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5 Best Adwords Landing Page Creator Software Reviews

You’ve undoubtedly heard of landing pages, but do you know just how important your landing pages are to driving sales and other conversions with google and adwords?

Businesses who create over 40 landing pages generate 12 times as many leads as those with 1-5 landing pages.

You need landing pages to succeed on Google adwords, but creating quality landing pages isn’t always the easiest thing.

Too many graphics, excessive links, disjointed navigation, and other pitfalls can ensure visitors don’t convert.

So to get building the best adwords landing pages possible, landing page builder softwares are the answer.

Our reviews will help you choose the best adwords landing page builder for your unique situation. Let’s get started.

1. Instapage

instapage review
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Instapage kicks off our list with a full-featured program that makes building and optimizing landing pages for adwords is easier than optimizing some blog posts.

Our review gives a quick rundown of features and usability . Plus, we’ll talk instapage price.

Instapage is the Best Adwords Landing Page Creator Software

The actual landing page creator is drag-and-drop based.

You can move elements anywhere on the page, and each page starts as a template.

It’s pretty simple stuff that makes it possible for anyone to build their own pages.

The actual elements include things like call-to-action buttons, images, banners, buttons, forms, pricing lists and more.

Forms are especially customizable and can include multi-layer forms and also integration with lead magnets (offers in exchange for email addresses and other information).

Instapages’ builder also includes support for Google’s accelerated mobile pages.

Google rewards websites with better page rank if they follow Google’s SEO standards, and Google loves AMP pages.

Therefore, it is a recommended adwords landing page creator software.

Instapage - World’s Most Advanced Landing Page Platform

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Analytics, Optimization & Split Testing Landing Pages for Adwords with Instapage

Instapage supports both advanced analytics and optimization features to ensure your adwords landing pages perform at their peak for not only conversions but also SEO.

In terms of analytics, the platform supports A/B testing, heat maps for page elements, and Google Tag Manager.

Optimization efforts include integration with CRM software like Salesforce, dynamic text replacement (change text based on visitors’ city, country, device, and more) and embedded tracking scripts to see how visitors are finding your pages.

Instapage Bonus

Collaboration tools are Instapages’ real standout feature.

Feedback and real-time edits help your team members identify your pages’ weaknesses and correct them for better conversions.

Instapage Pricing

Instapages comes in tiers that start at $69 per month for the basic tier, and moves up to $179 per month for the Team and Agency plan.

An enterprise plan is also available on a customizable basis.

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2. Leadpages

leadpages review
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Leadpages is quite similar to Instapage. It’s a template-based drag and drop software that makes building adwords landing pages simple.

The idea being the same as Instapage; design high-quality landing pages in a short amount of time.

Creating Landing Page For Google Adwords with Leadpages

The landing page builder itself features drag-and-drop elements that can start from both a template and a blank canvas.

An enormous marketplace featuring over 130 free templates makes it simple to design something unique.

Leadpages’ builder stands out over the competition for a few reasons; all of them related to its suite of “Lead” branded features made to set the program apart from the competition. Let’s start with LeadBoxes.

LeadBoxes allows businesses to design custom pop-up form boxes that are tied to either a CTA button or can also automatically appear upon visiting the page.

The forms offer an excellent way to easily implement what’s otherwise a fair bit of coding.

Next up is Leadlinks, which allows existing subscribers to sign up for new offers with a single click. If consumers want more information, it’s only a link click away.

Last but not least is Leaddigits. While not entirely landing page-centric, it allows collected leads to opt into your email list through text.

Analytics, Optimization & Split Testing Landing Pages for Adwords 

Leadpages offers similar analytics to Instapage, including A/B testing as well as simplified data presentations that display analytic information like conversion rates and traffic; the idea being to display enough data in a simple enough way that you won’t need third-party software.

Optimization gets even deeper than the analysis. Leadpages integrates with numerous third-party software to help track your leads from start to finish, giving you a real picture of sales driven by each landing page.

Integration with Facebook ad campaigns takes things a step further, automatically producing Facebook ads based on your landing pages and customer demographic data.

Leadpages Bonus

As a compelling extra, Leadpages offers free hosting of all your landing pages, meaning the data integration is as complete as possible. Of course, you can still use your own domain name.

Leadpages Pricing

Prices start at $25 per month and increase to $199 per month for the “Advanced” (business) tier. Pricing is also variable based on a per month, year, or 2-year payment schedule.

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3. ClickFunnels

clickfunnels review
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Next on our list is the ultimate in ease-of-use landing page creator, ClickFunnels. Where our other two options have offered fairly deep levels of customization backed by deep third-party analytics integration, ClickFunnels is, well, different.

The Landing Page Builder Software

ClickFunnels aims to make it downright simple to create your own landing page. The idea being that you need zero tech knowledge to start funneling traffic into your leads program, or into sales.

The landing page builder itself is as simple to navigate as any we’ve seen, so forgive us if the review isn’t as in-depth as our looks at other builders.

The process starts with picking a sales funnel, which in essence serves as your underlying template.

Each funnel sets up your landing page in a different way, with different niches having different funnels, as well as different options for selling a product versus collecting an email, etc.

It’s a straightforward click and forget it process.

Next, you choose a page design, which serves as the overlying template. Ask yourself what themes fit with your business and then make your selection. There’s nothing more to it than picking something you think your customers would like.

Finally, you can modify the page by adding or removing a limited selection of elements. Text is always variable and most elements are available to edit.

Analytics, Optimization & Split Testing Landing Pages for Adwords 

ClickFunnels keeps it so simple that discussing integrations is rather difficult. The program does offer integration with many CRMs, including Salesforce.

And it also integrates with email clients to auto-update mailing lists and even auto send emails.

However, the platform doesn’t value in-house analytics. Rather you can integrate Google Analytics and other tracking pixels to keep track of your conversions, etc.

It’s handy if you’re already utilizing third-party programs, but presents a steep learning curve if you aren’t.

Clickfunnels Pricing

ClickFunnels comes in at around the same price as our previous two platform reviews. It’s $97 per month to get started, with the plan you really need running $297 per month.

It’s a steep price to pay, but it does forgo the common enterprise option.

Clickfunnels - Creating Funnels Was Never Easier

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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4. Unbounce

Of the landing page building software we’re reviewing, Unbounce might represent the most complete package.

The program combines both custom-tailored landing pages with deep analytics that look into the hows and whys of your new landing pages.

The Adwords Landing Page Creator

Unbounce’s basic building process is the same as the above tools.

You choose a template, choose your elements, and then drag them into place to create your own custom landing pages for adwords or any PPC.

Though at the very first it’s obvious that the sheer amount of templates and custom elements sets Unbounce apart, digging into the platform reveals the options run much deeper than the programs we’ve previously discussed.

Unbounce offers more than just simple, static landing pages. The platform also offers custom pop-ups based on templates that work under the same drag and drop premise. Just decide when you want the pop-up (CTA buttons included) to appear.

Finally, Unbounce capitalizes on the ever-growing mobile market with what are known as sticky bars.

The bars appear on the top or bottom (though you can “stick” them anywhere) of your page and stay on screen during mobile scrolling.

They’re perfect for quick ads designed to prompt an email signup to learn more information. Your message stays on screen and gives the consumer ample opportunity to convert.

And with all these unique options for driving conversions, you need equally advanced options for tracking your analytic data. Unbounce does just that, placing heavy emphasis on data collection and insights.

Analytics, Optimization & Split Testing Landing Pages for Adwords 

Optimizing your web pages for conversions happens every step of the way with the Unbounce platform.

A/B testing is available from the get-go, and dynamic text replacement actually tailors your ads based on users’ search phrases.

Beyond basic optimization, analytics is where Unbounce really shines. Real-time data displays in the Unbounce dashboard that shows A/B testing results as well as other metrics.

It’s the built-in analytics that lay the foundation for third-party integration that then improves upon the basic platform.

Unbounce has the deepest and most varied integration of any landing page building platform.

For example, AdWords integration to tell you what ads are pushing consumers to your landing pages and which ads are both pushing consumers as well as converting them.

CRM support keeps your lead generation organized and mailing lists up to date. With Salesforce you can track every lead from start to finish.

Google integration allows AdWords tracking scripts to ensure you’re following your traffic from start to finish.

Unbounce Pricing

Pricing starts at a standard $79 per month and rises to $159 per month for the next tier. The enterprise (what businesses need) tier costs $399 and up per month, depending on your scale.

5. Wishpond

Wishpond is unlike any other platform on our list, yet also similar to what we’ve already covered. It’s really a full marketing suite with an included landing page builder.

So while it lacks some features, it makes up for them with in-house tools that all work to increase your conversion rate.

The Landing Page Builder Software

Without trying to sound plain, Wishpond offers a solid landing page builder with all of the same elements listed in other builders above.

Drag and drop, responsive design, templates, elements, and easily editable text are all available.

Choose a template, add your elements and customize. We won’t continue repeating the same things, as the builder is very similar to Leadpages and Instapage, though with slightly fewer features.

Analytics, Optimization & Split Testing Landing Pages for Adwords 

Again, there’s nothing too special going on here. Basic data recording is available as is A/B testing.

Third-party platform integration includes Salesforce, MailChimp, and several more. Wishpond covers the basics, but not much more than that.


If you’re wondering exactly why we’d add Wishpond if it’s the same as almost any other landing page builder, we can explain.

Existing as part of a greater marketing suite is what landed Wishpond on our list.

Wishpond offers software for pop-ups, contests and promotions, online forms, marketing automation, email marketing, lead management, and more.

Use them all in tandem and you’re looking at an extremely effective platform for driving leads and converting.

Wishpond Pricing

Pricing for Wishpond is exactly what we like to see from landing page building platforms.

Prices start at $49 per month and range to $199 per month which includes not only the landing page software but the other marketing suite features as well.

So What Is The Best Landing Page Builder Software For Adwords?

While we can review software and give our pros and cons, nothing on our list fails to live up to expectations.

Simply put, the landing page builder software that’s best for your business depends on your unique situation.

Take the time to sit down and discuss your wants and needs before making a decision.

The more you understand your business goals, the better your selection.

Choose based on price, the features you need (don’t overpay for things you won’t use), and any other variable you’ve determined from reading our reviews.

Regardless of your choice, we’re sure any of these platforms will help you build top-notch landing pages and drive conversions for your business.

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