that are relatively affordable when compared with some of its competitors.

We give it a 4 out of 5 rating for pricing.

Is ClickMagick Legit?

In short, ClickMagick is a legitimate company that was founded in 2014. Over the years, ClickMagick has served over 122,000 customers and has evolved ever since to become a quality tool for digital marketers.

ClickMagick Pros And Cons


  • More accurate statistics
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • 24/7 link and click-fraud monitoring
  • 14-day free trial
  • Integrates with major ad platforms
  • Tracks third party websites
  • You can add retargeting to links
  • Tracks full sales funnels
  • Professional support


  • Has a learning curve though easier to understand
  • Support is based on subscription package
  • No live chat or phone call support
  • Issues with custom domains

ClickMagick Alternatives

1. ClickMeter

This reasonably-priced tool sends traffic to targeted landing pages, and you can know how many people visited your site on specific pages.

Its dashboard also lets you check for click fraud, broken links, high latency, and blacklists, plus you can download reports and send them to your team or clients.

It has a ton of features and you can target your audience based on language, location, device type, and other filters that create better choices for them.

Among these features include:

  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Click fraud monitoring and tracking
  • Link cloaking within URL encryption
  • Integration with other apps like Shopify, AdWords, Magento, WordPress, UTM tracking code and Firefox
  • Funnel tracking using product IDs, SSL, and conversion values
  • 99.999 percent uptime with multiple data centers globally hosted on Amazon Web Services

2. AdsBridge

AdsBridge is an intelligent traffic distribution and ad tracking platform that can do an array of things to help you with your decision-making.

Besides the basic tracking tools, it offers advanced capabilities like multi-access option, auto-optimization, and LP builder, among others.

All these features help boost your campaign’s performance and make tracking more effective, with benefits like a dedicated support team, cloud-hosted solution, affordable pricing and tracking and advanced TDS.

With AdsBridge, you can track sales funnels, perform mobile optimization, geotargeting, and add retargeting to links and monitor them 24/7.

It also offers protection against fraud 24/7 with excellent speed and precision for data delivery.

3. Voluum

Like ClickMagick, Voluum is also cloud-based and tracks each link that passes. It’s a serious player in tracking ad campaign performance and works in a SaaS model so you can work on campaigns on the go, with data accessible to you anytime and from anywhere or any device.

Some of its powerful features include:

  • Instant reports generated irrespective of volume of traffic
  • Create own templates for link tracking
  • SSL support for custom domains and better security
  • Great API that pulls data much faster
  • Integrates over 40 different native ad exchanges, which saves time and effort
  • Link cloaking, though limited when compared to ClickMagick
  • More useful split testing
  • Supports cost models for CPM, RevShare, CPA and CPC
  • Up to 30 data points for better tracking

Voluum also has a free API that controls its actions via third party extensions or scripts so you can write scripts for any action you want to happen.

The downside is Voluum’s pricing is too high, but if you have the budget, it’s the best alternative to ClickMagick you can use.

Voluum - The Most Trusted Affiliate Tracking Software

Managing your affiliate campaigns was never easier. Voluum helps you to track, optimize and automate campaigns, giving you complete control of your marketing.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Wrapping Up: The ClickMagick Review

ClickMagick is a comprehensive, reliable link tracking tool with several powerful features that make it worthwhile.

Compared to other ClickMagick alternatives, the pricing is pretty affordable even for lean budgets, and you can use it if you’re planning to do aggressive link building to rank your site in Google SERPs.

The benefits are numerous, from fair pricing, to accurate stats, quality tools and features, versatility of use, fraud monitoring, and sales funnel tracking.

It also offers accounts that suit marketers at any level, so they can track visitors and perform split testing to increase conversions and ultimately revenue.

It’s well worth trying or spending money on, but you can test run it with the 14-day free trial and see the powerful ClickMagick tools in action.