Education Minimal – Moderate & Versatile Free Education WordPress Theme

WordPress nowadays has become a synonym for websites. We are all familiar with the convenient & supreme CMS that we are being served till now.

As of now, more than 60% of world’s website is powered by WordPress.

Keeping it in mind and to make it more beneficial, every minute developers are working to extend the community. Today if you search any genre, you will get a theme for that. Both free and premium themes are available according to the need of the user. Among a huge collection of themes, today we are declaring a new incredible, free education WordPress theme for you.

WordPress themes are able to handle all the basic web task, but if you target for the particular theme genre you’re going to get much better results with something specialized features. When we are thinking about an education-related web, we look for certain features like testimonial showcase, courses, courses inner-details, widgets, timetable pages etc. Hence, in this article, we are going to prove why “Educational Minimal” is the right educational theme for you.

If we think for a while, before selecting a theme there are a few things we should consider, and these things are crucial for making your website elegant. Things like security, designs, fonts, widgets, browser compatible, responsiveness etc always come in the first line up. Here “Educational Minimal” strikes your choice. With all those lineup features “Educational Minimal” is also lightweight, moderate, versatile and without any doubt fully secured. The theme is excessively easy to use and gets in your bucket of either a small-sized personal website or a huge enterprise project.

Why Education Minimal Free Education WordPress Theme?

Below are some of the features you are getting with the free version of “Educational Minimal” which makes it an acute choice of your educational website.

  • Fully Customizable
  • Ten Homepage Section
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Testimonial Showcase
  • Team Showcase
  • Contact Page Template
  • Custom Widget
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Documentation
  • Many More..

Isn’t it cool? These mentioned features will certainly attract you, but wait we have something more to make you stick into “Educational Minimal”. Without any delay let’s dig deeper into these features.

Fully Customizable

You certainly would not enjoy your meal if you cannot add a taste of your choice. Similar is the case with themes. A theme is of no use if you cannot customize it according to your branding or nature of your website. Keeping this thing in mind we are presenting you with a fully customizable educational purpose theme. You are able to customize this theme and use it as you want it to. Either you have a small institute a moderately sized school or a large university, you can use this theme without any doubt. You will get options to customize home page and sliders.

Ten Homepage Section

Your homepage or landing page is your main showcase. It is responsible for attracting viewers to your website. The homepage is the place where you will be highlighting your brand and presenting your features. The awareness, engagement, and conversion are the three major goals for any websites and yes homepage plays a huge role in making you achieve your goal. “Educational Minimal” provides a wide scope of 10 sections in the homepage in which you can create your landing page to communicate your value in a fascinating way.

One Click Demo Import

One click demo import is the crucial function required for any theme. So, without hesitating the team has already integrated this feature in the “Educational Minimal”. Want to build a demo site but not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, you can import our demo content into the theme with just one click. Use this superb feature of “Educational Minimal” to import a demo and run your site with demo contents within a minute or less.

Testimonial Showcase

The home page has more than 10 different sections. Among them, Testimonial Showcase is one of the meticulously developed and carefully crafted one. Testimonial helps you to show the customer or user feedback on your site effectively. It will really enhance your trust level towards the visitors. No doubt, the visitor will love all the handful developed home sections.

Contact Page Template

Contact Page is the best place from where your visitor will contact you for the queries or similar other things. An attractive and perfectly designed contact page will give the immense look on your webpage. It will make your website more professional and user-friendly.

The popular plugin named Contact Form 7 can be used to make the required contact page design and fields.

Custom Widget

Moreover, with the help of added custom widgets, this theme is really amazing and customizable. Without using page builders or Gutenberg, you can make a stunning home page with a spectacular layout. However, Education Minimal is complete page builder ready and Gutenberg compatible theme.

Cross Browser Compatible

Your website looks great if and only it is compatible in multiple browsers regardless of its version. Technically this context is referred to as cross-browser compatibility. If a user is not able to view your website in his browser then he will not blame the operating system or browser rather he will blame the website itself. The goal of any theme provider is to avoid this.

Therefore, a theme should be compatible in any browser and with a huge appreciation we can say that “Educational Minimal” has made a hit on the bull’s eye here. “Educational Minimal” is fully compatible and operative in any browser that is available in any platform. The team has really done a good job on testing and yes they guarantee the cross-browser compatibility without any doubt.

Responsive Design

In this tech determined world, there are different handy devices for surfing the internet and view a website. We never know in which device our website is being viewed and does the size of the design make difference in our design. In the present scenario, it is very important that our website looks good and use to use regardless of the device. A perfect web page is that which adapts its content to fit any device but not that which leaves out the information to fit in smaller devices. “Educational Minimal” is fully responsive and fits well in any sized devices. An appropriate and relevant use of CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content has made “Educational Minimal“ responsive so that your site never fails to look marvelous on any screen.

Easy Documentation

Documentation is a mainstay of any WordPress theme. Users need a proper guideline to work their way through the features that you have packed in a theme. Documentation makes the nuts-and-bolts details and complexities of your development understandable to the neophyte users.

Hence, “Educational Minimal” has this highlighting feature of easy documentation to remain at the top of your theme choice. The documentation provided with the theme is so much appropriate and pertinent that you will understand every node of the theme very easily. It is so much fair and simple that even a kindergarten kid can understand it.

Winding Up

In the world where there are so many institutions, schools, and other organizations which are always looking for effective ways to reach students, “Educational Minimal” make that goal a possibility. Both huge organization and small institution can enjoy benefit greatly from having an appropriate online presence.  This theme is so much specialized of its type that it is surely going to provide you with the best result of your choice.

You will never regret choosing this theme. Friendly support, content-rich documentation, and trendy design what else you need? Even if you need something more than these things then you can try the premium version of this theme. So, lastly “Educational Minimal” is the theme of your choice. Use it and provide us with your feedback.

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