25 Best Apple Watch Games (Free Included)

Apple watches are much more than just a watch, and thanks to the advanced technology behind these watches, you can even play games on your Apple Watch.

With so many different games to choose from, you might have a hard time finding out which game you like the most.

However, in this review, you’ll find 25 of the best Apple Watch games you can start playing today for free. Even though these games are light, you’ll still be able to save yourself some time by learning more about them below, so keep on reading!

Best Apple Watch Games

With so many great Apple Watch games, it was hard to narrow down the choice to only 25. Therefore, these 25 games below are some of the best ones out there, and they come in a variety, so everyone will find at least a couple of games they’ll enjoy playing on their Apple Watch.

Free Games

Take a look at some of the free games you can play.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a perfect free Apple Watch game that allows you to quickly have Trivia questions pop up on your watch whenever you need them.

Whether you’re trying to have some fun alone to pass some time while you wait in line, or you’re going to take advantage of your Apple Watch to bring some fun to the party, Trivia Crack is a must-have game.

The game is well designed as it includes superior graphics, it’s glitch-free, and it is very easy to use and read, no matter the size of your Apple Watch.

Par 72 Golf

If you thought that you’d never see a game as complex as golf on an Apple Watch screen, you were wrong, and Par 72 Golf is a great example.

Par 72 Golf allows you to literally take golf with you anywhere and play it effortlessly on your Apple Watch. Regardless of the smaller screen size, this game is intuitive, easy to learn, and even easier to master.

The game is so well developed that there are even advanced features such as wind conditions, club selection, and you even have to apply the right amount of force. Not only is this game one of the most complex and best games for your Apple Watch, but it’s also free, which is amazing.

Bubble Wars

Games with bubbles are always fun, and Bubble Wars is a perfect Apple Watch game that might look simple, but it’s highly addictive.

It’s a very smooth game where you can easily learn the moves and be on your way to shoot some bubbles, get competitive, or do it for fun to pass some time and relax.

However, the only downside is that there are lots of bubbles, so if you own a smaller Apple Watch, you might have a bit harder time getting the perfect shot. On the bright side, this game is free, so you can always give it a shot!


Solitaire is one game that has taken over the world ever since its introduction to Windows operating systems.

And if you’ve thought that there’s no way to recreate this game on an Apple Watch, Solitaire game for Apple Watch will prove you wrong.

The game is well designed to fit even smaller Apple Watch screens, it is smooth, and it’s very easy to play where you’ll find yourself spending hours to finally get that win.

There’s no better way to have some fun when you’re on the go, when you’re waiting for someone, or just being at peace knowing that you have the perfect game ready for the unexpected boring situations you might find yourself in.

Vegas Bowling Lite

Bowling is a type of game that works perfectly with Apple Watch screens due to the length of a bowling alley.

The game is super smooth and enjoyable, and if only guidance were a bit better, it would make an excellent experience.

Still, Vegas Bowling Lite is very simple to play, and you can set as many players as you’d like to play with so you can still experience the competitiveness of bowling without actually visiting the bowling alley.

It’s an extremely fun game you can use to turn boring moments into a fun yet sedentary activity no matter where you are. On top of that, Vegas Bowling Lite is free to play, which is another great advantage.


If you have a couple of moments in your busy day yet want to stay productive and use them well, Elevate is a perfect game for your Apple Watch.

Elevate is a free game that will help you train your brain, sharpen your memory, improve vocabulary, and even enhance cognition.

Inside Elevate, 35 mini-games will keep your brain challenged and intrigued no matter the time of day. What’s interesting enough is that you can pinpoint areas you struggle with and focus on the specific games that will help you strengthen those areas.

Watch Pet

Pets make our lives much more fun and if you aren’t able to own a pet in your home, owning a pet inside your Apple Watch is the next best thing you can do.

The Watch Pet game replicates the old Tamagochi digital pet yet in a better and much more advanced way. You get to choose between a cat, dog, or even fish and take care of your pet virtually, with the help of incredibly good graphics for an Apple Watch game.

Even though this game can’t replace a real pet, it’s still a fun way to spend time when you’re feeling lonely or bored.

Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of the simplest yet most addictive games most of us have played at one point in our life, and now this legendary game is available for Apple Watch.

Not only is it available to be played on an Apple Watch, but it also has multiplayer capability, which means that you can challenge your friends who can play the game on their phones.

The game runs very smoothly, and the most interesting thing about the game is that you move the paddle using your Apple Watch’s crown.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is still one of the most played games that will stick with people forever. It’s such a simple game that had to be reintroduced to the Apple Watch, and it is a true party starter or ice breaker for groups of friends.

The game is very simply designed. All you get is either a question or a dare to do, and you have two buttons for the next person to choose their question or dare.

What’s so great about this game is that you won’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket, and you’ll be ready to make your informal group a lot more fun. However, keep in mind that some of the questions in this game are not appropriate for children.


If you get bored of classic games pretty easily, Wordie is the next best Apple Watch game that will keep you intrigued.

Wordie is a fun game that displays four images where all of them have something in common, and it’s your job to guess what it is.

In the beginning, the game is super fun, but the more you progress, the harder it becomes and the more competitive it gets. It’s a nice game to test your brain. Refresh it at any time throughout your day and have something to do on your wrist without constantly having to touch the Apple Watch’s screen.


Are you feeling tense? Need something to do when you’re overly stressing over something, yet there is nothing else you can do about it?

Pop is a very simple Apple Watch game that allows you to pop virtual bubbles that will keep you calm as you focus on the bubbles instead of anything running through your mind.

On top of that, Pop will encourage you to pop balloons faster and as many as you can in a set time frame so you can have a lot more fun and even compete with your friends and family to see who can pop the most bubbles.


Runeblade is a mystical Apple Watch game that is full of clues and tasks to do. You’ll have to use a blade and arcane skills in fights against the bad guys.

It’s the closest game you can find to an RPG, and if you’re an RPG fan, you’ll like to hear that Runeblade was exclusively created for Apple Watch, so you’ll experience smoothness, great gameplay, and decent graphics for an Apple Watch game.

The greatest thing is that you can keep playing the game for almost forever as there’s always a way to progress and something to do.

Bubblegum Hero

Bubblegum Hero is a game that you might have enjoyed playing on your iPhone or iPad, and now it’s also supported by Apple Watch.

This game is all about making the right bubble and getting the best score for it. Of course, this could seem easy, but you can’t blow the bubble too small or too big that it blows in your face.

Finding the sweet spot can be tricky, and that’s exactly what will get you to the top of the leaderboard.

Even though this game is super simple and easy to play, it’s very addictive and a perfect game to pass some time.

Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball

Everyone loves a bit of magic and mystery, even if it is only for fun. Magic 8 Bit 8 Ball is a perfect game for the Apple Watch that allows you to ask the magic 8 ball questions.

The game supports typical questions that can be answered with yes/no and the voodoo, dark magic, sorcery, and star anise behind the app will work their magic to provide you with answers.

The game is well designed, it’s very simple to use, and you’ll be able to impress your friends, not only with your Apple Watch but also with the answers this magic 8 ball can provide.

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Paid Apple Watch Games

Let’s take a look at some of the paid games you can try.

Pocket Bandit

Pocket Bandit is one of the most popular paid Apple Watch paid games because it offers incredibly good gameplay. You get to crack vaults to get to the jewelry, money, and anything worthy of being inside the safe.

But what’s even better is that Pocket Bandit utilizes Apple Watch’s taptic engine, so you will get the feedback on your wrist as you attempt to crack down the vaults.

Not only will this game help you pass some time, but it will keep you addicted to the point you will have to keep playing more and more to crack more vaults.

Race Cars from Arcadia

Arcade games are always fun, and if you are feeling nostalgic, and you like racing arcade games, Race Cars is the best paid Apple Watch game you should check out.

Race Cars comes with 18 arcade racing games where you can enjoy the graphics of the 2000s and where you have all the control only by using your Apple Watch’s crown to change the direction of your car.

The gameplay is very simple, and yet the game is highly addictive and fun. The point is to avoid the obstacles to get the highest score so you can beat all your friends and family.


Puzzles can keep you engaged for hours, and they’re an excellent way to spend some time, have some fun, and refresh your mind.

Rules! is a paid Apple Watch game that allows you to follow the rules to solve puzzles. However, this game is built to stimulate your brain as you pass through the stages.

The thing is that you’ll have to remember and memorize some of the rules in the earlier stages so you can easily pass the later stages, so that’s how you will work on your brain’s memory.

However, don’t be surprised as Rules! can get pretty fast and difficult at times, making a great challenge for people who like competition.

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Lifeline 2

Lifeline 2 is a story-based game that will keep you intrigued as you won’t know what to expect.

In this paid Apple Watch game, you’ll have to guide the main character through conversation for him to survive the unknown.

You should also keep in mind that this is a second part in the Lifeline series, and not only will it shift your focus from anything you are going through, but it will also keep you wanting to play it at all times.

While this game also comes as an iOS app, you can also play it on your watch wherever you go.

Classic Snake

Everyone remembers Nokia and their classic snake game, and it was expected to see this classic gem on the most modern watch we have out there.

Classic Snake enabled such a combination to relive the good old days and yet still enjoy some free time, spending it on something simple and refreshing that will keep you going throughout the day.

The game runs very smoothly, it fits perfectly even the smallest Apple Watch screen sizes, and it is a lightweight game that won’t take up too much of your memory. But when you’re stuck in traffic or have nothing better to do, the Classic Snake game will get you through the dullest situations.

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Mini Watch Games (24-in-1)

If you are okay with buying a game for your Apple Watch, the best deal you can get is the Mini Watch Games.

Mini Watch Games is an all-in-one type of game that includes 24 mini-games, and you’ll get popular arcade games such as Tetris, Stick Jump, Car Car, and many others.

You’ll have a choice between puzzle games, cards, racing games, and even a couple of sports games.

Even though the games are simple and aren’t the smoothest games out there, they’re a perfect selection of games anyone should have on their Apple Watch as they’re brilliant for passing the time.


Arcade games are the most addictive games that are still fun to play in the local arcade rooms, and if you’re looking to get the same experience on your Apple Watch, Arcadia is the best game you can purchase.

Arcadia includes a group of games often found on the big old machines, so you’ll be able to enjoy recreated games such as snake, car, pinball, and others.

The games are very simple, they run smoothly as they’re optimized for watchOS, and they’re well worth the price as you get a bunch of games that will bring back your childhood memories directly to your modern smartwatch.

Retro Twist

When you’re a big fan of retro games that are simple enough for you to play them at any time of the day but are tired of searching for them, Retro Twist is the next best thing.

Retro Twist is very similar to Arcadia as it groups a bunch of games, yet Retro Twist brings you only the retro games, with a twist.

Super Jump is the most popular game, and it’s very similar to Super Mario, but you can also find games such as Contra Pang, Retro Racer, and others.

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Tiny Armies

Strategic games are always fun as they keep your attention and Tiny Armies is one of the games that could hold your attention no matter what you are going through in a given day.

With that being said, Tiny Armies is brilliant at helping you improve your attention span while you enjoy competing in different modes such as friend-battle.

The goal is to pass levels that get a lot more complex as you progress, and by the time you reach the hardest levels, you’ll be dedicated to finishing each one of the levels after putting so much effort and hard work into it.

Highly addictive, smooth, and easy to play on even the smallest Apple Watch screens make this game worth the purchase.


If you like spending time imagining unexpected scenarios or unexpectedly helping others, Komrad is an Apple Watch game you’ll enjoy.

In this game, you will have to chat with an artificially intelligent bot that acts as Soviet Intelligence from the ‘80s.

The game is very simply designed, but the story and gameplay are brilliant enough to keep you intrigued for hours.

Of course, it’ll be up to you to determine your fate, but also the intelligence’s fate.


Nuggetz is a brainstorming game where you have to correctly say the name of the color in which the word is written.

It might sound easy, but it’s hard as you progress through levels and have less time to make up your mind and press the correct color.

This game is not only testing your speed and reaction, but it’s also helping you assess your cognitive interference and develop it even further.

The best thing is that you’ll be doing all that while having fun. The game is well designed for watchOS, so it runs smoothly and is very easy to navigate.

With clear commands on the watch screen, you won’t make any mistakes even when the game gets complex, no matter how small or big your Apple Watch screen is.

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With so much time and so many games you can get and install on your Apple Watch, the choice is tough.

However, these are 25 of the best free and paid games that will keep you intrigued for hours, will help you exercise your brain, or pass some time.

Each of these games is well optimized for watchOS, and it’s only a matter of your preference to find a game or a couple of games that will bring even better functionality to your smartwatch.

Of course, don’t forget that there are games that include more than one game type in them, which can be a great deal if you’re looking to spend money on an Apple Watch game!

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