15 Best Websites Like Qwant

Qwant is a search engine created to prioritize users’ privacy. The website does not track your searches or collate personal data.

The website contains no advertising cookie banner which guarantees zero targeted advertising and data usage. Headquartered in France, Qwant has mobile applications available on Android and iOS devices.

You can either install the app version or add the web version to your browser to keep trackers at bay.

As much as Qwant provides efficient and trace-free browsing, the search engine has a few drawbacks. First, you cannot enter your search request without enabling Javascript.

Not just that, images don’t load fast enough. Search results are not exhaustive as you are only limited to results from 39 countries.

However, there are other websites similar to Qwant but with more robust features which are worth checking out.

I have rounded up these websites and summarized their features.

Best Website Like Qwant

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is an alternative website that lets you search the web without being tracked. The search engine’s privacy policy is straightforward – they don’t collect or share personal data.

There are three options for using DuckDuckGo. You can either install the app version from PlayStore or Apple Store or you can install it as a Chrome extension.

Like Qwant, DuckDuckGo allows users to search directly on their website. In addition, they have a content library filled with privacy tips and education including updates about the website.

You can change the engine’s theme and appearance and subsequently save your changes unanimously on the cloud. Unlike Qwant, which limits search results to 39 regions, DuckDuckGo covers more than 100 regions and 20 languages.

Finally, images and videos load faster and you can enable keyboard shortcuts on the website.

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2. SearX

Unlike Qwant which is a single search engine, SearX is a metasearch engine that displays results from more than 70 other search engines whilst ensuring that your profile remains private.

The catch here is that you can retrieve more results, hence reducing the need to search for resources individually on other search engines. SearX is free and open software, meaning the code is open for public access and audit.

The website does not keep a record of your searches, and never shares your profile with third parties. It doesn’t even create a profile for you!

Aside from that, SearX can be easily integrated into any search engine. Or you can conduct your searches directly on the website.

You can even filter the results by language, preferred files, and publication dates. This makes your web searches seamless and fast.

3. Startpage

Startpage is another website like Qwant. It is designed to remove personal data including your IP address whenever you are conducting a web search.

Since your IP address is automatically removed by their first layer of servers known as “on-premise” servers, nobody can ever track you. Like Qwant, your search histories are never recorded.

The website delivers unprofiled search results with the same information you will get if you were using a public browser. Also, ads shown are contextualized meaning that they are related to your search term and not browsing history.

You can even spy on your competitor’s website freely without them ever noticing thanks to Startpage’s Anonymous View proxy feature which masks your identity.

Accessing and exploring websites privately has never been easier. Startpage is also known for blocking price trackers and retargeted ads.

Lastly, the website can be installed as an extension to your web browser.

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4. Brave

Brave is mainly known for its privacy-centric browser; however, it also allows you to search the web without a trace. It works slightly differently, requiring you to download and install it on your device.

The download is free and it works well on desktops, iOS, and Android devices. Those who don’t wish to access search websites, can simply open the app and conduct their search.

One positive that Brave shares with Qwant is that it never shares your data with third parties because they don’t even collect them in the first place. That means that you will not be at the mercy of hackers.

Brave isn’t affiliated with any platform and thus provides results based on its search index. It’s how quickly users can import bookmarks, passwords, and extensions from their old browser. This switch happens in less than 60 seconds.

Brave provides tools like Brave Rewards, Brave Wallet, Firewall + VPN, and Playlist.

With Brave Rewards, users can earn tokens from browsing which can be used either as cash gift cards or crypto. These tokens are stored in the Brave Wallet.

Brave Firewall + VPN protects your online activities even when you’re not using the Brave browser.

5. Whoogle Search

Whoogle Search has the same interface as Google. This search engine is simple and fast to use.

You can easily type and search your search queries from the website. There is no need to download the browser or install it as an extension.

Also, your data is never recorded, keeping ads or sponsored content out of our way. Even your IP address is hidden ensuring that no one tracks you.

Users can further post search requests and suggestion queries when needed. In addition, they are free to set the browser to any theme of their choice – whether light or dark theme mode

Whoogle Search’s autocomplete and search suggestions feature simplifies your browsing activities. And you can also filter search results by location.

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6. MetaGer

MetaGer is a metasearch engine, unlike Qwant. This means that search results are culled from indexes of other search engines.

However, your privacy and data protection are guaranteed. The website does not track or save your data.

MetaGer also allows users to filter and save their search results by date and language. You can even go as far as including domains that should be excluded when searching.

In addition, you are free to set your shopping and picture search preferences. MetaGer is owned by SUMA-EV, a non-profit association dedicated to promoting free media knowledge.

Finally, the website’s source code is free and open to the public.

7. Ecosia

Ecosia is another website like Qwant but the difference here is that proceeds or revenue generated by the website is used to finance numerous tree-planting projects all over the world.

Suffice to say, with every web search conducted, Ecosia is creating a better planet. Searches can be done directly from the website or the extension added to your default browser like Chrome.

Alternatively, you can download the app from the Play Store or the Apple store. In as much as Ecosia is interested in building a better and healthier planet, the website also prioritizes your privacy and personal data.

It doesn’t create users’ profiles or sell their details to third parties. In their words, “We want trees, not your data”.

Ecosia also stands out because of its transparency. Users can easily track the profits made from their searches, and how they are spent on tree projects.

8. Google Chrome Incognito

Concerned about your online privacy but don’t want to switch from using Google Chrome? Your best bet is to simply switch the browser to Incognito mode.

Like Qwant, Chrome Incognito does not save your search history or personal data. Once you exit the mode, everything is deleted including site data, cookies, and permission given to websites.

This means that your online activities will be hidden from Chrome and anyone who uses your device cannot see your activity.

Maybe you are browsing different sites but don’t want your activities on a particular site to be tracked, you can switch between Incognito mode and regular Chrome tabs.

To switch to Incognito mode, simply open your Chrome application, click the three dots at the upper-right of the address bar, then choose the “New Incognito” tab.

When you are done browsing, you can then switch back to your normal browsing tab.

9. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is another app designed to enable you to take control of your privacy online with just a single tab. With over 750 million users worldwide, this app is worth checking out.

Unlike Qwant, Disconnect Search goes beyond shielding you from web trackers, it also protects you from cyber threats on your apps and email.

It blocks malicious content and adverts and disconnects all tracking access on your device. In addition, you can hide your IP address especially while using public Wi-Fi.

Disconnect Search is easy to use and ensures a faster internet search since third-party requests are blocked beforehand. This app is mainly available for Mac and iOS users.

10. Peekier

Peekier is another website similar to Qwant that ensures search results are displayed quickly and your data is kept private. The website does not even collect user data to start with.

Peekier does not store your search histories. Also, your IP address remains masked and it is never stored on their servers.

Users have the freedom to tailor their searches to a particular region while also enabling autosuggestions and safe searches. You can also set the layout density of websites visited and whether to open links in a new tab.

Finally, searches can be done directly from the website.

11. Infinity Search

Infinity Search allows you to search for anything on the web while shielding your data from external sources. Unlike Qwant, this website is a metasearch engine and as such displays search results from other third-party sites like Wikipedia and Bing.

Here is how it works – When you type in your search query on the website, Infinity Search then transfers the same to external websites for results whilst positioning as the user making the request.

That way, these websites don’t know who you are, or your location, including previous searches. Suffice it to say that, Infinity Search takes the bullet on your behalf.

Also, the website does not store your previous search queries. Even though it retrieves search results from other websites, it has its indexes.

But that’s not all! Web searches can be filtered according to images, videos, pdfs, homepages, food, drink, and many more. You are also allowed to blacklist websites from your searches.

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12. Right Dao

Right Dao is another alternative to use if you’re tired of using search engines that track your data and monitor your online activities, just to make profits off of them.

Like Qwant, Right Dao is an independent search engine designed to protect your privacy, especially while surfing the internet. Searches can simply be conducted from the website.

In addition, the website doesn’t spy on you nor does it collect your private data. So, you don’t need to worry about your personal information getting to third parties.

You also don’t have to worry about dealing with annoying retargeted ads. Right Dao’s aim is not to censor or suppress public information. So, be sure to receive in-depth search results from the web.

Ultimately, from the “Advanced Search” section, users can search with keywords, websites, or even with a particular date. It’s a good way to hasten up web searches.

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13. SearchLock

SearchLock is built to ensure that your online privacy remains intact. With this search engine, you need not worry about trackers or third-party websites procuring your private information.

When SearchLock detects that your query is heading toward cookie-enabled websites, it intercepts immediately and redirects you to its privacy-enhanced result page.

Not only does this search engine ban tracking cookies on their websites, but it also disconnects your searches from your email and social media accounts.

Normally, details about your visit including date, web browser, and IP address are usually recorded by certain websites. SearchLock never hangs on to that information.

The search engine also goes further to encrypt search queries ensuring that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) never reads them.

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14. You.com

You.com is another robust search engine that ensures that your private data online is well secured. You can either conduct your searches from the website or install it as an extension to your default browser like Chrome.

However, to ensure that your data is away from surveillance, you’ll have to switch to the private mode. This way, your IP address will not be shared with external websites.

Similar to Qwant, You.com does not store your search histories, cookies, or personnel information, thus ensuring that you don’t encounter privacy-invading targeted ads.

That’s not all! The website provides search results promptly. Thanks to its multi-dimensional interface that allows you to discover more results in a short time.

You can even go as far as personalizing your search with other applications like Medium, Amazon, Twitter, and StackOverflow. That means, once you input your search query, suitable results from these apps and the web will be shown.

All in all, You.com keeps your mind at ease when you are surfing the internet. Trackers can never get to you.

If you ever encounter any problem while using the website, you can easily contact the support team or even join their slack channel to connect with other users and seek clarity on your issue.

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15. Swisscows

Swisscows ensures that you enjoy absolute anonymity online. This search engine is not interested in your private data and cookies, nor does it store your search history.

It has a separate server and doesn’t work with cloud or third-party platforms. In addition, the search engine has its DataCenter which is by far the safest in Europe.

Unlike Qwant, Swisscows’s major aim is to promote moral values, especially with children. Hence it restricts pornographic, violent, and sexual content from displaying in search results.

That way, children can freely use the website both in school and while at home. In addition, Swisscows has a well-enhanced index that delivers high-quality search results.

You can install the website on your default browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Alternatively, you can conduct your searches from the website. To crown it all, Swisscows channels the majority of its revenue to charity organizations.

Wrapping Up: What Is The Best Website Like Qwant?

In my opinion, DuckDuckGo is a better alternative to Qwant. It has been around since 2008 and undoubtedly works with high-end search indexes that cover more than 100 regions worldwide.

In fact, other search engines use their indexes from time to time. DuckDuckGo’s privacy policy is straightforward, “We won’t collect or share your private data”.

You are also free to either install the app version from PlayStore or Apple Store or install it as a Chrome extension. You can even conduct searches from the website, whichever works well for you.

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