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We are always looking for a versatile and stylish theme according to our need. Sometimes we look for free WordPress themes as well as premium version, based on the need. At first, when the thirst is of some handy, premium theme for the educational website, the drink is well served by Rigorous ThemesEducation Minimal Pro is the premium and convenient education WordPress theme designed for education institutions, schools, colleges, and even universities.

With a dynamic look and feel along with some of the pro features like advanced course section for adding courses, searching courses and its inner-details, 100+ fonts options, & premium education minimal plugins Education Minimal Pro is well worth your consideration.

Education Minimal Pro is powerful, secured, and fully SEO optimized. Some of the highlighting features like light-weight, easy demo import, education minimal components plugin for custom posts has made it very popular of its type.

What Education Minimal Pro education WordPress theme bundles for you?

Till now we are very much aware of the uniqueness of Education Minimal Pro and its basic features. But wait, we have some more to add in the list. Some of the solid functionality and features of this theme which we cannot leave behind without mentioning are:

  • 100+ fonts options
  • Advanced Color Options
  • Contact Page Template
  • Advanced Course section
  • Courses Listing
  • Education minimal components plugins
  • Advanced Courses Searching
  • Advanced Typography

Education Minimal Pro is mainly focused on quality design and practical functionality that is required for the education-based website. Below we have elaborated some of its pro features in detail or you.

One click demo import

Do not wonder about making your website like the demo. Education Minimal Pro has one click demo import, hence, it is very simple to Start a WordPress website with the help of this option.

Even a layman can make their own website. It has multiple demo import option, choose any one of them and import the required one. Also, make an amazing website easily.

Gutenberg Compatible

All the WordPress themes developed by Rigorous Themes are Gutenberg compatible. Likewise, this theme is also totally compatible. WordPress version 5.0.0 or later has inbuild Gutenberg editor replacing classic editor. Now, adding content on your website is easy.

100+ fonts options

Your visual branding plays a vital part of your overall organization branding goal. In addition to this, fonts also make your content’s presentation appropriate and appealing. Education Minimal Pro gives you a variety of options to choose over 100+ fonts.

You can choose different fonts depending upon your branding style and the layout. These wide varieties of fonts will surely put your website unique and attractive in all manner.

Advanced Color Options

Colors can be used as the main part of your website. Catchy colors always attract an audience.  Different people like different colors. Now, how about you make your website using a different spectrum of colors.

“Education Minimal Pro” provides you the advanced color options including both primary and secondary. Don’t worry if you are not much aware of CSS to make get the colorful website. In Spite of you can use advanced color options of this pro theme to give a colorful look to your branding website.

Contact Page Template

The only link between you and your audience is the contact page. Contact pages can be used to collect feedback, queries, or even booking an appointment sometimes. Moreover, the contact page gives you a broad platform on how your potential clients get connected to you.

Education Minimal Pro has a hand-picked collection of contact page templates. You can pick a template from our collection according to your need and give a branding looks to your website.

Cross Browser Compatible

Your website looks great if and only it is compatible in multiple browsers regardless of its version. Technically this context is referred to as cross-browser compatibility.

If a user is not able to view your website in his browser then he will not blame the operating system or browser rather he will blame the website itself. The goal of any theme provider is to avoid this.

Therefore, a theme should be compatible in any browser and with a huge appreciation we can say that “Educational Minimal Pro” has made a hit on the bull’s eye here. “Educational Minimal Pro” is fully compatible and operative in any browser that is available in any platform. The team has really done a good job on testing and yes they guarantee the cross-browser compatibility without any doubt.

Education minimal components plugins

Till now we are aware that there are different plugins bundled with Education Minimal Pro but among all, them Education minimal components plugins are the dominant one. These plugins not only provides flexibility but also makes it easy to use for the administrators. It provides features for custom post types for Education Minimal Pro.

While using this plugin you can give three different post types for three individual sections like Courses, Team, and Events. Moreover, you can further give inner pages’ details along with feature sections details for courses sections.

Similarly, you can add inner pages’ details for events sections and team sections. In addition to this plugin provides cross-browser compatibility and is the fully responsive layout for your website.  Custom taxonomy is also featured with this plugin along with taxonomy categories for three available sections.

Advanced Course Searching

With all those high-grade features of Education Minimal Pro, advanced course searching is the one of those which we cannot leave without highlighting it for you. As we have already mentioned the course section and course listing is the main attraction of this theme, likewise, course searching is also another leading feature of this theme.

Imagine you have enlisted 200+ courses on your website but your visitor will be there for one or two specific courses. S/he will be looking for a specific course and if it is not detected easily then its one of the bad impact of your website to your visitor.

This will surely will not be liked by anyone of us. Therefore, the main mission is to provide easy UI for the end user and for that purpose, advanced course searching is in a heroic position. This feature lets your visitor search and filter the specific course from a huge section of courses.

Advanced Course section

The course section is the backbone of the education-based website. Whether you are dean of a university or a coordinator of a college or a principle of the school, you know that the course content you post in your website plays a role in gaining the trust of your targeted audience.

It is the deciding factor of your customer with their educational needs either to stick with you or decide to look somewhere else. Therefore, course section is the main section for the education-based website and keeping that in mind Education Minimal Pro has packed this advanced course section so that you can easily add featuring courses to your website.

Course Listing

As mentioned earlier adding courses to the website is a very easy task with the help of course section similarly, Education Minimal Pro also provides the pro feature of listing these courses in your website giving a very dynamic and appealing look and feel to your website.

You are ready to use a feature of the course listing provided in this theme. You can divide and list the courses according to subject topics, set priorities, and even list them at the desired section of your website.

Advanced Typography

Typography is another important brick for your website. It not only improves the readiness of your content but will also engage your visitor to spend more time on your website. It provides a better user interface experience.

Using this advanced typography in Education Minimal Pro, you can not only tweak your fonts using the live preview but in addition to that, you can even change the font sizes, margin, border size, text padding and lot more. This is a very handy tool for you to customize your website according to your requirement.

Besides these elite features, there is no doubt that Education Minimal Pro will be the first opinion for your education-based site. We also have some more features which you can find in both of its free and pro version.

  • Full Customization
  • Ten Homepage Sections
  • One Click Demo Import
  • Testimonial Showcase
  • Team Showcase
  • Custom Widget
  • Cross Browser Compatible
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy Documentation

On the whole, we can proudly say that Education Minimal Pro contains essentially all of the attributes of a quality education theme. You’ll find this theme both light in weight and heavy in features, and it should definitely be your shortlisted choice.

It is fully secured and created to be part of your education branding. Beyond that, you can easily enable/disable option for Location Tag, Date and Powered By text in this pro version, and similarly, option for disabling Post Meta in the section is also made available in this version of Education Minimal Pro.

Winding Up

An appealing and perfect education based website needs a fascinating theme, and Education Minimal Pro’s overabundant impressive features are all that you require.

Thanks to a great bundle of these useful features and a beautiful, catchy design that has made this theme to be the right choice for your showcase. In addition to its excellent course management features, extensive support, supreme ease of usability and included premium plugins are a major attraction.

Finally, Education Minimal Pro is a pertinent choice for your powerful, well polished and simple-to-manage WordPress education based site. Above all that it’s assuredly worth the price tag.

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